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WWE Raw Report
CALDWELL'S WWE RAW RESULTS 11/14: Complete "virtual-time" coverage of live three-hour Raw - The Rock's return, final Survivor Series hype

Nov 14, 2011 - 10:05:40 PM

WWE Raw Supershow Results
November 14, 2011 - Episode #963
Live in Boston, Mass.
Aired on USA Network
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

This week's live three-hour WWE Raw started with the usual Raw intro video followed by full pyro inside the arena. Jerry Lawler introduced the show and noted they are sold out in Boston. He said The Rock returns tonight six days before teaming with John Cena at Survivor Series.

In-ring: Justin Roberts introduced Michael Cole to loud boos. Cole, with a big grin on his face, came running to the ring in a suit. Already in the ring were two podiums covered by tarps. Cole welcomed everyone to Raw and said Jim Ross has finally shown up here in Boston. Big cheers. He said Ross will be taking the Michael Cole Challenge before doing some jokes. Cole then introduced Jim Ross, who came out dressed in a suit.

Once everyone was in the ring, Cole told Ross the competition is simple. If Ross wins all three challenges, he (Ross) gets his job back as the voice of Raw and he (Cole) will quit. Cole unveiled the first competition: Arm Wrestling. Cole asked for a referee to make sure there isn't cheating. Cole removed his jacket as Ross stood by not amused. Cole then did some warm-ups to continue stalling.

MCC #1: Arm Wrestling. Cole approached the podium, but decided to step back and powder his hands. Cole re-approached the podium and told Ross to call the action as they do it. Ross asked Cole if he's ready, then slammed his hand down in half-a-second, which drew applause. Cole played Jeff Jarrett that the ref called that too quickly. Cole then claimed he gave up because Ross's BBQ breath is revolting. They went to a replay as Cole set up the second challenge. But, first, another replay. Ross 1, Cole 0.

Cole said he's undefeated in this next competition. He said he's so confident in his ability to win that he will allow the WWE Universe to vote in a dance-off.

MCC #2: Cue up some dance music as the lights dimmed. Cole did some sort of interpretive dance using a red towel/scarf as a prop. Lawler asked if he's dancing or having a seizure. Cole was booed at the conclusion of his "dance." Cole asked Ross if he's ready to give up, but Ross asked the crowd to stand up and dance with him. Ross did a combination electric slide and defensive lineman endzone. The crowd danced along as Cole covered his face. Ross finished the song to strong cheers before Cole made a fat joke. Cole then polled the crowd, which voted for Ross. Ross 2, Cole 0.

So, now the moment of truth. Cole recapped the scoreboard before noting their careers are on the line in this next event. Cole said he will leave WWE forever if he loses this next competition. But, Ross is about to pull the biggest chokejob since the Boston Red Sox. Cole then pulled back the third tarp to reveal a scale. The winner is the person who weighs less.

MCC #3: Cole stepped on the scale, then figured out he had to turn the scale on. Cole turned on the scale, which revealed 200 pounds. Cole mocked Ross, who then stepped on the scale to reveal 239 pounds. Cole thanked him for playing and noted he's still the Voice of WWE. Ross 2, Cole 1 - Cole wins.

Suddenly, C.M. Punk's music played to a big reaction. Cole told Punk he has no business being out here. Punk slowly made his way to the ring as Cole asked him how dare he interrupts this. Punk mocked Cole before telling him his time is up. He said Cole might think this has nothing to do with him, but once it was clear Cole wasn't going to give Ross his job back, this became a colossal waste of time. Punk said Ross is a better dancer than Cole, weighs more than him, and is a better announcer than him, which drew a reaction. Punk said Cole's 15 minutes of time is up. He had his WrestleMania Moment, so go leave. Punk said between Cole, Laurinaitis, and Del Rio, this show is becoming unbearable. Punk said all these people in the crowd wish they had a remote in their hands so they could fast-forward by Cole's part. He said he can't stand Cole's inane ramblings for every two hours, and this already feels like six hours. Punk said he's going to make this show entertaining again when he becomes WWE champion. He said he's going to start by taking the spotlight off Cole's phony, untalented self.

[Q2] Laurinaitis interrupted on-stage and said his Twitter followers wanted to see this competition not broken up. Punk told Laurinaitis to screw him and his Twitter followers. Laurinaitis said he cares about his Twitter followers and what the audience wants to see tonight. He then booked Punk in a tag match with Big Show against the team of Mark Henry and Alberto Del Rio. Laurinaitis wished him good luck, then backed away.

Back to Cole and Punk in the ring. Cole laughed that the pipe bomb blew up in Punk's face. Now, they take care of his business. He demanded Punk apologize to him for all those hurtful things he just said. Punk looked away and made a face before headbutting Cole and slapping on the Anaconda Vice. Cole tapped out furiously before Punk dropped the hold. Cult of Personality played before Punk stood tall in the ring. Meanwhile, Cole rolled around on the mat selling the hold. Punk dipped out of the ring before they replayed Punk's headbutt into the Vice. Back live, Punk smirked ringside as Cole sold in the ring.

Backstage: Matt Striker, looking odd, stood backstage as a black limo pulled up backstage. Striker played up The Rock's big return. But, instead, out walked Mick Foley to a reaction live in the building. Foley, making his first WWE TV appearance in years, said he wouldn't miss The Rock, then went for the cheap pop saying it was great to be back in Boston, Mass. Foley walked off into the arena.

[Commercial Break]

In-ring: Sin Cara came to the ring for the first match of the show. Ringside, Jim Ross joined Lawler to commentate on Raw as Cole received "medical attention." Kofi Kingston came out next to join Sin Cara. They plugged the traditional Survivor Series match at the PPV on Sunday and Christian was still listed for the heel team. First out for the heel duo was Cody Rhodes. They cut to an inset promo from Rhodes sans mask. Rhodes cackled as he said Orton freed him two weeks ago on Smackdown. Hunico then came out next to team with Rhodes as the announcers noted Hunico was Sin Cara Negro before he was de-masked.

1 -- SIN CARA & WWE tag champion KOFI KINGSTON vs. IC champion CODY RHODES & HUNICO

Sin Cara delivered fast-faced offense on Hunico early on before Cody and Kingston tagged in. The unmasked heels found themselves on the floor and the faces splashed them on the outside leading to break.

[Q3] [Commercial Break]

Back from break, Rhodes was in control of the action working on Sin Cara as Ross noted Cole is still receiving medical attention after having a run-in with C.M. Punk. A graphic flashed on the screen that "Mick Foley" is trending right now on Twitter. The heels began taking turns wearing down Sin Cara as the announcers discussed Rhodes losing his mask. Kingston took a hot tag at 7:30 and scared Rhodes with a somersault entrance. The action broke down moments later as bodies started flying. In the ring, Rhodes dropped Kingston with Cross Rhodes for the pin and the win. Ross wondered if that gives Team Barrett some momentum heading into Survivor Series.

WINNERS: Rhodes & Hunico at 8:22. Basic tag match emphasizing a new Cody Rhodes. Fine. (*1/4)

Backstage: The Rock was shown for the first time on Raw walking down the hallway. He was sporting a beanie that covered most of the face, so the crowd didn't react at first. Rock had an intense look on his face as he continued walking while sporting a bag over his shoulder. Ross noted Rock will address the crowd live later tonight.

Video game plug: "WWE '12" featuring Randy Orton and a video game clip of Brock Lesnar.

[Commercial Break]

Backstage: Santino was playing the video game. Rock vs. Cena was the game being contested. Zack Ryder then stepped in and asked Santino if he's signed his petition to get a U.S. Title shot. Santino took exception to Ryder interrupting him as he was using Rock to beat up Cena. The debate raged on with Santino backing Rock and Ryder backing Cena. Ryder said they can agree on Rock and Cena destroying Miz and Truth at Survivor Series, then Santino signed Ryder's petition.

Announcers: Ross and Lawler plugged the People's Edition of the "WWE '12" video game before Vickie Guerrero interrupted on-stage. Vickie noted she has some bad news. Vickie said Christian has suffered a serious ankle injury, which has knocked him off the Survivor Series line-up. Vickie claimed it was Teddy Long's incompetence that caused Christian's injury. She then tried to announce a replacement, but Dolph Ziggler walked out on-stage and announced he is officially on Team Barrett. Ziggler said it's funny they call it Team Barrett when he has the U.S. Title, looks, charisma, etc. He then evaluated his own promo before cutting a promo on Mason Ryan. Ziggler said Ryan's getting a little taste of what's in store for Team Orton at Survivor Series. They played his music before he hit the sign-off tone, creating an awkward close to the promo. Ziggler and Vickie walked toward the ring as they cut to break.

[Q4] [Commercial Break]

In-ring: Back live, Ziggler was in the ring with Vickie. Ringside, Laurinaitis brought an injured Cole to ringside to replace Ross. Cole, sporting a sling, told Ross to hit the bricks. Laurinaitis told Ross to leave and Ross extended a hand to Cole. Cole ignored it, so Ross patted him on the injured shoulder to add more insult to injury. Laurinaitis led Ross away before Mason Ryan came to the ring. Cue up Cole's ranting & raving and people reaching for their remotes. Cole said he's going to sue Punk and he has to undergo an MRI to determine if he can use his arm again.

2 -- U.S. champion DOLPH ZIGGLER (w/Vickie Guerrero) vs. MASON RYAN -- non-title match

Ryan dominated early on as the crowd sat on their hands. Ryan power-lifted Ziggler into the air before Vickie hopped on the ring apron to slap Ryan. It caused a DQ. Ziggler then bailed from the ring and retreated up the entrance ramp with Vickie. Suddenly, John Morrison charged the ringside area and threw Ziggler back into the ring. Ryan clutched Ziggler in the Masterlock before delivering a full nelson slam. Cue up Ryan's music again. Morrison noted to Vickie that he beat Ziggler last week.

WINNER: Ryan via DQ at 1:05.

Backstage: Foley was shown walking down the hallway. "Hey!!!" Cole screamed before his audio was cut off. Foley then interacted with Zack Ryder, doing Ryder's fist pump action. Foley signed Ryder's petition, then kept on walking. Lawler said Foley is scheduled to appear live next.

[Commercial Break]

Raw Tonight: The Rock is back. Cole read that Rock is scheduled to address the WWE audience next.

In-ring: Justin Roberts introduced Mick Foley for his WWE TV return. Cole called him his old broadcast colleague from Smackdown before running through Foley's resume. Foley walked around the ring playing to the crowd before they reached the top of the hour. Foley soaked in a "Foley, Foley" chant before starting his promo.

[Q5 -- second hour] At the top of the hour, Foley thanked the crowd for the warm response before saying there's no place like home. Foley said while it's great fun to be back in WWE where he belongs, he's here to talk about serious business. Foley plugged Rock & Cena at Survivor Series before noting he would like to see the Rock & Cena Connection. Cena was heavily booed on the name-drop. He said that's the problem. Foley said he would like people to see Cena the way he sees him as one of the greatest performers in WWE history. He said he's going to fix things and make them right by introducing his good friend, John Cena.

Cena's music played to a mix of boos and cheers, mainly boos in his hometown area. Cena walked out on-stage and did his weekly message to the camera before hitting the ring. Lawler said not to adjust your sets because Cena and Foley are indeed in the same ring together. Cena talked first that Foley has invited him into the ring, but here's the thing, he and Rock don't need to be friends to be a tag team. Cena said he picked Rock because he's fantastic and electrifying, not because he's his friend. Foley said he gets that, but their relationship is built on respect. Foley went back to 2006 when he wrote Cena a letter noting his admiration for how Cena handled himself backstage. Some applause, but more boos. Foley then plugged his Twitter account, where he recently asked people to appreciate Cena for his matches in WWE. He called it a firestorm of controversy and called Cena one of the best ever in the ring. Cena tried to act humble to downplay the comment.

Foley then unveiled his mixed t-shirt for Cena and Rock before introducing a little segment called "This is your life, John Cena." Cena said he's seen this before and he doesn't like where this is going. Foley asked for the emotional tribute video to be played. Cue up clips of Cena growing up, his start in WWE, and more recent years. The End. Back live, the crowd applauded as Cena held his head in shame. Cena asked what song he played. They shared a laugh before Foley brought out Cena's little league coach. Cena's "coach" went in for a big hug as Cena stood standing. The coach told a story of Cena striking out looking in a clutch situation. Cena told Foley he's striking out right now.

Next, a look back to January 2003 when Cena was rapping with Bull Buchanan. Back live, "Wonderful, so wonderful," Cena said. Foley then asked for Bull to come on down. "He's actually here," Cena said with a laugh. The crowd was dead at this point. In the ring, Buchanan said it's great to see Cena. He called Cena the greatest tag team partner ever. He noted they eventually broke up - all the great tag teams do - and now look at Cena. He called him one of the greatest Superstars of all-time, which Cena tried to no-sell. He said it hasn't been so hot for him, though. "Got fired, the old lady left me, lost all my money in a Ponzi scheme," and Cena ruined his life. Bull slammed down the mic and left. Cena called it worse than the Shockmaster. Foley said that didn't go well, but he knows someone who truly loves Cena.

[Q6] Cue up Cena, Sr., who was sporting a jacket and sweater vest. Cena, Sr. very slowly said he would like to say something to the audience. Especially the jacked-up apes in the crowd who chant "Cena Sucks." Cue up the chant, then boos. Cena, Sr. said Cena doesn't suck; the crowd sucks. Cena, Sr. paced the ring as Cena leaned on the top rope wanting to dig himself a hole. Cena, Sr. said no one has any idea how hard he works. "Little children love him. So?" he said. Cena, Sr. called them all losers for trying to act cool by booing Cena. Cena had enough and covered his dad's mic. He called this awful and not the right time. He said they'll hit Kowloon later on, which drew a pop.

Cena told Foley this isn't him. He said he never told anyone how to feel about him. Cena said the crowd and even Rock backstage can feel how they want to feel. He said this ring is who he is. "My two feet in this ring is all I have," he said. Cena told Foley he's going to save him the trouble because this is one of wrestling's greatest catastrophes, so he's done. Foley said he's going to salvage this. Foley tried setting up Cena for some ladies to come out, but The Rock's music interrupted instead. Rock walked straight to the ring, grabbed Foley, and gave him Rock Bottom. Rock turned right back around cursing to himself. Back in the ring, Cena laughed as he tried to help up Foley, who was selling the Rock Bottom.

Segment Reax: So many things can be said here. It came across like WWE just wanted to create a segment so awful that it would trend on Twitter. That's WWE Backwards Booking in 2011.

Tonight: Orton vs. Barrett in a Captain vs. Captain match. Plus, Big Show & Punk vs. Del Rio & Henry.

[Commercial Break]

In-ring: Back live, Sheamus's music played for the next match. Cue up footage of Sheamus at the MTV European Music Video Awards last weekend when Sheamus presented the Best Male Award to Justin Bieber. Jack Swagger came out as Sheamus's opponent.

3 -- SHEAMUS vs. JACK SWAGGER (w/Vickie Guerrero)

Sheamus dominated early on, then clotheslined Swagger over the top rope to the floor. Since wrestling doesn't seem to matter on Raw, they cut to break 1:30 into the match. Why didn't they cut to break 1:30 into Foley's 20-minute segment with Cena?

[Commercial Break]

[Q7] Back from break at 4:30, Sheamus was pounding on Swagger's chest with repeated forearm smashes. Swagger took control of the match moments later as Vickie cheered on. Sheamus then came back with blows to the upper back followed by a bodyslam for a two count. Vickie celebrated the two count before Sheamus set up for the Celtic Cross. Swagger slipped out, though, and delivered a bodyslam. He followed with the anklelock, but Sheamus kicked Swagger away. Sheamus followed with the Irish Curse backbreaker and started pounding his chest. Sheamus then wound up and delivered the Brogue Kick for the pin and the win. Cue up screams from Vickie.

WINNER: Sheamus at 8:51. Solid win for Sheamus keeping him strong as he remains just below the World Title level on Smackdown.

Backstage: Ryder was talking to the Bella Twins again. They lost interest and walked over to Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez. Del Rio had more important business to attend to. The Divas suggested they hang out in New York City after Survivor Series. Ryder interrupted and told them to party in Long Island with him. No one wanted anything to do with that, so they all left, leaving Ryder to look silly.

[Commercial Break]

4 -- NATALYA (w/Divas champion Beth Phoenix) vs. KELLY KELLY (w/Eve and Alicia Fox)

Back live, the Divas were already assembled in the ring. They cut to a video package of Kelly's Maxim shoot before the match started. Since Kelly was more interested in watching the video than wrestling, Natalya took early control. Less than a minute in, though, Kelly snuck in a quick pin to counter the Sharpshooter. This frustrated Natalya & Beth prior to Beth's title defense against Eve at Survivor Series.

WINNER: Kelly at 0:53.

Still to come: The Rock is back.

[Q8] [Commercial Break]

Smackdown plug: Barrett & Rhodes vs. Orton & Sheamus to promote Survivor Series this Friday.

Backstage: John Laurinaitis told Brodus Clay that tonight will not be his debut because he would have been overshadowed by The Rock. Next week, Clay debuts. In walked Del Rio and Ricardo to discuss pronunciations. Del Rio claimed to have inflicted serious damage to Punk last week...yet Punk appeared in the opening segment of the show looking completely fresh. Laurinaitis then claimed to be impartial, but put a bug in Del Rio's ear that he doesn't think Punk is championship material. Del Rio then cockily vowed to be WWE champion longer than Laurinaitis is GM. Laurinaitis didn't appreciate that.

Announcers: Cole, with arm in sling, said he will be rooting for Del Rio at the PPV. Coel and Lawler then broke down the PPV line-up.

Backstage: Striker was with The Miz and R-Truth to ask if they feel overshadowed by Rock and Cena teaming together at Survivor Series. They no-sold Striker's questions before walking off.

Backstage: C.M. Punk was shown walking down the hallway in anticipation of the tag match up next. Suddenly, Del Rio jumped Cena from behind. Refs tried to intervene and pulled Del Rio away. Punk clutched his head and flexed his hands as they cut to break.

[Commercial Break]

Smackdown plug: What happens when Henry and Show meet before Survivor Series?

In-ring: WWE champion Alberto Del Rio was the first man out for the top-of-the-third-hour main event. They cut to a plug for Del Rio on the cover of "Hombre" magazine, which Del Rio admired once he entered the ring. Mark Henry, sporting a XXL Hall of Pain t-shirt, came out next. Lawler said it's a cool shirt. Henry held up his World Title belt for the crowd to take a look at. Then, Big Show's music played to bring out Show in a XXL WMD t-shirt. Show talked trash to Henry before Cult of Personality played to bring out a softened-up C.M. Punk clutching his left arm.

[Q9 -- third hour]

5 -- World Hvt. champion MARK HENRY & WWE champion ALBERTO DEL RIO vs. BIG SHOW & C.M. PUNK

Show destroyed Del Rio early on as Cole reset the show. Punk then tagged in and tagged Del Rio with right hand strikes. Punk continued to attack Del Rio before snapping off a suplex for a two count. Back came Big Show, who assaulted Del Rio before Del Rio ran over to Henry for a tag. The crowd popped as Henry slowly entered the ring for a confrontation with Big Show. Lock-up. Stalemate. Lock-up again. Stalemate again. Show then ripped off his t-shirt. Lock-up again. This time, Show flung Henry across the ring. He tried to follow with a bodyslam, but Henry fell on top of Show for a two count.

Del Rio then tagged in and began to wear down Show, who was off his feet now. Show then fired back with a clothesline on Henry. Show warmed up for the KO Punch, but Henry ran over to Del Rio to tag him in before ducking out of the ring. Del Rio demanded an answer as Henry shouted that he tagged in Del Rio. They cut to break with Show waiting for someone to fight.

[Commercial Break]

Back from break, many things had changed with Del Rio in the ring and Punk looking for a tag to Show, but Henry cut off Punk after tagging in. Cole then read a tweet from John Laurinaitis thanking Cole for "toughing it out" tonight on Raw. The heels began working over Punk as Cole continued to talk himself up. Punk then came to his feet and started trading blows with Del Rio. The action broke down moments later with all four men in the ring. Suddenly, Henry caught Del Rio in mid-air for the World's Strongest Slam. Show clotheslined Henry out of the ring, though, only to eat the ringpost. In the confusion, Del Rio rolled up a weakened Punk for the pin and the win.

Post-match: Cole called it a picture of Survivor Series when Del Rio pins Punk. Del Rio then grabbed Punk and slapped on the cross arm-breaker. Punk screamed in pain before Big Show made the save. Del Rio left the ring as Punk sold a left shoulder injury. Cole said Del Rio could be closing in on a successfully title defense on Sunday. This is where they need Punk to have a babyface promo later in the show vowing revenge on Sunday.

WINNERS: Del Rio & Henry at 12:07. Good action. They didn't give away too much of Henry-Show and kept the focus on Punk-Del Rio to continue trying to make Del Rio seem credible despite the past several weeks undercutting him as champion. (**)

Earlier Tonight: A look back to the end of Foley's segment with Cena when Rock walked into the ring, dropped Foley, and left the ring. Still to come tonight: Raw Gets Rocked.

[Q10] [Commercial Break]

Moments Ago: Del Rio put Punk on notice with a tag victory and post-match cross arm-breaker attack. Cole claimed Del Rio had every right to do that because Punk coerced Del Rio into a title match at Survivor Series using similar tactics.

In-ring: Santino's music hit for the next segment. Justin Roberts simply welcomed him to the ring rather than announcing a match of sorts. After some promotional plugs aired, Santino took the mic in the ring. Santino it was this very ring, building, and city that he came "this ah close" to winning the Royal Rumbles. He said he would have done it, too, if it weren't for Del Rio. He told Boston it's a famous city with markets, terriers, tea parties, and delicious cream sandwiches. But, from now on, Boston will also be known as the city where he put his career back on the tracks. Santino vowed to be champion next time he's ah back.

Suddenly, the NWO theme music played to bring out Kevin Nash, who returned to WWE at said Rumble. Nash made his way into the ring and sized up Santino, who begged Nash not to pick him up and prove a statement. Nash asked why he would want to do that. Santino acted relieved before Nash referenced the Rumble. He said it brought back some fond memories himself. He then asked Santino to do the trombone. Santino turned his back to dance, then turned back around and took a big boot.

Nash then spoke about blowing the roof off the building at the Rumble, getting the biggest ovation of the night. But, did Triple H have the business sense to hire him? "No!" he said. Nash said that now he's here and Hunter is not. Nash measured Santino for a follow-up Jackknife Powerbomb and delivered it center ring. Cue up the NWO theme music as Nash left the ring, then disappeared to the back.

Backstage: Randy Orton was doing push-ups in the locker room. Orton vs. Barrett is next.

[Commercial Break]

Raw plug: Jonah Hill guest stars on Raw next week.

Announcers: Cole and Lawler plugged the "WWE '12" video game before introducing game footage of Rock in the ring. Rock was shown giving R-Truth the Rock Bottom before Cole noted Rock will address the audience later tonight.

In-ring: Wade Barrett came out, flanked by his Survivor Series team of Hunico, Swagger, Ziggler, and Rhodes. They cut to footage from Smackdown when Barrett used the old thumb to the eye on Orton for a quick pin and the win. After the video played, Barrett took the mic and claimed Orton is the past while he is the present and future. Barrett said he has conquered Sheamus and Orton in consecutive weeks. Now, in front of his Survivor Series team, he will lead by example by de-venomizing Orton.

[Q11] Cue up Orton's theme music to bring out the babyface captain, flanked by Sheamus, Sin Cara, Kingston, and Mason Ryan. Barrett and his team fled to the outside as Orton posed in the ring before they cut to break.

[Commercial Break]

6 -- WADE BARRETT (w/Swagger, Hunico, Ziggler, and Rhodes) vs. RANDY ORTON (w/Sheamus, Cara, Kingston, and Ryan)

The bell sounded back from break and Orton landed an early haymaker. Barrett came back with a Black Hole Slam for a two count, then followed with repeated right hand blows from the mount position. As Barrett slapped on a sleeperhold, Cole played serious lead announcer talking up the history of Survivor Series and past memorable PPV moments. Cole plugged that Rock would be on Raw in a matter of minutes. Orton made a comeback, including his elevated DDT, before teasing the RKO. Rhodes then hit the ring, though, to attack Orton for a DQ.

Post-match: A ten-man brawl broke out before bodies started flying to the outside. Hunico was the last heel standing to take an RKO from Orton. Next, Ryan press-slammed Hunico over the top rope into a pile of heels. The heels retreated on the outside as Lawler actually said he has a good feeling about Team Barrett.

WINNER: Orton via DQ at 3:40. Basic set up for the Survivor Series match at the PPV. Five or six participants in the match have been presented as filler just to add bodies to the mix.

Earlier Tonight: Rock ended This Is Your Life with a Rock Bottom for Foley.

Up Next: Raw Gets Rocked.

[Commercial Break]

[Q12] At the start of the final quarter-hour, Justin Roberts said, "Please welcome..." Long pause. "Rocky, Rocky" chants. "...The Rock." Cue up Rock's theme music to bring him out in a cut-off t-shirt, black pants, and no sunglasses. No pause on the entrance ramp, just a straight walk to the ring. Rock posed in the ring as WWE went to various camera shots. More posing as his music played. Rock cocked his head toward the side and mouthed, "Thank you," before flashing a smile to the crowd. Rock squinted his eyes to get serious before pausing for a "Rocky, Rocky" chant. Rock said that at 3:15 a.m. this morning, Rock woke up. By 3:30, he was eating breakfast without a Fruity Pebble in sight. By 3:45, Rock was sending out his morning tweet to the millions...and millions. By 4:40 a.m., he was training like a beast. By 6:00 a.m., he was filming G.I. Joe in New Orleans. But, it didn't matter because he couldn't wait to get to Logan Airport in Boston this afternoon. By 7:00 p.m., Rock was running into a security guard. By 7:30 p.m., Rock was driving by The North End. He wanted to stop and eat, but couldn't and wouldn't stop until this very moment with him back in the ring for the right, honor, and privilege to say, "Finally, The Rock has come back to Boston." Big reaction. Pause for "Rocky, Rocky" chants. Another smile, then serious.

Rock said that in six days, it's Survivor Series. He called it the biggest Survivor Series of all-time, but there's one problem. That's in six days and it's not right now. He said that Rock loves Mick Foley, but there was no way in hell he was going to sit in the back and watch Foley serve up a plate of hot garbage to the fans. "Thank you, Rock" chant. "You're welcome," he quietly replied.

Rock said moments like this drive him. Right now, right now, right now, Rock is the most electrifying man in all of entertainment, which is why Rock has become has the most electrifying man in Twitter-tainment. He said "Boots to asses" is his phrase that will be trending right now on Twitter. He tried to get a chant going, but it was slow building and eventually turned to "Rocky, Rocky." A second try got "Boots to asses" chanted. Rock smiled, then said they just made Twitter history in Boston. Rock said he came all the way here to make sure Raw Gets Rocked. So, from Rock to the People, he's not waiting six days. He vowed to deliver an awesome ass-whooping to Awesome Truth right now.

Cue up Miz and Truth's re-mixed theme music to bring out Miz and Truth still in street clothes. They slowly made their way to the ring before Miz stood opposite Rock to address him. Miz said that's what Rock really wants? Truth told him they have news for him that if Rock thinks for one second he's doing anything to them, then he's the most delusional man in entertainment. Truth said Raw Gets Rocked is a joke. Truth said every time they're on Raw, then Raw gets..."awesome," Miz filled in. Miz said they don't care what Rock gets to trend, but want to leave Rock a quivering mess. Truth started to take off his jacket, but Miz held him back.

Miz said that's not going to happen right now. He said they don't care what Rock wants or what the people want. Miz said it's all about what they want because they want to make history at the biggest Survivor Series of all-time. So, tonight, Raw Gets Rocked, but on Sunday, Rock Gets Beat. The crowd chanted, "Boots to asses," as Miz and Truth feigned leaving the ring.

Suddenly, John Cena's music played to bring out Cena again. Rock paced around in the ring as Cena stood on the stage before smirking and entering the ring. Cena eventually slid into the ring to stand a few feet away from Rock, who did not acknowledge his presence. Cena looked at Miz and asked if he's wearing make-up. He excused his partner for claiming to be captain of Team Bring It, but said the only thing Rock has brought are a bunch of crappy messages via satellite. Rock kept his stance not acknowledging Cena, who laughed to himself. Rock told Awesome Truth to excuse his partner because he's not used to having the support of someone who's already reached puberty. Rock said his partner should be concerned with his boot hitting Cena in his lady parts. And, by the way, "Cena's Ladies Parts" trending worldwide.

[Q13 -- over-run] Cena smirked as Rock turned his head to half-way acknowledge Cena. Cena said what his partner doesn't understand is that Rock's fascination with Twitter and his man-gina might get in the way of them teaming together at Survivor Series. Cena said he might get Cena bitchslapping Rock to trend on Twitter. Miz said he's sick of the Rock & Cena show. But, the last time that happened, he won the main event of WrestleMania. Miz mocked the tagline before noting that when they get done with Cena and Rock at Survivor Series, it will never be forgotten. Truth said Little Johnny and Little Rocky can go back-and-forth for all the Little Jimmys, but they'll see them Sunday.

Rock raised his mic to speak next. First, another "Boots to asses" chant. Rock said they will see them on Sunday, but as they're saying, they're all here right now. Rock threw a punch toward Truth as Cena tackled Miz. Rock measured Truth, then delivered Rock Bottom center ring. Next, Cena wanted the AA on Miz, but Rock stole Miz to deliver a Rock Bottom. Rock then bailed from the ring, leaving Cena to stand alone in the ring. Cole said Rock stole the spotlight. Rock made his way up the entrance ramp, then turned toward the ring to flash You Can't See Me toward Cena. Rock talked trash toward Cena, who returned Rock's gestures with a smile. They signed off five minutes past the top of the hour after a 20-minute segment.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Obviously, the intrigue is not an actual match, but seeing if Cena and Rock explode on each other at Survivor Series, but the conclusion just seemed a bit off. Cena came across like an uncool kid trying to crash a cool kid party and I thought Rock came across a little too much like he was above it all. He had to maintain his lack of respect for Cena to retain credibility and keep an eye on the eventual WrestleMania encounter, but it just seemed off. WWE was all over the place on this show, the Twitter obsession is hurting business, and the Survivor Series hype just didn't make the PPV seem special enough. Four months ago, there was more anticipation for Rock's first match in seven years than there is now, and, now, Rock's in-ring return isn't even a talking point in favor of playing up the Cena/-Rock tension. It shows how much WWE has gone away from protecting and setting up actual wrestling matches as the main draws for this promotion. That won't work long-term.

We welcome your 0-10 score and comments on this show for a "Raw Reax" feature in the Torch Feedback section of To contribute your thoughts on Raw, email to using our Feedback form.

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