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WWE Raw Report
CALDWELL'S WWE RAW RESULTS 10/29: Complete "virtual-time" coverage of live Raw - PPV fall-out, Foley returns

Oct 29, 2012 - 11:30:15 PM


WWE Raw Supershow Results
October 29, 2012 - Episode #1,013
Live in Charlotte, N.C.
Aired on USA Network
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


This week's three-hour WWE Raw from Flair Country started with a video package from the end of Hell in a Cell last night. They showed a still-shot of referee Brad Maddox low-blowing Ryback to cost him the WWE Title match, Ryback chasing C.M. Punk up the Cell to the roof, and Ryback preparing to deliver Shell Shock to Ryback.

Live inside the arena, Justin Roberts introduced the "still WWE champion" C.M. Punk. Punk and Heyman came out on-stage, with Punk selling taped ribs and walking with a limp. Michael Cole and Jim Ross went over the top with hyperbole on Maddox's actions screwing Ryback to cover for Ryback's first loss. As Punk entered the ring, Ross and Cole were shown on-camera. Ross said that Ryback should be WWE champion right now.

In the ring, Punk clutched his stomach as Heyman solemnly held the WWE Title belt. Punk quietly said everyone thought Ryback was unbeatable. He said everyone knew that Punk would be just another victim in a trail of bodies. But, he proved everyone wrong. Punk then turned toward the announce table and told them they were wrong, told fans behind the announcers that they were wrong, and pointed out individual fans for being wrong. Even Tye-Dye Guy, who made it to Raw's front row.

Punk said he has proven everyone wrong since Day One in WWE. He said he has defeated every "hero" and survived everything they have to offer. Punk name-dropped Rey Mysterio as someone he snatched out of the sky to drop with GTS. Punk said Randy Orton was going to send him to the hospital, but he proved Orton wrong. There was also a time when WWE's resident Superman, John Cena, failed time and time again.

Punk said Ryback isn't even in the conversation. He said he does want to take this time to talk about his monumental victory last night. He said this should draw applause, which drew boos. Punk said ever since that match, people have had the audacity to accuse him of convincing an official to get physical on Ryback. Punk paused, then claimed to have nothing to do with it. He said he was on Ryback's shoulders, Shell Shock was about to be delivered, and he was shocked at what happened next. Punk said the only thing he's guilty of was taking advantage of the actions of a "rogue official." David Stern reference there.

Punk referenced Brad Maddox's back-story being hired by A.J. Lee, which made him an incompetent official. He said he's not sure if Maddox was trying to return the favor from screwing him in a match several weeks ago or what, but he had nothing to do with it. The hard camera zoomed in tight on Punk's eyes, then Punk continued that the bottom line is he has beaten Triple H, Mr. McMahon, even the entire Titan Towers machine. Punk declared himself Best in the World to boos. He said he can stand here in the ring and proudly say that he sees Ryback in a completely different way. Now, he's in his rear-view mirror and there will not be a re-match. Punk vowed to move on to bigger and better things. Suddenly, Mick Foley's music interrupted. "I will not be interrupted!" Punk shouted as Foley marched to the ring to address Punk.

After marching to the ring, Foley scooped up a mic to address Punk as Heyman leaned against the turnbuckles in the corner. Punk spoke first that here is a homeless man displaced by the Northeast storms. Foley said that's funny coming from a man who was KO'ed by Shell Shock 24 hours ago. Punk smirked, then asked why Foley is even here. Punk said the last time the world saw Foley in a WWE ring, he kicked Foley's ass. Foley said he didn't come out here - right here in Charlotte, N.C. - to embarrass Punk. The way he sees it, Punk managed to embarrass himself inside the Cell. "You come here to judge me?!" Punk shouted over mock laughter. Foley then shouted in Punk's face that he gave him a choice one month ago to become a legend or be a statistic - and Punk blew it at Hell in a Cell. Punk laughed at Foley's "tradition," mocking Foley for killing his body in this type of match for "tradition." Punk then yelled at a fan telling him that he sucks, which drew boos. This turned into loud "You Suck" chants toward Punk, who encouraged even more boos from the crowd.

Punk returned to Foley, then looked at the WWE Title belt and noted he's closing in one exactly one year as WWE champ going back to last year's Survivor Series. Punk suggested they should have a traditional Survivor Series match of Team Foley vs. Team Punk. Foley thought it over, then told Punk that he's on. So, they have booking power now. Foley and Punk awkwardly looked at each other waiting for the next move, then Foley got a "Foley, Foley" chant. Punk said whoever Foley picks will be...

Suddenly, Ryback's music played to a strong instant reaction. Ryback quickly marched to the ring as Punk and Heyman slipped out of the ring. Punk limped toward the guardrail and exited into the crowd with Heyman. This time, security was in-place to ensure Punk didn't punch anyone. In the ring, Ryback led the crowd in a "Feed Me More" chant before WWE showed Punk and Heyman near a floor-section exit leading to break.

[Q2] [Commercial Break]

Back from break, Ryback was still in the ring. Cole relayed news that "managing supervisor" Vickie Guerrero has sent JTG to the ring to face Ryback in the opening match.

1 -- RYBACK vs. JTG

The bell sounded and Ryback stalked JTG, who backed away into the corner, not wanting anything to do with Ryback. JTG tried to muster some confidence to approach Ryback, who eventually grabbed JTG around the neck before chucking him to the mat. Ryback then delivered a Thesz Press before slamming the back of JTG's head into the mat several times. Ryback followed with a massive clothesline, then called for the end. Not a lot of crowd excitement, then Ryback picked up JTG and delivered Shell Shock center-ring. Ryback with the pin for the win.

Post-match: Cole and Ross said they have questions about Punk's story that he had nothing to do with ref Brad Maddox's actions last night. After a replay of Ryback's destruction, Josh Mathews entered the ring to interview Josh Mathews. But, Ryback yanked the mic away from Mathews and said he has an appetite for revenge. Ryback said when he feasts again, it will be on C.M. Punk. Ryback then led the crowd in a "Feed Me Punk" chant.

WINNER: Ryback at 2:00 flat. This was fine, but it wasn't the home run WWE needed coming off Ryback's first loss. There's still a lot of show left, though, so the follow-up on why Brad Maddox turned "rogue" could give Ryback something else to work with tonight. Or, the heel ref angle could turn into a convoluted farce that no one buys.

Announcers: Cole and Ross talked about the World Title change last night at Hell in a Cell. They went to a super-slow-mo replay of Show KO'ing Sheamus to capture the World Title. Cole said Sheamus will be heard from later in the show. Up next, it's Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett, who Ross said is rested after Orton went through a grueling match against Alberto Del Rio last night at the PPV.

[Commercial Break]

In-ring: Randy Orton was on his way to the ring coming out of break. The announcers reviewed Orton's victory over Del Rio last night, then showed Wade Barrett already in the ring ready to face Orton. Before the bell sounded, Cole sent thoughts out to East Coast viewers to safe with a hurricane bearing down on Raw viewers.



The action moved to the floor early on, and Barrett attacked Orton's left arm, which Del Rio injured last night. Orton brushed off the attack, then bounced Barrett's head off the ring steps before bouncing Barrett off the Spanish announce table, which was randomly ringside for Raw tonight. Back in the ring, Orton began a methodical attack using stomps and kicks. Orton emphatically dumped Barrett to the outside, then Raw went to break.

[Commercial Break]

Back live, Barrett was in control of the action as Cole reset the show, saying they are 24 hours removed from a "controversial" Hell in a Cell PPV. Barrett retained control of the action as the announcers discussed Barrett's bareknuckle fighting background. Orton suddenly snapped to attention with kicks and a powerslam. Barrett tried to escape, but Orton grabbed him on the ring apron and set up for the elevated DDT.

Orton then entered That Place, dropped down to the mat, pounded the mat, and went for an RKO, but Barrett shoved him into the ropes to deliver Wasteland for a close two count. Orton came back with an RKO moments later for an emphatic pinfall win. Ross declared that Orton is back.

WINNER: Orton at 10:12.

Backstage: Vickie Guerrero walked up to A.J. Lee to explain that she brought her to Raw so that she can explain her affair with John Cena. A.J. emphatically denied any affair business with Cena, then Vickie said she has been instructed by WWE management to see if A.J. should be hired back as an on-air competitor. Vickie started with a question on what her biggest weakness is. A.J. said she can be too passionate about her job at times. Vickie laughed, then asked if that means she's crazy. A.J. rolled her eyes, selling annoyance.

[Commercial Break]

[Q4] Video: Returning from break, WWE aired a video message on Breast Cancer Awareness.

Back in the arena, Daniel Bryan's music played to bring out one-half of the tag champs. Kane's pyro interrupted Bryan half-way down the ramp, and the announcers drew attention to Prime Time Players already in the ring for tag action.

3 -- WWE tag champions DANIEL BRYAN & KANE vs. PRIME TIME PLAYERS (TITUS O'NEIL & DARREN YOUNG) -- non-title match

Bryan lost control early on when he focused on Kane rather than Titus O'Neil, who blasted him from behind. PTPers began working over D-Bryan, who then fought back with hard forearm strikes to D-Young. Bryan then smashed D-Young with a clothesline and Kane tagged himself in to unload on Young with corner strikes.

Kane nailed a sidewalk slam for a nearfall, then climbed to the top turnbuckle and connected with a flying clothesline. Kane followed with a chokeslam on Young, then clotheslined Titus over the top rope. Bryan decided to tag himself into the match at this point, and immediately slapped the No! Lock on D-Young, who was forced to tap out after a few moments of fighting the hold. Post-match, Bryan and Kane argued about who the tag champs is (are), then Kane shot off his pyro to answer Bryan.

WINNERS: Bryan & Kane via submission at 4:27. Another round of reinforcement as WWE continues to repeat the Bryan & Kane issue.

Announcers: Ross and Cole focused on the World Title feud following Hell in a Cell. Ross stressed that Sheamus kicked out of one WMD, but was felled by a second. Cole said Sheamus will speak on his title loss later in the show.

Backstage: Vickie Guerrero was shown walking down the hallway. Ross said Vickie claims to have proof of Cena and A.J.'s "illicit affair," and she will present it next.

[Commercial Break]

Earlier Tonight: C.M. Punk addressed drama with ref Brad Maddox. Punk stressed his claim that he had nothing to do with Maddox's actions low-blowing Ryback. WWE then showed Mick Foley confronting Punk that he could have become a legend, but he blew it at Hell in a Cell. Ross said later tonight, they will set the teams for Team Punk vs. Team Foley.

On-camera, Cole and Ross talked about Maddox. Cole noted his background that A.J. brought in Maddox several weeks ago when Raw moved to three hours. Ross and Cole then went back to Raw last month when Maddox missed Punk's foot on the ropes during a tag match against John Cena. Cole noted A.J. reprimanded Maddox at that time. WWE then went to still-shots of Punk vs. Ryback when Maddox decided to low-blow Ryback and quick-count him to cost him the WWE Title.

On-stage, Vickie Guerrero walked out to address the crowd. Vickie said she is here to re-assure everyone that this is a new era and she will run Raw with credibility and integrity.

[Q5 -- second hour] Vickie slowly walked to the ring and continued that she has vowed to bring forth hard evidence of Cena and A.J. having an inappropriate relationship. Tonight, she has kept her promise. Vickie welcomed out the Superstar at the center of the scandal, John Cena. Cena's music played one minute past the top of the hour to bring out WWE's top star. Meanwhile, Cole babyfaced Cena for his work supporting Susan G. Komen. "Now, he has to deal with this," Cole muttered.

In the ring, Cena smiled for the crowd, waited out a "Cena, Cena" chant and thanked the crowd for putting up with this. Cena said he wants to see the footage that Vickie has. Vickie went back to three weeks ago when Cena tongue-in-cheek asked A.J. out on a date to In-N-Out for a burger. Back live, Cena said he was joking and everyone understood that. A.J. then went back to last week when Cena was shown slow-motion hugging A.J. to console her after she was removed as Raw GM. Back live again, Cena said that one is easy. "A.J. just lost her job because of you," Cena told Vickie. Cena said her dream was crushed because of Vickie's actions.

Vickie asked if Cena means that good friends meet over romantic dinners. Vickie introduced a photo of Cena and A.J. sitting down at the dinner table. Back live, Cena smirked and said that is the business dinner he noted last week. He said he was there to talk to A.J. about his physical condition and when he could return. Vickie then introduced a video clip, which was of Cena in an elevator and A.J. acting flirty. Cena and A.J. then hopped in the elevator, drawing oohs from the crowd. Back live, Vickie suggested Cena was coaxing her into the elevator. As some fans chanted, "You got busted," Cena sold concern before noting he knows that looks bad, but he was simply getting into an elevator to console her about losing her job. Vickie wasn't buying it.

Cena said he simply walked A.J. to her door and they went their separate ways. Vickie asked if perhaps A.J. opened the door and perhaps he walked in and they just said good night to each other? Cena shook his head no, then Vickie continued that it's a good thing that she's in-charge of Raw. Vickie called A.J. names, but Cena cut her off and defended A.J.'s good name. Vickie twisted Cena's words around, drawing a stammered response from Cena until Dolph Ziggler's music suddenly interrupted.

Ziggler, not dressed to wrestle, slowly walked out on-stage before swagger-walking to the ring to tell Cena that because he can't control himself, everyone can see Cena for who he really is. Cena cut off Ziggler, grabbing him around the throat. Cena tersely told Ziggler that he better not mention his and A.J.'s name in the same sentence ever again. Cena threw down Ziggler, then stomped out of the ring. As Cena left, Vickie smiled and Ziggler tried to brush himself off while sitting on the mat to end the segment. Is Claire Lynch still available for independent bookings?

Up next: It's another Champ vs. Champ match, this time U.S. champ Antonio Cesaro vs. IC champ Kofi Kingston.

[Commercial Break]

Back live, The Miz was on commentary after losing his IC Title match against Kingston last night. In the ring, Cesaro tried to speak, but was drowned out by a "U-S-A" chant. Cesaro continued that while traveling this country as U.S. champion, he discovered that America has the fattest children in the world. Making it even worse is Halloween is coming up, where obese kids go door-to-door begging for more sweets from irresponsible adults who don't see a crisis even if it stares them right in the face in the form of a fat Power Ranger. Now, more than ever, America needs Antonio Cesaro, he claimed. Kofi Kingston then came out to defend the honor of fat Power Rangers.


4 -- U.S. champion ANTONIO CESARO vs. IC champion KOFI KINGSTON -- non-title Champion vs. Champion match

As the bell sounded, Miz complained about Kofi's victory being a fluke, but Cole shot back that Kofi has beaten him three times in a row, so it's not a fluke. Miz then tried an argument about Kofi falling short each and each every time he gets a big shot, but Cole shot back that Miz hasn't done anything in the ring lately. Cole said Kofi has beaten Miz three straight times, which angered Miz again. In the ring, Cesaro worked over Kofi as Cole continued to remind Miz that Kofi is IC champion. Ross sarcastically offered Miz a heel line that he's just had a string of bad luck to get Miz to stop yelling.

Kofi then dropped down to ringside and argued with Miz, which allowed Cesaro to attack Kofi from behind. Miz said it's proof that Kofi always takes his eye off the ball. Suddenly, Kofi reversed momentum on Cesaro and dumped the U.S. champ right in Miz's lap. Miz, flustered, picked himself up before attacking Kofi, drawing a DQ. After the bell, Cesaro and Miz inflicted a two-on-one beating.

To make the save, R-Truth suddenly stormed the ring in street clothes and tackled Cesaro. Truth then cleared Miz to the floor before clotheslining Cesaro over the top rope to the outside. Cole noted Truth and Kofi are former tag champs and recently went their separate ways, but will always have each other's backs.

WINNER: Kofi via DQ at 2:34. Cesaro vs. Truth in a U.S. Title feud is the right move for Cesaro to work with an established main-roster wrestler. Good segment.

[Commercial Break]

Back live, A.J. was hanging out in Vickie Guerrero's office. Vickie walked in and told A.J. to admit that John Cena is lying. A.J. said there is nothing going on, then Vickie mockingly asked her how the pillow-talk was and if he offered a nice good-night kiss. A.J. said no to Vickie's request that she admit to an affair to Cena, then said she has no idea who snapped the photos or took the video, but she will not admit to something that she did not do in order to get a job. A.J. said this interview is over, then tried to walk off, but Vickie called her back and said she is hired. A.J., stunned, waited out Vickie's explanation before Vickie booked A.J. in a return-to-the-roster match against Beth Phoenix.

Announcers: Ross said he hopes A.J. is up for the challenge against Beth Phoenix. Cole then transitioned to a discussion of the 3MB band. Cole introduced a "Behind the Music" mock interview with Heath Slater, Jinder Mahal, and Drew McIntyre. This was like the Sheamus-Otunga two-camera shoot with lots of zooming in and out. Back live, Cole sarcastically said that was "absolutely riveting." Ross said that may have been one of the worst interviews ever in WWE, as WWE tried to "own the reviews" of the segment.

In-ring: Santino's music played to bring out Santino and Zack Ryder. Cole said they face 3MB up next.

[Q7] [Commercial Break]


3MB was in the ring back from break. McIntyre, looking like Lance Hoyt in the mock band with Jimmy Rave and Christy Hemme in late-2000s TNA, dipped out of the ring to encourage Slater and Mahal from ringside. The match started with Ryder in control before Mahal cut him off and began exchanging tags with Slater to work on Ryder. From the ring apron, Santino tried to lead some Ryder chants, but the crowd was not interested in expending energy for a less-than-worthwhile cause.

Santino tagged in at 3:00 and cleaned house on the band. All four men then found themselves in the ring before Zack took Jinder over the top rope to the floor. In the ring, Santino took out Coba to strike Slater, but he was distracted by McIntyre. Santino eventually struck Mac with the Cobra, but Slater spun Santino around to land his finisher for the pin and the win. Cue up a 3MB celebration as Santino sold in the ring.

WINNERS: 3MB at 3:52.

Still to come: Foley and Punk will name their teams for Survivor Series. Plus, former Raw GM A.J. Lee returns to the ring to face Beth Phoenix. It's next.

Before going to break, WWE aired an ad for this week's Main Event on Halloween Night. It's Team Orton vs. Team Del Rio in six-man tag match.

[Commercial Break]

Back live, Cole narrated a graphic that showed Jerry Lawler returning to Raw in two weeks, which will be the show before Survivor Series.


Phoenix was already in the ring back from break, and A.J. received a full ring entrance. Phoenix taunted A.J., A.J. snapped, Beth took control, and A.J. surprised Phoenix with a roll-up for the win. Cole said this won't cure all of A.J.'s issues, but this should help.

WINNER: A.J. at 2:07.

[Q8] Post-match: As A.J. celebrated the win, Vickie Guerrero walked out on-stage and said she demands a lot more from A.J. Beth then attacked A.J. from behind. Vickie sarcastically told A.J. that she needs to pay a lot more attention than that, then called for the match to be re-started.


After the match was re-started, Phoenix scooped up A.J. for an emphatic Glam Slam as the announcers complained about A.J. already winning the match. Phoenix pinned A.J. and Cole solemnly said he doesn't know what to say. Cole asked Ross if this is abuse of power, to which Ross replied that she is certainly not objective.

WINNER: Phoenix at 2:33 following the re-start. So, A.J. is getting the "Cena in Nexus" treatment being hired back to the roster so that Vickie can make her life miserable. I don't sense the audience has patience to see this play out, though.

After the A.J. segment, Ross and Cole plugged the "WWE '13" video game due out next week. Ross said it's a chance to re-live the Attitude Era, then Cole plugged the opportunity to match up Punk vs. Austin or Ryback vs. The Undertaker in the game. Cole said it's the best from today vs. the best from the Attitude Era.

Up next: Sheamus addresses his World Title loss. ... On the way to commercial, a video spot aired for the Brock Lesnar Collector's Edition DVD that comes out tomorrow, as well.

[Commercial Break]

Earlier Tonight: C.M. Punk claimed to have nothing to do with ref Brad Maddox's role in the WWE Title match last night. WWE then re-re-showed footage of Mick Foley confronting Punk about dropping the ball in the Hell in a Cell match. This was followed by another clip of Maddox low-blowing Ryback. Cole said no one has been able to locate Maddox since Sunday night.

In-ring: Sheamus's music played to bring out the former World Hvt. champion, who looked naked without his World Title belt. Ross called it amazing that Sheamus is still able to walk and hold his head high after his fight against Big Show last night. The announcers then stressed that Sheamus was the first man to ever kick out of Big Show's WMD. "But, he did lose his title," Cole quietly said.

In the ring, Sheamus said he's standing here tonight without a title around his waist, but a smile on his face. He said people must be wondering how he could be smiling tonight. Sheamus said of course he's disappointed and he hates to lose, especially in a title match, but he's just going to say that last night, Big Show was the better man. "I mean, he knocked me out," Sheamus said, noting it took two KO Punches to get him down. Sheamus said he didn't come to WWE to always win, but to fight. Sheamus further explained that last night was the greatest fight of his life and he pushed Big Show to the limit. Sheamus then excitedly offered play-by-play about the match. He said Show won the battle last night, but this war is far from over. Sheamus said he is dying to get back in the ring against Show again. He said the next time they meet, it won't be a battle, but an all-out war. Sheamus breathed deeply, then said when that war is over, he will still be standing here with a smile on his face and the World Title back where it belongs around his waist.

Suddenly, Big Show's music played to provide the answer to Sheamus. The new World Hvt. champ walked out on-stage flashing the title belt to the crowd before flashing a big smile to the crowd as they booed him. In the ring, Show grabbed a mic and told Sheamus this belt looks good on his shoulder. Show cackled and said he told Sheamus what would happen.

[Q9 -- third hour] Show said he knows why Sheamus is smiling, because Sheamus is hiding the truth that he gave Show every thing he has to offer, but it still wasn't good enough because he came up short. Show said he did exactly what he predicted - walked in, knocked out Sheamus, and walked out World champ. Show then screamed at the crowd not to boo him when he's telling the truth. Show returned to face Sheamus and said no one has forced him to dig that deep to make him want something so bad, but it woke him up to know that he has no limits. Show said Sheamus is bringing a glass of water to a burning fire, and this giant is on-fire! He then told the "red-headed gingersnap" that he can't beat him. "And, you will never take this championship from me," Show declared.

Sheamus smirked and mocked Show's portion of the promo. Sheamus asked Show if he's ever seen a ginger snap, then scooped up Show and delivered White Noise center-ring for a feat of strength. Sheamus, fired up, did his extended-arms pose before leaving the ring. In the ring, Show stood up and huffed and puffed after they replayed Sheamus's power move. On-stage, Sheamus posed again and smiled toward Show, who showed anger and determination, wanting to get even with Sheamus.

Still to come: Punk and Foley select their teams for Survivor Series. Up next: Rhodes Scholars vs. Rey & Sin Cara in an unstated repeat from last week's Raw. Ross marketed it as a match-up of teams who were victorious last night at Hell in a Cell.

[Commercial Break]

Backstage: John Cena and A.J. were shown talking. Cena tried to give A.J. something positive to think about that she's back in the ring now. Cena walked off, vowing to get things sorted out. A.J. walked off, then Vickie was shown standing in the background, eavesdropping. Vickie walked forward, then stopped when she saw Beth Phoenix approaching her. Beth thanked her for re-starting the match, but Vickie reprimanded her for screwing up, forcing her to re-start the match. Vickie said she can't have this behavior and fired Beth on the spot. Beth protested, but Vickie walked off, leaving Beth to hold her face in her hands.

In-ring: Rhodes Scholars were already in the ring back in the arena. Sin Cara's music then played to bring out Rey Mysterio and Cara for tag action. Of note, Rey appeared to have a special Halloween costume for tonight's action.


Ross noted this is an important match for both teams trying to get another Tag Title shot against Bryan & Kane. Cole then noted Cara is physically okay after taking a nasty bump on his head during Hell in a Cell last night. In the ring, Rey and Cara double-teamed Rhodes early on, then sent the heels to the outside. Cara went for a springboard moonsault on Cody and connected. On the other side, Rey splashed Sandow to send the show to break with the faces in control.

[Commercial Break] [...Q10]

[...Q10] Back from break, Rhodes was in control of the action against Cara. Rhodes offered a delayed vertical suplex to keep Cara grounded, then brought in Sandow to inflict more punishment to Sandow. Cara eventually broke free to tag in Rey simultaneous to Cody re-entering via tag. After Rey scored with offense, Rey tried to execute a springboard move from the ring apron, but Sandow yanked down Rey out of the ref's view. The heels then re-took control of the action, now working on Rey. Sandow delivered the Elbow of Disdain, but Rey kicked out of a pin attempt.

Rey finally broke free of Rhodes Scholars with a double DDT, then reached his corner to tag in Cara at 13:00. Cara nailed a high cross-body splash to the heels before back-elbowing Sandow for a two count. Cara then delivered a dropkick that sent Sandow out of the ring. Next was Rey with a 619 attempt for Cody, but Cody slipped out of the ring, luring Rey to the outside, where Rhodes threw Rey into the ring steps.

Back in the ring, Cara caught Sandow with an enziguiri. He then tried a top-rope Swanton Bomb for the win, but Sandow moved out of the way. Sandow followed up with his neckbreaker finisher, which Cole said Sandow calls The End. Sandow covered Cara for the win, prompting Cole to say how impressed he was by Rhodes Scholars's teamwork.

WINNERS: Rhodes Scholars at 14:40. A fine tag match. It just didn't seem special or consequential since this product is over-exposed in the three-hour Raw Era. Perhaps having Bryan or Kane on commentary to discuss this default #1 contender match would have helped.

Backstage: Mick Foley was talking about "WWE '13." The camera pulled back to reveal Foley talking to Kaitlyn about the video game. Paul Heyman then walked in and asked why Foley is concerned with the video game when he should be assembling Team Foley for Survivor Series. Foley said he's not concerned because people were lining up to fight C.M. Punk at the PPV, so his team is set. Heyman told Foley that he should be backing up, instead, because Punk has put a target on Foley to personally victimize him and remind him who the Best in the World is at the PPV.

Still to come tonight: Team Punk and Team Foley will be revealed.

[Commercial Break]


Announcers: Back live, Ross and Cole were shown on-camera. Cole plugged WWE's Breast Cancer Awareness initiative, then Ross fed to a lengthy video package on the initiative.

Back live, Vince McMahon was on-stage flanked by members of the WWE roster. McMahon sent it into the ring, where John Cena was standing by with Susan G. Komen representatives. Cena said sometimes the WWE stars don't agree with each other, but they all agreed to join forces to help the fight against cancer. He said the main ingredient that has made this work is the WWE audience. Cena said because of the audience's generosity, WWE would like to present this check in the amount of... $1,000,000. A representative for the organization, Dorothy Jones, thanked WWE for helping in the areas of education, prevention, and early detection. Dorothy thanked Cena, Cenation, McMahon, and WWE. Cena thanked the audience before shouting out to breast cancer survivors and their families. WWE then cut to McMahon and Co. on-stage applauding toward the ring.

[Commercial Break]

Back on the air, Cole plugged WWE's partnership with Rolling Stones to offer a PPV of their final show in December.

In-ring: Alberto Del Rio's music played to bring out Del Rio for apparently the default main event? In any event, Del Rio's right arm was in an athletic sleeve as WWE cut to a shot of Justin Gabriel already in the ring to face Del Rio. As Del Rio angrily stomped to the ring, Cole and Ross plugged Del Rio in six-man tag action on Main Event this Wednesday.


Ross noted both men had disappointing nights last night at Hell in a Cell, so it will be interesting to see how each one responds. Gabriel landed offense early on, frustrating Del Rio. Gabriel then head-scissored Del Rio to the floor. This feels like one of those matches where it's so dull that WWE is lulling the audience to sleep to set up for a major surprise return interruption to shake up the show. In any event, Del Rio cut off Gabriel with an attack to Gabriel's left arm. Cole danced around the topic of UFC star Chael Sonnen saying Del Rio's cross arm-breaker is the most dangerous submission in WWE, so Ross went ahead and referenced "MMA fighter Chael Sonnen" to complete Cole's point.

[Q12] Del Rio continued to control the action before pounding his chest and running at Gabriel to deliver a big stomp to the back of the head. Del Rio went back to an armbar as Ricardo Rodriguez argued with ringside fans to keep them engaged in the action. Gabriel teased a comeback at 4:40, then landed a springboard moonsault for a close two count. Cole said Gabriel is going to be a "big-time player" in WWE once he gains experience, then Del Rio smashed Gabriel with an enziguiri. Del Rio followed up with the cross arm-breaker for the win.

WINNER: Del Rio via submission at 5:20. Same ol' thing. Del Rio loses on PPV, comes back with a submission victory the next night on Raw to re-build, and repeat month after month.

Up Next: Foley and Punk reveal their teams for Survivor Series.

[Commercial Break]

Back live, Paul Heyman was in the ring. Heyman introduced himself and humbly presented not only the WWE champion, but the man who is on the cover of "WWE '13," and is unquestionably the Best in the World. Out came C.M. Punk dressed to wrestle and slowly limping toward the ring with the WWE Title belt around his waist. As Punk made his way out, Cole said he would like to see Stone Cold or The Rock face Punk and he's sure people will get the video game just to beat up Punk. So, the marketing has changed from paying to see Punk get beat up and lose his title on PPV to paying to beat up Punk in a virtual setting.

After a giant poster dropped from the ceiling to reveal the "WWE '13" cover art with Punk on the cover, Heyman continued to hype Punk. He then introduced his first selection for Team Punk at Survivor Series - The Miz. Out came Miz dressed to wrestle. Heyman then gave to Punk his second and third selections - Team Rhodes Scholars. Out came Sandow and Rhodes still dressed in their wrestling gear. Heyman then found someone who could be Punk's co-captain. He announced Alberto Del Rio as Punk stood by with his hands on hips, not reacting to any of this. So, it's Punk, Miz, Rhodes, Sandow, and Del Rio on one team.

[Q13 -- over-run] After Del Rio and Ricardo entered the ring, Punk took the mic from Heyman and told the crowd to shut up and listen to him. He said Survivor Series will be a celebration - a celebration of one year of him being WWE champion. Punk said what better way to celebrate than taking out Mick Foley. He said Foley wants something that he has - the spotlight. Punk said Foley wants to be on covers of video games, but his time is gone. Punk said he will teach Foley about respect and how to survive at the PPV.

Foley's music then interrupted to bring out team captain of the other team. Foley circled the ring before entering the ring to light "Foley, Foley" chants. Foley asked Punk if what happened last night is surviving. He said he refers to it as weaseling. Foley continued that Punk's title reign is quite the statistic, but he can't refer to him as a man. He said a man doesn't disrespect the Hell in a Cell by enlisting the talents of a crooked ref. Punk said he knows Foley is missing an ear, but he will say this again that he had nothing to do with Brad Maddox's actions.

Foley ignored Punk's jabs, then said all of the men on his team have earned his respect through the years. Out first was Kofi Kingston, who Ross said is hotter than anyone on the roster right now. Next was the team of Daniel Bryan and Kane, who marched to the ring arguing with each other. Foley's next selection was, of course, Randy Orton to keep matching up heel and face opponents. Foley said Orton and he don't like each other, but Orton likes all of Punk's team much less.

Punk said it's a heck of a team with champions assembled, but he has a plan to eliminate all of them so that Foley is the sole survivor and they pick apart Foley. Foley then noted to Punk that he won't actually be in the ring because he will be in the corner of the team. He said the fifth man in the match will be eying Punk. Feed Me More played to bring out Ryback, who marched down to the ring as Punk stood his ground in the ring.

Suddenly, a fight broke out. Punk bailed from the ring, leaving Ryback in the ring eying Punk's teammates. The fight continued without Ryback involved as Punk and Heyman slowly backed up the entrance ramp toward the stage. On-stage, Punk held up the WWE Title belt as Ryback continued to stand still in the ring staring down Punk. Ryback then turned around and destroyed Rhodes with a clothesline. The crowd made a little bit of noise, but not a lot. Ryback then scooped up Rhodes, marched around the ring, and delivered Shell Shock to a tepid reaction from a worn-out crowd. Ryback's music played and he started a Feed Me More chant in the ring as Cole and Ross plugged Survivor Series in three weeks. On-stage, Punk sold determination and Heyman sold concern to conclude the show nine minutes past the top of the hour.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Drab show, overall. WWE had a chance to follow up on a poor-to-okay PPV last night and mailed in an uneventful show, including failing to offer anything of substance following up on the "biggest heel event in the history of referees and wrestling and the world." There's no way they can sustain these three-hour shows long-term without a format change to at least one of the hours.

Alerts: Follow PWTorch staffer's live, real-time tweets during Raw at .

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