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WWE Raw Report
CALDWELL'S WWE RAW RESULTS 5/12: Complete "virtual-time" coverage of live Raw - big injury angle, Batista vs. Reigns main event, Cena & Usos vs. Wyatts, post-Raw events

May 12, 2014 - 10:05:37 PM


WWE Raw TV Results
May 12, 2014 - Episode #1,093
Live in Greenville, S.C.
Aired on USA Network
Report by James Caldwell (@JCTorch), PWTorch assistant editor

Top match announced in-advance: John Cena & The Usos vs. the Wyatts in a re-match from Smackdown.

WWE Network Pre-Game Show

This week on the pre-show, it's Josh Mathews with Booker T, Alex Riley, and Jimmy Hart. After a match from Superstars was taped, Damien Sandow crashed the interview set for a worked shoot promo complaining about wearing a ridiculous costume, not getting mic time, and people backstage being afraid of what he would say. Sandow's mic was "cut off," so Sandow finished his promo yelling into Josh Mathews's headset.

Backstage: The "Total Divas" male clique of Cena and the Usos were interviewed backstage by Renee Young. Cena and Usos were dressed in all-green ... since they're in Greenville. Cena fired everyone up in a "comical way," as described by Alex Riley, which Mathews noted is what Bray Wyatt (a euphemism for hardcore fans) have pointed out as driving him crazy.

Next was a review of Daniel Bryan vs. Kane. Mathews said Bryan will have promo time tonight on Raw.

Live Raw on USA Network

This week's three-hour Raw opened with a video package on Dean Ambrose losing his U.S. Title to Sheamus in a 20-man battle royal last week on Raw. Then, Shield and Wyatts battling in the main event that eventually drew in Evolution, who stood over Shield to close Raw.

Raw opened with The Shield in the ring. Dean Ambrose had a mic. Ambrose said they got the crap kicked out of them last week, but they don't stay down for long. He said they're standing tall in the ring right now, and they want Evolution. Right now.

Seth Rollins followed up by saying they are not running *from* Evolution, but running toward Evolution. He issued a challenge for a re-match, where they will run *through* Evolution. Rollins said when they show up tonight, Shield will hunt them down. Rollins paused to hype Evolution's credentials, but said they *were* really good. Because they cannot evolve into what it takes to beat The Shield.

Roman Reigns was stewing and pacing in the background, so Rollins asked if he has something to say. Reigns took the mic to a pop, adjusted which camera to look into, and said Evolution has a serious problem if what they dished out last week was all they got. Reigns said they will teach Evolution to believe in him. Reigns threw down the mic, then WWE cut to a black limo pulling up in the parking garage.

Out first was Triple H to loud boos, then Shield left the ring and charged backstage. Backstage, Hunter signed off on some paperwork as Randy Orton and Batista stood around checking their watches. Hunter, Orton, and Batista started walking down the hallway when Shield attacked them. Shield got in a few licks before security and agents hit the scene to try to create some separation. Agents eventually pulled Shield away, then WWE showed Evolution recovering on the ground.

Announcers: Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, and JBL recapped what just happened. Cole then hyped Cena & Usos vs. the Wyatts six-man tag re-match from Smackdown.

In-ring: Rob Van Dam was introduced for the opening match. RVD was still sporting a shiner around his left eye. Cole said it's RVD vs. Jack Swagger next.

[Commercial Break at 8:10.]

Back from break, Zeb Colter was mid-promo in the ring. Zeb told the crowd just to sit there and shut up. Of course, they booed. Meanwhile, Swagger was holding the "Zeb's Deportation List" sign. Zeb recapped being rudely interrupted by his newest addition to the list, Adam Rose, who joins Cesaro, Emma, Sheamus, Paul Heyman, Santino, and Paige. Only one of those individuals has two names. Zeb issued a final warning to Rose, then asked the crowd to join him in shouting "We The People."


1 -- ROB VAN DAM vs. JACK SWAGGER (w/Zeb Colter)

The bell sounded and Adam Rose's music played to bring out the Exotic Express dancing on the stage. Rose then bounced through his entourage down to ringside as RVD and Swagger waited in the ring. Rose got on the ring apron, Swagger charged him, and Rose fell off the apron into a sea of people to avoid Swagger. The Exotic Express did a lap around the ring, then Swagger turned around and took a thrust kick to the face. RVD followed with a Five-star Frogsplash for the pin and the win.

Post-match: Adam Rose led his group away to the stage, then RVD walked into the camera shot and kind of celebrated. RVD walked through the crowd of people to the back as Rose and Co. continued to celebrate.

WINNER: RVD at 2:02.

Announcers: Cole tried to demonstrate how to have fun to JBL. Moving on.

Video Package: New Divas champion Paige. She's in action next.

[Commercial Break at 8:19.]

Vignette: Bo Dallas. Believe you can fly.

In-ring: Paige was introduced to the ring as Cole hyped the European Tour coming up this week, which Paige is excited about. Already in the ring was Alicia Fox. Before the match started, Fox took the mic for an actual Divas promo. Fox said Paige has managed to alienate the entire locker room in six short weeks. Fox said Paige just doesn't fit in, so she needs to get out. Fox shoved down Paige, then continued to assault her. The ref checked on Paige as Fox demanded that he check if Paige is ready. "Ask her!" Fox shouted. The ref eventually called for the bell.

2 -- Divas champion PAIGE vs. ALICIA FOX -- non-title match

Fox continued to assault the champ after the bell sounded. Fox did not let up on the champ, beating her up in a variety of ways as the crowd tried to get behind Paige. Paige then nailed her finisher for a three count, basically her only offense of the match.

Post-match: Paige let out frustration on the outside as Fox slipped out of the ring and sold wanting another go at Paige. Fox threw a tantrum, then cleared the announce table. She sprayed the crowd with an energy drink, then glared at fans on the front row and started kicking the guardrail. Fox yelled at a ringside P.A. who was laughing at her and the referee, then took JBL's hat and wore it on the way out.

WINNER: Paige at 3:53. That was unexpected. Apparently WWE decided now is the time to do something with Fox after she has been on the roster for five years. The end result was bonding Paige to the audience by putting her in a sympathetic role since she's not a traditional babyface.

Video Package: Daniel Bryan vs. Kane "horror movie" junk from last week. The video included cliched horror movie shrieking sound effects to emphasize the point.

Up Next: Daniel Bryan addresses last week's events.

[Commercial Break at 8:35]

Daniel Bryan Promo

Back live, WWE World Hvt. champion Daniel Bryan was ringside leading the crowd in "Yes!" chants. Bryan was dressed in blue jeans, a t-shirt, and regular shoes. Bryan displayed his WWE and World Title belts to the crowd, then took the mic in the ring. Bryan paused for loud "Yes!" chants to play out, then thanked the crowd. Bryan, his wedding ring visible on his left finger, went through his journey from Summerslam to WrestleMania.

Bryan said he knew this would be an uphill battle as WWE champion, but the hill is steeper than he thought it would be. Bryan said The Authority threw everything at him, but because of the audience here and sitting at home, they beat the odds. Bryan said he walked out of WrestleMania as WWE World champion, which led to another round of "Yes!" chants. But, unfortunately, when you're WWE champion, you have a huge target on your back.

Bryan recapped taking a huge beating when he got back from his honeymoon, taking three Tombstones from Kane. He said he was in a neckbrace, but he overcame and beat Kane at Extreme Rules. But, that came with a price. His entire style comes with a price. Bryan said he thinks the crowd likes him because he's paid that price with his body. And, unfortunately, he also has to pay the price this week with neck surgery.

Bryan said he's going to have to have neck surgery this Thursday and he's not happy about it. He said this has been his dream since he was a little kid. And, what's frustrating is there are some people who are real happy about it - Stephanie McMahon, Triple H, and Kane. Bryan said they think his career is pretty much done. "No!" shouts from the crowd. Bryan said there's a chance that it could be. "But, it won't be," he said to cheers.

When will he come back? "I have no idea." But, will he come back? "Yes!" the crowd shouted before Bryan shouted, "Yes!" with them. Bryan's music played and he did "Yes!" chants with the crowd. The announcers sold shock over the news. Cole said Bryan doesn't know how long he will be out of action. JBL talked about Bryan's in-ring style affecting him, while Lawler covered for the babyface and put heat on the heels by noting he's been subjected to numerous beatings over and over. No one discussed the status of the WWE World Title.

[Q4] Cole transitioned to a video package on the John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt feud.

Up Next: Cena & The Usos vs. the Wyatts in a six-man tag match.

[Commercial Break at 8:48]

In-ring: John Cena's music played back from break. "John Cena's live," Michael Cole announced on commentary. Cena walked out on-stage holding up a "Never Give Up" towel and stormed the ring to loud cheers from a pro-Cena family-friendly audience. Cena hyped the crowd before WWE cut to footage of John Cena leading the Susan G. Komen event in D.C. over the weekend. Included was WWE breaking kayfabe by showing the top heel of the first hour, Alicia Fox, as a pleasant participant at the event.

The Usos were out next as Cena's tag partner, then the Wyatts interrupted. "We're here," Bray declared, omitting the city. Apparently Greenville is not to be mentioned on the Raw broadcast, but it's okay for the pre-show. The Wyatts marched down to the ring leading to break.

[Commercial Break at 8:56]

3 -- JOHN CENA & WWE tag champions THE USOS vs. THE WYATTS (BRAY WYATT & ERICK ROWAN & LUKE HARPER) -- six-man tag match

The bell sounded one minute before the top of the hour. The announcers introduced Rowan & Harper as potential Tag Title challengers to the Usos.

[Q5 -- second hour] JBL said Luke Harper reminds him of "Frank Brody." Cole said there are a lot of similarities between "those two," and JBL added that it's like watching "Brody and Hansen." Apparently "Bruiser Brody" is disallowed from airwaves. Meanwhile, the heels worked over Uso early on. Harper missed a corner attack and tagged in his brother as Cena led cheers from the ring apron. Samoan Drop to Harper, then a top-rope splash for a two count.

Usos cleared Wyatt members from the ring apron, then turned right into a big boot from Harper for a nearfall. Bray Wyatt then tagged in and picked apart Uso as Cena demanded order be restored by the referee. Uso made a hot tag to Cena and the place came unglued. Cena cleaned house, then chaos broke out. Included was Cena applying a weak-looking STF that was broken up. Bray wanted Sister Abigail on Cena, but Uso superkicked Bray. Another superkick. They cleared Harper, then Cena dropped the legal man, Rowan, with an Attitude Adjustment. Cena covered for the win.

Post-match: The faces took a curtain call in the ring, then celebrated on the way out to the stage. Back in the ring, Bray Wyatt took the mic and thanked John Cena for helping him realize what he finally must do. "Thank you, John," he whispered. Bray told Cena to follow the buzzards, then dropped the mic.

WINNERS: Cena & Usos at 9:43. That must have been refreshing for Cena to work in front of an appreciative crowd playing along and investing in his act. A nice feel-good win for the faces, while also setting up whatever the next match is in the Cena-Bray series.

Up Next: Evolution is on Raw.

[Commercial Break at 9:10]

Evolution Segment

Back live on Raw, Evolution's music played to bring out Triple H dressed in a suit and Randy Orton and Batista dressed to wrestle. As Evolution made their way to the ring, WWE replayed events from the start of Raw when Shield attacked Evolution backstage in the parking lot.

[Q6] Back live, Evolution was in the ring. Randy Orton took the mic and said he's had enough. He wants to kick Shield's asses right now. He said it's time to put the Hounds of Justice to sleep. Batista shouted off-mic that he's had enough. Batista tried to convincingly sound mad as Hunter waited him out. Hunted said Shield proved they're good at Extreme Rules. But, they got a little too big for themselves.

Hunter said that so-called ambush earlier was the last straw. He called Shield undisciplined. He said it's going to end now. Hunter said if Shield wants a re-match at Payback for the match they already won, they will get it. Hunter said this will be a little different. He said they will start with Dean Ambrose. And when they're done with Ambrose, they will move on to the architect, Seth Rollins. Then, to the big dog, Roman Reigns.

Hunter said when they get to Reigns, they will take their time and make an example out of Reigns. Hunter said that example is Reigns, and he will not come back from Payback. Hunter seemed to want to spit out the match stipulation for Payback. "Roman Reigns, you will fail to adapt. And at Payback, you will --- ." Suddenly, Shield stormed the ring and attacked Evolution mid-sentence. Shield teed off on Hunter and Orton, then cleared Batista to the outside. Hunter tried to run back into the ring, but Shield bounced him right off the ropes. Shield's music played.

On the stage, Batista took the mic and said he's had enough. He singled out Roman Reigns, saying he's had enough of him. "You and me, tonight," he said. Evolution's music played as Evolution retreated to the stage.

[Commercial Break at 9:21]

Back live, cast members from "Total Divas" were ringside holding pieces of papers with numbers written on the paper. Nikki Bella was introduced for singles action, then Natalya was introduced as her opponent. Before the match started, WWE introduced a deal from last night's "Total Divas" where Natalya got her feelings hurt when Nikki did not like a "weird" painting Natalya drew for her. So, they're having a match.


Natalya followed up on having her feelings hurt by making a pouty face as the bell sounded. Meanwhile, the ringside Divas held up cards from 0-10 corresponding to the quality of moves by each competitor. Nikki won after Natalya let her frustration get to her, as usual.

[Q7] Post-match: Brie entered the ring and celebrated with Nikki, holding up a "10" card. Brie seems to have moved on quickly from her husband, D-Bryan, playing up his career possibly being over. Natalya then pouted ringside and slapped away at the cards held by the other Divas. Naomi tried to console Natalya as everyone took off from ringside.

WINNER: Nikki at 3:40. Is this Middle School Musical or Raw? WWE has scripted Natalya to be one of the saddest characters on TV right now.

[Commercial Break at 9:32]

In-ring: Ryback was introduced to the ring for the next match. Out came Ryback and Curtis Axel wearing matching goofy-looking beanies for some reason. Axel tried to look tough on the way to the ring, then new U.S. champion Sheamus came out for competition. Ryback and Axel did rock, paper, scissors to determine who should start the match, then pulled out coins from their beanies. Ryback acted like he won, but then bailed to the outside. Apparently he was just excited that he does not have to face Sheamus. So, it's Axel against Sheamus.

5 -- U.S. champion SHEAMUS vs. CURTIS AXEL (w/Ryback) -- non-title match

Quiet crowd early on as Ryback taunted the crowd and Axel controlled the action in the ring. Sheamus then sat down on a Texas Cloverleaf submission and Axel was forced to tap out.

Post-match: Ryback jumped Sheamus from behind. Sheamus then got to his feet and squared off with Ryback. JBL said they're about to have another match as Raw cut to break.

WINNER: Sheamus at 3:20.

[Q8] [Commercial Break at 9:44]

5 -- U.S. champion SHEAMUS vs. RYBACK (w/Curtis Axel) -- non-title match

The "impromptu match" was joined in-progress with Ryback wearing down Sheamus with a sleeperhold. Sheamus returned fire with the crowd-pleasing ten forearms across the chest against the ropes. Ryback came right back with a chinbreaker, though, for a two count. Ryback then took his time setting for a Meathook Clothesline, but Sheamus avoided and answered with White Noise for a nearfall.

Sheamus sold being worn out as he looked to follow up with a Brogue Kick. But, Axel got on the ring apron to provide a distraction that allowed Ryback to clothesline Sheamus. Ryback followed up with Shell-Shock, but Sheamus slipped out and nailed the Brogue Kick. Sheamus covered for the pin and the win.

WINNER: Sheamus at 5:31. Nice to see a new champion booked to look strong initially, rather than immediately vulnerable. Establish the foundation, then create the vulnerability. Overall, solid TV match.

[Commercial Break at 9:53]

Main Event plug: Sheamus vs. Cesaro in a non-title match tomorrow night on WWE Network.

Back live, Stephanie McMahon was introduced to the ring. Stephanie marched down to the ring with a subdued look, then displayed a heel smile to the crowd. Lawler wondered aloud if Stephanie's smile has to do with Daniel Bryan.

In the ring, Stephanie referenced Daniel Bryan's story earlier tonight. She said Bryan has overcome adversity since Summerslam, won the WWE World Title at WrestleMania, and beat Kane at Extreme Rules. But, at the end of the day, Bryan has to undergo neck surgery this week. And, all that proves is one thing - "Daniel Bryan is simply not an A-Plus Player." Stephanie said Bryan's body could not keep up with what his heart wants. She said he has the heart of a champion, but cannot pull through for the crowd.

Stephanie said at the end of the day, she and her family have to do what's best for business. Therefore, since they don't know what the outcome of Bryan's surgery will be, she needs Bryan to come down here and hear something from her face-to-face. Long pause. "Come on, Daniel," she said. Instead, Kane's pyro shot off. Kane dragged Bryan out on-stage like a cat dragging his prey to his master as Stephanie sold horror in the ring. Kane looked down at a lifeless Bryan, then disappeared to the back.

[Q9 - third hour] The lights came back on to reveal Bryan bruised from head to toe and his shirt ripped up. A doctor checked on Bryan, then a stretcher showed up. Stephanie hit the stage selling concern as Brie Bella hit the stage to monitor Bryan. "Daniel Bryan" chant from the crowd as medics fit Bryan for a neckbrace. "The man's having neck surgery on Thursday," Stephanie said in a normal voice to the medics helping out. Bryan was wheeled off-stage as Raw cut to break. And, Bryan is still WWE World champion.

[Commercial Break at 10:03]

Back on Raw, Daniel Bryan continued to sell unconsciousness as he was helped into the back of an ambulance. Stephanie sold over-concern, drawing a look from Brie. Steph said she doesn't know what to say, then Brie shouted in her face to stay away. The ambulance took off with Brie inside, then the camera stayed on Stephanie, who sold having ulterior motives.

In-ring: Dolph ZIggler, a babyface presumably watching another babyface get taken away from the building in an ambulance on the Titantron, was standing by in the ring. JBL said you can't grieve forever, so they moved on without protest from the face announcers, further taking away from whatever heat was on the Bryan-Kane injury angle. Layla then paved the way for Fandango to face Ziggler. Before the match, WWE cut to a clip from "Total Divas," where Summer Rae was produced to throw herself at Fandango a few months ago. Flash-forward to Fandango making out with his new girlfriend, Layla.


A battle of hip gyrations was the theme early on, turning this into a Shake Your Body match. Fandango then knocked Ziggler to the floor and followed up with an attack back in the ring. Meanwhile, the announcers casually talked about relationships and Twitter break-ups. Ziggler made a comeback, drawing concerns from Layla ringside. Ziggler nailed a Fameasser, but only scored a nearfall. Layla got on the ring apron to complain about Ziggler, allowing Fandango to surprise Ziggler with a kick to the face for a nearfall. Layla then got stuck in the ring apron, drawing over a concerned Fandango. This allowed Ziggler to drop Fandango with a Zig-Zag for the pin and the win.

Post-match: Layla sold concern after inadvertently costing Fandango the match. Layla cautiously slipped into the ring, where Fandango already had a mic. Fandango calmed her down and told Layla that he might have lost, but he knows he's a winner because no woman has made him feel the way she does. Fandango said Dolph may have won, but Layla has won something more valuable - his heart. "Layla, I love you," he declared. Cue up another make-up session in the ring. JBL demanded they cut to commercial right now. "My mom watches this show!" he said.

WINNER: Ziggler at 4:48.

[Q10] Still to come: Batista vs. Roman Reigns.

[Commercial Break at 10:16]

Back live, "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan made a surprise appearance dressed in a WWE logo polo shirt and slacks. Duggan, holding his trademark 2x4, entered the ring to "USA" chants before taking the mic. Duggan asked the crowd in an unidentified city how they're doing tonight. He said it's great to be here, especially after living at Legends House. Not much reaction. Duggan said he's sure everyone is watching the show, but the response was muted by Rusev's music.

Lana walked out on-stage to address Jim Duggan, offering the pre-WWF/E "Duggan" pronunciation. Lana called Duggan a laughingstock like England, then talked about China's economy. Pause for "USA" chant. Lana said Rusev is proud to represent Russia and the greatest leader in the world, Vladimir Putin. Because he can play hockey?

Duggan interrupted from the ring that he thinks Lana should hear the following. "USA" chants followed. Lana sold annoyance on-stage as the crowd played along. Lana ignored, then brought out the super-athlete, Rusev. Lana nodded toward the ring and Rusev robotically marched down to the ring, where Duggan sold panic. Duggan then wound up his 2x4 like a baseball bat and Lana told "Mr. Duggan" that he has one chance to beg for mercy. Duggan defiantly shouted "USA," then Rusev stole the 2x4 and bashed it over his leg. Lana said that was Duggan's one chance. "Rusev, crush!" she shouted.

Suddenly, Big E.'s music played. Big E. stormed the ring to the most cheers in months, then went after Rusev, but took a swift kick to the mouth. Big E. retreated to the outside and Duggan checked on Big E. while Rusev sold confidence in the ring while standing awkwardly waiting for a cue. Rusev's music eventually played and he stood tall in the ring with Lana. Not much of a babyface save from Big E., but the announcers tried to cover for him that he at least saved Duggan. Emphasis on *tried.*

Earlier Tonight: Shield and Evolution mixed it up ahead of their re-match at Payback in three weeks.

Still to come: Batista vs. Reigns in the main event.

[Q11] [Commercial Break at 10:30]

In-ring: Back live, Damien Sandow was introduced for match action. Sandow had a mic in-hand and referenced the Raw pre-show. Sandow acted like he was "shooting," which drew silence from the crowd. Sandow said a lot of people don't want to hear what he has to say, then Goldust's music interrupted. Sandow rolled his eyes as WWE cut away from him to the Goldust & Cody Rhodes ring entrance. Cody was introduced as Sandow's opponent to see if Cody can actually win a match. JBL noted everyone is frustrated, they have a ring, they have a ref, and they should have a fight.

7 -- DAMIEN SANDOW vs. CODY RHODES (w/Goldust)

Cole brought up this match being a battle of the Rhodes Scholars, which has been reduced to a Q11 buffer match. Cody knocked down Sandow, who sold being woozy. Cody asked if he's all right, then Sandow sprung on Cody with an attack. Sandow and Cody traded pinfall attempts, then Cody ate the middle rope. "You're welcome!" Sandow shouted toward the crowd. Side Russian legsweep, then Sandow missed with the Elbow of Disdain. Sandow got it moments later against the ring apron.

Cody made a comeback with a flying clothesline, then dropkicked Sandow. Cody followed with a punt to the gut as JBL and Cole reminisced about the last time they were in the arena in the unidentified city. Suddenly, something caught JBL's eye in the ring. It was Cody with a Thumb to the Eye. Cody followed with Cross Rhodes for the pin and the win.

Post-match: Goldust entered the ring and clapped it up for his brother, although a bit reluctantly since Cody used heelish tactics to finally get a win. WWE replayed Cody picking up the win before going back to Goldust doing an "oh, I see what you did there" look toward his brother.

WINNER: Rhodes at 4:53.

Up Next: Batista vs. Reigns in the main event.

[Commercial Break at 10:41]

Vignette: Bo Dallas is cutting red tape. Getting married. On the beach. Swinging for doubles. Running races in suits. Just Bo-lieving.

[Q12] Earlier Tonight: It's been an awful night for Daniel Bryan. The clip included Bryan noting he's getting neck surgery on Thursday. Bryan told the crowd he will return from neck surgery, but later in the show, Bryan was dragged out on-stage by Kane. After Bryan was taken away from the building via ambulance, WWE showed Brie pushing Stephanie McMahon, telling her to stay away.

Suddenly, the Wyatt theme interrupted. On the video screen, Bray Wyatt addressed John Cena and flawed humans. Bray said people have become parasites and Cena is no different. "You're all the same!" he said." Bray asked where this fairytale will end. Last week, Cena said he would never give up, even if he is the last man standing. Bray said he likes that. Because he would like to put Cena's theory to the test at Payback. Bray vowed to be the last man standing at Payback. "How far are you willing to go?" Bray asked, then sang "He's got the whole world in his hands." Cut out.

Back in the arena, The Shield was introduced for the main event. Cole hyped Shield vs. Evolution at Payback in three weeks, then WWE focused on Roman Reigns heading to commercial.

[Commercial Break at 10:50]

This Friday on Smackdown: John Cena answers the Wyatts.

Back in the ring, Reigns was standing by waiting for Batista, who was introduced to the Evolution theme music. Orton came out dressed to wrestle, while Triple H was dressed for a street fight.

8 -- ROMAN REIGNS (w/The Shield) vs. BATISTA (w/Evolution)

The bell sounded five minutes before the top of the hour for the big-man battle to begin. Back and forth early on as the wrestlers felt each other out and the crowd felt out the match. "Boo-tista" chant from the crowd, then Reigns ran over Batista with a clothesline. Hunter and Orton popped to the ring apron to stand guard, then Batista hit Reigns with a right hand. Reigns answered with a big boot, then a big charging clothesline.

The fight moved to the floor, where the outside participants became involved. Back in the ring, Reigns measured Batista for a big move, but Hunter pulled him out of the ring. He wanted a Pedigree on Reigns, but Rollins flew at Hunter to break it up. The bell sounded for the match to be thrown out.

WINNER: Match Thrown Out at 4:19.

[Q13 -- over-run] Post-match: Shield rolled Evolution back into the ring. Shield put the boots to Shield, then Stephanie McMahon suddenly appeared on-stage and she sent a host of lower-card heels to the ring. Included was Brodus Clay, last seen on NXT. The low-level heels targeted Roman Reigns, then Hunter grabbed a chair ringside. Hunter measured Reigns for a big chair shot, but Reigns broke free of the heels and speared Hunter. Ambrose and Rollins then hit the ring with chairs and cleared the heels from the ring.

The crowd popped as Shield stood tall and gave finishers to the heels. Meanwhile, Evolution regrouped to the stage area. Poor Heath Slater was left in there to take a Superman Punch from Reigns, then Reigns finished off Ryback with a spear. Shield fired up the crowd, then Ryback remained in the ring. Shield gave Ryback another triple powerbomb, then Evolution was shown pacing ringside nervously. Shield, with the upper hand this week, stood in the ring drooling at the thought of getting their hands on Evolution again. Evolution continued to pace ringside before WWE replayed the end of the match and the post-match.

Back live, Shield continued to stand tall in the ring. Shield put their fists in the middle to show unity as Raw signed off four minutes past the top of the hour.

- On the Raw post-game show, Evolution continued to stand on the stage after everyone calmed down. Shield remained in the ring, then Batista picked out a few fans in the crowd to yell at. Suddenly, Heath Slater was in the ring again. Slater took a spear from Reigns, then was dragged out of the ring by referee Charles Robinson.

Later on the post-game show, Renee Young talked to The Shield about their feud with Evolution. Dean Ambrose said he can't stand the Wyatts or Sheamus, but something about Shield puts him in a dangerous place he doesn't want to be. Seth Rollins calmed down Ambrose, then Reigns said it's gone from business to personal.

At the end of the post-game panel discussion, Alex Riley brought up the million dollar question of whether Stephanie was going to strip D-Bryan of the WWE Title. The panelists looked at him like, "Don't bring that up yet," so Booker tried to swing the conversation to a lot of contenders lining up for title shots.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Shield-Evolution remains the strong point of the show going back-and-forth the last two weeks, but there is a huge hole to fill going forward without Daniel Bryan's services in the ring and on the mic. WWE also has to figure out what to do with the WWE Title depending on how long Bryan is out of action post-surgery. Overall, WWE just does not have the Creative discipline or developed roster to support a three-hour Raw.

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PWTorch editor Wade Keller has covered pro wrestling full time since 1987 starting with the Pro Wrestling Torch print newsletter. launched in 1999 and the PWTorch Apps launched in 2008.

He has conducted "Torch Talk" insider interviews with Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Steve Austin, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Eric Bischoff, Jesse Ventura, Lou Thesz, Jerry Lawler, Mick Foley, Jim Ross, Paul Heyman, Bruno Sammartino, Goldberg, more.

He has interviewed big-name players in person incluiding Vince McMahon (at WWE Headquarters), Dana White (in Las Vegas), Eric Bischoff (at the first Nitro at Mall of America), Brock Lesnar (after his first UFC win).

He hosted the weekly Pro Wrestling Focus radio show on KFAN in the early 1990s and hosted the Ultimate Insiders DVD series distributed in retail stories internationally in the mid-2000s including interviews filmed in Los Angeles with Vince Russo & Ed Ferrara and Matt & Jeff Hardy. He currently hosts the most listened to pro wrestling audio show in the world, (the PWTorch Livecast, top ranked in iTunes)


Wade Keller, editor

James Caldwell, assistant editor

Bruce Mitchell (since 1990)
Pat McNeill (since 2001)
Greg Parks (since 2007)
Sean Radican (since 2003)

We also have a great team of
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