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WWE Raw Report
CALDWELL'S WWE RAW RESULTS 9/8: Complete "virtual-time" coverage of Raw vs. NFL Week 1 - steel cage opener, Summerslam re-match, Jerry Springer, Cena-Heyman, more

Sep 8, 2014 - 10:14:02 PM


WWE Raw TV Results
September 8, 2014 - Episode #1,110
Live in Baltimore, Md.
Report by James Caldwell (@JCTorch), PWTorch assistant editor

- The Card: Chris Jericho vs. Bray Wyatt in a steel cage to open Raw, Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns in a Summerslam re-match, and Jerry Springer addressing the Bella Drama.

Live Raw on USA Network

What WWE is billing as the "season premiere" of their year-round TV show opened with a look at the steel cage hanging above the ring. Michael Cole hyped the renewal of Chris Jericho vs. Bray Wyatt for "the final time" tonight. High energy from Cole in the intro. Then, WWE ran a video package hyping tonight's line-up. Added is Paul Heyman issuing a warning to John Cena.

Back live in the arena, Cole hyped the steel cage opener before Chris Jericho's music played. Full ring introduction for Jericho, who was sporting his multi-color light-up jacket. Cole, JBL, and Jerry Lawler were introduced at ringside as Jericho made his way inside the cage. Bray Wyatt's video interruption cut off Jericho, then Bray informed Baltimore that they're here from the video screen.

Back in the arena, Bray led Erick Rowan and Luke Harper down to ringside as WWE showed fans in the crowd waving their cell phones in the dark to light up a dark arena. Long entrance, then Bray sat down in his rocking chair and surveyed the cage. "Y2J" chant from the crowd before Bray embraced his men and entered the cage. Interestingly, on-camera for the announcers before the opening bell.

1 -- CHRIS JERICHO vs. BRAY WYATT (w/Luke Harper and Erick Rowan) -- steel cage match

Back and forth to start the match before Bray delivered sustained offense. Jericho then teased running up the ropes to climb over the cage, but Bray cut him off. The teaser got the crowd involved, then Bray chucked Jericho into a cage wall and followed with a big-body splash into the steel. Cole sent Raw to break with Bray in control.

[Commercial Break at 8:11]

[Q2] Back from break, Bray tried to climb over the cage to escape, but Jericho pulled him down and delivered an electric chair that seemed to take more out of Jericho than Bray based on the weight that was on Jericho's shoulders. Both men recovered on the mat, then Jericho fired off knife-edge chops into a running bulldog. Jericho followed with a Lionsault, then tried the Walls of Jericho, but Bray flipped him away.

Reset at 10:00 with Jericho deciding to try to crawl over the cage wall to escape, but Bray caught him. "Lionheart" reference by JBL as the two men battled on the top turnbuckle. Bray then slammed Jericho clear off the top to the mat as Cole noted there are "a lot of miles on that body" for Jericho. Bray then tried to crab-walk through the cage door, but Jericho yanked him back inside the cage. Bray shook off Jericho and planted him with a big bodyslam, but Jericho kicked out of a pin.

Reset at 12:45 with Bray yelling toward the crowd while also stalking Jericho. Bray then catapulted Jericho into the corner, but Jericho landed on the ropes and quickly tried to climb out to escape, but Bray cut him off again. Jericho shook him off, then climbed over the cage, stood on top of the cage, and looked down at Harper and Rowan on the outside. Jericho contemplated diving onto the henchmen on the outside, which would have produced a win by landing on the floor, but he shrugged his shoulders and dove back into the ring to splash Bray. Big splash to Bray, but Jericho sold a knee injury.

Jericho removed his kneepad to sell the effects of the injury, but suckered in Bray to smash him in the face. Jericho tried to crawl out the cage door to win, but Bray grabbed Jericho's legs to keep him inside the cage. Bray headbutted Jericho from a rear mount position, then Bray got Jericho on his back to smash the knee repeatedly. Having subdued Jericho, Bray kind of fell down to the floor, giving him the win by landing on the floor.

Post-match: Bray assaulted Jericho some more, targeting the knee. Bray continued to punish the knee with strikes, then Bray rolled Jericho back into the cage to deliver more punishment. Bray did Shinsuke Nakamura's toe-top, then he stalked Jericho for Sister Abigail, which he delivered in the center of the cage. Bray posed in the cage as Lawler talked about the cage being finality.

WINNER: Bray at 16:59. Apparently a knee injury will sideline Jericho indefinitely in WWE's storytelling? Solid cage match, but they just never seemed to capture magic or present something ultra-memorable in the three-match feud. Jericho opting to splash Bray instead of winning the match hurt the idea of winning mattering, but WWE's version of a cage match is already jacked up with participants able to run away from the match in order to win.

Still to come: Paul Heyman warns John Cena. Plus, Jerry Springer with the Bellas and Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns.

Authority's Office: Kane and Seth Rollins excitedly talked about the cage match and season premiere of Raw, then Triple H walked in to congratulate Kane, who is apparently the booker now. Hunter paused when Randy Orton walked into the shot. Orton said he's the only man in this room who's in the main event tonight, and he would like to do something to Roman Reigns tonight that will make what Seth Rollins did to Dean Ambrose seem like Sunday School. Hunter gave Orton permission to do what he needs to do.

[Commercial Break at 8:28] [Q3...]

[Q3...] In-ring: Dolph Ziggler was in the ring back from break. Ziggler was dressed in a suit of sorts. He went to last week's news about celebrities having their photos hacked, which he said he does no condone. Not for A-Listers, B-Listers, or even D-Listers. Well, except for one. The Miz. Ziggler flashed an obviously pre-planned photo of Miz posing by himself in front of a mirror. JBL hurt the already-rough bit asking who's taking the pictures. Ziggler flashed a picture of Miz shaving his chest, then had a third picture lined up, but Miz's music interrupted.

Miz walked out on-stage with Damien Sandow complaining about the invasion of privacy. Miz claimed to have taken the photos at home, which has a towel dispenser and generic bathroom paint-job consistent with corporate restrooms. Miz sounded outraged about Ziggler invading his privacy, stressing this as a terrible injustice. Miz removed his over-sized sunglasses to sell how serious he is, almost in a mock anger way. Miz said he'll make sure Ziggler never works again in this town. Ziggler said he'll get his money's worth then, so he introduced a photo of Sandow spray-tanning Miz while in the nude.

Ziggler had a good laugh as Miz and Sandow sold anger and embarrassment, then Miz charged the ring, but Ziggler dropkicked him. Zig-Zag to Sandow, then Miz bailed from the ring not wanting another piece of Ziggler, who displayed his IC Title belt for Miz to get a good look ahead of Night of Champions in two weeks.

[Commercial Break at 8:39]


2 -- NATALYA & ROSA MENDES vs. Divas champion PAIGE & A.J. LEE

Back from break, Natalya and Rosa were already in the ring. A.J. Lee got a ring introduction, then Divas champ Paige as the announcers hyped A.J. vs. Paige vs. Nikki Bella at Night of Champions. After the bell sounded, Paige and A.J. argued over who should start against Natalya. Paige imposed her will with possession of the Divas Title and A.J. backed off.

Early on, Rosa tagged in and Paige dominated her while teasing being oh-so-close to tagging in A.J. Rosa had her own chance to tag in Natalya, but she stumbled across the ring to take more punishment. A.J. eventually tagged herself into the match and finished off Rosa to end things. Afterward, A.J. and Paige shared more awkward glances and skipping.

WINNERS: Paige & Lee at 2:45.

Earlier Tonight: Chris Jericho injured his knee, Bray Wyatt won their cage match, and Bray inflicted more punishment to Jericho's knee.

Trainer's Room: The trainer was working on Jericho's right knee. Suddenly, Randy Orton barged in and assaulted Jericho, further injuring the knee. "Sorry, Chris, what can I say, it's the season premiere?" Orton told Jericho, who writhed in pain.

[Commercial Break at 8:50]

Paul Heyman-John Cena Summit

In-ring: Paul Heyman was in the ring for a warning to John Cena, on behalf of Brock Lesnar. Heyman noted Lesnar has some information he would like to reveal about Cena, but he wants this to be in Cena's face.

So, Cena's music interrupted to a big reaction from the pro-Cena portion of the audience. Cena stood on-stage with hands on hips contemplating Lesnar's warning through Heyman, then he entered the ring to stare down Heyman and offer some nods and glances toward select members of the audience.

Cena told Heyman that if he has something to say to his face, he's right here. Talk. Heyman said he would like to tell the truth in front of all these people and a worldwide TV audience - how to beat Brock Lesnar at Night of Champions. Heyman said Lesnar has even authorized this.

Cena laughed and said he knows how to beat Lesnar at Night of Champions. Cena curiously put himself over The Undertaker (saying Taker hasn't been seen since Mania after losing to Lesnar, while he was back one week after losing to Lesnar). Cena then told Heyman that his strategy is simple: never give up. He gave Heyman a towel with "Never Give Up" written on it, which Heyman laughed at. Heyman said Cena cannot help but be John Cena. "And that is your biggest problem. You live to be John Cena," he told him. "You live for the kid who waits and waits and waits for that opportunity to come live to a live event or here in Baltimore to chant at the top of their lungs, 'Let's Go Cena.' But you see, when Brock Lesnar steps into the ring, Brock Lesnar doesn't hear anything but three people - the referee, Paul Heyman, and the suffering of his victims, like you suffered at Brock Lesnar's at Summerslam."

[Q5 -- second hour] Heyman said he is here with a gift for Cena. All he has to do is give in. Give in to temptation. And listen to the people who say "Cena Sucks" in the face of all he's done for years and years. Heyman repeated it over and over, drawing a step forward from Cena. Heyman said it gets to him, all right. He asked Cena if he would just like that one moment to tell the guy on the sixth row to "shut up!" Heyman said thye can do it together. "C'mon, give in! Put them in their place! Show how much you hate it when they get on your case."

Heyman leaned out of the ring and did an old-school Cena rap about getting punked out in your own hometown "like the Baltimore Ravens." Heyman told Cena he doesn't need to sell his soul, just lose the t-shirt, wristband, and give in to the hatred. And then he will become the one who beat the one in 21-and-1. Or, then, Cena can just be one of many victims that fell to the conqueror, Brock Lesnar. Heyman then got into Cena's face to tell him that he believes in him. But, Lesnar doesn't think Cena has it in him. Cena charged the ropes and looked around the arena as Heyman got excited, then Cena leaned back inside the ring.

"Let's Go Cena / Cena Sucks" chant from the crowd playing along with the bit. Cena thought things over with a super-serious face, then he charged Heyman and shouted, "Shut up, Paul Heyman!" Cena said he gets it - Lesnar and Heyman want to end John Cena at Night of Champions. And he wants them to do it by turning his back on everyone who has ever believed in him. "I don't think so," Cena said. Cena said that's easy - to pop Heyman, the guy in the crowd, or the two dudes in wifebeaters in the crowd. Cena said he could show Evil Cena, then they'll go back to the Internet the next day and write that he still sucks.

Cena said he doesn't live in Heyman's world, where Heyman would stab his own client in the back to get ahead. He said he lives life with purpose and a sense of being. He said his life is Be John Cena, Repeat (which he repeated over and over in Heyman's face). "Because that's who I am!" he said. "I don't want to change, even if I could!"

Cena continued that he likes being the guy who gets kids in the crowd to do their homework so they can come to Raw with their dad. He said he doesn't mind the parent saying he sucks, but also says thanks for doing right by my kid. Cena said he is damn proud of giving Make-a-Wish kids a special day and for inspiring military representatives. "That's why all I know is Eat, Sleep, Be John Cena," he said. Heyman hung his head in sadness not getting Cena on his side.

"And in walks an advocate like you who wants me to strip it all away for what? So I can win a match?" Cena asked. Cena said if he strips it all away, then what does he win? Cena said he's done talking now and he would like to fight. Heyman backed away selling anxiety, but Cena said he should be excited to see the violent side of him. But, Cena said, the headline would read: "John Cena beats up defenseless Paul Heyman." And he doesn't want that. Cena told Heyman that he'll give him seven days. He either fights Lesnar if he returns from his little vacation or he fights Heyman. "Have a nice week, Paul, I'll see you next Monday," Cena said before flipping the mic and leaving to his music. Heyman did the thousand-yard stare in the ring as Raw cut to break after a very long talking segment.

[ JC's Reax: It was all there, but Cena drifted into the pandering department exploiting his work with MAW and the military to try to babyface him to the crowd in hopes of making money by selling a PPV match. Cut that out and it's a compelling promo segment. ]

[Commercial Break at 9:12]

[Q6] In-ring: U.S. champion Sheamus was standing in the ring back from break. Seth Rollins then came out to face Sheamus in a non-title match. Odd spot for a rising heel like Rollins in a comedown match after the Cena-Heyman promo.

3 -- U.S. champion SHEAMUS vs. MITB holder SETH ROLLINS -- non-title match

Sheamus quickly knocked Rollins out of the ring as the announcers brought up Cena trying to tie Ric Flair's title reign mark at Night of Champions. Rollins returned to the ring and cut off Sheamus before going to work on the U.S. champ. Sheamus made a comeback, but Cesaro's music suddenly played to bring out Sheamus's PPV challenger dressed in a suit. Raw cut to break with Sheamus exchanging looks with Cesaro, who stood on-stage.

[Commercial Break at 9:20]

Back from break, Cesaro made his way down to ringside to watch Sheamus try to fight from behind against Rollins. Sheamus started to make a comeback, but Cesaro picked up Sheamus's U.S. Title belt to continue their sixth-grade battle. Cesaro eventually walked up the ring steps with the belt to taunt Sheamus, who tried to pull the belt away, then let go and Cesaro crashed hard into the barricade. Rollins took advantage by smashing Sheamus from behind, then hitting a Curb Stomp for the pin and the win.

Post-match: Cesaro stood up and angrily brushed himself off before entering the ring as Sheamus sold the loss. Cesaro slowly removed his clothing, then mocked Sheamus's "fella" shout. Cesaro followed up with The Neutralizer center-ring. "New champion!" Cesaro declared as he held up Sheamus's U.S. Title belt. Cue the siren.

WINNER: Rollins at 9:54. Surprising to see Rollins presented as an afterthought tonight.

Still to come: Jerry Springer with the Bellas.

[Q7] [Commercial Break at 9:30]

Announcers: A rare on-camera tonight for Cole, Lawler, and JBL who set up a video package on the Mark Henry vs. Rusev feud leading to their match at Night of Champions.

In-ring: Rusev was introduced for the next match. Before they walked down to the ring, Lana stopped them on-stage to cut a promo. She noted the National Anthem was written in this "decrepit city," drawing a U-S-A chant. Lana then sang her own version, interjecting a pro-Russia line and laughing to herself. Lana said this is the real National Anthem in celebration of Rusev. The Russian Anthem played, Vladimir Putin's photo was shown on-screen, and Rusev took his cue to wave the Russian flag in the air. WWE cut to the announcers, where Lawler frowned, got out of his chair, and sat on his knees leaning on the announce table as the theme played out. JBL threw down his highlighter and leaned back in his chair to sell anger as Cole tried not to laugh at Lawler and JBL.

But, everything is fine because there's a live NXT special on WWE Network this Thursday, which Cole introduced via video package transitioning away from Rusev's bit. Included was hype for KENTA making his NXT debut.

Up Next: NXT stars on Raw. Specifically, Sami Zayn and NXT champion Adrian Neville.

[Commercial Break at 9:39]


All four men were in the ring back from break. A loud "Ole!, Ole!" chant broke out for Zayn/Generico as the announcers discussed past NXT champions. Cole noted many people believe Zayn should already be on the WWE roster. Zayn dominated Breeze early on, but Kidd cut off Zayn from behind. The announcers noted Kidd is trying to re-boot his career on NXT. Lawler, who presented himself as if he doesn't watch the Network, said he heard about issues between Kidd and Natalya on NXT. Cole then hyped Ric Flair's daughter, Charlotte, and KENTA appearing on NXT. Cole noted WWE sent Hulk Hogan to Japan to sign KENTA's contract.

[Q8] Kidd and Breeze continued to work over Zayn as Neville waited patiently for a tag. Zayn escaped Breeze and tagged in Neville, who rapid-fired the heck out of Breeze. Standing moonsault wowed the crowd, but Kidd broke up the pin. Zayn then flew over the top rope with a dive to Kidd on the outside. Back in the ring, Neville did some crazy acrobatics before kicking Breeze in the face and coming off the top rope with his Red Arrow corkscrew shooting star press for the pin and the win. A replay followed on Neville's high-flying. Lawler hyped the Network to see them Thursday night on the "Takeover" special.

WINNERS: Neville & Zayn at 4:24. Big hype for Neville in this NXT spotlight match. Just a sample of what all four bring to the table.

Up Next: Jerry Springer with the Bellas.

Backstage: Stephanie McMahon was shown backstage. Cole identified Stephanie as the person who booked Springer for Raw.

[Commercial Break at 9:50]

Jerry Springer Segment

Stephanie McMahon was introduced to the ring with a big heel smile for the crowd. Steph opened by saying it feels great to be back in Baltimore. She smiled as if that was an inside joke, then noted she fought her own father ten years ago in this building. Stephanie said she and her father reconciled and their family is back together. So, it's time to see if the Bellas can reconcile. So, it is her honor to welcome back "television icon and legend" Jerry Springer. So, anyone gets called an "icon" these days?

Springer came to the ring with his security guard, Jason, and shook hands with Stephanie in the ring. He then welcomed out Brie Bella first. Brie was introduced to new theme music straight from a modulator. After a review of Nikki Bella trying to get Brie to quit last week, they showed Brie waiting patiently in the ring for Springer to ask her about being abused by Nikki. What he doesn't get is Brie tweeting an apology to Nikki the next day.

Brie said she doesn't forgive Nikki for being so horrible to her, but she knows she shouldn't have stooped down to her classless level. So, you think you're better than her? "No, no, she's the one who said I wish my sister died in the woMB!" Silence. Jerry brought out Nikki Bella, who marched down to the ring with a funny glare and weird look.

[Q9 -- third hour] Nikki entered the ring and sneered as she extended her hand to Brie, who shook back. Nikki said she is ready to move on because she is a classy, sophisticated woman, unlike Brie. Nikki said the third season of her show, Total Divas, premiered last night and she has a Divas Title shot in two weeks. Nikki said she's not going to let Brie's negativity bring her down.

Jerry set up Brie to shout back that whatever happened at "SuMMERslam" is in the past. Jerry then introduced clips from Total Divas of the issues happening well before Summerslam. Back to Brie, who asked Jerry three times if he saw the footage of Nikki being the bad sister. Brie shot back to Nikki that she's probably the reason why their dad left him. Springer then introduced footage of their dad dryly asking Jerry to fix this. He made Cena's dad look like a great actor. Next was a clip of the Bellas's mom issuing a message. Who's Nicole? Oh, it's a "shoot." It's Nikki. She told Brie to be the bigger, responsible person.

Jerry asked Brie what she thinks of the messages. Brie shouted that at least she knows she has J.J. in her corner. Springer brought out their younger brother, J.J., who came out to the Total Divas theme music. JBL couldn't find the words for his segment. Jerry asked J.J. what he thinks about this. J.J. said they all know who is to blame (looking at Brie). "Stop acting like the victim," he said to Nikki. Nikki complained about being the victim, then a brawl broke out. Jerry got stuck in the middle, then Stephanie got in the mix as the scrap went all over the ring. Steph tried to get Jerry out of harm's way until refs showed up to try to separate folks.

The ring was eventually cleared except for Springer, who sold an ankle injury and drew sympathetic "Jerry, Jerry" chants from the '90s. Will Randy Orton take him out? Stretcher job for Springer, who was helped out of the ring on a gurney as he talked about being humiliated. Steph mock apologized, saying she's so sorry over and over. Thumbs Up from Jerry, who over-sold the injury. WWE cut to a crowd shot of a man talking on his cell phone, then WWE quickly cut away to Jerry still doing the Thumbs Up.

[ JC's Reax: One of the worst TV segments of the year. Horrible acting, terrible over-scripted lines, and a feud the audience long ago lost interest in with undefined roles and unsympathetic figures getting the top-of-the-third-hour spotlight. ]

Still to come: Orton vs. Reigns in a Summerslam re-match.

[Commercial Break at 10:10]

[Q10] In-ring: Goldust's theme music played and he emerged on-stage, followed by Cody Rhodes playing the role of Stardust. In an inset promo, the Usos vowed to put the hurting on the Rhodes Bros. That comes at Night of Champions, which Cole announced via on-screen graphic. Los Matadores, sans El Torito, were in the ring to face the Rhodes Bros.


Quiet crowd early on after being taken out of the show by the previous segment. The Rhodes Bros. dominated un Matador early on, then Los Matadores came back with stereo suicide dives on the floor. Back in the ring, Goldust blindsided Fernando and posted him before tagging in Cody. Cody followed with his Dark Matter finisher for the pin and the win. Cole said the Rhodes Bros. are extremely dangerous heading into Night of Champions.

Post-match: The Usos charged the Rhodes Bros. as they celebrated on the stage. Uso used a crutch to smash the Rhodes Bros. off the stage, then Cody and Goldust bailed to the production area. Jey Uso hobbled on one good leg standing tall with Jimmy Uso as their music played.

WINNERS: Rhodes Bros. at 2:10.

Announcers: Cole and Co. transitioned to condolences for Joan Rivers, who was part of WrestleMania 2. Cole introduced a video package on Rivers, which was narrated by Jerry Lawler.

[Commercial Break at 10:22]

In-ring: Heath Slater and Titus O'Neil were standing by in the ring, then Adam Rose's music brought out the Exotic Express (with the bunny from last week) and Adam Rose.

6 -- ADAM ROSE (w/the Rosebuds) vs. TITUS O'NEIL (w/Heath Slater)

JBL said if people are tuning in for the season premiere of Raw, they have to be wondering what the heck is going on. No, that was half-an-hour ago. The bunny danced around ringside, trying to distract Titus, who took the bait and took his eyes off Rose. Slater then tried to run off the ring steps to attack the bunny, but the bunny ducked and superkicked Slater. Back in the ring, Rose dropped Titus for the pin and the win.

Post-match, the rabbit returned to the ring to dance and celebrate with Rose. The rabbit then climbed to the top rope and delivered a flying splash to Titus to add insult to injury.

WINNER: Rose at 1:20. WWE is apparently going to invest time into building up a Big Reveal of who's inside the rabbit suit performing wrestling moves.

[Q11] Backstage: Renee Young brought in Roman Reigns for an interview. It was brief, as Reigns noted he has the antidote for the viper.

[Commercial Break at 10:32]

Earlier Tonight: John Cena and Paul Heyman talked. Cena said he's either going to fight Brock Lesnar or Heyman next week on Raw.

Video Package: Brock Lesnar. Is he going to fight bunny rabbits? Wrong segment, but hard to take this seriously after the last hour of Raw. Lesnar vowed to end John Cena at Night of Champions.

Breaking News: Brock Lesnar returns next week on Raw.

In-ring: Randy Orton was introduced first for the main event. Cole quickly relayed an update on Chris Jericho that he is not complaining about his knee injury, is "tough as nails," and is ready to go. For another match tonight? Next week? Night of Champions? Cole quickly hyped the main event before Raw went to break.

[Commercial Break at 10:41]

Smackdown plug: Mark Henry vs. Rusev in an International Arm Wrestling Contest. And, WWE has stopped caring about Main Event tomorrow night on WWE Network.

In-ring: Randy Orton was posing in the ring, then The Shield's music played to bring out Roman Reigns through the crowd. Of all the things to focus on heading into the main event, Lawler relayed an injury update on Jerry Springer. Before the match started, Justin Roberts handled formal ring introductions for Orton and Reigns.


Reigns quickly knocked Orton out of the ring, but Orton gained control on the outside. Back in the ring, Reigns blocked a suplex and delivered one of his own. Orton slipped out of the ring to regroup as Raw cut to another break.

[Commercial Break at 10:48]

Back from break, Orton was in control of the action. WWE then cut to a backstage shot of Kane and Rollins watching the match on a monitor. Back to Orton, who clotheslined Reigns over the top rope to the outside. Orton followed up with a big clothesline to the floor. Back in the ring, Orton worked over Reigns as some of the front row fans chanted "RKO." Reigns then exploded on Orton with a clothesline, but couldn't follow up. Orton then responded with a snap powerslam for a two count, which led to another commercial.

[Commercial Break at 10:56]

Raw returned with Orton working on an exciting rear chinlock. Cole noted he had the hold on "for a while" during the commercial. On cue, Reigns fought out, but Orton yanked him down to the mat. And back to the chinlock heading to the top of the hour.

[Q13 -- over-run] Orton continued to work the chinlock as JBL brought up the bunny rabbit as one of the talking points of the show. Yes, it's come to that. Reigns finally broke free of the chinlock and dropped Orton with a sideslam. Both men sold on the mat as Cole posed the question of whether Reigns will be able to prove that his victory over Orton at Summerslam was not a fluke, as Orton claims. JBL dumped water on the question by saying they're just evenly matched.

At 16:00, Orton glared into the crowd after regaining control of the match. Orton slowly stalked Reigns for a second-rope DDT, but Reigns shook him off and delivered a blow to the jaw. Reigns saw Orton in position and delivered a running dropkick to the head. Back in the ring, Reigns covered Orton for a two count. Orton cut off Reigns again, though, and slowly glared around the ringside area.

At 18:00, Orton backed up and stalked Reigns, but for a charging clothesline (not a punt). Reigns blocked, but Orton hit a snap powerslam for a two count. Orton again slowed things down by staring at Reigns before stalking him for a second-rope DDT. This time, Orton connected. Orton then dropped down to tease an RKO, but Reigns pushed off and nailed the Superman Punch. Reigns couldn't cover, though, and suddenly Seth Rollins and Kane came out. They were followed by a gaggle of people in black shirts. Kane and Rollins decided now was the time to get Orton DQ'ed by attacking Reigns.

WINNER: Reigns via DQ at 20:10. Dull main event with yet another non-finish to a Raw main event. A really bad habit here. As for Reigns, his character does not draw enough sympathy in a match setting for him to sell for that long like Cena before making a comeback. The Superman Punch is over at least.

The people in black shirts were identified as production crew members ordered to clear the ring apron so the cage could be lowered. But, Reigns threw Rollins and Kane out of the ring. The cage was lowered, but Rollins had slid a chair into the ring for Orton. Reigns intercepted, though, and beat up Orton inside the cage as Rollins and Kane tried to call an audible. Back inside the cage, Reigns speared Orton in the middle of the ring.

Reigns then picked up the chair and smashed Kane off the door. Rollins then climbed to the top of the cage and flew down on Reigns once he turned around. Rollins and Reigns sold the effects of a high-impact dive from Rollins, then Kane walked into the cage to beat up Reigns. As the crowd sat quietly, The Authority assessed the situation having Reigns alone in the cage. Orton bashed Reigns with the chair, trying to create sympathy for Reigns. Orton jabbed the chair into Reigns's gut, then over his back.

Long reset for the heels figuring out their next move. Rollins then screamed down at Reigns that he owes him his entire career. And now he's going to destroy him. "You Sold Out" chant from the crowd before Rollins Curb-Stomped Reigns face-first into the steel chair. Rollins, Orton, and Kane stood tall in the cage, then Rollins's music played as Cole noted this attack, like the one on Dean Ambrose, was pre-meditated by The Authority. WWE replayed the events in the post-match, then Cole hyped Brock Lesnar returning next week. Instead of leaving on that note or anger and disdain for what The Authority did to a top babyface, Reigns, Cole was produced to remind everyone that it's just a show by excitedly thanking everyone for tuning into the season premiere of Raw 14 minutes past the top of the hour.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Awful middle of the show drowning out the money-drawing feuds. Raw just has so many bad habits and misplaced energy right now. Just a really inefficient three-hour show.


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PWTorch editor Wade Keller has covered pro wrestling full time since 1987 starting with the Pro Wrestling Torch print newsletter. launched in 1999 and the PWTorch Apps launched in 2008.

He has conducted "Torch Talk" insider interviews with Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Steve Austin, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Eric Bischoff, Jesse Ventura, Lou Thesz, Jerry Lawler, Mick Foley, Jim Ross, Paul Heyman, Bruno Sammartino, Goldberg, more.

He has interviewed big-name players in person incluiding Vince McMahon (at WWE Headquarters), Dana White (in Las Vegas), Eric Bischoff (at the first Nitro at Mall of America), Brock Lesnar (after his first UFC win).

He hosted the weekly Pro Wrestling Focus radio show on KFAN in the early 1990s and hosted the Ultimate Insiders DVD series distributed in retail stories internationally in the mid-2000s including interviews filmed in Los Angeles with Vince Russo & Ed Ferrara and Matt & Jeff Hardy. He currently hosts the most listened to pro wrestling audio show in the world, (the PWTorch Livecast, top ranked in iTunes)


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James Caldwell, assistant editor

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We also have a great team of
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Also, new exclusive top-shelf content every day including a new VIP-exclusive weekly 16 page digital magazine-style (PC and iPad compatible) PDF newsletter packed with exclusive articles and news.

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