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WWE Raw Report
CALDWELL'S WWE RAW RESULTS 4/30: Ongoing "virtual-time" coverage of live Raw Starring Brock Lesnar - PPV fall-out, Triple H returns

Apr 30, 2012 - 10:12:49 PM

WWE Raw Supershow Starring Brock Lesnar Results
April 30, 2012 - Episode #987
Live in Dayton, Ohio
Aired on USA Network
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

This week's live WWE Raw Starring Brock Lesnar started with a still-shot photo package on the brutal Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena match last night at Extreme Rules. Michael Cole narrated the clips that showed Cena a bloody mess still able to beat Lesnar. Cena's post-match speech about taking time off was included as well. Cole's voice describing the viciousness of the match closed the intro video. Lots of blood featured in the opening minute of Raw for the first time in a long time.

The Raw intro video ended with a graphic indicating it's now Monday Night Raw Starring Brock Lesnar. Inside the arena, no pyro, then Justin Roberts introduced the show with Lesnar's name included before he introduced John Laurinaitis. Jerry Lawler wondered why Laurinaitis is smiling after things didn't go his way last night. Lawler and Cole were then shown on-camera talking about repercussions from Lesnar-Cena tonight.

In the ring, Laurinaitis shouted as loud as he could about revolutionizing WWE in one night. He demanded everyone thank him for bringing the most destructive force and dangerous athlete to WWE. Laurinaitis said Lesnar beat up John Cena so bad last night that he will never be the same again and was proven to be a mere mortal. He said this man brought legitimacy back to WWE. Laurinaitis then introduced Brock Lesnar to a loud mixed reaction.

Lesnar emerged on-stage selling confidence before slowly making his way to the ring to greet Laurinaitis. Once his music stopped, the crowd booed Lesnar, who opened his promo by saying the world witnessed Brock Lesnar bringing the pain last night. He said it's exactly what he told the world he was going to do. Laurinaitis tried to speak next, but, suddenly, Triple H's music played to a big reaction.

Triple H, dressed in a suit as COO, slowly emerged on-stage as Cole noted Hunter has not been seen in a WWE arena since WrestleMania. In the ring, Lesnar prepared to fight as Hunter made his way to the ring. Laurinaitis, all-smiles, greeted Hunter warmly before Hunter forced a handshake with Lesnar. Hunter said he's out here to do what John is supposed to, but that he doesn't have the guts to do. Hunter told Lesnar that his days of holding up WWE are through. The private jet that he flew in today will not be flying him home unless he wants to pay for it. Basically, Lesnar can all of the toys, but only if he pays for it. Hunter then told Lesnar the show is and always will be Monday Night Raw. Period. He said no one is bigger than WWE or Raw.

Hunter told Lesnar the first contract he negotiated will be in-play, not the demands he bullied out of Laurinaitis last week. He said Laurinaitis did not have the authority to approve it last week. Laurinaitis then told Hunter that he's entrusted him with authority on all WWE contracts. Hunter simply ripped up the piece of paper Laurinaitis flashed in Hunter's face, before noting to John that he knew he didn't have the authority to approve it. Hunter said he knows Lesnar is not a country bumpkin, but a man who built his name into a global brand. He said John had no authority to agree to what he agreed to last week. Hunter then got close to Lesnar and said he wants him in WWE, and the fans want him here. He said they might not all like Lesnar, but they want to see him. "They want to see you in a re-match with John Cena," he said. They want to see Lesnar against Punk, Orton, and Sheamus. He said Lesnar needs to agree to the original terms of the contract, which he claimed were more than reasonable. Hunter said if Lesnar feels wronged and doesn't want to re-sign, that's fine. If he wants to take his ball and go home - along with his loss to John Cena - he's fine with it, but he doesn't think Lesnar is fine with that. So, what's it going to be?

[Q2] Lesnar locked eyes with Laurinaitis, who said he doesn't think it's fair to put Lesnar in this position. Lesnar kept eyeing John as Hunter tried to get him to look at him. He asked Lesnar for his final decision and Laurinaitis said he doesn't think Hunter is being reasonable. Hunter said he's going to say this one time only. "Shut up!" he shouted, spinning Laurinaitis back away from the confrontation. Hunter asked Lesnar if they have a deal. John tried to talk again, so Hunter turned his back to get in John's face. Lesnar then blasted Hunter from behind before unleashing a furious assault that he made look legit. Hunter then made a comeback with right hands in the corner before Lesnar blasted him in the gut with a knee. Lesnar then dropped Hunter to the mat and slapped on his now-trademark left-arm submission. Lesnar wrenched it in as the announcers shouted that Lesnar was breaking Hunter's arm. The crowd chanted for Cena as Hunter sold pain in the hold.

Suddenly, the locker room stormed the ring to protect Hunter and send Lesnar out of the ring. R-Truth, Kofi, Sheamus, and Big Show were the first wave of help. Lesnar then started throwing things around ringside as men in suits tried to restrain Lesnar to sell chaos. In the ring, Hunter claimed his arm was broken. Ringside, Lesnar ripped off his shirt and continued to pace around ringside. Medics checked on Hunter as Cole called Lesnar an uncaged animal. Cole said Lesnar just got himself fired.

Lesnar continued to back away from ringside as Hunter was helped to his feet by Big Show. A camera then followed Lesnar away from the Raw set before he disappeared through the curtain. Back in the ring, the wrestlers helped Hunter out of the ring as he continued to sell a broken arm. "Triple H, Triple H" chant as he was helped out of the ring. Show told Hunter he's got some balls, but then asked what he was thinking. That went close to 20 minutes.

Segment Reax: Wow. Lesnar is bringing some kind of A-Game to Raw. It sets up a future Hunter-Lesnar match when Hunter "recovers" from the kayfabe broken arm. In the interim, Lesnar can work with the wrestlers Hunter mentioned in the promo.

Moments Ago: Cole narrated clips of Lesnar snapping on Hunter and causing chaos. They showed Hunter turning his back to address Laurinaitis, which prompted Lesnar to "assault and ambush" Hunter.

Trainer's Room: Hunter was being tended to by medics while Sheamus watched. Hunter said he couldn't feel or squeeze his fingers. ... Announcers: Cole and Lawler talked on-camera about Lesnar trying to take matters into his own hands tonight. Cole said he thinks Lesnar just got himself fired.

On-stage: Eve walked out to no music to announce a #1 contender Beat the Clock Challenge event tonight to determine who faces WWE champion C.M. Punk for the WWE Title at Over the Limit in three weeks. There will be five matches in the BTCC. The Miz was the first man out, then U.S. champion Santino, who beat Miz on the PPV pre-show last night.

1 -- U.S. champion SANTINO vs. THE MIZ -- Beat the Clock Challenge -- non-title match

Cole said they will have medical updates on Hunter throughout the night and Lawler said Lesnar has been escorted out of the building. As for Miz and Santino, they started with back-and-forth action before Santino sold a left knee injury. Miz then smashed Santino with a kick to the chest, followed by a kick to the face for a two count. Miz slowed down the pace, which the announcers noted is not smart strategy. The clock moved past 3:00 as the crowd chanted for the Cobra. Santino then made a comeback before dropping the Sailor's Salute headbutt.

[Q3] Santino reached into his trunks to grab the Cobra, but Miz ducked the finisher. Miz then rolled up Santino, but Santino countered for a two count. Miz then popped Santino in the face with a boot to the head before grappling Santino for the Skullcrushing Finale. Miz made the pin for the win. Cole called the time as 4:19, but the clock showed 4:18. My timer showed 04:18:652. Cole then went with the graphic, which showed 4:18. So, that's the official time to beat.

WINNER: Miz at 4:18/4:19. Solid TV match that the crowd was engaged in. Classic Even-Steven with Miz getting his win back after the PPV last night.

[Commercial Break]

Prior to coming back from break, WWE showed still-shots of Layla returning to WWE to capture the Divas Title last night. Back from break, the Bella Twins were already in the ring for a triple threat title match. Out came new Divas champion Layla.

2 -- Divas champion LAYLA vs. BRIE BELLA vs. NIKKI BELLA -- three-way Divas Title match

The Bellas argued with each other, so Layla dropkicked them into each other, then rolled up one of the Bellas for a quick win. Post-match, the Bellas argued ringside before they replayed the "match" as Layla celebrated on the way out.

WINNER: Layla at 0:15 to retain the Divas Title. And, that gets the re-match clause out of the way and apparently ends the Bellas's WWE run for now. No Kharma, though.

Announcers: Cole and Lawler were shown on-camera discussing Brock Lesnar's attack on Triple H earlier in the night before the lights suddenly went out. It was Chris Jericho making his entrance for a Beat the Clock Challenge match.

[Commercial Break]

Back from break, Jericho was in the ring as Cole noted Jericho has 4:18 to beat Miz's time last night. Cole and Lawler then narrated a photo gallery of Jericho and C.M. Punk's brutal Chicago Street Fight last night. Back live, Jericho was not amused by this photo gallery. Big Show's music then played to bring out Show for an informal Jeri-Show get-together. Cole noted Show is also reeling from last night when he lost the IC Title to Cody Rhodes.


3 -- CHRIS JERICHO vs. BIG SHOW -- Beat the Clock Challenge

Show quickly attacked a bandaged Jericho, who was sporting athletic tape over his right elbow. Jericho absorbed an early attack before kicking Show at the legs to begin working over the big man. Jericho then tried coming off the top rope, but Show intercepted with a giant hand to the chest. Show wanted to follow with a Vader Bomb, but Jericho moved. Jericho then landed the Lionsault, but sold a neck injury and could only score a two count on a pin attempt. Big Show suddenly went for a small package roll-up, but Jericho escaped the pin attempt. Jericho followed with a DDT as the clock ticked down. Jericho checked the clock, then charged Show, who nailed him with a spear. Show covered, but Jericho kicked out. They cut to a shot of Miz watching the match backstage.

With one minute left on the clock, Show stood up and teased the WMD, but Jericho ducked. Jericho then tried the Codebreaker, but Show lifted Jericho into the air. Jericho then used his momentum to pull Show over the top rope to the floor. Both men crashed to the floor as the ref began a ten count. 20 seconds on the clock. Show then went flying over the guardrail as Jericho returned to ringside. Jericho pulled himself back into the ring and the buzzer sounded just before the ref hit a ten count to count out Show. So, Jericho wins, but he didn't beat the clock. Cole said he beat the time, though. Lawler said he doesn't think Jericho beat the time. As Show sold anguish, Lawler said they'll sort it out when they come back.

WINNER: Jericho via count-out at 4:20. A made-for-TV special with a sense of urgency in the ring that the crowd bought into.

[Commercial Break]

Back from break, after a plug for John Cena's Make-a-Wish work, the announcers noted Miz's Beat the Clock time of 4:18 still stands, as Jericho was unable to beat the time. So, there will be a new #1 contender unless there's a follow-up angle involving Jericho.

In-ring: The disco ball was hanging over the ring, so it's time for Brodus Clay. No Hornswoggle with Clay and the Funkettes tonight. Ringside, JTG was simply aghast at this exhibition. JTG is back on Raw for the most lopsided match of the year with Clay sporting a 15-0 TV/PPV record and JTG sporting an 0-5 record in 2012.


After the bell sounded, Lawler claimed JTG has a strategy for Clay tonight. JTG landed a boot to the gut, but Clay bounced him off the ropes before delivering a big shoulder tackle. JTG tried to come back by going after the knees, but Clay brushed him aside and delivered The Headbutt followed by his big splash for the pin and the win. After the match, Clay brought two boys and a girl into the ring for the post-match dance celebration.

WINNER: Clay at 1:40.

Announcers: Just before the top of the hour, Cole and Lawler were shown on-camera resetting the show. Lawler said he's been with WWE since 1993 and he's never seen anything quite like Cena vs. Lesnar at Extreme Rules last night. Cole then fed to the video package on the match that started the show.

[Q5 -- second hour] The video rolled over into the start of the second hour before WWE went back to Cole and Lawler ringside. They recapped the start of the show before going to a replay of Hunter's discussion with Laurinaitis and Lesnar that turned violent when Lesnar attacked Hunter. In a voice-over, Cole noted Lesnar was taken away from the building and Hunter has now been taken to a nearby medical facility to have his arm examined. Still to come tonight: John Cena. Cole said Laurinaitis will call out Cena in the ring tonight to address his future.

Backstage Office: Laurinaitis was pacing around in his office before Eve told Teddy Long to leave because his presence is upsetting John. Eve then addressed Laurinaitis and told him to calm down. Eve said she gets it that John has lost Brock Lesnar. "He's gone," she said. She said Laurinaitis will get blamed for what Lesnar did to Hunter, but they need a leader. She noted the Board and the entire world are watching him right now. Eve then asked Laurinaitis who Cena's next opponent is going to be. He stood up and said he knows, and he knows that John is not going to like it.

In-ring: Back to the arena, Randy Orton's music played. He faces Jack Swagger in a Beat the Clock match next.

[Commercial Break]

Back live, Orton was still in the ring waiting for Jack Swagger. Before that, WWE went to a photo gallery from Orton vs. Kane in a Falls Count Anywhere match last night. Suddenly, Vickie Guerrero's voice interrupted. Vickie stood on-stage excusing herself before introducing "the next WWE champion," Jack Swagger. Swagger came out sporting a new red and blue singlet, but the same hair. As Swagger made his way to the ring, they cut to a shot of Miz nervously watching the monitor backstage.

5 -- RANDY ORTON vs. JACK SWAGGER (w/Vickie Guerrero) -- Beat the Clock Challenge

4:18 is the time to beat. Orton scored a close nearfall early on as Cole noted Orton is a former nine-time champion. Swagger suddenly delivered a flying Vader Bomb out of the corner before stalking Orton for a gutwrench, but Orton slipped out and delivered his fallaway backbreaker. Orton then went for a clothesline, but Swagger ducked and smashed Orton's left knee with a spear. Orton followed with a shoulder tackle as the crowd rallied with a loud "RKO" chant. Swagger continued to wear down Orton, drawing questions from Lawler on whether he was taking too long.

[Q6] Swagger checked the clock and went for another Vader Bomb, but Orton popped to his feet and kicked Swagger in the gut in mid-air. Orton made a full comeback before setting up for and connecting with the second-rope spike DDT. With 35 seconds remaining, Orton got the crowd fired up going to That Place. He wanted the RKO, but Swagger ducked and slapped on the Anklelock. Swagger checked the clock and tried to apply more pressure, but Orton flung him away and dropped Swagger with the RKO. Orton made a cover with two seconds to spare, setting a new time. Backstage, Miz sold frustration with Orton beating his time.

WINNER: Orton at 4:16 to set a new time. Nice showcase for both men, especially Swagger, who needed something. For Orton, it's a solid TV win, and he won't lose anything if someone else beats his time.

Still to come: Cole and Lawler were all turned around trying to set up what's still to come. Basically, Primo & Epico defend the Tag Titles against R-Truth & Kofi Kingston. Plus, John Cena gets an opponent. But, not for Raw, at Over the Limit, which threw off the announcers since the implication in the Eve & Laurinaitis backstage segment was that Laurinaitis would announce an opponent for Cena tonight on Raw since there was zero mention of the next PPV. This isn't the first time recently that WWE has been a step off like this.

[Commercial Break]

In-ring: Justin Roberts announced the Tag Title match. Out first were Primo & Epico along with Rosa Mendes to their own ring entrances, so they must have hired AW to negotiate televised ring intros. Cole noted the tag champs have had trouble in non-title matches recently, but they get the job done when the titles are on the line. R-Truth's music then played to bring out Truth along with invisible Little Jimmy. Kofi Kingston was out next to his own ring intro. Before the bell sounded, Cole read a news item that the Bellas have been "fired" from WWE. So, there's the write-off.

6 -- WWE tag champions PRIMO & EPICO (w/Rosa Mendes) vs. R-TRUTH & KOFI KINGSTON -- WWE Tag Title match

Cole noted AW has approached the tag champs in recent weeks to inquire about a business relationship. The challengers cleared the heel champs to the outside and WWE cut to break one minute into the match.

[Commercial Break]

[Q7] Back from break, Truth scored a two count on a pin attempt on Primo. Lawler slipped in some news that he received during the break that Triple H's arm "is indeed broken." Cole wondered what's going to happen to Lesnar in the future. In the ring, the heels cut off Truth after Truth attempted a comeback. After Primo worked over Truth some more, Truth suddenly nailed a leg whip before leaping across the ring to tag in Kingston. Kingston came flying off the top with a springboard smash on Epico, who also tagged in. Chaos ensued moments later involving Rosa, then Kofi caught Epico with Trouble in Paradise. Kofi with the pin and the win for new tag champs. Post-match, the new champs celebrated as Rosa tried to figure out how this happened.

WINNERS: Kingston & Truth at 7:03. Well, WWE did close to nothing with Primo & Epico as tag champs, so it's time to see if another team can build momentum.

Still to come: Beat the Clock Challenge to see if anyone can beat Orton's 4:16 time. WWE cut to a backstage split-screen of Great Khali and Kane walking down the hallway. They're against each other next.

Before the show went to break, WWE aired a DVD plug for WrestleMania 28, focusing on the high points from Mania and four hours of extras, including the 2012 Hall of Fame ceremony featuring Edge.

[Commercial Break]

Backstage: The tag champs were arguing as Rosa Mendes tried to calm them down. AW then walked into the shot and Rosa said it's time to talk. AW told them if they enlisted his services, they would still be tag champs. Suddenly, Khali's music interrupted in the background and WWE cut off AW's backstage speech.

In the ring, Khali was swinging his arms wildly and apparently swimming. Lawler noted Khali had been out there dancing for about five minutes. Kane's pyro then shot off to bring out Kane. Could this possibly last more than 4:16 before the universe explodes? Randy Orton was shown backstage prepared to wait 4:16 watching the match on a monitor.

7 -- GREAT KHALI vs. KANE -- Beat the Clock Challenge

This is the fourth Beat the Clock Challenge match, with one more to go. Kane quickly chopped down Khali to begin wearing him down. The crowd was not interested as Kane beat down Khali before he went up top for a flying clothesline. Kane made a cover, but Khali kicked out. Kane checked the clock as Lawler noted these two men are not built for speed.

Under a minute, Khali scored with his first offense of the match. Khali ran over Kane with clotheslines, then delivered The Chop, but Kane rolled to the outside. Khali, dumbfounded, decided to head over the top rope to the floor to retrieve Kane. The fight continued ringside before Khali tossed Kane back inside the ring. In the ring, Kane grappled a slow-moving Khali. Khali then grappled him, too, and the clock expired with the two men standing there.

[Q8] Post-match: The crowd booed the result and the match, so Kane decided to chokeslam Khali to end the segment. Kane, frustrated, stormed out of the ring as Orton was shown clapping backstage.

WINNER: No Contest at 4:16. Well, it's over now.

Still to come: Cena finds out his opponent for Over the Limit... Backstage: Daniel Bryan was shown walking down the hallway. He's in the last Beat the Clock Challenge match up next against a mystery opponent.

[Commercial Break]

Smackdown plug: Sheamus beat Daniel Bryan and Orton silenced Kane. The announcer suggested their battles are far from over. It's Bryan & Kane vs. Sheamus & Orton in a tag match this week.

In-ring: Back from break, Daniel Bryan's music played to bring out the former World Hvt. champion. There was a pocket of Bryan supporters in the crowd, but it's worth noting this has been more of a mainstream crowd. As Bryan completed his ring intro, Cole plugged tickets for Money in the Bank going on-sale this Saturday. After Bryan completed his intro, Jerry Lawler's music played. Cole said that's why his partner left during the break. Lawler came out to the ring as Bryan stood perplexed in the ring.

8 -- DANIEL BRYAN vs. JERRY LAWLER -- Beat the Clock Challenge

The final BTCC match started with Bryan blasting away at Lawler before scoring an early nearfall. Bryan landed consecutive right hands that drew audible "Yes!" chants from the pocket of vocal males. Bryan continued go after Lawler before they showed Orton watching nervously backstage. Lawler then side-stepped a corner attack before going to the second rope for his trademark fist drop. Lawler covered, but Bryan kicked out in time. Lawler then wanted the piledriver, but Bryan back-dropped out. Bryan followed with a kick to the head before slapping on the Yes! Lock. Lawler tapped out rather quickly, giving Bryan the win. He's the new #1 contender.

WINNER: Bryan via submission at 2:20 to become #1 contender to the WWE Title. WWE is obviously marketing this PPV toward hardcore fans with a Punk-Bryan title match. Of course, they can unfairly blame both men if the PPV doesn't draw on a very fast turnaround following Mania and the big Lesnar-Cena PPV last night.

Post-match: Bryan celebrated before Cult of Personality interrupted. WWE champion C.M. Punk came out on-stage to a big reaction. He applauded Bryan before holding up his title belt as Bryan shouted from inside the ring that it's his. Bryan did a skillful combination belt-around-the-wait and "Yes!" celebration motion.

[Commercial Break]

Back live, Cole went to video from Earlier Tonight when Brock Lesnar attacked Triple H and put Hunter in the hospital.

[Q9 -- over-run] On-camera: Cole, alone, said they don't know Lesnar's future in WWE, but he's assuming Lesnar will be fired from WWE. Cole also said they've learned Hunter's arm has been broken.

John Cena's music then played to bring out the Extreme Rules PPV main event winner to a big reaction. Cena's arm was in a sling to sell his shoulder injury from Lesnar last night. Cena slowly made his way to the ring with a smile on his face. Cena gingerly walked up the ring steps into the ring as Cole sold Cena's injury that he suffered muscle injuries, but no permanent damage. In the ring, Cena grabbed a mic and waited out loud cheers and boos. Meanwhile, a Dean Ambrose sign hung in the background.

Cena began his promo saying Triple H is feeling what he felt last night. He said it brings him great joy that the X-Rays showed no breaks and an MRI shows no tears. Cena said the bottom line is every muscle from his arm to his shoulder is strained...but he's here. Cena said there's a big difference between being hurt and injured in WWE. He said if you're hurt, you go home, but if you're injured, you keep going.

Suddenly, Laurinaitis's music played to bring out Raw's "leader." Laurinaitis sternly entered the ring as Cena sold annoyance with the interruption. He said he's glad Cena decided to show up tonight. Cena wasn't in the mood for Laurinaitis, so he went for the comedy by plugging the "No Holds Barred" re-release and asked if he got Zeus as his next opponent. John then told Cena that when he said Lesnar is the new face of WWE, he was just trying to motivate Cena. Cena laughed off the claim before noting Lesnar hired a mercenary to get rid of him. John said he brought in Lesnar to push Cena to the limit, which he did. So, he should thank him. Cena thanked him...for sounding like a corporate jackass who has his head so far up his ass that he brushes his teeth with toilet paper.

Laurinaitis went for the easy or hard way speech. Cena responded by telling John he's an idiot. He said he just went through a former UFC champion last night and the only thing difficult is listening to him plug People Power. Laurinaitis said he's willing to put the past in the past, but Cena is only injured, not hurt. Before Laurinaitis could introduce Cena's opponent at Over the Limit, Lord Tensai's music played. Out came Sakamoto leading the way for Tensai, who Cole noted beat Cena a few weeks ago.

Tensai removed his outfit ringside as Cena readied for a one-arm fight in the ring. Laurianitis suddenly popped Cena over the back of the head with the mic, knocking Cena to the mat. Laurinaitis screamed down that Cena's opponent at the him. So, it's Cena vs. Laurinaitis at the PPV.

Sakamoto then popped Cena with a kick before Laurinaitis punched Cena. Tensai splashed Cena's bad arm before Laurinaitis blasted away at Cena with more kicks. Laurinaitis removed Cena's sling, then landed elbows and kicks to Cena's injured arm. Does Cena not have any friends? Tensai then wrapped Cena's arm around the ringpost as Cole asked if the whole world has gone crazy. Laurinaitis then retrieved a chair and smashed it over Cena's injured arm as Tensai held down Cena. Cena recoiled into the ring as Laurinaitis confidently walked around ringside. Back in the ring, Laurinaitis mocked Cena with You Can't See Me as the crowd booed. Cena continued to sell, then Laurinaitis led Tensai out of the ring to close the show 12 minutes past the top of the hour.

Segment Reax: WWE goes from a hot Lesnar angle at the top of the show to Laurinaitis/Tensai the lead heels opposite Cena. Talk about a downgrade. Part of the issue is Lesnar's somewhat part-time schedule, WWE being year-round with no break to let things and talent breathe, and having these PPVs come too quickly. So, they have to fill in the gaps in 2012 when Lesnar is off TV. And, since WWE did not have any heels ready for Cena after WrestleMania, they have to go with a non-wrestler as lead heel.

And, so ends a busy month of April that started with Cena vs. The Rock at WrestleMania, advanced to Cena vs. Lesnar going to Extreme Rules, and ends with Cena feuding with Laurinaitis ahead of a PPV main event.


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