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WWE Raw Report
PARKS'S WWE RAW REPORT 7/28: Ongoing "virtual time" coverage of the continuing road to Summerslam, follow-up on the Stephanie McMahon arrest angle

Jul 28, 2014 - 10:08:54 PM


WWE Raw review
July 28, 2014
Live in Houston, Texas
Aired on USA Network
By Greg Parks, PWTorch Columnist (Twitter: @gregmparks)

- WWE Open.

- The opening video package chronicled Stephanie McMahon’s slap of Brie Bella last week, followed by Steph’s arrest later in the night. It also bled into Triple H’s decision as to who would face John Cena at Summerslam.

- The in-arena portion of Raw began with John Cena. He came to the ring with both title belts hooked together, wearing them around his neck. Michael Cole, JBL and Jerry “The King” Lawler were shown at the commentary table discussing Cena vs. Brock Lesnar at Summerslam. Cena paused to allow for a reaction, calling the Houston fans a “lively bunch.” Cena wasn’t his usual smiling, jovial self. He said it’s because of his impending match with Lesnar, who he called a “mercenary.” Cena acknowledged that the WWE Universe might just want to see Lesnar “beat the hell out of me.” “Yes” chants followed.

Cena called Lesnar “the most devastating force in the WWE.” He really put Lesnar over here – there was no Alberto Del Rio-ing him. Cena admitted he’s in for an ass-kicking at Summerslam. However, he said he will fight to the end and beat Brock Lesnar just like he did in 2012. First mention of that match between the two, I believe. Turning his attention to the WWE World Title, Cena expressed concern about what would happen to it if Lesnar were to win. Paul Heyman then interrupted Cena’s promo.

Heyman introduced himself, then said Lesnar would conquer Cena at Summerslam. He said Cena had some mighty big words, for someone who is about to be turned into a victim. Heyman said Cena has never in his life been victimized. He said to ask Undertaker what it’s like to be victimized. But wait, no one has seen him or heard from him since Wrestlemania. Cena was pacing around the ring as this went on. Heyman said Lesnar is on the offensive and he won’t just pin Cena, he’ll victimize Cena. He said the only thing Lesnar is passionate about is inflicting pain. He said Lesnar is salivating at the idea of Cena no longer being the WWE World Champion. After Summerslam, all Cena will be is “beaten, victimized, conquered.”

Cena put the titles down and said he’s sick of Heyman’s crap. He grasped at the word “passion,” which Heyman mentioned. Cena brought up the “ECW” chants, and the passion of those fans and even Heyman when he hears them. “This is my friggin’ life!” said Cena, of the passion he has for WWE and being champion. Cena said Lesnar has no passion for anything but himself. He said Lesnar will have to beat every breath out of his body because he’s walking in as champion and will walk out with “this son of a bitch” (that being the belts).

Cesaro’s music played and he came out, hugging Paul Heyman in the process. Cesaro said though he and Heyman have agreed to go their separate ways, he won’t allow Cena to talk about Heyman in such a way. Cesaro said Cena is a hulked-up billboard. He asked if Cena got those shoes at Kmart. He said you can’t wrestle in sneakers, then said, “Oh, wait…you can’t wrestle.” Cesaro wanted to prove that in a match now. Cena vowed to wrestle circles around Cesaro right now. Match is next.

[Commercial Break]


The match began immediately after the break. A test of strength started the match. Cesaro caught Cena on a leap-frog attempt and looked like he was going to spin him into a back-breaker, but he didn’t have a good grasp of Cena and instead just slammed him. Cena connected on the slowest-developing hurricanrana in history, but it worked. The two men exchanged fisticuffs, with Cesaro sending a shoulder into Cena’s gut to send him to ringside. Cena charged back into the ring and went on offense. Cesaro countered a bulldog attempt. The show went to break with Cesaro taking over at 4:32 of the match.

[Commercial Break]

Back at 8:06 with Cena hitting a few shoulder tackles, as per his usual comeback routine. Cesaro planted Cena face-first into the mat in response. From the mat, Cena crawled up Cesaro’s body to avoid a Cesaro swing and rolled him up for two. Impressive power by Cena. Cesaro suplexed Cena into the ring from the apron while standing on the second rope. A cover only got two. At 10:44, Cesaro swung Cena around the ring. Cena countered a submission move with an STF attempt, but Cesaro kicked away from it. Cena ended up climbing the corner with Cesaro on his shoulder. Cesaro knocked him off and hit a cross-body from the top. Cena rolled through and picked him up, put him on his shoulders, but Cesaro landed on his feet on an Attitude Adjustment attempt. Uppercut by Cesaro, but Cena kicked out of a pin at 12:44. Cena back-dropped out of a Neutralizer, but again Cesaro landed on his feet. Two big boots floored Cena. Cesaro again went to the top and Cena met him up there. Second-rope AA by Cena for the pinfall.

WINNER: Cena, at 13:59. Hot start to Raw with the opening promo followed by this match. As if there was any doubt, Cesaro showed he can hang with main event talent. Cena held his own as well.

After a few replays, they showed Cena walking to the back.

- Tonight, Stephanie McMahon has invited Brie Bella to Raw. We’ll find out if they can clear the air later tonight.

- Backstage, Stephanie was struggling emotionally. She said she’s tried to stay strong, but now that they’re at Raw, things are a little different. “I can’t go back there,” she said. She said she can’t look at the disappointment in their daughters’ eyes again. Triple H was there with her and said things will work out tonight. Randy Orton barged in and complained that he should be facing Cena at Summerslam. He demanded that Hunter reconsider. Hunter said he could change the match, but he’s not going to. He said as long as Roman Reigns is in the picture, Orton isn’t getting the shot. He implored Orton to take out Reigns if he wants another shot. This sounds an awful lot like the reason Seth Rollins wasn’t going to get a shot at Cena – that Dean Ambrose would take him out at every turn. Hunter said Kane faces Reigns tonight. Orton said he has a problem with Kane, and now Hunter, too, then walked away.

[Commercial Break]

- Paige skipped to the ring, mocking her former frienemy A.J. Lee. As she did so, they showed her post-match attack and official turn on A.J. last week. Paige got the mic and wanted to set the record straight. She said she’s young and sometimes lets her emotions get the best of her. She still considers A.J. her best friend. Last week, she admitted she crossed the line and promised she’d never act that way again. A.J. then came out. A.J. skipped around the ring before entering it to confront Paige.

A.J. started to say that no one was buying Paige’s apology, but Paige tried to swear it’s true. A.J. angrily said she wasn’t’ finished. A.J. said she knows what it’s like to have the Divas title taken away in an instant. A.J. said if Paige wants to be like her, she needs to learn to take care of her problems face-to-face. Paige said if A.J. doesn’t believe she’s her real friend, then she guesses A.J. is crazy. Uh-oh. A.J. asked for clarification and Paige apologized. Paige said she’d never make fun of A.J.’s mental health. She said it like she apologized earlier: insincerely. A.J. said no problem, it happens, but then attacked Paige.

The two women brawled in the ring and then to ringside. Paige was thrown into the barricade, but she managed to avoid the stairs when shoved into them. Paige tried to plead with A.J. as she backed up the ramp, still trying to assure A.J. they’re friends. A loud “C.M. Punk” chant broke out. A.J. reentered the ring and challenged Paige to come get her title. A.J.’s music played as they stared at each other from afar.

- Tonight, Roman Reigns vs. Kane.

[Commercial Break]

- Triple H’s music hit five minutes before the top of the second hour. He walked out hand-in-hand with his wife. There were no smiles, no gloating. Hunter appeared to whisper comforting words into Steph’s ear before they headed down the ramp. Once again, they showed Brie’s comments that led to Stephanie’s slap, then her arrest. You can really tell when WWE falls in love with one of their own angles – they replay it incessantly. Plus, you’d think WWE production would have more sensitivity than to show that clip, presumably on the Titan-Tron, while Stephanie is standing in the ring.

“Jailbird” chants by the fans. Triple H professed his disgust for the fanbase for their reaction to his wife getting cuffed. Hunter said the fans found it funny that the wife of his children was handcuffed. He was very intense, and the crowd matched him there. “I will never forgive you for that,” he said to the crowd. Hunter called last week’s incident “a simple misunderstanding.” Steph was nearly in tears in the ring. Hunter said Steph was only defending herself from the antagonistic Brie Bella. Hunter said all charges were dropped except assault and battery. Hunter desired to put the whole, ugly incident behind them. Stephanie then took the mic. The crowd battered her with boos.

Stephanie asked Brie to come to the ring so they could get it over with. Instead, Chris Jericho’s music hit. Jericho was all smiles, fresh off his locker room attack at the hands of Bray Wyatt last week. Jericho said he feels bad about what happened last week. And to give them his sympathies with a song: It was “Bad Boys.” The crowd picked up and sang along while Steph covered her ears. “You sound great!” Jericho told the fans. Hunter asked if Jericho thought this was funny. I think the answer to that question is pretty clear. Jericho assured Steph that orange is the new black, and it’s okay to be a jailbird. He said the WWE Network was created for moments like last week, so that we can watch it over and over.

Hunter said he was not in the mood for this. He was asked by Jericho the big question: Why didn’t Hunter go with Stephanie to the jail? Jericho answered it for Hunter: Because Stephanie is nothing more than a filthy, dirty trash-bag ho. Hunter yelled for Jericho to shut up. Hunter told Jericho he needs to focus more on Bray Wyatt. Jericho revealed that it’s the reason he’s actually out there. He wanted Wyatt in a match tonight. Hunter said he’ll have to wait until Summerslam. But tonight…and as he paused, Seth Rollins ran out and hit Jericho in the back of the head with the MITB briefcase. Jericho faces Rollins. How did Triple H know Rollins was going to come out right then, considering Jericho’s interruption wasn’t planned? And how did Rollins know Hunter was going to put him in a match with Jericho?

- The announcers talked on-camera about the segment, with JBL accusing fans using the #jailbird on Twitter of “trolling.”

- They replayed some of Cena’s comments in the opening segment.

- A graphic for Cena vs. Lesnar at Summerslam was shown.

- Roman Reigns takes on Kane tonight.

[Commercial Break]


No entrance for Ryback and Curtis Axel. The Miz began the match still wearing his sunglasses, tagging Ryback when it became apparent Ziggler wanted to go after his face. Ziggler fought away from Axel and made a tag to one of the Usos. The Xavier Woods/Kofi Kingston/Big E. trio was shown watching this match on a monitor backstage. The Usos flew early, taking out the heels. Ziggler helped stand tall with his partners as the heels regrouped. They cut to break at 2:23 of the match.

[Commercial Break]

Back live at 5:46 with Miz tagging in against one of the Usos. The Woods group was now watching from ringside. Knee-lift by Miz found the mark. A cheap-shot riled up Ziggler. A neck-breaker/back-breaker combo was avoided by Jimmy Uso and Ziggler hot-tagged in. He went to work on Ryback, knocking Axel off the apron in the process. Ryback powered Ziggler up, but Ziggler brought him down with a DDT. Miz broke up the pin at 9:14. The match broke down further at this point. Ryback had Ziggler up for a powerbomb, but Ziggler hit the Zig Zag for the win.

WINNERS: The Usos and Ziggler, at 10:04. Solid match. Miz has really found something with this character.

- The Stephanie-Brie détente is still to come.

[Commercial Break]


Dallas told Truth that he can never be undefeated like him. “Actually, you lost a lot of matches in your career.” Dallas said he knows one day, he’ll be victorious if he Bolieves. Dallas took a victory lap after a shoulder knockdown. Back in the ring, Truth rolled up Dallas for the win.

WINNER: Truth, at :32. An unceremonious end to Bo’s undefeated streak. That was strange.

After the match, Dallas shook Truth’s hand and got the mic. “I can’t Bolieve that you’re the first to beat me,” said Dallas. Then he hit Truth over the head with the mic and attacked him. Suddenly, the smile was gone. It reappeared after his attack. Then he took a lap around the ring.

- Rollins’ attack on Jericho earlier tonight was replayed. The two go one-on-one later tonight.

[Commercial Break]

- The full music video of “Shell Shocked” by Wiz Khalifa, amongst others, can be viewed at

- Rusev and Lana were in the ring. Lana talked about the virtues of the American flag, then said it’s now a faded banner for a ruined nation. Once again, Vladimir Putin’s mug was plastered on the Titan-Tron for easy heat. Lana said President Obama wags his finger like a schoolteacher. She said he’s “pathetic” and “a laughable leader.” She showed a picture of George W. Bush, who she said we elected before Obama. That didn’t get as many cheers as I expected in Texas. Zeb Colter walked out with Jack Swagger.

Colter had Swagger hold up a “real flag,” the American flag. Colter said there’s no mistaking that it represents the USA, no matter where it flies. He gave examples of what the flag represents. Colter said, to him, the flag represents the American men and women who died for our freedoms. Colter said Lana makes it easy for Real Americans everywhere to stand and repeat, “we the people.” Swagger charged the ring and nailed Rusev, who was ready at ringside. The men brawled there, and Rusev drove Swagger into the barricade.

In the ring, Rusev was given instructions to crush. Before he could get the Accolade, Swagger tried the Patriot Lock. He couldn’t get it, but he did kick Rusev out of the ring. Rusev and Lana retreated while Swagger and Colter claimed the ring for America.

- Still to come: Roman Reigns vs. Kane.

[Commercial Break]

- Damien Sandow walked out in an astronaut costume. Cole said, “Houston, we have a problem,” which Sandow repeated as his opening line. Sandow said his search for intelligent life continues. “One small step for man, one giant leap into the toilet for mankind.” Adam Rose then came out with his Rosebuds. He called Sandow a “sour spaceman.” Sandow said no one can hear you scream in space. He wanted to see if that’s true on earth. He attacked Rose until the two were separated by the ref.


One the match officially began, Rose simply hit the Party Foul for the win.

WINNER: Rose, at :11. Sandow definitely got the better of their verbal exchange. Rose isn't bad in this role, but it just doesn't seem to be catching on.

- Next, Kane vs. Roman Reigns.

[Commercial Break]

- This week on Main Event, Dean Ambrose takes on Alberto Del Rio.

- Kane came out for his match with Reigns. As Reigns descended the stairs, he was attacked in the crowd by Randy Orton. Orton was thrown to ringside and Reigns took out Kane with the Superman punch. It ended up with Reigns and Kane in the ring, where Reigns nailed Kane with a Samoan drop. Orton attacked Reigns from behind. Where’s the ref? A Superman punch to Orton was followed by Kane chokeslamming Reigns. Kane left, leaving Orton alone with Reigns. Orton kicked the chest of Reigns, then pulled him out of the ring.

Next was Orton throwing Reigns into the steel steps. And again. Reigns was sent back over the barricade and into the crowd. Orton trash talked him, then set him up for the draping DDT from the barricade to the ringside floor. “Superman punch him already!” one fan shouted. Orton took apart the stairs and used the bottom section. No babyfaces coming out, no referees or agents. Orton began to take apart the announce table next. Reigns was sent head-first into the steps a few times. Orton positioned Reigns onto the announce table and RKO’d him onto it. The table didn’t break. Orton didn’t look terribly pleased. A second one did break the table. Orton said that’s what happens when people cost him things that are precious, like a title shot. Orton posed to close the segment.

[Commercial Break]

- Roman Reigns was being helped to his feet upon return from break. As he did so, they replayed some of the attack by Orton. The announcers, sans announce table, reacted to the attack.


No entrance for Fandango, but Layla and Summer Rae joined El Torito as part of Diego’s entrance. Big back body-drop by Fandango. He yelled at his former dance partners, stationed at ringside. Fandango went to the top rope, but Torito did so as well in the next corner over. As Fandango went over to have a word with Diego’s three amigos, Diego rolled him up for the win.

WINNER: Diego, at 1:20. Some humor (and to bring the crowd down) after the heated previous segment.

Fandango got on the apron post-match while the faces were celebrating in the ring. Torito gored him in the stomach, knocking him off. Summer and Layla kissed Torito, who feigned passing out.

- Backstage, Stephanie McMahon knocked on the Divas locker room door. Nikki came out and said Brie will be here. You mean she’s not already? What if Jericho hadn’t interrupted that earlier segment? Nikki promised that Brie would express herself and Steph hoped Brie would be “reasonable.” Nikki said it’s not often that someone like Steph eats a plate of crap; she just hopes Steph likes the taste of it.

[Commercial Break]

- Goldust and Stardust had another backstage segment. Stardust was working on a chalkboard, presumably looking for the cosmic key. Goldust said he knows where it is. He distracted Stardust so he could write on the board: “They have it.” Not sure who “they” is supposed to be.


No entrances for anyone here. Fox and Nattie began the match. Seated dropkick by Natalya for two. Naomi, in matching pink-and-black tights, went after Cameron. She kept Fox at bay, then jumped off the apron and onto Cameron. Fox pulled her off. Back in the ring, Fox hit a scissors kick, but Naomi kicked out. Cameron demanded a tag, and she got it. A hair pull put Naomi on the mat. Cameron “slammed” Naomi into the corner, and I use that verb loosely. Cameron had Naomi mounted, but Naomi rolled her up. Submission move applied by Naomi, a variation of a headscissors, for the tap-out win.

WINNERS: Naomi and Natalya, via submission, at 2:46. Naomi and Cameron has turned into an okay Divas feud.

- A graphic was shown for Cena vs. Lesnar at Summerslam, as well as Jericho vs. Wyatt.

- Chris Jericho came out for what I presume is the main event. They showed the Wyatts attack on the WWE App last week during Raw. Then the attack by Rollins on Jericho was shown. The match with Rollins happens next.

[Commercial Break]


Jericho took the fight outside the ring rather quickly. Rollins kicked Jericho in the face as Jericho tried to get back into the ring. Then Rollins blasted Rollins in the head as Rollins tried to dive outside and onto him. Standing suplex by Jericho. Enziguiri by Jericho for two. Beautiful dropkick felled Jericho. Jericho with a springboard off the middle rope and into Rollins, who was on the apron, sending Rollins bumping to the floor. They went to break at 2:51 of the match.

[Commercial Break]

Back at 6:07 with Rollins holding Jericho in a rest-hold. Rollins missed a corner splash and Jericho hit him with an axe-handle off the top rope. Chops landed on the chest of Rollins, but Rollins sent Jericho head-first into the second turnbuckle. Rollins went to the top but Jericho stopped him there. Superplex didn’t happen, but Jericho back-dropped Rollins down. He perched himself on the top and flew through the air with a cross-body for a near-fall. Rollins hammered at Jericho with rights. He then did a flip sell off of a back elbow. Impressive. Turnbuckle powerbomb by Rollins. Rollins wriggled out of a Walls of Jericho attempt. A jumping kick by Rollins and both men were down at the twelve-minute mark. Springboard by Rollins, right into a Codebreaker. The lights went out and The Wyatts graphic came on screen. Back live, The Wyatt Family were in the ring, while Rollins and the ref were nowhere to be seen. The attack was on, though the bell never rang (and the ref was at ringside).

WINNER: No Contest, we’ll call it at 12:45.

Wyatt gave Jericho his finisher, then knelt down beside him with Luke Harper and Erick Rowan next to him. I'm more concerned about the sudden disappearance of Rollins than Jericho's condition.

- Stephanie and Triple H were walking backstage. Before they cut to break, Cole assured viewers that Brie was in the building.

[Commercial Break]

- Friday night on Smackdown, Chris Jericho takes on Erick Rowan.

- Stephanie McMahon came out alone. They showed Brie’s slap of Stephanie from last month at Payback, then Steph returning the favor on Raw last week. Steph called getting arrested “a life-altering experience.” She sounded very contrite and understood the gravity of the situation that took place last week. Stephanie said her children are getting teased at camp and they aren’t allowed over for playdates anymore. As she spoke, Brie Bella came out from the crowd and to the ring. Did they really need to play her music?

Brie said she’s heard enough. She asked if Steph was just going to stand there like a whiny, sniveling bitch. Steph asked Brie to drop all the charges. Brie asked why. Steph said she doesn’t deserve it, but Brie said Steph in fact deserves to go to hell. Steph said she will treat Brie’s sister, Nikki, fairly and professionally from here on out. She even offered to give Nikki a raise. Hah, not in WWE’s current financial situation! Brie said she wants her job back? Steph said one Bella in WWE is enough. Brie was ready to walk away, but Steph reconsidered as long as charges were dropped. Steph was about to walk away with things settled when Brie asked for one more thing: A match at Summerslam. Steph was happy to grant her one, thinking it was maybe for the Divas championship. Brie clarified that she wanted a match against Stephanie. Stephanie said she hasn’t competed in the ring in over ten years.

Brie said if there’s no match, the charges stay. She was leaving the ring when Stephanie stopped her. Stephanie was almost crying, talking about how unfair this was. She egged on the fans to chant “yes” and then she said she wouldn’t lower herself to get into the ring with Brie. Brie said she’d see Stephanie in court. Stephanie told her to wait and finally agreed to it. She then walked up to Brie and slapped her, knocking her off the apron. All the crying and whining was for show, as Stephanie said she’d make Brie her bitch at Summerslam. Brie jumped back into the ring and jumped Stephanie. The two women went at it while Triple H called for agents Jamie Noble, Joey Mercury, and Finlay to come down and break it up. The old men could barely contain the ladies. Stephanie was finally dragged out of the ring. Hunter told her to calm down. The crowd was chanting “Jamie Noble” as the show went off the air. That’s a new one.

Greg Parks has been covering WWE Smackdown for since January of 2007. He is the host of “Moonlighting with Greg Parks,” a PWTorch VIP-exclusive audio show posted each weekend. Follow him on Twitter @gregmparks for live Tweeting during Raw, Impact, and PPVs, as well as other bits of wisdom. Comments, questions and feedback are welcome, and can be sent to

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