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WWE Raw Report
CALDWELL'S WWE RAW RESULTS 5/5: Complete "virtual-time" coverage of live Raw - PPV fall-out, U.S. Title battle royal, IC Title re-match, Shield vs. Wyatts, more

May 5, 2014 - 10:08:24 PM


WWE Raw TV Results
May 5, 2014 - Episode #1,092
Live in Albany, N.Y.
Aired on USA Network
Report by James Caldwell (@JCTorch), PWTorch assistant editor

The Card: Dean Ambrose defending the U.S. Title in a 20-man battle royal, including the returns of Big Show and Mark Henry, plus Wade Barrett vs. Big E. for the IC Title in a re-match from Extreme Rules and Rob Van Dam vs. Cesaro.

WWE Network Pre-Game Show

This week's Raw panel is Josh Mathews with Booker T, Alex Riley, and Natalya. Mathews reset matters following Extreme Rules tonight. The discussion started with Daniel Bryan vs. Kane events last night, prompting Booker T to rant about Divas getting in the way of matters. "I'm talking about the stuff that no one is willing to talk about!" he reasoned as Natalya laughed at him.

Next was a look at The Shield defeating Evolution when Roman Reigns speared Batista for the win. Interesting post-PPV press conference comments from Seth Rollins about "justice" being a metaphor for raising the bar for intensity in the ring. Back to the studio, Booker dominated the follow-up discussion. Booker just let it out: "This is my show!"

On to the John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt feud. Bray was shown at the post-PPV press conference talking to the fake interview people about going to college, wanting to earn a nice job, and asking some really interesting questions. But, he came from nothing and he was never supposed to be anything. Now, he's something. Bray slapped the mic away and Luke Harper turned over the announce table for them to leave. Just amazing character ownership.

Next up was a look at U.S. champion Dean Ambrose being forced to defend the U.S. Title in a 20-man battle royal with no Shield members in the ring with him. Backstage, Ambrose cut a promo about Triple H setting him up for failure, but he will fight and throw punches and knock down anyone who gets in his way. Seth Rollins said he sees an evil plan brewing, so they will be ready. Roman Reigns said he has Ambrose's back.

Live Raw on USA Network

At the start of the show, The Shield's music played to bring out the trio through the crowd. Cole said they are starting with a "unique" battle royal for Dean Ambrose's U.S. Title. Cole, Jerry Lawler, and JBL discussed whether this is punishment for Shield defeating Evolution last night at Extreme Rules. Ambrose entered the ring and Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns stood by ringside. A parade of faces and heels then marched down to the ring to the Raw theme. Big Show was the last man down to ringside.

1 -- 20-MAN BATTLE ROYAL -- U.S. Title match defended by Dean Ambrose

Oddly, no one went after Ambrose early on. So, Ambrose tried to find someone to fight. Xavier Woods, sporting taped ribs from Rusev's attack last night, was the first man eliminated. Zack Ryder was out next, establishing the depth chart early on. R-Truth was out next. Someone lost a garment, so Mark Henry carefully moved it out of the way, then resumed trying to eliminate an opponent.

Titus O'Neil was out next via Big Show. The focus was not on Ambrose here, just a sea of bodies battling. Show then press-slammed Sin Cara over the top rope. "You shouldn't do that on Cinco de Mayo," JBL mused. The focus went to Sheamus, who beat up Damien Sandow with ten forearms, then Heath Slater eliminated Sandow when he missed Sheamus. Cole put the focus on whether Ambrose can retain the title heading to break.

[Commercial Break at 8:09]

Back from break, a gaggle of wrestlers were attempting to eliminate Big Show, but Show did the "wipe everyone out" spot to block. Show and Mark Henry then came together for a big-man battle. Show won with a chokeslam, then Sheamus surprised Show with a Brogue Kick. The gaggle re-formed and dumped Show over the top rope. The gaggle then eliminated Henry.

The field was cut in-half, which meant time for Kofi Kingston to avoid elimination. But, Ambrose had enough and kicked him off the ring apron for an elimination. Goldust, his ring gear torn up, was dumped out. Cody Rhodes followed right out the door via Ryback and Curtis Axel. Santino then pulled out his Cobra and struck Dolph Ziggler off the apron to big boos. Major heat on Santino.

[Q2] Santino was out next, leaving Sheamus, Ryback, Axel, Jack Swagger, and Ambrose. Sheamus ran over folks, then took a press-bomb from Ryback blocking a Brogue Kick. Ryback blew himself up celebrating, then walked into clubbing blows from Ambrose. "Goldberg" chants picked up steam as Ryback remained in the match. Lawler then brought up the original point that it's curious why the wrestlers did not gang up to eliminate Ambrose at the beginning of the match.

The crowd picked up a "C-M Punk" chant before Axel was eliminated. Final Four - Ambrose, Ryback, Swagger, and Sheamus. Ambrose and Ryback battled on the ring apron, then Ambrose kicked Ryback off the apron for an elimination. Swagger tried to eliminate Ambrose, but Ambrose blocked and dumped out Swagger. Ambrose then ran right into a Brogue Kick from Sheamus, drawing some boos. Sheamus then picked up Ambrose and chucked him over the top rope. Ambrose did not hold on to the ropes and crashed down to the floor, giving Sheamus the win with the final elimination.

Post-match: Sheamus took the U.S. Title belt and celebrated a bit too much, acting as if he won a fair match to capture the title. Meanwhile, Reigns and Rollins sold frustration that Ambrose nearly retained the title against a stacked deck. Sheamus continued to celebrate on the stage as Shield regrouped.

WINNER: Sheamus at 15:42 to capture the U.S. Title. The battle royal was a bit all over the place, with WWE trying to spotlight as many people as possible along with Ambrose. The end result was planting seeds for Sheamus pivoting heel since he over-celebrated the victory taking advantage of the heel authority figure setting up Ambrose for failure and the audience soon to resent Sheamus for taking the title from Ambrose.

Back live in the ring, Ambrose sold anger as Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns tried to pick him up. Triple H's music then played to bring out Hunter on-stage. Shield told him to come down and fight after putting Ambrose in this match. Hunter said Shield and Evolution had a war last night, but Shield lucked out a win. Hunter said it looks like their luck has changed tonight. And, now tonight, it will be Shield against The Wyatts in a six-man tag match. Hunter left. Cole said Hunter's vendetta against The Shield is going too far.

[Commercial Break at 8:23]

Vignette: Adam Rose's "Exotic Express" is coming tonight on Raw.

Moments Ago: Dean Ambrose hung on to the end of the 20-man battle royal, but lost the U.S. Title to Sheamus.

Backstage: Renee Young brought in new U.S. champion Sheamus, who drew some boos in the live crowd. Sheamus said he's just been spinning his wheels since coming back from injury, but now he's found his opening. He said tonight was the perfect chance for him to step back into glory. What would he say to Dean Ambrose right now? Sheamus smirked and said, "No hard feelings, fella," which the live crowd did not appreciate.

Announcers: Cole, Lawler, and JBL switched gears to Daniel Bryan vs. Kane in an Extreme Rules match for the WWE World Title. The focus was on Bryan beating Kane, but not destroying him.

Back Office: Stephanie McMahon walked in on Bryan and Brie Bella. She said Bryan just angered Kane last night, so she suggests that Bryan and Kane stay put in this very room. Until Bryan has a match later tonight. Steph walked off as Bryan sarcastically thanked her for the advice. Brie then happened to notice a red mask hanging on the wall.

[Q3] In-ring: Rob Van Dam was introduced for the next match. RVD posed in the ring before Raw cut to break.

[Commercial Break at 8:31]

In-ring: Back live, RVD's music finished playing out before Paul Heyman walked out on-stage. Heyman introduced himself and frantically relayed some breaking news - Brock Lesnar conquered The Undertaker's Streak at WrestleMania. The crowd booed. "I don't like your attitude," he dryly said. Heyman then introduced the winner of the triple threat elimination match at Extreme Rules - the King of Extreme, Cesaro. Sirens wailed to bring out Cesaro before WWE cut to a shot of RVD sporting a big shiner around his left eye.

2 -- ROB VAN DAM vs. CESARO (w/Paul Heyman)

Early feeling-out process, then RVD knocked Cesaro to the outside. Heyman regrouped with Cesaro, who re-entered the right with a strike to RVD's injured eye. But, RVD came back with a kick that sent Cesaro to the outside. Van Dam followed with an aerial assault on the floor. Back in the ring, RVD leg-dropped Cesaro for a two count. Cesaro then caught RVD in the corner and began a methodical attack. "Walrus" and "C-M Punk" chants started and faded out before Cesaro clotheslined RVD to the floor leading to break.

[Commercial Break at 8:42]

[Q4] Back from break, Cesaro continued to dominate Heyman, prompting "Arr-Vee-Dee" chants. RVD tried a comeback, but Cesaro cut him off with a double foot stomp to the chest for a two count. RVD tried a desperation turn-around attack out of the corner, but Cesaro intercepted with a big European uppercut. Louder "Arr-Vee-Dee" chant from the crowd, then Cesaro stalked RVD for another big uppercut, but another nearfall.

At 10:00, Cesaro threw RVD into the air for a gutwrench suplex. Cesaro maintained his grip, flipped over, executed a second suplex, maintained his grip again, and executed a third suplex for another two count. Cesaro then trapped RVD in the corner and kicked him. Cesaro then left the ring and pounded away on RVD, drawing a five count and a DQ from the ref.

Post-match: Cesaro continued to assault RVD as Van Dam hung in the corner. Heyman told Cesaro that's enough, noting he could get suspended. "Walk away," he implored Cesaro. A ringside medic entered the ring to check on RVD as Heyman continued to guide Cesaro away from ringside. No music as RVD continued to be checked on.

WINNER: RVD via DQ at 11:41. That's one way to get out of a definitive finish. The match was fine, but never seemed to move to the next gear.

Announcers: Cole nerdily tried to tell Network subscribers to refer a friend to the Network. JBL cut off Cole and did the pitch himself. The Wyatts had enough of the sales pitch and interrupted. Bray Wyatt told Albany that they're here.

[Commercial Break at 8:51]

Bray Wyatt Monologue

Back live, Bray Wyatt was in the ring with Erick Rowan, Luke Harper, and a mic. There was an awkward pause, then Bray said Sister Abigail told him he was born to lead. Bray said "they" would always look down on him and refer to him as a piece of trash. A nobody. But, those people have made this date so sweet for him. Because last night, he became somebody. Bray laughed, then said John Cena's fear was personified by that of a singing child.

WWE cut to a clip of the Wyatt Boy singing in John Cena's face with a modulated voice. For those who did not watch the PPV, they must be wondering what in the world WWE was thinking. For those who did watch the PPV, they must still be wondering what in the world. Back live, Bray laughed to himself as he claimed that kids with their innocent eyes see right through Cena.

Bray said Cena is right, though. He is a monster and he does wish to watch this world burn. Like a farmer watches spoiled crops burn. He said this world must be burnt down so that it can be re-born. And in his image. "The image of Wyatt," he said.

[Q5 -- second hour] Where Cena is wrong, though, is thinking he does this only for himself. Rather, he does this for the children and poor man who stands on the side of the street because "they" did not think he deserves to live in their presence. Bray said he does it for the teenager who was told she wasn't pretty enough for prom. "I do this for you!" he shouted.

Bray said with each passing day, Cena stands alone. And, he shall fall. But, with him, they will stand together united under what he truly is - "a god." Bray then sang, "He's got the whole world in his hands," laughed, and tossed the mic. The announcers sold not knowing what to say.

Still to come: Wade Barrett vs. Big E. for the IC Title. And, the Wyatts in six-man tag action against The Shield.

[Commercial Break at 9:02]

In-ring: Time to start repeating wrestlers from the opening battle royal. Ryback and Curtis Axel were standing by, then Rhodes Bros.'s music played to bring out Cody Rhodes, with Goldust, to face Ryback. The announcers noted Cody has been frustrated by his recent losing streak, taking it out on Goldust.

3 -- CODY RHODES (w/Goldust) vs. RYBACK (w/Curtis Axel)

The announcers treated this like a combination of time to crack jokes and an opportunity to re-visit bigger stories, such as the Wyatt-Cena feud. Ryback dominated for a while, prompting Goldust to encourage Cody to keep fighting. Cody kind of kneed Ryback in the neck area running off the ropes for a two count, then caught him with a Disaster Kick. Cody followed with a springboard dropkick.

Cody fired himself up, then climbed to the top rope. Axel got involved, so Goldust came over to eliminate Axel, but Axel drove Goldust into the ringpost, causing Cody to lose his balance. This allowed Ryback to grapple Cody for Shell-Shock. It was good for the pin and the win. Post-match: Ryback and Axel celebrated in the ring as Goldust checked on Cody ringside. Goldust helped Cody away from ringside as JBL called this mere bad luck.

WINNER: Ryback at 5:59. The slow, agonizingly drawn-out build-up to to a Rhodes Bros. break-up continues. Or, Cody suddenly going on a winning streak.

Backstage Room: Brie Bella was losing her patience being holed up in a room with Daniel Bryan. Suddenly, the lights went out. Kane's red mask lit up, so Bryan and Brie left the room and walked down the hallway. They bumped into Stephanie McMahon, who played dumb about what was going on. Steph told Bryan & Brie that she'll have Bryan's car pulled up to the building if they're afraid of Kane. To leave Raw? Hang out in the back seat? Hide in the trunk? It was unclear what Stephanie's proposed plan was.

[Q6] [Commercial Break at 9:16]

Back live, a pinata was in the ring. Other Cinco de Mayo-related party items were in the ring for Los Matadores and El Torito to celebrate. Primo, whose character is from Spain, noted they are celebrating El Torito's special day. After a debate over how to pronounce "Universe" with an accent, 3MB interrupted with Hornswoggle. Heath Slater said this party is not going to happen.

Arriving in the ring, Slater said the party is here. Then, he got serious and said they're here to call a truce. Drew McIntyre said this is not a proposition, but a demand for a truce. Otherwise, they will crash the party. Los Matadores and Torito consulted, then Torito handed candy over to Swoggle. JBL made a fat joke, then Swoggle ate some candy. He spit it out, then punched Torito in the mouth to set off a brawl.

Torito fought back, then Los Matadores cleared McIntyre and Jinder Mahal from the ring. Slater suddenly realized he was trapped and the crowd booed the kids-oriented spot. Los Matadores dumped Slater over the top rope, then cornered Swoggle. Torito shoved a sombrero over Swoggle's head, then Torito spun Swoggle around and around. Torito followed with a gore to Swoggle's backside, sending him out of the ring. Los Matadores's music played to drown out groans before the faces tossed candy into the crowd.

Still to come: Barrett vs. Big E. for the IC Title. Plus, The Shield vs. Wyatts.

[Commercial Break at 9:27]

[Q7] Vignette: Bo Dallas wants you to bo-lieve in your dream.

In-ring: Another repeat wrestler, this time Kofi Kingston. Rusev, not pictured in the opening U.S. Title battle royal, was then introduced by Lana. Lana said she is proud to be "Russia," who has the most powerful and dominant president in the world. This didn't get much of a reaction. A "U-S-A" chant picked up some steam as Lana introduced a photo of Vladimir Putin. Lana then referenced Edward Snowden being welcome in Russia. Have to know the audience here. Lana moved on to introducing stone-faced Rusev for singles action.

4 -- RUSEV (w/Lana) vs. KOFI KINGSTON

JBL kept the bad jokes coming, then Cole tried to get serious calling the action. Rusev threw Kofi across the ring, then stalked Kofi for elbow thrusts to the chest. Kofi made a comeback with aerial offense, but Rusev intercepted Kofi for an overhead toss. Kofi landed on his feet, though, and kicked Rusev in the face.

Kofi tried a cross-body splash, but Rusev caught him and suplexed him. Rusev had enough, Lana wanted to end this, and she called for the end. Rusev delivered a swinging uranage, then put Kofi in The Accolade for a submission win. Cole noted no one has countered Rusev's finisher yet.

WINNER: Rusev via submission at 2:55.

Announcers: Cole and Co. transitioned to WWE Network discussion. Cole hyped the Network now available on Xbox One. Lawler tried to explain how to download the App, then Cole noted Payback is on June 1 from Chicago.

Backstage: Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella entered a vehicle. Well, Bryan assisted Brie into the passenger seat, then slowly walked around the car to the driver's side. Bryan eventually entered the car and WWE cut to a camera shot inside the vehicle. Stephanie suddenly slapped the car door and said she's sorry because Bryan cannot leave until he wrestles tonight. And, if he does not wrestle, she will consider it a breach of his contract, which would mean being stripped of the WWE World Title. Steph left, then Bryan and Brie left the car to head to the ring.

[ JC's Reax: This is officially in absurd territory. Why doesn't Steph just strip Bryan of the title if she doesn't want him to be champion this badly? It would require a lot less effort than WWE is putting forth to come up with this silly storyline. It's like heel refs counting nearfalls - why not just fast-count or make up a three count? ]

[Commercial Break at 9:40]

Back live, Alberto Del Rio was in the ring. Cole said Del Rio is facing Daniel Bryan, who is being forced to compete tonight. Bryan's music then played to a "tired crowd" reaction. Bryan tried to wake them up with "Yes!" shouts down to ringside alongside Brie Bella. Bryan celebrated in the ring with his title belts, then prepared to face Del Rio.


5 -- WWE World Hvt. champion DANIEL BRYAN (w/Brie Bella) vs. ALBERTO DEL RIO -- non-title match

The announcers noted Bryan is probably not 100 percent physically or mentally tonight. Bryan ran into a backbreaker early on, then Del Rio worked on Bryan as the crowd backed the champ with a "Daniel Bryan" chant. Bryan fired off a round of "Yes!" kicks to Del Rio, then ran over Del Rio with a flying forearm smash. More "Yes!" kicks, then Bryan missed a roundhouse and took a backstabber from Del Rio.

Del Rio dropkicked Bryan out of the ring to the floor, where Del Rio sent Bryan into the guardrail in front of Brie. Del Rio mocked Bryan with his own "Yes!" chants and Cole wondered where Kane is as Raw cut to break.

[Commercial Break at 9:49]

Back from break, Del Rio was wearing down Bryan with a reverse chinlock. Bryan elbowed out, then took a German Suplex for a two count. Bryan came back with a running kick to Del Rio's left knee, which sent Del Rio spilling to the floor. On the outside, Del Rio dropped Bryan throat-first across the guardrail. Bryan made it back into the ring just before ten, then Del Rio delivered single-arm DDT.

Del Rio lowered his kneepad to set up for a running knee smash, but Bryan ducked and kicked Del Rio in the head. Both men sold on the mat, then Bryan came to life along with the crowd. Bryan and Del Rio traded bombs, then Bryan put Del Rio in the corner with a drop toehold. Bryan followed with Yes! kicks to the mid-section, but Del Rio cut him off and delivered a hard corner clothesline.

At 12:30, Del Rio placed Bryan on the top turnbuckle for a superplex, but Bryan blocked with a headbutt. Bryan then came off the top with a diving headbutt for a close two count. Bryan then fired himself up again and charged Del Rio for a flying dropkick. And a second. Del Rio rolled to the floor, so Bryan measured him for a suicide dive smash. Del Rio ended up in the front row from the impact.

[Q9 -- third hour] Back in the ring, Bryan walked into a step-up enziguiri, but Bryan kicked out of a pin attempt. Del Rio freaked out, then contemplated his next move. Del Rio called for the cross arm-breaker, but Bryan slipped out and flowed into the Yes! Lock center-ring. Del Rio teased tapping out, Bryan maintained the hold, and Del Rio tapped out. Cole called it a gutsy performance by the champion one night after Extreme Rules.

WINNER: Bryan at 15:28. Okay match. Del Rio has so little credibility that the crowd checked out for the most part, outside of signature Bryan spots.

Post-match: Brie Bella entered the ring to celebrate with Bryan, then Kane's pyro suddenly shot off. Bryan and Brie bailed from the ring, hit the stage, and disappeared backstage. WWE showed audience members watching in the dark, then Bryan and Brie hit the getaway vehicle and hopped inside. Bryan said the car is not starting, so he popped the hood and checked underneath. Bryan determined that a wire was unplugged as Brie told him to hurry up. Suddenly, Kane was in the back-seat of the car ready to terrorize Brie.

Bryan and Kane then began fighting near the vehicle as Brie shrieked. Brie continued to shriek, trying to hold the moment with unrefined acting ability, then the car suddenly worked and Bryan slammed on the gas, sending Kane flying off the hood. Kane sold being KO'ed, then sat up. So, Bryan got back in the car and drove off with Brie. Kane smirked as he watched the car leave.

[ JC's Reax: They're really pushing the limit of Bryan's ability to take garbage material and making it work. ]

[Commercial Break at 10:04. A local spot for Raw TV in Houston on July 28 advertised Batista.]

Vignette: Adam Rose is bringing the "Exotic Express" to Raw tonight.

Moments Ago: Daniel Bryan was celebrating his victory over Alberto Del Rio when Kane's pyro interrupted. Then, Brie Bella attempted to play damsel in distress. WWE even replayed Brie's incessant shrieking noises. Bryan and Brie eventually bailed, but Kane remained in a good mood.

In-ring: Big E.'s music played to no reaction. Big E. prepared for his Intercontinental Title match, trying to regain the title he lost last night. Wade Barrett was out next to defend the title. On the way to the ring, Barrett declared himself the new IC champion before declaring he has some bad news. See, there will be some changes around here. Namely, the "deformed slobs" might have been worthy of a champ like Big E., but they will need cosmetic surgery to be worthy of him as champion.

6 -- IC champion WADE BARRETT vs. BIG E. -- Intercontinental Title match

Barrett rolled in and out of the ring early on, forcing Big E. to give chase since a count-out win would not give him the title. Barrett then came flying off the ring apron with an elbow to Big E. Big E. was in jeopardy of being counted out, but he made it back into the ring at eight. Barrett then put the boots to Big E. heading to break.

[Q10] [Commercial Break at 10:15]

Back from break, Barrett was holding his stomach in pain. Big E. stalked Barrett and delivered a running clothesline to no reaction. Big E. with a belly-to-belly suplex to a slight reaction, then tried an Ultimate Warrior splash, but Barrett blocked. Barrett followed with Winds of Change for a two count. The restless crowd picked up a "C-M Punk" chant that quickly faded out. Meanwhile, Cole announced that Triple H is now on Instagram. That sums up tonight's show.

Barrett wound up the Bullhammer elbow, but Big E. ducked and clotheslined Barrett. Big E. then delivered a running spear that took Barrett off the apron to the floor. Both men sold outside the ring, then Big E. rolled Barrett back into the ring. Big E. delivered a belly-to-belly suplex, then a second. Not much crowd reaction. Big E. dropped the straps to a better reaction, then tried the Big Ending, but Barrett wiggled out.

The ref took a blow to the face in the process, then Barrett eye-gouged Big E. and smashed Big E. with the Bullhammer Elbow while the ref was adjusting himself. It was good for the pin and the win. Afterward, JBL tried to justify Barrett's heel tactics and the face announcers provided zero counter, just moving along to other events.

WINNER: Barrett at 10:45 to retain the IC Title. The heel cheated to win and the face announcers are so checked out or so focused on their checklist of items that they failed to cover for Big E. or express anger, even after JBL provided a softball set-up. The announcing needs a major overhaul, and it starts at the top with management pulling back on their control of the show.

Announcers: Cole announced John Cena responding to Bray Wyatt tomorrow night on Main Event.

Still to come: The Shield vs. "that weird Wyatt Family" in the main event.

[Commercial Break at 10:25]

Announcers: Lawler excitedly threw to a special Mother's Day Message from Mr. T, which was clips from T.'s HOF speech dedicated to his mom. WWE included clips of dancing moms from WrestleMania and re-mixed Mr. T's speech in sort of a half-mocking/half-tribute way.

[Q11] In-ring: Jack Swagger was introduced to the ring with Zeb Colter. Colter's sign read: "Zeb's Deportation List." In the ring, Colter said today is not Cinco de Mayo for Real Americans. Rather, May 5th. Zeb said the only reason a real American celebrates today is to get dog-drunk and vomit. Snorting noises from Cole. Zeb then addressed a flood of illegal immigrants into WWE.

Zeb's list: Cesaro, Emma, Santino, Heyman, Sheamus, and Paige. Zeb told Emma to hop a kangaroo and stay in Australia. Zeb continued to run down the roster, then random foreign music played. Out came a bunny followed by a group of random people wearing masks and costumes. The music changed to Adam Rose's theme to bring out Rose doing sort of a knock-off Chris Jericho sneer. The random individuals followed behind Rose, who bounced to the ring, then crowd-surfed around ringside. Zeb was stunned, the general crowd didn't know what to do with this, and Rose continued dancing around the ring.

Zeb tried to make the save by no-selling with his facial expressions, then Rose did some weird posings before offering his sucker to Zeb. Zeb told him to get back, then Rose pulled on Zeb's mustache. Rose told Zeb not to be a lemon, but a rosebud. Swagger then walked into a kick and a clothesline over the top rope to the outside. Rose's followers in colorful costumes then entered the ring to dance circles around Zeb as Rose's music played again. Cole nerdily tried humming along to the theme song, then was shown dancing ringside.

Announcers: Cole, Lawler, and JBL tried to transition to hyping NXT on the WWE Network, which led to a plug for the new referral program.

Up Next: Shield vs. Wyatts in the main event.

[Commercial Break at 10:38]

Friday on Smackdown: Sheamus defends the U.S. Title. No mention of the opponent. Will Ambrose get a re-match?

Videotron: The Wyatts are here again.

In-ring: Bray Wyatt led Rowan and Harper down to the ring for the main event. The Shield was then introduced through the crowd for the second time tonight. Ambrose led the troops, selling anger over losing the U.S. Title earlier in the night.



On commentary, Cole noted Randy Orton and Batista have not shown their faces tonight after losing to The Shield last night. Shield dominated early on, working on Wyatt's henchmen. Ambrose dropkicked Rowan into the ropes, knocked Harper off the apron, and then flew down at Harper on the outside. Ambrose followed with a rebound lariat to Harper before applying the figure-four leglock. Suddenly, everyone was in the ring. Cole called it a stalemate in the main event as Raw cut to break.

[Commercial Break at 10:50]

Back live, the Wyatts were now in control. Wyatts isolated Dean Ambrose while Cole attempted to make the ending of Cena vs. Wyatt last night sound like a reasonable conclusion to a cage match. Ambrose then tagged in Rollins, who flew over the top with a dive onto Harper. Back in the ring, Rollins continued the assault on Harper. Harper made a comeback, knocked Rollins to the outside, and delivered a big dive onto Harper.

On the floor, Harper cleared the announce table to a crowd pop, then he dragged Rollins back into the ring, cutting off the crowd's interest since a table spot was not coming at the moment. In the ring, Bray tagged in and continued working on Rollins. Chaos broke out, then Ambrose found himself on the announce table. Some of the crowd naturally chanted for tables.

[Q13 -- over-run] Rollins and Harper continued battling inside the ring. Rollins came off the top rope with a flying knee to Harper's head, then Roman Reigns tagged in to change the tone of the match. Reigns smashed Wyatt members, then clotheslined Rowan and himself over the top rope to the floor. Back in the ring, Reigns nailed Harper with a flying clothesline. Suddenly, everyone was in the ring. Chaos spilled back to the outside, then Rollins and Ambrose flew through the ropes with suicide dives.

Back in the ring, Reigns smashed Bray with a Superman Punch. Ambrose and Rollins re-entered and stalked Bray for a triple powerbomb, but Evolution's music interrupted. Out came Hunter, Randy Orton, and Batista in the background. The trio was dressed for a street fight, then Shield dropkicked the Wyatts out of the ring. Rollins and Ambrose knocked out heels on the floor, Reigns smashed Hunter with a Superman Punch back in the ring, and Wyatt snuck up behind Reigns with Sister Abigail. It was good for the pin and the win.

WINNERS: Wyatts at 18:01.

Post-match: The Shield recovered, then Evolution recovered and attacked Shield. Hunter and Orton worked on Rollins inside the ring, while Batista took apart Reigns outside the ring. The focus then went to Orton, who DDT'ed Rollins in the corner of the ring. On the outside, Batista kind of stumbled into an attempted spinebuster on the ring steps. Back in the ring, Hunter tried to end Reigns with a Pedigree, but Reigns back-dropped out. So, Orton dropped Reigns with an RKO. An embarrassed Hunter then angrily scooped up Reigns for a Pedigree.

Evolution stood tall in the ring, then circled the fallen Shield members. Batista mocked Reigns's triple powerbomb signal, then Batista, Orton, and Hunter gave Reigns a triple Batistabomb. Cole covered for the faces, noting it took six opponents to take out Shield tonight. WWE zoomed in on Reigns coughing up blood as he sold the effects of the attack. After a replay of Evolution's attack on Shield, Raw signed off with Shield KO'ed in the ring and Shield in control on this night. Raw ended at 11:08.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Poor show for the most part until WWE closed with heat on the top heels. WWE packed way too much into this unnecessarily three-hour show, basically presenting two full episodes in front of one audience, burning them out early on. How many suicide dives can you see on one show before you're numb to it? The usual post-WrestleMania Lull Period booking issues have definitely been present the last two weeks.

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PWTorch editor Wade Keller has covered pro wrestling full time since 1987 starting with the Pro Wrestling Torch print newsletter. launched in 1999 and the PWTorch Apps launched in 2008.

He has conducted "Torch Talk" insider interviews with Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Steve Austin, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Eric Bischoff, Jesse Ventura, Lou Thesz, Jerry Lawler, Mick Foley, Jim Ross, Paul Heyman, Bruno Sammartino, Goldberg, more.

He has interviewed big-name players in person incluiding Vince McMahon (at WWE Headquarters), Dana White (in Las Vegas), Eric Bischoff (at the first Nitro at Mall of America), Brock Lesnar (after his first UFC win).

He hosted the weekly Pro Wrestling Focus radio show on KFAN in the early 1990s and hosted the Ultimate Insiders DVD series distributed in retail stories internationally in the mid-2000s including interviews filmed in Los Angeles with Vince Russo & Ed Ferrara and Matt & Jeff Hardy. He currently hosts the most listened to pro wrestling audio show in the world, (the PWTorch Livecast, top ranked in iTunes)


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Also, new exclusive top-shelf content every day including a new VIP-exclusive weekly 16 page digital magazine-style (PC and iPad compatible) PDF newsletter packed with exclusive articles and news.

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