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WWE Raw Report
CALDWELL'S WWE RAW RESULTS 11/28: Ongoing "virtual-time" coverage of live Raw - Piper's Pit with Cena, WWE Title match

Nov 28, 2011 - 10:06:30 PM

WWE Raw Supershow Results
November 28, 2011 - Episode #965
Live in Columbia, S.C.
Aired on USA Network
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

This week's live WWE Raw started with full pyro and Michael Cole introducing a show with "championship fever." Cole and Jerry Lawler then narrated footage of Punk vs. Del Rio at Survivor Series - where Punk won the WWE Title - leading to tonight's re-match. Lawler noted it's the first WWE Title match on Raw since the night after Summerslam in August.

In-ring: Justin Roberts gave a formal introduction for the first segment of the show - Piper's Pit. Roddy Piper came out dressed in his standard kilt and leather jacket. Cole plugged Twitter as Piper made his way into the ring. After a "Roddy, Roddy" chant, Piper posed a question. He wanted to know how a guy who has never won the WWE Title, never was the biggest guy, and never was the strongest guys has become a Hall of Famer and become one of the biggest icons in WWE history. Answer: Energy. Piper told the crowd if they cheered him, he did good things. But, if they booed him, he did bad things. Isn't it the other way around? Piper said they have a man in this building who is not sure if the crowd's energy is good or bad. Piper then introduced Mr. John Cena.

Cena bounced out on-stage and told the on-stage cameraman that it's Piper's Pit - he had to be here. Cena stormed the ring to a loud mix of boos and cheers before grabbing a mic. Cena played up the crowd reaction as they showed two small kids dressed in Cena gear doing his hand wave. Cena and Piper talked each other up before Cena addressed the energy comments. Cena said he doesn't know what Piper is talking about. Piper said he's going to play word association. Stone Cold (huge pop), Bret Hart (slightly less than Austin), The Rock (loud cheers and some loud boos), and John Cena (loud mix sustained for a while). This was followed by a loud "Cena, Cena" chant.

Cena said he gets what Piper is trying to do. Piper said he's trying to help Cena. Cena paused for, then encouraged boos that interrupted his speech. Piper said when all the people were yelling to The Rock to Rock Bottom Cena and he did, they came unglued. Cena paused for a "Boots to Asses" chant from the vocal minority. Cena said he appreciates what Piper is trying to do, but he's been dealing with this his entire career. Cena said there is a group of people who get him and he's extremely loyal to them. But, he knows he can't please everyone and there will be people who will buy a ticket, show up, and tell him to go to hell. He said that's what makes the WWE Energy that Piper is talking about.

Piper disagreed. He said Cena is the face of WWE and The Man. He said the booing is getting louder and louder. Piper said Cena is losing "it." Cena smirked. Piper said what's going to happen is if he doesn't tell them what he thinks, he will be the loser of the biggest WrestleMania in history. Cena got serious and told him he's going overboard. He took Piper back to WM22 in Chicago when he was booed and catcalled. Cena went back to MITB in Chicago, too. And there was TLC with Edge in Chicago. And, ECW One Night Stand. He said MSG was a cakewalk compared to all of those nights. Piper tried to tell him to shut up. Cena kept going that Rock had a great night; one great night that he enjoyed in New York City. Cena pointed to two kids on the front row having the time of their lives. He said he had three Make-a-Wishes today. Cena pointed to members of the Armed Forces on the front row. He told Piper to read his t-shirt (Rise Above Hate). Cena said this is why it will never get to him, why he will never be rattled, and why he can walk into Miami on April 1 and beat The Rock at WrestleMania.

[Q2] Piper said what he knows is this: he came a long way to have Cena in Piper's Pit. Why? He knows Cena's whole career and he's proud of him. Piper said his generation passed the torch to him and he raised the bar. He gets it. And he knows Rock comes one day, meanwhile, Cena is stepping up to the plate every day. Piper gets it all, but he's seen it all and done it all and he has the jewelry to prove it. Piper told Cena to hold out his palm. From a Hall of Famer to a future Hall of Famer, Piper handed over his HOF ring. Piper told Cena if he doesn't get it right, he will be in denial and it will kill his chances with everything. Cena said he's in a good place right now. Piper said "Oh really?," and slapped him across the face. Cena stood his ground as Piper screamed at him to fell the energy. Cena took off his cap, placed the ring back in Piper's hand, and shook his head 'no.' Cena left the ring, then kissed his dog tags on the way out. Ringside, Cole and Lawler debated whether the boos are finally getting to Cena.

Raw Replay: The Miz turned on R-Truth. Tonight, Miz faces his old nemesis, John Morrison. Backstage, they showed Morrison talking to Alex Riley before the announcers cut to break.

Live Smackdown plug: Mick Foley narrated a plug for Tuesday's live Smackdown special hosted by Foley.

[Commercial Break]

In-ring: Justin Roberts announced a Falls Count Anywhere match. Out came John Morrison, who smiled as he walked out on-stage. The Miz then blasted Morrison with a steel pipe, attacking the right knee. Referees pulled Miz away as medics checked on Morrison on the stage. Miz slowly made his way into the ring with a far-away look in his eyes. Meanwhile, Morrison sold being unable to put weight on his leg. Morrison was helped up, then decided he was going back to the ring. Morrison hobbled down the rampway as Miz stared him down from inside the ring. Morrison slid into the ring, the ref checked on him, and the bell sounded.

1 -- THE MIZ vs. JOHN MORRISON -- Falls Count Anywhere match

Morrison tackled Miz and landed early strikes, but Miz re-attacked the injured leg before wrapping Morrison's leg around the ringpost. Meanwhile, Cole noted R-Truth is going to be out of action for a "number of weeks" as a result of Miz's attack last week. In the ring, Miz used a kendo stick to continue the attack before Morrison landed a clothesline. Morrison then stole the kendo stick and blasted away at Miz. Miz tried to run away, but Morrison chased him down and landed more blows. Morrison made a cover on the floor, but Miz kicked out. Miz then crawled up the ramp to the stage. Morrison hobbled toward Miz, wound up for a stick shot, but Miz ducked and rammed Morrison head-first into the giant WWE logo on the stage. Miz followed by dragging Morrison to his feet and delivering a Skullcrushing Finale on the stage. Miz went back to the far-away look in his eyes before slowly rolling Morrison over. The ref checked on Morrison and determined he was out cold. He called for the bell, ending the match.

[Q3] Post-match: Cole said Miz has eliminated another piece of dead weight. Another ref came out to check on Morrison, who sold being out cold. A medic came out again to check on Morrison as Miz walked away to the back. They went back to a replay of Miz's pre-match attack and the SCF on the stage to end Morrison's night. Back live, Morrison was placed on a backboard before Miz returned to the stage. Morrison was then taken off on a stretcher as Miz made his way to the ring. John Laurinaitis suddenly came out on-stage, took a look at Morrison, and then walked back. Apparently he was injured enough for Laurinaitis's taste? The medics carted off Morrison for his likely final WWE TV appearance.

In the ring, Miz slowly said it was R-Truth last week and it was John Morrison this week. Next week? "We'll see," he said. Miz said there's only one Superstar who can make this kind of impact. "That person is me," he said. "And I can do it because I'm...awesome." Miz continued to have a far-away look as he stared straight ahead. Another replay of Miz's attack on Morrison before Lawler described him as Ice Man.

WINNER: Miz at 3:26. That was the most-effective attention Morrison has received in months. Too bad it was on his likely final night, but the angle served its purpose as one final use of Morrison to build up Miz.

[Commercial Break]


The Divas were in the ring immediately after the break. Moments after the bell sounded, Beth Phoenix and Natalya came running to ringside, which distracted the faces and allowed the Bellas to take control. Soon thereafter, A. Fox scored the pin for the decisive win.

WINNERS: Fox & Kelly at 1:36. Blink and you missed it.

Still to come tonight: Punk vs. Del Rio for the WWE Title. Cole narrated footage of the match-up in the "WWE '12" video game. He booked Del Rio to win the video game version of the match.

[Commercial Break]

[Q4] Hype video: Sheamus. He likes to have a good laugh and a good time, but he can also destroy people when provoked.

Backstage: Laurinaitis was on the phone. Apparently one more week for Brodus Clay before he debuts. He'll make it perfect. David Otunga walked into the shot and asked when Laurinaitis will finally let him debut. Laurinaitis said he's actually doing Clay a favor by letting Clay stew and stew for weeks so he's ready to explode when he debuts. Alberto Del Rio then walked in. Del Rio said what happened at Survivor Series was a temporary setback and he will walk out tonight as WWE champion.

C.M. Punk then interrupted. He ran down Laurinaitis and Del Rio based on Google hits. He said Punk is nine times more boring than Laurinaitis is spineless. Punk said he did a Google search on Otunga, but just found a bunch of stuff about Jennifer Hudson, which got oohs live. Punk said he's going to prevent the vanilla GM from getting back his vanilla champion, then walked off. Otunga surmised that Punk could try to get himself DQ'ed tonight to keep his title, so Laurinaitis should do something about it. Laurinaitis said if Punk gets himself intentionally DQ'ed, then Del Rio will be new WWE champ.

Backstage: Orton and Ziggler (w/Vickie) were shown on a split-screen walking backstage ahead of their just-announced match-up with no back-story next.

[Commercial Break]

In-ring: Back from break, Wade Barrett's music hit to bring out Barrett in a dress shirt and dress pants. Roberts asked the audience to acknowledge his presence. Cole was excited for Barrett to join them on commentary for the next match. Randy Orton's music then hit to a loud ovation. Orton slowly walked out to the ring and stared down Barrett, who didn't appreciate it. Orton entered the ring and continued to stare at Barrett. After Orton wrapped up his entrance, Dolph Ziggler's music hit to bring out the U.S. champion. Cole said he just loves Dolph. They cut to an inset promo from Ziggler calling himself a show-off. He said he took Punk to the limit last week and he'll beat Orton tonight.

3 -- U.S. champion DOLPH ZIGGLER (w/Vickie Guerrero) vs. RANDY ORTON -- non-title match

Basic back-and-forth early on as the two men felt each other out. Meanwhile, Cole hyped Barrett's resurgence getting back to what he entered WWE for: making money and winning titles. Orton then delivered a big clothesline that sent Ziggler flying to the outside for a breather.

[Q5 -- second hour] At the top of the hour, Ziggler slowly re-entered the ring as Cole reset the show, noting Piper's Pit with Cena as a graphic flashed on the screen promoting the live Smackdown tomorrow night on Syfy. Cole also plugged Miz taking out Morrison. In the ring, Ziggler delivered a dropkick to the mouth that sent Orton spilling to the outside. Barrett smirked as he watched Orton gather himself ringside. Back in the ring, Ziggler continued to punish Orton as Vickie encouraged the crowd to cheer Ziggler. The crowd responded with an "RKO, RKO" chant before Ziggler went up top. Orton cut him off, though, and delivered a big superplex that shook, but did not break the ring. Orton followed with a cover for a two count. They cut to the first break of the match at 7:10.

[Commercial Break]

Back from break three minutes later, Orton and Ziggler were trading blows center-ring. Orton then delivered a punt to the chest followed by rapid-fire clotheslines and a powerslam. Orton did a crazed smile toward the hard camera before flashing a look toward Barrett. Orton wanted the elevated DDT on Ziggler and connected. Orton then entered That Place before teasing the RKO as the crowd roared. Ziggler saw it coming, though, and rolled out of the ring. Ziggler told Vickie they're leaving, then Orton spotted Barrett on the ring apron. Orton dropped Barrett with a dropkick off the ring apron, but Ziggler snuck up behind Orton with the Zig-Zag. Ziggler made a quick pin for the win.

Post-match: Barrett left the ringside area, satisfied with helping Ziggler beat Orton. On the floor, Ziggler did a handstand as Vickie re-announced him as the winner. Lawler grumbled about Ziggler being a show-off before Cole plugged the Punk-Del Rio title match still to come.

WINNER: Ziggler at 11:50. Solid action before the expected outcome of Barrett helping Ziggler, who said beforehand he would beat Orton. They're doing a solid job building up the Orton-Barrett program to (a) give Orton something to do that's important outside of the title picture and (b) re-build Barrett. (**)

Smackdown plug: Foley hosts a live Smackdown tomorrow night.

[Commercial Break]


In-ring: Daniel Bryan was in the ring with Michael Cole. Cole tried to take digs at Bryan, who noted he earned a World Title shot last week on Smackdown by winning a fatal four-way match. Bryan then ripped on Cole for being the worst announcer in WWE history. He said he expects by now that he's earned just a little bit of Cole's respect, especially after he beat Cody Rhodes, Wade Barrett, and Randy Orton. Cole interrupted and said he won't respect a man who tried to cash in his MITB briefcase against an injured champion and who is a lair. He called him a hypocrite. He said what happened on Smackdown was so funny. Cole rolled the footage of Big Show KO'ing Henry, then Bryan trying to cash in MITB, Bryan becoming champ, and then Bryan shoving the title in Cole's face at the announce table.

Back live, Cole had a good laugh as he noted Bryan thought he was actually the World champ. Cole said if he were Smackdown GM, he would have stripped Bryan of his briefcase and suspended him indefinitely. Cole said Bryan disgusts him. He said he hopes tomorrow night on Smackdown, he hopes Henry tears him apart inside the steel cage. Bryan said Cole is right about one thing. He said he is a hypocrite and he had big plans to main-event WrestleMania, but his plans changed when Henry tried to end his career. That's when he realized the briefcase doesn't guarantee him anything. He saw an opportunity and he took it. Cheers. He said he had another opportunity and he gets it tomorrow night in the steel cage. Bryan passionately told Cole he may try to end his career, but what's the most important to him is becoming World Hvt. champion.

Cue up Henry's theme music for the interruption. Henry hobbled out on-stage and said he's knocked Bryan upside his head enough lately. Henry also said Teddy Long should be ashamed for booking him in a World Title match when he's injured. Henry said it's okay because he's one of the toughest men who has ever lived and he will defend the World Title tomorrow on Smackdown.

Bryan then hopped out of the ring to approach Henry. (The crowd was chanting for Big Show at this point.) Bryan got in Henry's face, then kicked him in the injured leg. Bryan told him they'll see tomorrow night, then disappeared to the back. Henry sold the injury as Cole guaranteed Bryan getting his tomorrow night in the cage. Henry recovered and held up his title belt to boos. Back to the announcers, Cole and Lawler bickered before plugging Smackdown live tomorrow night.

Still to come tonight: Punk vs. Del Rio in a Survivor Series title re-match.

[Commercial Break]

In-ring: Back live, Jack Swagger's music was playing. Zack Ryder's music then played to a strong reaction. Ryder walked out to the ring as Cole heeled on Ryder. Lawler played him up as the ultimate underdog. Vickie was bored ringside.


4 -- ZACK RYDER vs. JACK SWAGGER (w/Vickie Guerrero)

Cole plugged Ryder's online petition to earn a future U.S. Title shot against Ziggler. Meanwhile, a second Mystery YouTube link flashed on the screen: . Ryder and Swagger went back and forth before Ryder blocked a Swagger Bomb with his knees. Ryder followed with the Rough Ryder and it was good for the win. Cole called it an "absolute fluke." Ryder pump-fisted with the crowd before leaving the ring to cheers. Meanwhile, Vickie was indignant ringside and Swagger pounded the mat with his fists.

WINNER: Ryder at 3:24. Pass the head check last week, get a win this week to "prove Cole wrong."

Mystery Vignette: Kane in a dark room filled with chains. They showed Kane's head covered in a towel. The red mask dropped to the ground. "KANE RESSURECTED" flashed on the screen.

[Commercial Break]

Back live: Cole and Lawler reset the show from USC. They went to Earlier Tonight when Roddy Piper tried to get Cena to see that the boos are affecting him.

In-ring: Justin Roberts introduced the host of tomorrow's live Smackdown, Mick Foley. Cole sighed as Foley walked out on-stage dressed in a Santa suit. Foley said Saint Mick is here to share a tale the night before Smackdown. Foley rhymed about tomorrow's Smackdown and advertised there will not be any Michael Cole. Foley concluded with a cheap pop referencing South Carolina. Cole grumbled that he hopes Foley crashes his sleigh.

Backstage: Josh Mathews grabbed Punk for a quick interview. Punk said it's clear Laurinaitis is dealing from the bottom of the deck adding a stipulation to his title match, so Laurinaitis can kiss his bottom after he wins. Punk stepped out of "PG" to tell Laurinaitis he can kiss his ass after the match.

[Commercial Break]

[Q8] Smackdown plug: The fun & games with Mick Foley gives way to the brutality of the steel cage for Henry vs. Bryan in a World Title match.

In-ring: Justin Roberts announced the main event WWE Title match before introducing Ricardo Rodriguez, who introduced Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio yelled at the crowd all the way to the ring before Cult of Personality played to bring out the WWE champion. Cole continued to play up the marketing that it has been months since the title has been defended on Raw. Referee Charles Robinson called for the bell and the match was on.

5 -- WWE champion C.M. PUNK vs. ALBERTO DEL RIO -- WWE Title match -- If Punk is DQ'ed, Del Rio captures title

Basic back and forth to start as Lawler talked up Punk-Del Rio having potential to turn into a great feud. Punk clotheslined Del Rio over the top rope to the floor at 2:30, then landed a dive on the outside. Cole sent the show to break with Punk in control.

[Commercial Break]

Back from break, Del Rio was in control in the ring, working over Punk's left arm/shoulder. Del Rio continued to blast away at the injured area as they neared the top of the hour.

[Q9 -- over-run] Del Rio remained in control of the action as the crowd became restless. Light "Where's our ice cream?" chant from some vocal males near arena microphones. Del Rio couldn't put Punk away, so he went for a top rope move, which Punk intercepted with a kick strike. Cole reset the show as the two men recovered in the ring. They came to their feet and started trading kick strikes. Punk won the exchange with a strike, then neckbreaker for a two count. Punk followed with a corner knee strike, but Del Rio blocked a bulldog with a fallaway arm snap for a two count. Del Rio followed with a German Suplex and bridge pin, but Punk kicked out just in time.

The action reset at 13:30 with a teased cross arm-breaker, teased GTS, and a single-arm DDT by Del Rio for a nearfall. Del Rio then tried to remove the top turnbuckle, but ref Robinson reprimanded him. Ricardo then slid a chair toward Del Rio, who tossed it to Punk, but Punk tossed it back to Del Rio and sold a chair shot. Ref turned around and saw Del Rio holding the chair and teased a DQ, but decided against it. Punk tried a surprise roll-up, but Del Rio kicked out. The crowd was hot for this exchange. Ricardo then hopped on the ring apron and distracted the ref. In the background, Punk dropped Del Rio into the exposed steel on the top turnbuckle, then scored a three count for the win when Robinson turned around.

Post-match: Ricardo complained about Punk's victory, so Punk gave him a GTS. Punk then celebrated with the title to conclude Raw. No Laurinaitis? No over-rule? The show just seemed to end. Before Raw officially signed off, they plugged the live Smackdown tomorrow night.

WINNER: Punk at 15:27 to retain the WWE Title. Basic match early on, then a very hot ending with the crowd invested in the teased finishes involving the match stipulation. Laurinaitis not coming out in the post-match was odd, but apparently they'll save the follow-up for next week's Raw to either strip Punk of the title (and possibly contest it in a TLC or ladder match at the PPV) or just set up a title re-match at the TLC PPV. (**1/4)

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