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WWE Raw Report
CALDWELL'S WWE RAW RESULTS 2/13: Complete "virtual-time" coverage of live Raw - HBK returns, Chamber preview matches

Feb 13, 2012 - 10:12:16 PM

WWE Raw Supershow Results
February 13, 2012 - Episode #976
Live in San Diego, Calif.
Aired on USA Network
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

This week's live WWE Raw started with a video package on Kane stalking John Cena, Eve, and Zack Ryder over the past few weeks. They showed the end of last week's Raw when Kane noted to Eve that the hate is starting to pour out of his soul and he doesn't think he can contain himself. Cena needs to embrace the hate pretty soon, Kane said.

The video faded to a live backstage shot of Kane, who said there is no line he won't cross to finally get Cena to embrace the hate. He said two things will happen tonight: Cena will embrace the hate and someone will take a ride in this. Kane pulled back to reveal an ambulance. The camera zoomed in on his glass eye before the Raw intro video kicked in.

Live in the arena, Michael Cole introduced the show and announced John Laurinaitis is still the interim Raw GM. He added that Shawn Michaels is back live tonight.

In the ring, Jerry Lawler was standing by with the Raw brand Elimination Chamber competitors for a debate. From left to right: C.M. Punk, R-Truth, Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero, The Miz, Chris Jericho, and Kofi Kingston. Punk received a strong ovation and mouthed, "Vote for me." Lawler was interrupted by a loud chant for Punk. Lawler set the stage for a stacked deck against Punk at the Chamber PPV on Sunday. Before Punk could offer his thoughts, Laurinaitis and David Otunga interrupted on-stage.

Laurinaitis smiled and said he is very happy to be here tonight and he's very happy to have the full support of the Board of Directors. Punk, with arms folded in the ring, watched as Laurinaitis completed his introduction. Back in the ring, Lawler reset the debate. Punk waited out another Punk chant before thanking the fans. He said this debate will not end in violence, which drew boos. He then addressed Laurinaitis, and congratulated him for somehow convincing the Board to allow him to remain as interim GM. He said some people will assume Laurinaitis is holding something over the Board members - e.g. naked pictures - but congratulations, anyways. Punk said it's very simple why he will win at the Chamber: he is the best wrestler in the world. They cut to a shot of Jericho and his light-up jacket selling indignation.

Next, Dolph Ziggler was scheduled to talk, but Vickie tried talking. Over boos, Vickie declared no booing should be allowed. Ziggler then claimed to be a better wrestler than Punk. He said he backs it up every single night. R-Truth interrupted and said if he's elected, the first thing he's going to do is trade Vickie and Dolph to Smackdown...for Hornswoggle and a box of spiders. Ziggler told Truth they're not running for office. Lawler told Truth to continue. "Thank you, your honor," Truth said. He said if he's elected, he will also make it legally required to shout "What?" in every line of the Pledge of Allegiance. Back to the issue at the hand - the box of spiders. He will take the box of spiders, and stomp them. Then, put them in a blender and make his gramma's favorite spider soup. Then, his runningmate, Little Jimmy, will watch him gulp down the spider soup and give him the energy he needs to outlast everyone in the Elimination Chamber and become WWE champion. Ah, there's the point. "God bless Little Jimmy and God bless U.S.A.," he said to applause.

Lawler sent it to Miz next. Miz "corrected" Lawler that he was the main event of WrestleMania. He said he was the reason for WrestleMania's astronomical success. "You suck" chants. Miz then ran down the Superstars in the Chamber. Miz said Punk is 0-2 in the Chamber and will crumble faster than the cookie cream of his ice cream bars. "Good job," Punk retorted. Miz then made an old woman joke about Dolph and Vickie. Miz turned his attention to Jericho and he was buzzed. He kept talking and was buzzed again. Kofi told Miz to shut up because he's been overlooked for far too long. He said that's all right because in the course of one night, everything can change. Miz laughed at Kofi saying he could be the next WWE champion. A light "Kofi, Kofi" chant started up.

Lawler then sent it to Jericho for his 45 seconds. Jericho took a deep breath and noted he is surrounded by neophytes in the ring and in the arena. He said everyone needs to quiet down because the true Best in the World is about to talk. He said there isn't a human being who has been in more Elimination Chamber matches than him. He's also eliminated the most wrestlers in the Chamber. Jericho said the last time he was in the Chamber, he became World champ. This is a long 45 seconds. Jericho said his resume is better than the rest of them combined.

[Q2] This brings him to Punk. Jericho told Punk to look at him when he's talking to him, but Punk ignored him. Jericho said it's his time to reclaim what is rightfully his. Punk mock turned around and said he wasn't sure Jericho was talking to him. He said he was thinking about when Jericho left WWE and finished seventh on DWTS. Ziggler answered that all of them are a joke. He said he wants 15 minutes of his life back. Truth interrupted and said he will not be talked down to by a man named after Flipper. That one didn't go over very well.

Lawler quieted things down, then said they should get things underway with the first of three Chamber matches tonight between Kofi and Jericho. Jericho wanted nothing to do with Kofi, shoved him away, and stepped up to Punk. Punk simply raised his title belt in the air and Jericho waved him off before turning around to eat Trouble in Paradise from Kofi. Kofi shouted down at Jericho that he doesn't think so. Kofi's music played and they replayed Kofi's blow to Jericho. Cole then plugged all three Chamber preview matches tonight - Truth vs. Dolph, Punk vs. Miz, and Kofi vs. Jericho - before they cut to break.

[Commercial Break]


The ring was cleared of podiums and the bell sounded immediately upon returning from break. Kofi quickly continued the assault on Jericho as Lawler suggested all debates should be like a WWE debate. Kofi clotheslined Jericho over the top rope to the outside, then Kofi flew through the ropes with a suicide dive. Kofi fired up the crowd as Cole said perhaps it's Kofi's time to reach the upper echelon in WWE. Kofi rolled Jericho back into the ring and went for ten punches in the corner, but Jericho countered #8 with a running powerbomb.

Jericho went on the offensive before applying a submission. Cole and Lawler debated Jericho's promo last week on Raw when he went from plausible claims to absurd, heelish claims about his contributions to wrestling. Kofi missed a dropkick, so Jericho resumed control of the action, setting a methodical pace. Jericho ripped off a series of chops to "Whoos," but ate a turnaround splash from Kofi. Kofi followed with a big dropkick, then a springboard splash attempt, but Jericho cut him off and transitioned to the Walls of Jericho. Kofi fought and fought before reaching the bottom rope for a break. Jericho thought he won, but ref Charles Robinson indicated Kofi reached the ropes. Suddenly, Kofi caught Jericho in the face with Trouble in Paradise. He couldn't capitalize immediately, though, allowing Jericho to get his foot on the bottom rope on a pin attempt.

They reset at 5:00 with Jericho and Kofi getting into a scrap with the referee. Jericho then kind of thumbed Kofi in the eye, Kofi sold like he was shot in the face, and Jericho caught Kofi with the Codebreaker. Jericho made a cover for the win. Post-match: Jericho told the ref to raise his hand and they replayed the finish of the match. On-stage, Jericho smirked while Kofi recovered in the ring.

WINNER: Jericho at 5:20. The beginning of a potentially very good match, but it ended a bit off. Overall, good set-up for Elimination Chamber.

Backstage: Shawn Michaels, smiling, was shown walking down the hallway, apparently looking for someone. Michaels paused and found Triple H to give him a hug. Cole posed the question of whether there will be a DX reunion tonight.

Up Next: Big Show vs. Randy Orton from the Smackdown brand.

[Q3] [Commercial Break]

Backstage: John Cena was talking to someone off-camera. The camera panned left to reveal Zack Ryder sitting in a wheelchair and sporting a neckbrace. It's Valentine's Day, so Ryder had flowers to give to Eve. Cena cut him off and noted to Ryder that every time he's here, he will deliver pain to Ryder to get to Cena. Cena told Ryder to stay here in his locker room and he will bring Eve to him. He said Kane is on the loose, so do not leave this locker room.

GM Office: Laurinaitis told Otunga it's good to be back. Otunga said he doesn't mean to burst his bubble, but Laurinaitis needs to see reality. Good news: he's still interim GM. Bad news: He's not the permanent GM. Laurinaitis went into Deep Thought mode and said he hasn't thought of it that way. Otunga said he has a plan to get Laurinaitis a permanent Raw GM spot and to oversee Smackdown. They zoomed in on Laurinaitis thinking deeply about this.

Ringside: Cole and Lawler were shown on-camera and Cole plugged his very own action figure. Cole then fed to a Smackdown replay from Friday when Daniel Bryan pitted Big Show against Randy Orton. They showed footage from "after Smackdown went off the air" when Show chokeslammed Orton to take out his frustrations on Bryan.

In-ring: The music of the World champ played to bring out D-Bryan, which drew groans from Cole. Bryan pointed to his World Title belt over and over before making his way to the ring in a celebratory mood. Lawler then plugged Orton vs. Show up next.

[Commercial Break]

Back live, D-Bryan was relaxing in a leather chair next to Michael Cole, who tried to buddy up to Bryan after dogging him on the way to the ring. Big Show's music then played to bring out Show, who was all-smiles, for now. Show ignored Bryan's presence ringside before Cole plugged Smackdown's Elimination Chamber match on Sunday. Back to the ring, Show trash-talked Bryan before Orton's music played. Orton locked eyes with Show as Cole plugged a match for this Friday's Smackdown: Orton vs. Bryan in a re-match. Cole suddenly took Bryan's side, drawing Lawler's ire. Lawler said Cole is kissing up to Bryan because he's sitting next to him. Lawler defended Bryan's submission move arsenal and tried to tell Bryan that Cole is two-faced. But, Bryan just kept staring ahead, unfazed.



Show teased the KO Punch early on, but Orton slipped to the outside to avoid Show and recover. They cut to break 1:15 into the match.

[Commercial Break]

Back live at 4:25, Orton had control of the match with Show locked in a sleeperhold. Meanwhile, Bryan continued to stroke his beard, selling contentment watching two Chamber opponents take each other apart. Bryan smiled as Orton took Show down to one knee, then Show broke free and clotheslined Orton before smashing him in the corner. But, Orton suddenly came out of the corner with a dropkick, which drew an approving nod from the champ.

The match moved to the floor, where Show rammed Orton head-first into the announce table. Show then tossed Orton back into the ring before turning his attention to Bryan, who simply pointed toward the ring. Show returned to the ring, but ate a dropkick from Orton. Show found himself slumped over the top rope and Orton got That Look to set up for and deliver his trademark DDT, but from the top rope rather than the second rope. Sick. Orton tried the RKO, but Show kind of slipped out and fell to the mat. It looked like a botch.

They reset with Orton eventually hitting the RKO clean. But, Bryan stormed the ring and smashed Orton with the title belt, causing the match to be thrown out. Cole said Bryan can do whatever he wants because he's World champ, but then he complained about Bryan being a weasel. Bryan KO'ed Show with another belt shot, then his music played and Cole complained about Bryan ruining a great match-up. After a replay of the finish, they showed Bryan confidently leaving the ring as Cole said Bryan is finally going to get what's coming to him in the Chamber on Sunday.

WINNER: Orton via DQ at 7:46. Orton's top-rope DDT was another creative, highlight-reel moment before they advanced Bryan's heel persona as World champ. At least Cole's Jekyll & Hyde commentary was a bit more understandable tonight with the idea of him being nice to Bryan when Bryan was nearby, but dogging him when he was away. But, it points out the fatal flaw of Cole being the lead announcer: he's a coward, he can't be trusted, and he has no credibility. Yet, he's in the position to sell the product and PPVs to the buyers.

Up Next: Shawn Michaels gets the top-of-the-second-hour timeslot.

[Commercial Break]

Smackdown plug: Bryan may have his Chamber challengers right where he wants them. Can he continue to escape the odds?

Back live, Cole and Lawler reset the show with a live shot of San Diego. Cole then introduced the story between Triple H and The Undertaker over the past two weeks, including Hunter denying Taker's WrestleMania challenge. Justin Roberts then gave a formal introduction for Shawn Michaels. Michaels danced out on-stage, then knelt down to pray as fireworks shot off. Michaels bounced into the ring as the WM28 logo hung in the background. Michaels entered the ring and posed before they hit the top of the hour.

[Q5 -- second hour] Michaels waited out an "H-B-K" chant before pacing around the ring and saying he's a little nervous. He said earlier today, he was on his Twitter and someone asked him why he always comes around this time of the year. "It's WrestleMania," Michaels said. He said you can't have WrestleMania Season without Mr. WrestleMania. HBK said he's still the headliner, showstopper, and main ev--- well, not the main event, but Mr. Hall of Fame.

Having said all that, much like everyone else, he was sitting home last week glued to his TV when he saw Hunter shoot down Taker's WrestleMania challenge. Michaels said he was shocked by this. So, he got on the phone and told Laurinaitis that he has to talk to his best friend. But, then a few days went by and he figured it out. He's The Game. He's just playing Taker; just baiting him. Michaels excitedly said he wants Hunter to come on down and tell everyone he's going to end Taker's Streak at Mania, and tell everyone what they want to hear.

Triple H's music played to bring out Hunter dressed in his corporate suit. Meanwhile, in the ring, Michaels played a little air guitar as Hunter made his way out. Hunter entered the ring and hugged his best friend before they raised their arms together. HBK handed a mic to Hunter, then they paced around the ring before the crowd chanted, "DX, DX." They made the DX hand signal to acknowledge it, before Hunter noted it's great to see Michaels again. Hunter said it must be hard for Michaels to tear himself away from Texas and hunting "wabbits," but it would be nice to see Michaels more than just around Mania time. Michaels said he will work on that, but he wants to get to the point of Hunter accepting Taker's challenge.

Hunter stared at the mat and said he wishes Michaels would have called him if that was why he came to San Diego because he is not facing Taker at Mania. Hunter said he thought he made it pretty clear last week. Michaels said he gets it. He said Hunter has to do "the thing" with the suit, but let's forget the "suit" and do the challenge. Hunter said this isn't the suit talking, but him talking. He said Taker left Mania last year after winning the battle and Hunter claimed he won the war.

Hunter said he's not willing to end Taker because that's what he would have to do. Michaels said Hunter is That Guy; he finishes people. He said Hunter ends careers, has no mercy, and has no compassion; that's what makes him The Game. Michaels asked if this suit is who he is now. HBK said he's stood by Hunter through everything and when things changed in Hunter's life, he stood by Hunter's side. He asked Hunter if he "married that chick and became one of them." He asked if he's a sell-out now.

Hunter paused and said it's not being a sell-out, but investing in the future. He said he's not going to have this argument right now and HBK doesn't get where he's coming from. Michaels said he's a simple man and he knows Hunter has a deep, philosophical business, yadda yadda, but when a man challenges another man and he backs down, it makes him a coward. Hunter turned to leave, but HBK yanked him back and said he doesn't care how nicely Hunter dresses it up, a coward is still a coward. Hunter looked at HBK with a stern look, then tried to leave, but HBK called him a coward.

Hunter screamed at Michaels that he can't understand it because he has real-life responsibilities. He said this - all of this - is going to be his. Boos. He said it's his responsibility and the responsibility weighs on his shoulders like a heavy burden. Hunter said he looks at Taker as a brand; a brand that is good for business. He said he can't let that brand end because it would be bad for business. Hunter resumed to a normal tone and said the three of them are the end of an era. He said they left it all in the ring every night. Hunter quietly said he is not going to be the one to end that era. He said Taker is all that's left and he's not going to be the one to end that era for no reason. Hunter said he's not going to be the one for Michaels to live vicariously through because HBK couldn't get the job done. The crowd oohed for that zinger. Michaels then yanked Hunter back to center-ring after Hunter tried to leave again. Michaels said that's an awesome speech and he's sure that would work on a lot of people, and he always like the little jab at him, but he's at peace with where he's at. But, Hunter has no peace. He told Hunter to look him in the eyes and tell him he really doesn't want to end The Streak. "Tell me you don't need it," he said.

[Q6] Hunter collected his breath, turned his shoulders, loosened his tie, and turned to leave again, but Michaels yanked him back. Hunter removed his jacket and looked up toward the WM28 logo, then went nose-to-nose with Michaels. Hunter breathed heavily through his nose and locked eyes with Michaels before declaring, "No." Michaels lowered his eyes after Hunter dropped his mic and backed away slightly. Michaels looked Hunter up and down as the crowd chanted for Taker. Michaels then brushed past Hunter and quietly left the ring to "H-B-K" chants. Hunter turned to watch HBK leave, then HBK looked back into the ring. Hunter was left alone in the ring.

Suddenly, the gong struck. The lights then turned off and the crowd shouted. A video package came on the screen showing Hunter leaving WM27. Taker was shown in his dark room. He stood up from his chair as Hunter's words about feeling bad for Taker rang in the arena. Taker was shown walking toward a collage of photos and newspaper clippings from WM27. Taker ran his fingers through the collage and Taker said this is not over. He grabbed an instrument and declared that he will get what he wants. Taker was shown cutting off locks of his hair and telling Hunter to give him what is his: Immortality. Back live, the crowd roared as Hunter stood in the ring, frustrated and contemplative. Hunter removed his tie and started to leave the ring as they cut to break.

Segment Reax: Michaels is a master storyteller, using his lighthearted moments to set up his impactful, important moments. The theme from last year about Hunter & Taker being more important than the entire WWE roster is apparently back this year, which isn't good for the other 364 days of business during the year, but certainly creates more story to draw from for another potential epic showdown. The latest layer was very well-executed and gives all of the players even more material to work with in the next few weeks.

[Commercial Break]

Back live, they showed Pittsburgh Steelers star Troy Polamulu, who played at USC, sitting ringside. The announcers plugged Miz vs. Punk still to come.

In-ring: Dolph Ziggler and Vickie were already in the ring for the next Chamber preview match. R-Truth then came out to face Dolph as Cole recapped Truth's "election debate speech" in the opening segment.

3 -- R-TRUTH vs. DOLPH ZIGGLER (w/Vickie Guerrero)

This was presented like a "comedown match" after the Hunter-HBK segment. Ziggler grabbed an early side headlock and "showed off" by doing a headstand while applying the hold. Meanwhile, Lawler told Cole he needs to head to rehab to admit he's a moron. Suddenly, Truth took advantage of Ziggler spending too much time showing off by rolling up Ziggler for a quick pin and the win. Cole said Ziggler will need to cool off on showing off inside the Chamber on Sunday.

WINNER: Truth at 2:28.

Backstage: Santino barged into Cena's locker room, where Zack Ryder was waiting for Eve. Santino noted he knows more about love than anyone else because he is Santino Valentino. He checked Ryder's breath, then offered him a Santino Breath Strip. Ryder tried one and said it's disgusting. Santino tried one, too, and said it's garlic a/k/a Love Potion #9. Or, was it #10? Santino thought it over before they cut to break.

[Commercial Break]

[Q7] Back live: Divas champion Beth Phoenix was on commentary and Cole announced that Beth will be defending the Divas Title against Tamina at Elimination Chamber on Sunday. Speaking of Tamina, she was in the ring to face Brie Bella.

4 -- TAMINA vs. BRIE BELLA (w/Nikki Bella)

Brie quickly attacked a distracted Tamina. Tamina eventually fought off Nikki from the outside and nailed a Superfly Splash from the top rope for the pin and the win. Afterward, Tamina locked eyes with Beth to set up their title match on Sunday.

WINNER: Tamina at 1:27. Basic, two-minute set-up for the title match. Fine.

Backstage: Cena was shown pretending to have a conversation with Josh Mathews. Cole said they'll look at Cena's Road to WrestleMania up next.

[Commercial Break]

Back live, The Rock's music played and Cole plugged the new WWE Magazine issue featuring a look at Rock's "Boots to Asses" slogan. They showed the WM28 logo in the arena before Cole introduced a video package on Rock's media tour last week promoting "Journey 2" and WrestleMania.

Back to the announce table, where Cole tried to do the Pec Pop of Love. They plugged Rock's current box office success before Cole sent it backstage to Cena and Mathews. Cena was asked for reaction. No response as he smiled and tried to find the words. Suddenly, screams were heard off-camera. Eve was shown entering an ambulance and Kane shut the doors. Cena then smashed Kane into the ambulance and told Eve to open the door. Kane jumped Cena, though, and smashed him into the ambulance. Kane then approached the driver's side door of the ambulance and started the vehicle.

Eve jumped out of the ambulance into Cena's arms, though, just in time before Kane sped off. Suddenly, Eve planted a big kiss on Cena, and the live crowd oohed. "What was that for?" Cena asked after they maintained the liplock for about five seconds. (Cena didn't exactly pull away.) After they pulled apart, Eve didn't know how to respond, then they showed Zack Ryder off-camera in his wheelchair. Cena shook his head and looked down at the ground, unable to find the words as Eve tried to collect herself. They faded to commercial. What happened to Eve telling Cena everything is his fault?

[Commercial Break]

[Q8] Back live, Ryder was trying to wheel away as Eve caught up to him to explain. Eve said Cena saved her just in time and it was just a heat-of-the-moment thing. Eve was only sorry that Ryder had to see it. Eve said she just wants to be friends, which drew boos from the live crowd. Ryder wheeled off and Eve tried to collect herself.

Ryder Reax: If WWE has intentions of investing in Ryder in a top-level feud, then there are a lot of ways to follow up on this. If not, it's just another subplot to Cena-Rock Mania build-up.

In-ring: The Miz was already in the ring for the TV main event. WWE champion C.M. Punk then came out to face Miz as Cole noted "Poor Zack" is currently trending on Twitter and he doesn't feel sorry for Ryder.

5 -- WWE champion C.M. PUNK vs. THE MIZ -- non-title match

Despite being the main event, this match felt like another "comedown match" after the HBK-Hunter segment and Cena-Ryder-Eve developments. The crowd tried to get invested with Punk chants before quieting down as Miz worked over Punk's left shoulder. Miz then tried the Reality Check, but Punk slipped out and smashed Miz with a kick to the head. Punk shook out the pain in his left arm before the two men traded bombs. Punk then fired up a comeback and delivered patented offense before calling for the GTS. Miz slipped out, though, and delivered a lean-back DDT for a two count. Miz followed with a corner attack before climbing up top. Miz missed and Punk answered with a snap powerslam for a two count.

Punk went up top for a Macho Man elbow, but Miz cut him off. Punk then knocked Miz off the top and landed the elbow drop before calling for the end again. Miz slipped out again, though, teased the Skullcrushing Finale, but Punk countered into his Anaconda Vice submission. Miz quickly tapped Punk's shoulder, giving Punk the win. Cole noted that's important because wrestlers can eliminate other wrestlers via submission.

Post-match: Jericho was shown watching Punk on a backstage monitor. Cole said Jericho probably can't wait to get Punk inside the Chamber on Sunday.

WINNER: Punk via submission at 5:01. Not exactly a strong hard sell for the Chamber with WWE and the announcers treating the TV main event featuring the WWE champion as a "sixth quarter-hour/comedown" type match. (Where's Jim Ross when you need him?) Miz didn't provide a strong-enough threat to Punk to make it seem like Punk is in jeopardy on Sunday and Jericho's character is still a bit undefined to pose a legitimate threat in the mind of viewers.

Suddenly, they cut backstage to show the ambulance backing up in the parking garage. Apparently Kane is back.

[Commercial Break]

Before they came back live, a video promo aired for the Smackdown Elimination Chamber match and Bryan vs. Orton on Friday's Smackdown episode.

In-ring: One minute before the top of the hour, John Cena's music played to bring out Cena on-stage. Cena looked unhappy and stormed the ring as Roberts introduced him to the live crowd. Cena said thanks to someone on the front row before Cole plugged Cena-Kane in an Ambulance Match on Sunday.

[Q9 -- over-run] In the ring, Cena waited out a mixed reception before Cena noted there was a bit of an awkward moment by the ambulance earlier. He said he tried to apologize to Zack Ryder, but Ryder wasn't listening. Cena said he's sorry. He said this was Kane's plan along - turn his friends against him, turn the WWE audience against him, and leave him alone with no other choice but to embrace the hate. Cena said it's a pretty solid plan, and it would have worked if it were anyone else. "But, I'm not anybody else," he said. Cena entered preacher promo mode that some people think he has a breaking point where he'll just snap.

"We all hate you" chant from a few vocal males that Cena paused to acknowledge. Cena resumed his promo in normal tone that it's been like six years. He said people like that can't understand he's comfortable in his own skin. Back to preacher promo mode saying people like that don't get that he rises above hate. He said those people and Kane can continue to think he needs to embrace the hate, but he'll continue to do what he does. He said he will adapt, overcome, and win. Cena vowed to make Kane leave an ambulance at the Chamber on Sunday. As for his good friend, Dwayne. He has a message for him at WrestleMania.

Suddenly, Zack Ryder came out on-stage in his wheelchair. Ryder fumbled his crutches, pulled himself up to his feet, and slowly made his way down the entrance ramp to the ring. Cena sold concern as Ryder approached the ring and gingerly pulled himself into the ring. Ryder grimaced as he approached Cena, who asked why he's out here. Ryder then yanked the mic away from Cena, who took his cap off before Ryder slapped him across the face. Cena grimaced, turned away, took of his dog tag, took off his t-shirt, and stepped up to Ryder. Ryder shouted at Cena that he was never his friend. Ryder went to punch Cena, but Cena blocked and cocked his fist. Ryder fell down to the mat, though, and Cena wiped his mouth. "Get away from me!" Ryder shouted at Cena. Ryder slipped out of the ring, grabbed his crutches, and started leaving the ring.

Suddenly, Kane appeared on the Titantron. Kane said Cena is in denial and he can talk all he wants about rising above the hate, but Cena stole the one true love of his only friend. He said he thought he was sick, but Cena has truly embraced the hate. Kane said he feeds off hate, which means this Sunday, it will be the last time anyone sees Cena compete in a ring until WrestleMania. Kane told Cena he will not overcome, will not adapt, and will certainly not win. Kane told Cena that his body and soul will be leaving WWE in an ambulance on Sunday. Before that, how about a round of applause for John Cena. Live, the audience mock-applauded before Cena asked for a mic.

Suddenly, Kane snuck up behind Ryder on the entrance stage and wheeled him off the entrance stage down to the floor below. Cena grabbed the medical doctor ringside and ran to Ryder's side. Kane was nowhere to be found. Cena even did the "X" signal before medical personnel assisted Ryder. Eve showed up to boos and Cena backed away, seeing how Kane had used Eve, Ryder, and Cena against them. WWE replayed Kane wheeling Ryder off the entrance stage to the floor before going back to a shot of Ryder being placed on a backboard. They showed a girl holding her face in sorrow, then she became annoyed when she saw herself on the video. With the announcers remaining quiet, various fans were heard cat-calling Cena as Ryder was placed on a stretcher. They signed off 12 minutes past the top of the hour with Eve kneeling down and Cena pacing by the stage.

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He has conducted "Torch Talk" insider interviews with Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Steve Austin, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Eric Bischoff, Jesse Ventura, Lou Thesz, Jerry Lawler, Mick Foley, Jim Ross, Paul Heyman, Bruno Sammartino, Goldberg, more.

He has interviewed big-name players in person incluiding Vince McMahon (at WWE Headquarters), Dana White (in Las Vegas), Eric Bischoff (at the first Nitro at Mall of America), Brock Lesnar (after his first UFC win).

He hosted the weekly Pro Wrestling Focus radio show on KFAN in the early 1990s and hosted the Ultimate Insiders DVD series distributed in retail stories internationally in the mid-2000s including interviews filmed in Los Angeles with Vince Russo & Ed Ferrara and Matt & Jeff Hardy. He currently hosts the most listened to pro wrestling audio show in the world, (the PWTorch Livecast, top ranked in iTunes)


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James Caldwell, assistant editor

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Pat McNeill (since 2001)
Greg Parks (since 2007)
Sean Radican (since 2003)

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