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WWE Raw Report
PARKS'S WWE RAW REPORT 1/14: Complete "virtual time" coverage of the 20th Anniversary of Raw, including Rock Concert, Divas Title Match

Jan 14, 2013 - 10:16:08 PM


WWE Raw review
January 14, 2013
Live in Houston, Tex.
Aired on USA Network
By Greg Parks, PWTorch Columnist (Twitter: @gregmparks)

- WWE Open.

- A compilation of past Raw openings aired to kick things off.

- The camera panned the crowd inside the arena in Houston. It’s just doesn’t have the same oomph without the fireworks. Mr. McMahon’s music played, and he was already in the ring. Vince welcomed fans to the 20th Anniversary of Raw. McMahon said we’ve seen a lot on Raw through the years, but most of all, we’ve seen entertainment. He said according to Nielsen, over four billion viewers have watched Raw since its inception. And the reason: Vince is a certifiable, iconic genius. Oh, and because of the fans. Vince said they’d continue to make history tonight, as Dolph Ziggler goes one-on-one with John Cena, in a Steel Cage. The camera panned up to show the ominous cage hanging above the ring.

Plus, there will be a Rock Concert with The Rock. McMahon said he hoped we’d enjoy the 20th Anniversary of Raw…but then Big Show’s music interrupted. He walked to the ring wearing a suit. Show said this celebration is going to have to wait, because the travesty of what happened to him on Smackdown has to be addressed. Vince said he doesn’t like being interrupted. McMahon began to compliment Show, saying he’s lost weight. Show was flattered, but Vince said he was referring to the championship belt he lost. McMahon wanted to roll footage, but Show said no one knew he was coming out so the truck probably doesn’t have footage. McMahon said everyone all over the world needs to look at this footage. They cued up a clip of the finish of the Alberto Del Rio vs. Show, Last Man Standing Match, from Smackdown.

Jerry Lawler said he didn’t see any travesty from that video. Show claimed he wasn’t prepared for that kind of match, and complained about Booker T. putting him in that match. He again brought up Booker wanting to make Del Rio a here to Latinos. Show said Booker is jealous of his iron-clad contract. He said Booker, as well as everyone else, is inferior to him. Show suggested Del Rio be stripped of the World Title. Before McMahon could address that request, Del Rio’s music hit. Ricardo Rodriguez walked onto the stage and introduced Del Rio. Del Rio walked out, eschewing the car. Rodriguez had a box that was covered by a towel.

Del Rio, on his way to the ring, said Show comes off as very small. He stuck up for Rodriguez, and claimed he was bullied by Show. Del Rio’s ring attire has changed to green and white. He said Show should do something about it, instead of complaining to Mr. McMahon. He even suggested he face Show for the title tonight. Show declined. The crowd chanted, “si!” Show said he wasn’t prepared on Friday and he’s certainly not prepared tonight. He’s in a suit for cryin’ out loud! Del Rio told Show to show some cajones for once in his life.

Show said he wouldn’t waste his championship rematch tonight. Instead, he’s going to do it on his terms. I bet Booker and Vickie Guerrero would have something to say about that. Show suggested they settle their differences at the Royal Rumble PPV. Show said by the end of the Rumble, people will be talking about him. He told Del Rio to enjoy his 15 minutes of fame. Del Rio called Show something in Spanish and said it translates to “fat jackass.” Show was, obviously, offended. Del Rio finally got to the mystery box, saying he and Ricardo had a present for Show.

Show assumed it was water, since uncovered, it was clearly a bucket (colored like the Mexican flag). He tossed its contents onto Show, and it turned out to be confetti. That upset Show, who went after Del Rio. Del Rio jumped onto Show from the second rope, and with Ricardo’s help, turned it into a hurricanrana. Then he gave Show an enziguiri. McMahon, in his gravelly voice, introduced Del Rio as World Champion.

- Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, and JBL were shown at ringside, dressed to the nines. Cole ran down all of JBL’s incarnations he’s appeared as on Raw.

- Tonight, John Cena vs. Dolph Ziggler in a steel cage.

- Plus, Rock’s Rock Concert.

[Commercial Break]

- Raw 20th Anniversary moment: Bob Barker guest-hosts Raw. Hey, that’s TNA Tag Team Champion Chavo Guerrero getting chopped down by Barker!


No entrance for Barrett. Tweets from Superstars past and present scrolled at the bottom of the screen, including Shawn Michaels, Layla, and Kofi Kingston. Cole encouraged us to look for the scroll throughout the show, where Superstars and Legends will Tweet their favorite Raw moments. Thesz Press by Orton onto Barrett. Orton mistakenly followed Barrett outside the ring, but quickly responded to Barrett’s offense with some of his own. Back inside the ring, a cover by Orton got two. Orton methodically stomped away at Barrett, then clotheslined him over the top rope. Predictably, they cut to break, at 2:37 of the match.

[Commercial Break]

Back with another shocker, that being Orton working out of a rear chinlock. Orton quickly fought out of another, but Barrett caught him with a big boot to the face. Cover got two at 7:13. Another kick to the skull of Orton, and another two count. Back to wearing down Orton, but a back suplex put an end to that. Orton began his comeback and powerslammed Barrett. Back-breaker, and Barrett unwisely rolled to the apron. That led to Orton hitting his patented DDT. Barrett dodged an RKO and Orton collided with an impressive Bull Hammer elbow, allowing Barrett to pick up the win.

WINNER: Barrett, at 10:29. Not great energy to it, but an impressive, clean win for Barrett. Hopefully, WWE lets it stick and doesn’t go for another bout of even-steven booking with this one.

- The Rock’s Rock Concert is still to come tonight.

- Tonight, the first official inductee into the WWE Hall-of-Fame for the Class of 2013 will be announced.

[Commercial Break]

- Eve Torres was walking backstage when she approached Booker and Teddy Long. Booker said he was talking to Vickie Guerrero and, based on everything that Torres has pulled lately, Eve will be stripped of the Divas Title if she walks out on the match, and it will be awarded to Kaitlyn. Eve tried to seduce Booker. He seemed into it, but then started laughing. “Tell me you didn’t just try that!” Even Long was laughing. Eve slapped him for that and Booker, trying to hide his laughter, asked if Long was alright.

- The announcers were shown again. Cole brought up Team Hell No’s check-up with Dr. Shelby. We saw the first of likely many vignettes to come. Daniel Bryan and Kane were backstage earlier in the day, and Bryan suggested they lie to tell Shelby what he wants to hear. They made the deal and Shelby, seeing them shaking hands, gave them a hug for their progress. He sat down with them and said he had one question for them as a follow-up to their issues. He asked Bryan his favorite part of Kane. Bryan said he likes that Kane is tall and that he can elicit fire by simply lowering his arms. Oh, and Kane is a good dancer.

Kane was asked the same question. Kane complimented Bryan’s in-ring work and his beard. Plus, he’s not afraid to admit that sometimes, he wears women’s clothing. Bryan wasn’t happy about that one, while Kane just shrugged. Shelby said they were free to go, but did want to try one more thing. He called for somebody to send “them” in. They were Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow. He said he brought them in to cause a trigger for their anger to see how they deal with it. Sandow corrected Shelby on what the technique was actually called.

Shelby implored the tag champs to allow their anger to just wash away. Rhodes and Sandow verbally attacked Dr. Shelby instead of angering Bryan and Kane. A Dr. Phil reference by Sandow sent Shelby over the edge. Shelby yelled for them to get out, and Kane and Bryan weakly attacked them to send them on their way. That led to all three of them chanting “yes!” to end the segment.

- Back in the arena, Kane and Bryan made their way to the ring. Kane goes one-on-one with Sandow, next.

[Commercial Break]


A graphic aired showing Bryan & Kane defending against Team Rhodes Scholars at the Royal Rumble. Kane attacked to start, and hit a sidewalk slam. He ventured to the top rope, but Sandow slid out of the ring to avoid further punishment. In the ring, Sandow began meting out a beat-down. Side Russian leg sweep and the Elbow of Disdain led to a two-count. Out of nowhere, Kane caught Sandow with a chokeslam.

WINNER: Kane, at 2:00. I assume this means we can expect Daniel Bryan doing another job, to Cody Rhodes, either later on the show or on Smackdown.

- Coming up next, the first inductee into the WWE Hall-of-Fame Class of 2013. We’ll hear from him as well, next.

[Commercial Break]

- The Houston skyline was shown.

- Clips of the first segment aired.

- Justin Roberts asked fans to welcome the first inductee into the 2013 WWE Hall-of-Fame. Mick Foley’s music played and he came out. JBL wondered aloud which character Foley would go into the HOF as. Foley went to the cheap pop early on, but before he could go further, The Shield’s music played and they began to descend the stairs through the crowd. Foley failed to flee the ring as The Shield came to ringside. Ryback’s music played and he charged the ring. Foley must’ve escaped, leaving the Shield in the ring, and he destroyed them. Randy Orton came to Ryback’s aid when the numbers game got to him, and Sheamus ran down to even the odds. Dean Ambrose was the last man standing, and for his troubles, fell victim to the Shellshock. The faces were left standing tall in the ring while the Shield retreated to the locker room. Nearly the entire attack was replayed. Three hours, ladies and gentlemen!

Josh Mathews entered the ring to interview Ryback. He said that every time he has faced C.M. Punk, The Shield has aided Punk in winning. Ryback said he will not and cannot rest until he gives back to the Shield what they’ve taken from him. “Feed Me Shield!” he chanted.

- The announcers were shown on camera and Lawler said Cole could be known as a “gimmick” in WWE. A video packaged showed some of the various outlandish gimmicks that have appeared on Raw throughout the years. The Man Mountain Rock inclusion was worth it for Shawn Michaels’s “rug” crack at Vince McMahon on commentary. Also, The Goon for Vince yelling, “hey, that’s high-sticking!” Goldust and “Man’s Man” Steven Regal received a lot of air time here.

- Kaitlyn challenges Eve for the Divas Title, next.

[Commercial Break]


Kaitlyn was already in the ring. Tamina misspelled “Shield” on Twitter, noticeable thanks to the scroll at the bottom of the screen. Remember, the Divas are smart, sexy AND powerful! Back-and-forth bout early on, with Eve clotheslining Kaitlyn for a two-count. Eve did her flip leg-drop on Kaitlyn for two again. Eve climbed to the top rope and rolled through with an arm-bar submission on Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn made the ropes to break it up. Quick roll-up by Kaitlyn for two. A pair of clotheslines, then a shoulder tackle found the mark. Inverted DDT by Kaitlyn, but Eve kicked out at two at 3:49 of the match. Eve kicked Kaitlyn in the head and hit a swinging neck-breaker. The pin only got two. Eve began to tear at Kaitlyn’s shirt in anger. Kaitlyn picked Eve up and gave her a gutbuster. Eve rolled right out of the ring. Eve whipped Kaitlyn into the barricade. Eve pushed Kaitlyn into the timekeeper’s area and went into the ring. She didn’t realize Kaitlyn had gotten out and snuck back into the ring. Eve turned around and Kaitlyn speared her for the win and the title.

WINNER: Kaitlyn, at 5:27. Good hometown pop for Kaitlyn, and she didn’t look out of place in the ring.

- Smilin’ Josh Mathews was backstage with Brodus Clay. Mathews cued up comments Punk made about him last week. Clay said Punk needs to keep his name out of his mouth. He said he was born to shuck-and-jive and that Punk’s pipe bomb may blow up in his face.

[Commercial Break]

- Raw 20th Anniversary clip: Vince McMahon and Donald Trump, Wrestlemania contract signing, March 2007.


Clay seemed all business once the bell rang. He knocked Punk down once, causing Punk to have a skull session with Paul Heyman on the outside. Clay bealed Punk back into the ring from the apron. Punk gained control and hit Clay with a springboard clothesline. Punk mocked Clay’s dancing and gave the big man a neck-breaker. Clay fought back and took Punk down with clotheslines and a running headbutt to the chest. He missed a big splash in the corner and Punk connected on the Randy Savage elbowdrop. He locked in the Anaconda Vice, to which Clay tapped.

WINNER: Punk, at 3:41. Good follow-up to Punk’s promo last week, and the match went just about as it should’ve.

Punk got the mic and said he just wanted to show what he does every Monday night, while later, Rock will come out to do whatever he does. Punk said fans may find Rock more entertaining, but that’s opinion. What’s not opinion is that he just made a 400-pounder tap out. Punk raised the WWE Title and said it’s a fact that it has belonged to him for 421 days. Punk said Rock will not leave the Royal Rumble as champion, and that is a fact. Short, but wow, what a promo from Punk.

- Yes, I understand the Rock Concert is occurring later tonight.

- Also, John Cena vs. Dolph Ziggler in a steel cage match.

[Commercial Break]

- Lawler thanked The Heavy for “What Makes a Good Man,” one of the official themes to the Royal Rumble.

- Cole sent it to a video of the best vehicular moments in Raw history.

- Foley was backstage on the phone with his sons, trying to defend his actions in running from the Shield earlier in the night. The Rock walked up to Foley, who offered a handshake. Rock faked heel mode, asking Foley if he really thought Rock came just to shake his hand. Rock hugged him instead. Foley kept hinting for Rock to say his “Finally…” catchphrase. Rock and Foley said it together, acknowledging Houston. Vickie Guerrero walked up and chastised them for being too loud. She was trying to run her show, after all! Vickie said WWE should be like baseball this year and elect nobody to the HOF. Vickie asked Rock if he had anything to say to her. Rock passed up the opportunity and Vickie walked away. Foley asked what was up and Rock said there’s a time and place for everything. He told Foley to enjoy the Rock Concert and congratulated him on the HOF.

- Sheamus came to the ring. He’s in action next.

[Commercial Break]


3MB found some success to start, but they couldn’t sustain it. Sheamus put Drew McIntyre on his shoulders and forward rolled him right onto Jinder Mahal. He tried to toss McIntyre, but Heath Slater, from behind, gave him a chop-block. The three combined to stomp a mud-hole in Sheamus. Sheamus staved off elimination again, but the numbers game caught up with him. Mahal went to the middle rope, but Sheamus rammed Slater into him, eliminating Mahal at 2:25. McIntyre was back-dropped out at 2:34, leaving only Slater. Red-head on red-head violence. Sheamus missed a Brogue Kick and ended up on the apron. The eliminated members of 3MB teamed up to pull Sheamus out.

WINNERS: 3MB, at 3:14. That was unexpected. Not the worst decision though, especially after Sheamus beat them in a 3-on-1 match on Smackdown last week.

After the match, McIntyre put Slater on his shoulders to celebrate. Mahal was pulled out of the ring by Sheamus. Sheamus kicked McIntyre in the leg, bringing him down to one knee. He Brogue Kicked Slater, still on McIntyre’s shoulders. Then one for McIntyre.

- Mathews interviewed John Cena. Cena rebuffed Mathews’s question and went on a rant noting past Superstars who have appeared on Raw, both insignificant and otherwise. He even brought up Braden Walker. Cena said Dolph Ziggler will do exactly what the World Wrestling Federation did ten years ago: Get the “F” out.

- The Miz came out to the stage and teased his guest for tonight. For some reason, his music started playing again. He gave a hint, that being “Woooo!” He strutted to the ring as they went to break.

[Commercial Break]

- A clip aired of The Shield attempting to attack Mick Foley earlier in the night, only for Ryback, Randy Orton, and Sheamus to make the save.

- Miz was ready for Miz TV. He brought up some of the past talk shows on Raw, such as The Cutting Edge, The Highlight Reel and Piper’s Pit. Miz introduced “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair as his guest. “I spent a month one weekend with Flair right here in Houston,” JBL remarked. Miz talked about Flair’s history on Raw, from his legendary match with Mr. Perfect to creating Evolution to playing musical chairs. He asked Naitch for his most must-see moment on Raw. Flair said it was the night of his retirement party after being beaten by Shawn Michaels the night before. He said other than the birth of his children, it was the greatest night of his life. And that no doubt covers a lot of great nights. Flair wanted to talk about the future, though. Hey, Miz and Flair are actually using the chairs.

Flair talked about The Shield, then got up and strutted when Miz gave him the “Really?” routine. Miz and Flair ended up doing dueling struts. Miz sent it to a video package of unique promos and catchphrases throughout the years. Miz tried to coax another catchphrase out of Flair, but Flair said the show is PG and he has four ex-wives and needs the job. Finally, he gave the “limousine ridin’, jet flyin’” catchphrase. He was interrupted by Antonio Cesaro’s theme. Cesaro said he doesn’t have a catchphrase because when he has something to say, he doesn’t rely on crutches.

Cesaro had the American flag with him, as per his usual lately. He said Miz and Flair embody America. He referred to Miz as a “failed reality TV star,” and Flair is a 16-time World Champion who made $10 million and spent $20 million (Flair corrected him and said, “$30 million, brother”). Cesaro said no matter how great Flair once was, he has nothing to show for it right now, except maybe a bar tab he can’t pay. This angered Miz, who said he’ll pay Flair’s tab and give Cesaro the receipt right now. Cesrao tried to be the better man and walk away, but Flair chopped him, then whipped him into Miz, who gave Cesaro the Skull Crushing Finale. Flair was about ready to lock in the Figure-Four when he invited Miz to do the move. Miz did so. Flair dropped an elbow on his coat while Miz had Cesaro in the Figure Four. I applaud WWE for trying, but I don’t know that Flair’s endorsement of Miz will get him over anymore. Flair dropped a few elbows on Miz’s jacket for good measure.

- Cena vs. Ziggler in a Steel Cage is yet to come tonight.

[Commercial Break]

- Raw 20th Anniversary moment: Iron Mike Tyson on Raw, January 1998.


During Bryan’s entrance, they showed Dr. Shelby going nuclear on Team Rhodes Scholars earlier in the show. No entrance for Rhodes. Both men were accompanied by their tag-team partners. It was all Rhodes in the first minute, but just over a minute into the match, Bryan locked in the Yes Lock for the submission win.

WINNER: Bryan, at 1:15. Well, I got the match right, just not the result.

- They showed Eve on WWE Active on the WWE App after her match. Matt Striker talked to her, but Eve was in distress and she quit WWE.

- The Rock Concert will take place later on in the show.

[Commercial Break]

- A graphic aired promoting Alberto Del Rio’s “Championship Fiesta,” which will take place on Smackdown this Friday.

- A.J. Lee and Big E. Langston were backstage. A.J. talked about romance and passion on Raw. And what better way to show that than a WWE wedding. She talked about Edge and Lita’s wedding, and clips of that were shown from 2006. Back to A.J., who then talked about Triple H and Stephanie McMahon renewing their vows in 2002. We got clips of that too. A.J. was going to talk about another one, but Langston interrupted and said the following wedding moment almost made him shed a tear: It was A.J. and Daniel Bryan from 2012. The decision of Vince to make her GM doesn’t make any more sense in hindsight. A.J. teared up and said that was the greatest moment of her life, and she lost it because of one man: John Cena. Ziggler arrived to console her. He addressed Cena, saying he’ll feel the same pain that he has caused outside the ring. Ziggler said he has prepared for this his entire life. He said he’s just too damn good, and when he wins tonight, it’ll be the greatest performance in the history of Monday Night Raw. “Show….off.”

- Jim Ross came to the ring to call the steel cage match. It’s next.

[Commercial Break]


Cole had stepped aside for JR to join the announcers. Ziggler tried to escape the cage just as it began. A.J. and Langston were at ringside. Things proceeded as a traditional match early on for the most part. Just over 3:00 in, Ziggler tried to climb out of the cage, but Cena stopped him. After pulling Ziggler off, Cena tried to escape himself. Ziggler pulled Cena down, but ended up getting crotched on the top rope. They cut to break 4:20 into the match.

[Commercial Break]

Back at 7:21 of the main event. Ziggler greeted Cena atop the cage. They straddled the top of the steel structure and traded blows. Cena almost fell back into the ring, but held on. He pulled Ziggler back over as well. With both men standing on the top rope, Ziggler dropkicked Cena off and to the mat. They showed Langston stopping Cena from escaping the cage. Fisticuffs were exchanged mid-ring, and Cena got the better of it. Five-knuckle Shuffle by Cena, but Ziggler got close enough to the cage to grab hold. Cena pulled down, briefly exposing part of his buttocks in the process. Superkick by Ziggler for a near-fall. Ziggler crawled toward the open cage door. He made it half-way out, but Cena grabbed him to pull him back in. Langston took hold of Ziggler’s arms to try to pull him out. Cena won that battle of strength and locked Ziggler in the STF. Ziggler countered into the sleeper.

Cena, with the sleeper still locked in, somehow got to his feet and climbed to the top rope. He collapsed and both he and Ziggler fell to the mat. Not a great camera shot of the fall. Ziggler began to climb the cage as Cena worked his way to the door. Ziggler ran over to stop him. Cena tried to leave the cage, but Langston slammed the door on him. Ziggler went for the pin, but only got two at 13:10. A groggy Ziggler tried to leave through the door, but Cena climbed over and to the other side of the cage, slamming the door on Ziggler with his foot. Langston took a chair to keep Cena at bay. Cena went back into the ring and Ziggler hit the Zig Zag on him for another close call. Ziggler attempted to climb out again, but Cena grabbed his ankle. He threw Ziggler back into the ring and caught his breath sitting on the top rope. Ziggler dove at Cena and brought him off the top with a DDT for two. A.J. began freaking out at ringside and she tore the cover off the announce table. She began to climb the cage to get into the ring. As she did, Langston climbed into the ring with the MITB briefcase. Ziggler took it and went to hit Cena with it. Cena moved and Ziggler bonked Langston. Attitude Adjustment to Ziggler. The end.

WINNER: Cena, at 16:24.

They replayed the finish, including A.J’s reaction as she sat atop the cage.

- Next, it’s the much-anticipated Rock Concert.

[Commercial Break]

- The Rock came out for the Rock Concert. He talked about his first time on Raw, and they showed a picture of him as Rocky Maivia. Rock made fun of his look and style. He moved onto the musical portion of the concert, singing a song to the tune of Heartbreak Hotel. The gist of it was that Paul Heyman was ugly. He performed this version a capella. Before the next song, he pointed out a friend in the audience, ZZ Top’s Dusty Hill. He was shown in the first row. Rock addressed the ladies, asking how they were doing tonight. He said his favorite curve on a woman is her smile. He wanted to sing a special song to a woman, whom he invited out: Vickie Guerrero.

There was a cameraman at the ready, so she’s likely to come out. And she finally did so, albeit hesitantly. His special song was an Eric Clapton, “You Look Wonderful Tonight.” Vickie was flattered until Rock changed the lyrics to “you look horrible tonight.” He told her not to go anywhere, and he continued with a second verse that wasn’t any nicer. Vickie yelled at him off mic and left. At this point, Rock said he’d like to call someone out. He moved the mic stand and the stool, as well as the guitar, out of the way. He then called out C.M. Punk. It took a few beats, but Punk and Paul Heyman finally emerged from backstage.

Rock recited some facts of his own and made fun of Heyman again. Rock said Punk isn’t God (in reference to Punk’s “Boxing with God” comment last week), but as God as his witness, he’ll beat Punk for the title at the Rumble. Heyman simply held up the WWE Title behind Punk. Punk whispered something in Heyman’s ear, then charged the ring. The two men met at ringside and began brawling, perhaps not with as strong of a crowd reaction as WWE may have been expecting. Referees ran down to separate the men. It didn’t work. They tried again and still couldn’t keep them apart. Finally producers and agents came down, including Mike Rotundo, Jamie Noble, Fit Finlay, and Arn Anderson. Booker T. was out there as well. They were finally separated to end the show.

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