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WWE Raw Report
CALDWELL'S WWE RAW RESULTS 10/8: Complete coverage of live Raw - Cena returns, but McMahon dominates show

Oct 8, 2012 - 11:54:09 PM


OCTOBER 8, 2012 - EPISODE #1,010

This week's three-hour WWE Raw started with a wide shot of the arena and Michael Cole introducing the show. No pyro. John Cena's music then played to bring out Cena after a one-week absence. Cena walked out on-stage barely able to move his right arm, with his elbow contained in a spider-web-looking contraption underneath his Never Give Up t-shirt. On commentary, Cole introduced Jim Ross and JBL on commentary with him tonight. Cena smiled for the crowd and played to the cheers before his music stopped and the boos were heard.

On commentary, Cena asked the crowd if they missed him. He said he was expecting a mixed response, but heard cheers. Cena said one week off felt like a year to him. He said it's good to be back in the ring tonight. Cena said that one week away allowed him to see WWE more clearly. He made goat noises for Kane and Daniel Bryan, then noted he discovered that Antonio Cesaro has large nipples. He said the girls are having drama and A.J. has lost her mind, but she hasn't lost her charm. Cena tried to pose nice for the camera and offer a date. Cena suggested they go to In-N-Out for a burger, perhaps even a double-double.

Cena said speaking of kids, Vince McMahon is here tonight. He said he could sit here and talk all night, but he's lost his voice. Cena said the man who has taken his voice and the fans's voices is C.M. Punk, which drew boos, then light "C-M-Punk" chants. Cena looked into the camera and asked Punk that if he's the champ for 300 days or 2,000 days, what does it matter if people don't want to watch? Cena said Punk's title run has been built on moments, so he can have another Moment with Cena at Hell in a Cell. Cena implored the crowd to tell Punk they want to see Punk vs. Cena again.

Cena said Punk thinks people are mad at him because he's a Paul Heyman Guy, but it's because he's not a man. Cena paused for oohs and aahs. He told Punk not to be punk, but be a man by facing him in the Cell. Cena shouted into the camera that Punk can define his legacy at Hell in a Cell. Cena then dropped the mic and left the ring to cheers.

Suddenly, Feed Me More played to bring out Ryback on-stage. Ryback and Cena met in the aisle, with Cena walking past Ryback, who kept walking to the ring. Cole said Ryback is set for action tonight on Raw. Cole then fed to a video package from last week when Ryback saved Jim Ross from talking the Walk of Shame at Punk's request. After the video aired, the Colons's music played to bring out Primo, Epico, and Rosa Mendes for a handicap match to start the in-ring portion of the show.

1 -- RYBACK vs. PRIMO & EPICO (w/Rosa Mendes) -- handicap match

Primo and Epico used their numbers advantage to isolate Ryback early on. They nailed a double-team backstabber, but Ryback press-slammed them away when they attempted pin attempts. With Ryback in trouble, the crowd picked up a "Feed Me More" chant. Epico then slapped Ryback, who got That Look in his eyes. Ryback delivered an atomic drop, then nailed multiple clotheslines. The crowd sensed the end was near and helped Ryback warm up for a double Shell Shock slam. Ryback pinned both men for the win. Post-match: Ryback led the crowd in a "Feed Me More" chant. JBL noted the man is hungry.

WINNER: Ryback at 2:35. The crowd was definitely into Ryback, which was a good sign. It will be interesting to see if he becomes involved later in the show.

Tonight: Vince McMahon will deliver a "State of WWE Address" later in the show.

[Q2] [Commercial Break]

Main Event plug: Leading back from break, WWE focused on Big Show becoming #1 contender to the World Title before KO'ing Randy Orton. Now, it's Show vs. Orton on Wednesday's "Main Event" show.

In-ring: Back live, Brodus Clay's music played to bring out Brodus and his dancers for in-ring action. JBL offered some jokes at Clay's expense before Cole mentioned Flash Funk. Ross joined in as Clay and Co. danced in the ring. R-Truth then suddenly stumbled into the ring out of nowhere. Truth tried talking to Little Jimmy, but the mic didn't work. Truth got another mic, then said he's sorry. Truth said they can fight anytime, but Little Jimmy is going through puberty right now. He said Little Jimmy wants to fight, not dance tonight. Clay, Truth, and the dancers proceeded to "dance" with Little Jimmy as Cole pretended to call the dance moves. Unbelievable.

Suddenly, Vince McMahon appeared on the Titantron. McMahon told all of them to dance out of the ring because it's time for his WWE Address. Clay, Truth, the dancers, and invisible child proceeded to leave the ring as Cole plugged the State of WWE item next.

[Commercial Break]

State of WWE Address

Back live, Justin Roberts introduced Vince McMahon, who strutted out on-stage before strutting down to the ring to cheers and applause. In the ring, McMahon smiled before taking the mic. McMahon said they just saw two grown men dancing with two women and an invisible child. McMahon said there's room for that, plus leprechauns, masked luchadors, giants, big red monsters, and goat-faced vegans. McMahon said they have action, comedy, drama, etc. But, the most important thing is action. He said people want to see the best against the best, with champions competing for titles.

Suddenly, Cult of Personality interrupted to bring out WWE champion C.M. Punk dressed in a bright yellow "GTS" t-shirt and basketball shorts. Behind him was Paul Heyman holding up the WWE Title belt for everyone to see. Punk sort of danced and bounced down the ring as McMahon frowned from inside the ring. Once Punk hit the ring, McMahon called that an ugly t-shirt before saying that's disrespectful to interrupt him.

Punk smirked and said disrespect is having to sit in the back listening to McMahon babble and ramble. He said he didn't even mention his name talking about champions. Punk called it a shot against him because he won't step into the ring against John Cena at Hell in a Cell. He said that's hilarious because the person McMahon left in charge of the show (A.J.) was the one who gave him the choice. Punk said he's given Cena every shot possible, yet he still walked out of Cena's hometown as WWE champion. Punk said this crowd still disrespects him, which drew boos. Punk then called out the "ironic ones" who cheer him and said he doesn't need their cheers.

[Q3] Punk returned to face McMahon and asked him if he respects him. McMahon said he respects that Punk has been champ for 323 days. "That's astonishing," McMahon said. But, he doesn't respect that Punk is a Paul Heyman Guy. He said he's not a C.M. Punk Guy. Punk said he knows that and he's glad to hear McMahon say that to his face. He said McMahon still doesn't get it because he's the Best in the World, which drew boos. Punk said last year, he said he was just a spoke on the wheel, but now he is the wheel. He called himself the greatest thing to happen to McMahon and WWE and the only thing he has right now. Punk told McMahon not to stare at him with disrespect. Heyman told Punk to back down, but Punk said he's not doing that. He demanded disrespect and told McMahon to appreciate him. "Where's C.M. Punk Appreciation Night? These people don't care about Jim Ross or Jerry Lawler. You should be appreciating me," Punk said.

Punk said perhaps if he doesn't get his respect, then maybe he'll hop the rail and kiss WWE good-bye again. He asked McMahon if he wants that for his State of WWE. McMahon asked Punk if he really thinks he's indispensible. Punk shouted that he's the reason why these people came here and why McMahon can fuel his jet. Punk asked who else fuels this company. The crowd chanted, "Cena! Cena!" McMahon said it's not himself, nor Punk, nor anyone else, but the WWE audience. McMahon said he listens to them in the arena, on the street, or even on Twitter. McMahon said they're all saying that someone needs to shut Punk's mouth. Punk smirked as Heyman shook his head. McMahon asked Punk if he really thinks he's one of the best. He said he's nowhere near the caliber of an Andre, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Bret Hart, or Stone Cold. Punk cut him off. Punk said he's nothing like Stone Cold because Stone Cold made it to the top by taking shortcuts and running away from people, which drew boos. Punk said Stone Cold made it to the top by beating up a clueless, inept millionaire. Punk said it's a good thing he did it back then because that clueless, inept millionaire has become an inept senior citizen.

Punk asked McMahon if he's mad now. "Does that upset you?" he asked. Punk said now McMahon feels how he feels when these people treat him the way he does. He called it a slap in his face when McMahon treats him the way he treats him. "You've been slapping me in the face for years!" Punk shouted. Punk then reached back and slapped McMahon across the face, which stunned the crowd.

After the slap, Punk leaned down and said that's a slap in his face. Heyman tried to calm things down before both men left the ring. McMahon then stood up and said he outta fire Punk, but that would be too easy. McMahon said he's going to fight Punk tonight and teach him respect or else he'll fire him. The crowd popped as Punk smiled on-stage as Heyman acted like Punk went too far. In the ring, McMahon continued to glare toward Punk, who told Heyman to calm down and trust him. And, now there's a third hour hook with WWE dipping back into the main event star vs. top authority figure tool in the toolbox.

[Commercial Break]

Back live, Cole went to a replay of Punk's slap from "moments ago." They showed McMahon telling Punk to meet him in the ring tonight to learn something about respect.

Announcers: JBL was all-smiles, saying Christmas has come early with McMahon vs. Punk tonight. Ross said he disagrees because he thinks McMahon made an emotional decision. Cole then plugged Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Raw Social Media Ambassador tonight in the state capital of California, where Arnold was governor.

In-ring: Prime Time Players were in the ring waiting for their semi-final tag tournament opponents. Out first was Rey Mysterio, followed by his tag partner, Sin Cara. Before the match started, the announcers reviewed recent drama involving the two teams, then Cole reviewed the tag bracket. The other semi-final will take place tonight, according to Cole.


2 -- PRIME TIME PLAYERS (TITUS O'NEIL & DARREN YOUNG) vs. REY MYSTERIO & SIN CARA -- Semi-final #1 contender tag tournament match

The announcers discussed Punk vs. McMahon tonight, which Ross said still concerns him. JBL shouted in response that McMahon beat Ted Turner, so he can handle himself. Rey and Cara then took out the Players on the floor before returning to the ring to stand tall leading to break at 1:15.

[Commercial Break]

Back live at 4:35, the Players were in control of the semi-final tournament match. The match eventually built to a hot tag to Rey as WWE went to a visually-impressive shaky hard camera. The action broke down with all four men in the ring before Rey hit the 619 on Young. Rey followed with a springboard splash on D-Young for the pin and the win.

WINNERS: Rey & Cara at 7:13 to advance to tournament finals. Rey & Cara get the other semi-final winners in the tournament finals next week on Raw.

Backstage: C.M. Punk was shown standing in his locker room. The camera pulled back to reveal Paul Heyman trying to give Punk some advice about dealing with McMahon. Punk blew him off and said he's dangerous against Vince, unlike Stone Cold. Punk said he's going to annihilate McMahon, which Heyman told him is not good because then he'll make both of their lives miserable. Punk said he's going to find a way to win both ways. "You have nothing to worry about," Punk told him. On commentary, Ross said he thinks Heyman is right that Punk has a lot to worry about.

Up Next: Ireland vs. England in the form of World Hvt. champion Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett.

[Commercial Break]

Earlier Tonight: John Cena called out C.M. Punk to meet him for the WWE Title at Hell in a Cell. ... Also Earlier Tonight: Punk slapped McMahon, who responded by challenging him to a fight tonight. On commentary, Ross said he's feeling ever stronger about his opinion that this is not a good decision by McMahon.

[Q5 -- second hour]

In-ring: Wade Barrett made his way to the ring as JBL gloated about McMahon beating the federal government, Ted Turner, Bret Hart, and Stone Cold. World champ Sheamus then hit the ring as Cole shouted out to Jerry Lawler to get better.

3 -- World Hvt. champion SHEAMUS vs. WADE BARRETT -- non-title match

Sheamus and Barrett locked up, then 20 seconds into the match, Big Show's music played to bring out Show for a closer look at the action. Sheamus took his eyes off Barrett to chuckle at Show before returning to center-ring to work on Barrett. Sheamus and Barrett traded control as the announcers discussed wrestling and fighting training facilities in England, complete with a shout-out to William Regal. The match then moved to the floor, where Barrett yanked Sheamus hard to the floor. Sheamus sold an injury and Big Show smiled from the other side of the ringside area leading to break.

[Commercial Break]

Surprisingly, the announcers went 71 minutes before they picked up the UT vs. OU trash-talk ahead of their college football showdown Saturday in Dallas. The context was Barrett and Sheamus having a fight like will happen Saturday in and out of the stadium. Barrett maintained control here as Big Show rubbed his hands together having a good time watching the World champ take a beating. Sheamus sold multiple injuries as Barrett continued the assault, but Barrett missed with a move from the second rope, which drew a concerned Big Show to his feet.

At 11:20, Sheamus clotheslined Barrett before delivering a series of double axe handle smashes to mount a comeback. Sheamus followed with a shoulder to the gut into a high knee-lift. Sheamus then flung Barrett through the ropes to the apron and proceeded to nail ten big forearms to the chest as Show watched a few feet away. Suddenly, Tensai hit the ring and attacked Sheamus, causing a DQ.

[Q6] Post-match: The international incident continued with Barrett and Tensai stomping away on Sheamus as the crowd booed. Show had a good ol' time watching this assault on the World champ. Tensai then tried to build some momentum, but Tensai nailed him with a Brogue Kick. Sheamus then dumped Barrett to the outside as Big Show hit the ring. Show went face-to-face with Sheamus, who tried a Brogue Kick, but Show grabbed Sheamus by the foot and dumped him clear over the top rope to the outside. Sheamus smashed his head on the floor in the process. Show then smirked and left the ring as Sheamus sold on the floor. Sheamus eventually returned to the ring to try to stand tall, but while also selling concern that he might not be able to take down the giant.

WINNER: Sheamus via DQ at 12:36.

Raw tonight: Team Hell No vs. Dolph Ziggler & Alberto Del Rio. Meanwhile, Ross said he's leaving the announce table to talk down McMahon from fighting C.M. Punk. They showed Ross heading up the entrance ramp to the back as JBL said he wants to see this fight tonight.

[Commercial Break]

Still to come tonight: Larry King returns to cable TV to interview The Miz.

Backstage: Raw GM A.J. Lee was texting on her phone when C.M. Punk walked in. Punk said he's going to beat up an old man tonight, put him in a wheelchair, and break his body. But, he thinks the Board of Directors is going to put blame on A.J. tonight. A.J. ignored Punk and said he knows Punk is too scared to fight John Cena, but he's apparently also too scared to fight McMahon. Punk ignored her dig and said he was just trying to give A.J. fair warning before the Board puts responsibility on her pretty little head.

Announcers: Cole and JBL hyped Punk-McMahon before going to footage from "Live with Kelly and Michael" from earlier today. In the video, Cena was shown drawing a moustache on a C.M. Punk photo before promoting WWE's Breast Cancer Awareness partnership. The end of the video led to break.

[Commercial Break]

Back live, Tyson Kidd was in the ring for the next match of the show. U.S. champ Antonio Cesaro then came out on-stage after a replay of his impressive Neutralizer on Brodus Clay last week. They cut to a promo recorded earlier today of Cesaro familiarizing himself with "fine dining" in the U.S. Cesaro was shown at a concession stand, where he received a "disgusting" meal. The man behind the concession stand then leaned over and ate since Cesaro didn't want to.


4 -- U.S. champion ANTONIO CESARO vs. TYSON KIDD -- non-title match

Cole and JBL bickered without Ross present to keep them in-line. Of note, Brad Maddox is the referee for this match. Cesaro dominated as JBL continued to hype McMahon ahead of his fight with Punk. The match moved to the floor, where Kidd ducked a clothesline and smashed Cesaro with a boot to the face. Back in the ring, Kidd scored a close nearfall, but airballed a springboard elbow drop. Cesaro, now upset, followed with a monster pop-up European Uppercut. Cesaro then dropped Kidd with the Neutralizer for the pin and the win. After the match they went to a replay of Cesaro delivering the huge uppercut into his finisher.

WINNER: Cesaro at 3:54. More domination for Cesaro and no challengers stepping up to give Cesaro a run for the title.

Up Next: Bryan & Kane vs. Ziggler & Del Rio in tag action.

[Commercial Break]

Back live, Vickie Guerrero walked out on-stage to excuse herself onto the show before introducing Dolph Ziggler. As Ziggler made his way to the ring, Cole plugged Ziggler and Schwarzenegger's back-and-forth on Twitter over the weekend. Ricardo Rodriguez then walked out on-stage to introduce Alberto Del Rio to join Ziggler in tag action. On commentary, Cole told JBL that Del Rio does the act better than he did. JBL said he did have a driver, though, but he didn't have a ring announcer.

After a pause, Daniel Bryan's music played to bring out one-half of the tag champs to loud "Yes!" chants. The announcers completely ignored Bryan, instead focusing on playing as themselves in the "WWE '13" video game. Ringside, Bryan got into a shouting match with a kid before getting pounded by "Yes!" chants from a group of 20-somethings. Bryan, whose beard seems to get more unruly by the week, waved off the "Yes!" chants before pyro shot off to bring out the other tag champ, Kane. Before Kane could finish his ring entrance in the ring, Bryan interrupted him and started an argument over who the real tag champs is (are). The crowd then blasted Bryan with "Yes!" chants before the bell sounded.


5 -- WWE tag champions DANIEL BRYAN & KANE vs. ALBERTO DEL RIO & DOLPH ZIGGLER (w/Vickie Guerrero)

Bryan got the start opposite Ziggler, who bounced around in the ring before the two men locked up. JBL continued to hype McMahon as Ziggler continued to show off in the ring. Bryan then blasted Ziggler with a knee to the gut before teasing a tag to Kane, only to pull his hand away. Kane eventually did re-enter the match as the announcers discussed Del Rio's ongoing feud with Randy Orton. Cole said Orton is about to board a plane to San Jose for Smackdown and he is looking for revenge on Del Rio.

Kane then teased a tag to Bryan before pulling his hand away, returning the favor. As Cole slipped on the name of the tag teams - prompting JBL to mock him - Kane dumped Ziggler hard to the outside. Bryan then landed a big running knee off the ring apron to KO Ziggler. Bryan scooped up Ziggler as Raw went to break.

[Commercial Break]

Back live, Ziggler was working on Kane center-ring. Kane proceeded to break free with a big boot, then tagged in Bryan. Bryan proceeded to clothesline Ziggler before delivering a big corner dropkick. Bryan followed with a top-rope huracanrana, but Ziggler rolled through into a close two count. Del Rio and Ziggler then used their numbers advantage to blindside Bryan, setting up a number of tags to continue working on Bryan.

Ziggler airballed a corner attack attempt as Kane pleaded with Bryan to make a tag. Bryan crawled toward Kane as Ziggler held onto his foot, then Ziggler dragged Bryan back to the heel corner to cut off Bryan and tag in Del Rio. And, the in-and-out tags continued leading to the top of the hour.

[Q9 -- third hour] Cue up the shaky hard camera as Bryan finally made it to the tag champ's corner to bring in Kane at the top of the hour. Cole reset the show with a note on McMahon fighting Punk tonight as Kane delivered offense to Del Rio. But, Ziggler cut off Kane with a Fameasser. Ziggler couldn't score the three count, though, as Kane kicked out just in-time, popping the crowd. Kane then came back with a sidewalk slam as Vickie and Ricardo argued ringside.

Suddenly, Bryan tagged himself into the match to deliver a double-foot dropkick to Ziggler. Del Rio broke up a pin, though, before flying through the ropes to the floor when Kane side-stepped him. Suddenly, Ziggler rolled up Bryan and tried to hook the tights, but Bryan kicked out. Bryan then kicked Ziggler in the head and stumbled back into his corner. This allowed Kane to tag himself into the match and stalk Ziggler. Kane wanted a chokeslam, and he connected. Kane covered Ziggler and it was good for the win. Post-match, Cole said they are dysfunctional, but they win. Kane and Bryan then argued over who the tag champions is (are).

WINNER: Kane & Bryan at 16:02. Slow middle, but a strong conclusion to a good tag match. Overall, the show has lost momentum from the Punk-McMahon segment in the first hour due to this show being too stretched out to three hours. It seems like Punk-McMahon happened on a different show at this point.

Earlier Tonight: To remind viewers that Punk-McMahon did indeed occur on tonight's show, Cole introduced a replay of Punk slapping McMahon, who then told Punk he will fight him in the ring tonight.

Backstage: Jim Ross was shown next to Vince McMahon, who wanted to know why Ross wants to talk to him. Ross said he recalls last week after Raw went off the air when McMahon called him an American icon and a friend. Ross said as a friend, he can't help but think about what happened to Jerry Lawler after he fought Punk. As expected with WWE, they're turning Lawler's heart attack into an angle. McMahon then told Ross he wants to hear him call his match, just like he would Stone Cold's match. Ross asked if he wanted it right now. McMahon shouted at him to do it now. Ross then hyped himself up to call McMahon's victory a la a Stone Cold victory, which popped the crowd and brought a smile to McMahon's face. Ross then exited announcer mode and noted for the record that he doesn't think it's a good idea. McMahon then quoted The Rock, saying that one of the Greatest Superstars of All-Time would say it doesn't matter what Ross thinks. McMahon and Ross smiled, then McMahon patted Ross on the back and said he'll be okay. WWE is going all-out trying to babyface the company and McMahon ahead of the Senate election.

[Commercial Break]

Back live, Cole and JBL plugged JBL's mountain-climbing quest reaching the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Cole noted JBL's next quest is in Argentina.

Larry King skit

In-ring: Justin Roberts gave a formal intro for Larry King, who was shown sitting at a desk on-stage with his wife. Before King could introduce The Miz, Miz's music interrupted to bring out the Intercontinental champion. Miz leaned against the desk and introduced himself, drawing swatting motions from King. Miz called it an honor for King to interview him. He then asked King what today is. He called it the greatest day of all days, his birthday. Miz and Larry talked over each other before Miz told Larry and his "lovely wife" to sing Happy Birthday to him. King waved him off before noting no one here cares if it's his birthday. He said what he loves about WWE is he can do whatever he wants. He then brought out a new guest replacing Miz, Kofi Kingston. Kofi walked out on-stage in a suit and shook hands with King and his wife as Miz disappeared into the background. Kofi hyped his busy day today before shouting out to Sacramento. "Really?!" Miz shouted in the background. "A Sacramento cheap pop?!" Miz asked before wondering who's more irrelevant - a washed-up announcer or a never-was Superstar.

[Q10] Miz looked up and down Kofi before noting he's had more titles than King's had wives and Kofi's had main events, which drew an attempted shocked look from King's wife. Miz told King to get his little show off his stage before he suffers yet another divorce. Specifically, Miz divorcing King's head from his little body. King's wife then stood up and proceeded to dump water in Miz's face, drawing applause from Kofi. King applauded his wife as Miz absorbed the moment. Miz started to unbutton his jacket, but Kofi cut him off with punches. Kofi then tossed Miz off the stage before ripping off his dress shirt, doing the Boom Clap, and flying off the stage with a big splash to Miz. As Larry King signed off, Miz and Kofi fought to the back. They went to a replay of King's wife splashing Miz in the face to conclude the skit.

Announcers: Cole and Ross plugged the "WWE '13" video game before going to a video game version of Stone Cold vs. McMahon from the Attitude Era.

[Commercial Break]

In-ring: Santino's music played back from break to bring out Santino and Zack Ryder for the other tag tournament semi-final match tonight. Ross, who is back on commentary, narrated footage from earlier tonight when Rey & Cara advanced to the Finals earlier in the show. Cody Rhodes's music then brought out Rhodes and Damien Sandow. As the heels made their way to the ring, WWE cut to an inset promo of Sandow declaring this match the greatest mental mis-match in tag division history.

6 -- TEAM RHODES SCHOLARS (DAMIEN SANDOW & CODY RHODES) vs. SANTINO & ZACK RYDER -- Semi-final #1 contender tag tournament match

Ryder was in control early on, but Sandow cut him off and the heels began exchanging tags working over Ryder. Sandow followed with the Elbow of Disdain for a two count. Santino eventually hot-tagged into the match, but got distracted trying to put on his Cobra sock puppet. This allowed Rhodes to blast Santino in the face with the beautiful disaster kick to the face. Rhodes covered a KO'ed Santino for the pin and the win.

WINNERS: Rhodes & Sandow at 3:08. It's Rhodes Scholars vs. Masked Luchadors in the finals next week.

Post-match: Suddenly, Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre, and Jinder Mahal hit the ring to deliver a beat down to Santino. Ryder tried to make the save, but Slater kicked him off the ring apron. The heels continued to beat down Santino as Ross wondered aloud what their agenda is. Slater, Mahal, and Drew proceeded to awkwardly dance and celebrate to Slater's music.

Backstage Office: Vince McMahon, in a black tank top, spun around to find Paul Heyman wanting to talk to him. Heyman said he's here to apologize for Punk's actions. Heyman said he's known McMahon since he was 14-years-old and he's the youngest person here who also knew McMahon's father. Heyman said he could create peace in this situation. McMahon, with a stiff upper lip, said Heyman doesn't even know when he's lying and telling the truth. Heyman said he's the voice of reason here, so please don't let Punk do to McMahon what Brock Lesnar did to Triple H. The crowd ooed and booed. The camera then focused on McMahon's confidence shrinking as he contemplated matters.

[Q11] Leading into break, WWE ran an ad for C.M. Punk's DVD due out tomorrow. There's Samoa Joe and Ring of Honor on WWE television.

[Commercial Break]

7 -- Divas champion EVE vs. KAITLYN -- Divas Title match

Back live, Layla was ringside to commentate on the Divas Title match, with Kaitlyn finally getting her title shot after being attacked at Night of Champions. Out first was Divas champion Eve to defend the title. Of course, Layla was not pleased to see Eve holding her title. Kaitlyn, with a taped-up foot, then came out to face Eve. Kaitlyn tried to jump Eve out of anger, but Eve cut her off and began working on the injury. Eve eventually applied a submission targeting the ankle and Kaitlyn was forced to tap. Post-match, Eve kept the hold locked in longer, which drew Layla into the ring. Eve tried to play nice and sell concern over Kaitlyn's condition, but Layla wasn't buying Eve's act.

WINNER: Eve via submission in 3:00 to retain the Divas Title.

Backstage: Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez were shown walking down the hallway. Josh Mathews walked up to Del Rio to get his thoughts on a tweet from Randy Orton earlier today. Del Rio blew off the tweet despite Mathews trying to warn him about Orton appearing on Smackdown this Friday.

[Commercial Break]

[Q12] Video message: Breast Cancer Awareness. ... Back live, Justin Roberts welcomed breast cancer survivors at the show tonight.

Backstage: Larry King and his wife were shown walking down the hallway. Daniel Bryan then interrupted and said he thinks King is the only person who can help him. Bryan said everyone thinks he looks like a goat, so how did King deal with the name-calling? Bryan then twirled his moustache and asked King's wife if she would be more interested in a man of his look. She said she doesn't usually go out with a troll who lives under a bridge. King then told Bryan to own his look because he can't change it. Kane proceeded to jump into the shot and yell at Bryan, which led to King and his wife bailing. Bryan told Kane it looks like someone slapped him in the face with a ... a Fruit Roll-up, which popped the crowd. Suddenly, Bryan realized King and his wife were gone. Kane was confused, thinking King was Skeletor, which drew a few laughs live.

Locker Room: C.M. Punk was shown warming up as Paul Heyman tried to talk to him about the predicament he's put them in. Punk stopped shadow-boxing when Heyman decided he has a plan. Heyman said perhaps Punk can render McMahon completely brain-dead to where he can't make another bad decision as long as he lives. Punk smiled and told Heyman he's going to victimize McMahon and enjoy it, too.

[Commercial Break]

This Wednesday: Big Show vs. Randy Orton on "WWE Main Event."

Back live, Cole reset the show by noting Larry King's involvement tonight before reading off a tweet from Arnold Schwarzenneger. ... Earlier Tonight: C.M. Punk slapped McMahon, who responded by challenging Punk to a fight tonight.

McMahon-Punk "fight" segment

In-ring: Vince McMahon's music played to bring out McMahon dressed in a black tanktop, black MMA gloves, and black sweapants. Suddenly, C.M. Punk came running down the rampway to attack McMahon from behind. Punk delivered forearm strikes before landing knees to the gut. Meanwhile, JBL said Punk had to do this before killing the moment by comically repeating himself for the eighth time tonight that McMahon stood up to the federal government, Hart, etc.

The fight entered the ring for the first time and McMahon tackled Punk, but Punk kicked him away. Punk then kicked McMahon in the head as the camera zoomed in on McMahon having a cut on his ear. Punk followed by stepping onto McMahon's back before tossing McMahon through the ropes to the outside. Still no bell to make this "fight" official as ref Scott Armstrong tried to control things.

[Q13 -- over-run] Ross noted this match hasn't even started as Punk rammed McMahon head-first into the announce table. Punk proceeded to yank off Cole's headset before shouting, "What a maneuver!" in a mock McMahon voice. Punk got too cocky and ate the ringpost as the announcers continued to babyface McMahon and WWE by saying McMahon is standing up to (insert opposing force, in this case, Punk). McMahon, with a look in his eye, then got up and threw Punk over the announce table. McMahon grabbed the mic and said he's going to teach Punk something about respect. McMahon then flew onto the announce table and tackled Punk on the floor before delivering big punches. Ross said this has broken down and is going to hell in a hand basket. McMahon followed by driving one of the leather announce chairs into Punk's gut.

McMahon tossed Punk back into the ring before going under the ring to find a Singapore Cane. McMahon re-entered the ring with cane in-hand and Punk decided to run out of the ring to avoid McMahon. As Punk retreated on the outside, McMahon twirled the cane like a baseball bat. Punk had enough and called out to Paul Heyman to bring him his WWE Title. But, McMahon cut off Heyman and punched him in the face. McMahon stole the title belt and returned to the ring with cane and title belt in-hand.

Punk teased re-entering the ring, but McMahon scared him off with his cane. Punk tried looking underneath the ring for a weapon and eventually found a cane of his own. Punk, now with confidence, slowly entered the ring and tried hitting McMahon with a cane, but McMahon intercepted and blasted away at Punk. As the hard camera shook, Punk begged off in the corner, which lured in McMahon to take a low blow from Punk. Punk then grabbed both canes and blasted away at McMahon with multiple cane shots. The crowd chanted for Cena as Punk called for the GTS. Punk then picked up McMahon for the GTS, but Ryback's music played instead. Ryback stomped down to ringside and hit the ring, but Punk bailed out of the ring. Suddenly, the crowd exploded as John Cena came up behind Punk and tossed him into the ring with his one good arm. Ryback followed with a massive clothesline that popped the crowd. Ryback then wanted his backpack finisher, but Punk slipped out of the ring.

On the outside, Punk hopped over the guardrail and ran into the crowd. Once Punk hit the top of the floor seats, McMahon, with a big shiner, grabbed the mic and told Punk he has a choice. He can either face Ryback or Cena at Hell in a Cell. Otherwise, he'll make the choice for him. The crowd cheered as Punk clutched his title belt and looked concerned while standing in the crowd. Raw then signed off nine minutes past the hour with McMahon, Ryback, and Cena in the ring wanting another piece of Punk.

FINAL THOUGHTS: WWE has reached the point of desperation booking McMahon as the top babyface star able to stand up to heel champion Punk. This should deliver a better rating than last week's year-low, especially because WWE hasn't gone to this tool in the toolbox in a while, but it's not good long-term. Apparently WWE and USA Network are just looking to stop the bleeding at this point.


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