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WWE Raw Report
CALDWELL'S WWE RAW RESULTS 11/17: Complete "virtual-time" coverage of live Raw - final Survivor Series hype, main event Contract Signing, new IC champion, more

Nov 17, 2014 - 10:13:00 PM


WWE Raw TV Results
November 17, 2014 - Episode #1,120
Live in Roanoke, Va.
Report by James Caldwell (@JCTorch), PWTorch assistant editor

- The Card: Final hype for Survivor Series, Team Cena vs. Team Authority contract signing, IC champion Dolph Ziggler vs. Luke Harper, Nikki Bella in a warm-up match for Survivor Series, Grumpy Cat guest-starring, more.

Live Raw on USA Network

Raw opened with Triple H's music to bring out The Authority. Michael Cole excitedly said tonight could be the final Raw with The Authority in charge. Out came Hunter with Stephanie, plus Seth Rollins, Kane, Mercury & Noble, Rusev & Lana, Mark Henry, and Luke Harper. A lot of folks in the ring to stand behind Hunter and Stephanie.

Hunter spoke first about Vince McMahon showing up a few weeks ago to raise the stakes for Survivor Series. Hunter noted they would be completely out of power if Team Authority loses on Sunday. He asked the crowd if they would like to see that. Big cheers. "Regular employees, like all of you?" Hunter asked. "Yes!" the crowd replied.

Stephanie told the crowd to remember this feeling, asking if they know what it's like to want. Hunter called the people sheep who need to be led. He said McMahon is a hero to these people, but when he was running WWE with an iron fist, he was evil Mr. McMahon. And now that is their roles, apparently. Hunter said they are seen as the evil empire now, but the people don't see what all they do for them. He said the people want the inmates to run the asylum - like John Cena and Dolph Ziggler. Hunter said the last place he remembers like that is WCW, which drew oohs in WCW Country. Hunter said they picked up WCW at the auction, and they cannot let that happen at Survivor Series.

Hunter said they have assembled a dominant, powerful team for Survivor Series. First, the captain, Seth Rollins. Hunter said if they win at Survivor Series, everyone benefits, but if they lose - well, they can't lose. Hunter said he's glad WWE Network is free for November so everyone can witness the greatest victory The Authority and he will ever have. If they win, WWE goes on and on under their leaderships. Boos.

Stephanie said that's Sunday, but what about tonight? Steph said they have no other choice but to decimate John Cena tonight. Hunter said they have a contract signing scheduled for the end of the night, and they will see who's left by the end of the night to sign next to Cena's name.

Steph continued the line-up by drawing attention to Mark Henry, the sadistic and twisted Kane, the new U.S. champion Rusev, and the man who personally delivered a decimated Dolph Ziggler at their feet last week, Luke Harper. Harper leaned down to talk into Steph's mic: "I am a team player." Steph sold surprise over Luke speaking into her mic. She continued that Team Cena is down one competitor, which brings her to Ryback.

Steph said they thought they had Ryback locked up last week. But, things didn't work out. She gets it. It's part of doing business. But, the thing about it is Team Authority is not going anywhere. Suddenly, Ryback's music interrupted.

Ryback marched out on-stage sporting a weightlifting belt around his singlet. Ryback waited out "Feed Me More" chants before speaking. Ryback said he wants what's best for Ryback, not what's best for Cena or Team Authority. Steph replied that she understands what respect means. She admitted that tension ran high last week, and perhaps Kane has some regrets. "I regret what transpired," Kane dryly said into Steph's mic.

Stephanie told Ryback to think about whether he wants to join John Cena's team at Survivor Series. Steph introduced footage from last year when Cena ran down Ryback during their WWE Title feud. Back to Stephanie, who said she doesn't know why Cena said those things last year, but her guess is that he's jealous of The Big Guy. She said she thinks Cena downright loathes him. Steph claimed that Team Authority respects Ryback.

[Q2] Ryback glared into the ring, then said he plays for the one team he can count on - Team Ryback. Everyone stared at each other, then Ryback quietly turned around and left to the back. From the ring, Hunter somewhat sarcastically said it's a wise decision to stay neutral and stay out of the fight. Hunter then addressed Luke Harper, telling him he's going to begin the decimation of Team Cena by going after a suck-up and a show-off, Dolph Ziggler. "Dolph Ziggler, your time is up, your time is now," Hunter said. Awkward pause. Ziggler's music then played to bring out the IC champion.

[Commercial Break at 8:18]

1 -- IC champion DOLPH ZIGGLER vs. LUKE HARPER -- non-title match

Mr. MITB Seth Rollins was ringside on commentary. Suddenly, Lilian Garcia announced this as an Intercontinental Title match, per information she received during the break.

1b -- IC champion DOLPH ZIGGLER vs. LUKE HARPER -- Intercontinental Title match

After Lilian announced the title match and before the bell sounded, Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble hit the ring to attack Ziggler. Rollins KO'ed Ziggler with the MITB briefcase, then the ref checked on Ziggler to see if he could compete. Ziggler struggled to get to his feet, then told the ref to call for the bell. The ref hesitated as he approached the timekeeper, then checked on Ziggler again. Ziggler demanded the bell and the ref reluctantly called for it.

Harper immediately hit a big boot on Ziggler, but Ziggler kicked out. Harper hit a powerbomb, but Ziggler kicked out again. On commentary, Rollins was stunned by Harper not winning after those two moves. Ziggler then low-bridged Harper, sending him crashing to the floor heading to a mid-match break.

[Commercial Break at 8:25]

[Q3] Back from break, Harper punished Ziggler, who continued selling the effects of the pre-match attack. Harper gator-rolled Ziggler, then put him in a chinlock. Harper tried to follow with a corner attack, but Ziggler avoided and hit the Fameasser for a two count. Harper came back with a powerbomb attempt, Ziggler slipped out, and Harper responded with a big discus clothesline. Harper covered Ziggler and it was good for the win when everyone seemed to be expecting a kick out.

Post-match, Rollins tried to end Ziggler with a Curb Stomp before celebrating with Harper. After Rollins left, Harper hung around in the ring to pose with the IC Title belt over a fallen Ziggler.

WINNER: Harper at 8:28 to capture the IC Title. Harper's big singles run has officially begun ... except that he's holding the albatross that is the IC Title.

Announcers: Cole, Lawler, and JBL hyped the free WWE Network as Harper's music played on in the background. Cole then transitioned to Grumpy Cat guest-starring on Raw. He called him perhaps the most influential cat ever. Major disagreement there. Cole sent Raw to break.

[Commercial Break at 8:37]

Vignette: Kofi Kingston is dancing and talking about it being A New Day.

Backstage: The Miz removed his sunglasses to address someone off-camera. The camera pulled back to show Miz addressing Damien Sandow, describing their mission in this blockbuster movie. The camera pulled back to show Grumpy Cat unimpressed by the movie plot pitch. Miz said he would like to sweeten the pot by introducing Grumpy Stuntcat. Sandow pulled out a stuffed cat. Grumpy remained unimpressed. Miz said he's just like everyone else. Miz angrily stomped off, then returned to whisper about being Grumpy's biggest fan. Lawler said Grumpy appeared to have just watched one of Miz's movies. (Psst, those are WWE Studios projects.)

In-ring: Adam Rose's music played to bring out Rose and his entourage. Suddenly, The Bunny took center stage trying to take the spotlight from Rose, who reprimanded The Bunny for taking his bit. Rose was paraded around ringside as Cole hyped the next generation of the "WWE 2K15" video game out this week. A video package followed.

[Q4] [Commercial Break at 8:45]

2 -- ADAM ROSE vs. TYSON KIDD (w/Natalya)

Kidd completed his ring entrance back from break. Before the bell sounded, WWE replayed Kidd submitting Rose last week on Raw. Once the bell sounded, Rose demanded The Bunny stand ringside. Meanwhile, Cole and JBL brought up the deal from Smackdown commentary acknowledging The Bunny as a man inside a costume. Lawler then noted he would like to see some puppies on Raw next week. (Because of the cat and the bunny... yeah.)

Rose's entourage tried to distract Kidd by humming Rose's theme song, then The Bunny hopped over toward Natalya. Rose stopped wrestling to reprimand The Bunny. Rose then turned around to take the Sharpshooter from Kidd. Rose called for help from The Bunny, but the mascoted individual was too focused on dancing for Natalya.

Post-match, The Bunny entered the ring and tried to act sorry for Rose's loss. Rose went for an attack, but The Bunny ducked and out-wrestled Rose before dry-humping him from behind and leaving the ring. The Bunny did a dance move on the stage, now looking to show up Rose instead of being subservient.

WINNER: Rose at 1:53.

Announcers: Cole tried to transition from The Bunny dancing on-stage to a WrestleMania video package. The video was from the WM31 kick-off party at Levi's Stadium on Friday. Daniel Bryan was spotlighted along with Hulk Hogan.

Video: Bray Wyatt interrupted the broadcast with a special message. The message was in the form of blowing out his lantern.

[Commercial Break at 8:55]

Video Package: Bray Wyatt vs. Dean Ambrose feud leading into Survivor Series.

Bray-Dean Latest

Arena: Bray Wyatt's music played back from break to bring out Bray by himself holding his lantern to light the way.

[Q5 -- second hour] In the ring, Bray Wyatt spoke about lies, such as love and richness. Bray said "they" forgot to mention that everything that you love can be ripped away from you at the drop of a hat. Bray said the man who has nothing to love or lose is the most dangerous man in this world. "Poor Dean Ambrose," Bray cackled.

Bray said that for people like Dean Ambrose is another pathetic attempt to express himself and share his love out of obligation, not desire. He said a man like Ambrose will always be alone. Well, he hopes that Dean does not mistake his generosity for something malignant. He said he had to get Dean's attention by any means necessary, but he comes to him in peace. Bray said he knows Dean thinks he's suffered at his hands, but the pain is momentary.

Bray said Dean's mother drowned herself in her own misery and his father abandoned him. He said he brings this up to Dean because he can offer him salvation. "I want you to feel how I can save you, Dean!" he said. Bray said their souls are inter-twined. "Embrace us, Dean, and I will make this all go away," Bray said.

Dean Ambrose's voice interrupted from somewhere in the building. Dean said Bray doesn't need to babble. He said he heard him the first five times. He said his rambling words are like nails on a chalkboard to him. But, he's trying to see things his way. Maybe Bray thinks it will give him an edge at Survivor Series. Or, maybe he can learn something from Bray. Today, he learned a spooky magic trick of his own. This one is called video recording. Dean said he recorded this on his buddy's cell phone earlier today. That's a very high quality phone recording. And, how did he know that Bray would cut another promo instead of just sit in the middle of the ring in silent protest? Anyways, Dean was in the ring when the lights came up. Dean cleared Bray from the ring, upsetting Bray as he paced the stage. From in the ring, Ambrose told Bray to worry about saving himself, not him, at Survivor Series.

Earlier Tonight: Luke Harper won the Intercontinental Title from Dolph Ziggler in an impromptu match. On commentary, Cole said Ziggler was helped out of the arena by medical staff due to Seth Rollins's post-match attack.

Still to come: Team Cena vs. Team Authority contract signing. Who will join John Cena for the signing?

Back in the arena, Ryback's music played for the second time tonight to a quiet reaction. The crowd didn't seem to be ready for Ryback randomly coming out again. Ryback hit the ring to a stronger reaction as Cole hyped Ryback in action next.

[Commercial Break at 9:10]

Next Monday: Larry the Cable Guy, who is in a WWE Studios movie, guest-stars on Raw.



Cesaro was already in the ring back from break. Ryback controlled early on before Cesaro responded with a t-bone suplex. WWE then cut backstage to show John Cena for the first time on Raw. Cena was watching the match on a monitor. Back in the ring, Cesaro double-stomped Ryback in the gut for a two count, then settled into a headlock. Cesaro followed with a big powerslam, then he clotheslined Ryback over the top rope to the floor. They're making Ryback look weak so early in his return.

[Commercial Break at 9:20]

Back from break, Cesaro was still in control, now in the ring. Cesaro uppercut Ryback, then clotheslined him to the mat. WWE cut to another shot of John Cena watching the match on a backstage monitor. Back to the match, where Cesaro missed with a top-rope move. Ryback then made a comeback before delivering a powerbomb out of the corner. But, Cesaro came back with a big German suplex. Cesaro tried another, but Ryback elbowed out. Another German from Cesaro, then a second. And a third for a two count. Cesaro then came off the top with a big elbow drop to the chest, looking like a babyface executing a cool-looking move. Ryback kicked out, though.

Cesaro tried to follow up, but Ryback tossed Cesaro into the air for a big powerslam. Ryback then got the crowd involved teasing the Meathook Clothesline, but Cesaro blocked and hit an uppercut for a two count. Cesaro then teased The Neutralizer, but Ryback blocked. Meathook clothesline, then Ryback hit Shell-Shock to a light reaction. Ryback covered Cesaro for the win.

WINNER: Ryback at 14:12. On paper, this sounds like a pretty big match, but WWE gave the audience no time to anticipate or appreciate the match-up. That, plus the surprising length of the match, contributed to the quiet response throughout. And Ryback was curiously booked to highlight his weaknesses before eventually getting in his signature offense for the win. Cesaro got the spotlight, though. This was just odd if WWE is still in the Ryback Business.

Backstage, Cena was still watching Ryback's match. Renee Young then slipped in to ask Cena about the match. Cena quickly entered Promo Mode talking about everyone's futures on the line at Survivor Series. Cena said he gets what The Authority is doing trying to make sure Team Cena does not make it to the PPV. But, he hopes everyone stays safe tonight and they take The Authority out of power on Sunday. Cena said he doesn't think that includes Ryback on his side.

[Q7] In-ring: Rusev's music played to bring out the U.S. champion with Lana. Rusev posed in the ring before Raw cut to break.

[Commercial Break at 9:31]

In-ring: Lana cut a promo before Rusev's match. Lana told the crowd (in an unidentified city thus far on the broadcast) that their country is pathetic. She said Americans showed a lack of taste by salivating over photos of Kim Kardashian. Lana said no American woman can compare to her ravishing body. "I'm the best," she laughed. Lana said she has a topless photo of her own to show the audience. She egged on the crowd, then went to the video screen to show Vladimir Putin riding a horse shirtless.

Suddenly, Heath Slater was introduced dressed like Uncle Sam sporting a giant red, white, and blue hat with a USA jacket and USA pants. Slater did a big hype speech over-compensating for playing a heel for years, claiming to represent America. Rusev was not amused.

4 -- U.S. champion RUSEV (w/Lana) vs. HEATH SLATER -- non-title match

Rusev waited for the bell, then superkicked Slater in the mouth. Rusev smirked, then slapped on The Accolade for a quick submission win.

WINNER: Rusev via submission at 0:31.

Backstage: The Miz and Damien Sandow returned to a conversation with Grumpy Cat. Miz proposed a buddy cop movie where he gets the girl. Nothing from the cat. So, in walked Erick Rowan, who said he wants the cat. Grumpy Cat seemed to fall asleep at Rowan's words. Miz looked at Rowan with curiosity, then Rowan yanked the stuffed animal cat away from Sandow. Slow, slow, slow zoom in on Grumpy Cat not reacting while the announcers tried to move the show along.

In-ring: Big Show was introduced for the next match.

[Commercial Break at 9:43]

[Q8] Back from break, Big Show was still in the ring waiting for his opponent. Instead, Stephanie McMahon's music played to bring Stephanie down to the ring. Show sold annoyance and concern waiting for Stephanie to give him some bad news. Steph said she was watching the Monday Night War on WWE Network, and what she was watching was Show's debut. Steph said Show was billed as Andre the Giant's son, and she realized that Show has always been in someone's shadow. Steph said Show has been conflicted throughout his career - pander to the people or resent them? The real answer is to listen to his boss. She said The Authority can reward Show by making him one of the only active competitors to be inducted into the 2015 WWE Hall of Fame. She said it's a "giant honor for a giant of a man."

Show sold thinking about the offer at this cross-roads of his career. Show looked down at Stephanie and grumbled something off-mic. Steph and Show talked off-mic, then Steph asked for an answer. Show did the Price is Right bit looking to the audience for input. Steph said that's where he's gone wrong before, by listening to the people. Show talked off-mic, then Sheamus's music played to bring out the other healthy member of Team Cena.

Sheamus told "Mrs. H" that just like Big Show, he's proud to be part of Team Cena. And, he'll be proud to make history on Sunday when they finally drive her out of power. Sheamus approached Stephanie in the ring to tell her that she'll have to buy a ticket next Monday. Steph mock-laughed, saying she really enjoyed that little line. She then brought up Sheamus having a passport issue. And he's not actually an American citizen. She said it would be such a shame if Sheamus's visa were no longer valid, deported, and no longer able to make it to Survivor Series.

But, she will give both of them a reason to consider leaving Team Cena. Because the two of them will be in action tonight ... against each other. Steph said the winner of the match will have the chance to win the WWE World Title. (John Cena is still #1 contender to the WWE Title, right?) And this match starts right now. The crowd sort of murmured and grumbled as the Vice Principal organized the students to set up their play fight.


WWE's counter-programming for Halftime of the NFL game started with Show and Sheamus slapping hands to show respect. Respect quickly went on the window when tempers flared between the teammates. Show knocked Sheamus out of the ring heading to break.

[Commercial Break at 9:55]

Back from break, Sheamus and Big Show continued battling. Sheamus wanted a bodyslam, but Big Show easily blocked and scoopslammed Sheamus. Show dropped an elbow to Sheamus's chest for a two count, then slapped on his modified Indian Deathlock submission. Sheamus grabbed the bottom rope, though.

[Q9 -- third hour] Sheamus rallied with forearms to the face, then a knee to the gut and a kneelift. Sheamus wanted a top-rope move, but Show intercepted with a mid-air spear. It was only good for a two count. Show wanted a chokeslam, but Sheamus slipped out and hit White Noise for a two count. Sheamus followed up with an electric chair out of the corner.

As both men remained on the mat, Rusev and Mark Henry marched down to the ring to join the fight. Rusev booted Sheamus in the gut, causing the bell sound. Henry then tore up the announce table before putting Sheamus through the table with World's Strongest Slam. Meanwhile, Rusev put Show in The Accolade back in the ring. Show faded out as Rusev kept the hold locked on. The crowd sat quietly processing the events, then picked up a "Cena, Cena" chant. No sign of the team captain, who was apparently not watching this match on a backstage monitor. Show and Sheamus were shown KO'ed as Cole stacked the deck against Team Cena at Survivor Series when Cena is the only man standing.

WINNER: No Contest at 11:14. Clumsy set-up for the match, which was apparently supposed to be Show and Sheamus being convinced to fight each other for the dangling carrot of a title shot, but that was not stressed during the match, nor did it resonate with the audience. The booking just sucks the life out of these characters.

[Commercial Break at 10:07]

This Sunday: An injured Bad News Barrett, Fandango & Rosa Mendes, and Paul Heyman on the Survivor Series pre-show. Cole said it's the "new and improved" Fandango in action. Plus, Barrett has some bad news. It's another drawn-out one-hour pre-show.

Moments Ago: Mark Henry and Rusev took out Sheamus and Big Show, respectively. Cole noted all members of Team Cena have been taken out tonight except for Cena.

In-ring: A.J. Lee's music played to bring out Brie Bella dressed like A.J. and skipping down to the ring. It came across like one of WWE's messages to A.J. that Divas are interchangeable in their view. Nikki Bella then came out as the opponent to warm up for her Divas Title shot against A.J. Lee.

6 -- NIKKI BELLA vs. BRIE "A.J. LEE" BELLA -- Exhibition match

Before the bell sounded, Lilian Garcia announced this as an "exhibition match." The crowd sat quietly not moved by the announcement. A.J. Lee's music played again for the real Divas champion to join the announcers for commentary. "C-M Punk" chant once the bell sounded. Nikki quickly controlled her sister dressed as her PPV opponent, and Brie went along with playing a tackling dummy as part of her 30 days of service punishment. But, A.J. stood up ringside and distracted Nikki, allowing Brie to surprise Nikki for the win.

[Q10] Post-match, Nikki tried to beat up her sister, but A.J. jumped into the ring and knocked down Nikki. A.J. and Brie celebrated in the ring, but A.J. wanted the spotlight for herself, so she dropped Brie and posed with the Divas Title belt.

WINNER: Brie/Fake A.J. at 2:05. If the booking holds up with A.J. standing tall here, then Nikki wins on Sunday.

Announcers: Cole, Lawler, and JBL were all wearing pants sitting in front of their broken announce table. Cole hyped a feature on WWE 2K15 at midnight on WWE's website.

Still to come: Team Cena vs. Team Authority contract signing. Ziggler was removed from the graphic, then Show and Sheamus, leaving Cena alone in the graphic against about 15 other people on the other side of the screen.

[Commercial Break at 10:18]

Vignette: Big E. did the preacher voice promo in the latest "it's A New Day" video. Big E. said he feels it - a new day is coming.

Locker Room: John Cena approached Ryback. Cena said he gets it that Ryback is his own man, but WWE needs him. Ryback said he can't see Cena, nor his team. Ryback added that he takes insults personally. Cena said he gets it; he saw the footage. But, he said those things to his face like a man, they beat the heck out of each other, and Ryback earned his respect. Cena said The Authority is trying to manipulate him. Ryback said he's not stupid, as he's Team Ryback all the way. Thanks for stopping by. Cena said he doesn't think Ryback is stupid, but selfish. He said Ryback finally gets a chance to eat at the big table, but now he's not hungry.

At the empty commentary position, Cole said Cena is convincing. JBL said he's desperate. Cole then flashed back to earlier in the night when Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose had a confrontation.

On-stage: The Usos were standing in the dark. The lights came up for The Usos to perform their pre-match ritual before hitting the ring. Cole hyped the four-team Tag Title match added to Survivor Series, then said all four teams will be in action next.

[Commercial Break at 10:28]

[Q11] This Friday on Smackdown: The Dean Ambrose Survival Kit.

Back from break, various teams of various colors were in the ring. The Miz and Damien Sandow then came out to join the Rhodes Bros. as one side of an eight-man tag match.


As the bell sounded, Cole noted the Rhodes Bros. got into with former German goalkeeper Tim Wiese on the European Tour over the weekend. Los Matadores took control, did their pose, and Sandow suddenly entered the ring, took a bump on air, and rolled out of the ring to sell the effects of punishment taken by Miz. Bodies flew to the outside and the faces stood tall heading to break.

[Commercial Break at 10:36]

Back from break, Goldust posted un Matador. On commentary, Cole relayed "breaking news" that they will have an update on Team Cena after the match. Meanwhile, the crowd came to life chanting for Damien Sandow to enter the match. Instead, Miz worked on un Matador. Goldust tagged in, then teased tagging in Sandow, but Cody stole the tag. Sandow eventually took the tag, but Miz tagged himself in. Sandow took his medicine and returned to the ring apron.

Hot tag to un Uso at 10:30. Bodies flew out of the ring, then Cody found himself alone in the ring with the legal Uso. Cody managed to hit Dark Matter, and it was good for the pin and the win. Cody and Goldust stood tall in the ring, then Miz and Sandow mean-mugged since they're on their own in the Tag Title match on Sunday.

WINNERS: Rhodes Bros. & Miz & Sandow at 11:35.

[Q12] Backstage: Grumpy Cat was asleep watching Raw. Lawler cracked a cat joke to try to wake up the cat. Cole, Lawler, and JBL then hyped the free Survivor Series PPV on Sunday. JBL called it the Super Bowl compared to the regular season. Cole then relayed "disturbing news" on Sheamus. Lawler said Sheamus has been hospitalized and he will "definitely" not be at Survivor Series. This leaves two more spots on Cena's team.

Cole transitioned to a plug for WWE Network. Cole said the action "doesn't start" after Raw, when he meant the action "doesn't stop." This led to a plug for the Randy Savage special on the Network after Raw.

[Commercial Break at 10:47]

Next Monday: Larry the Cable Guy guest-stars on Raw.

Arena: Triple H's music played to bring out Triple H, Stephanie, and all of Team Authority on the stage. Earlier Tonight: Dolph Ziggler lost the IC Title and was taken out by The Authority. Then, Mark Henry and Rusev took out Sheamus and Big Show.

Back live, The Authority was in the ring standing on one side of a contract table. Hunter talked about history being made on Sunday. He said The Authority will stand tall. He lost his words and acted like something was wrong. He almost seemed to be doing a health scare angle. Hunter then collected himself and talked about how important WWE is to the McMahon Family. He said "this" is the air they breathe. Hunter looked into Steph's eyes to tell her that they will not lose. Steph agreed.

Hunter addressed his troops, saying they will not lose. "We cannot lose," Hunter said. He shouted toward the back that this is the last chance for every member of Team Cena to back out. He said if they don't back out now, they will wish that they had. Steph said sometimes it takes more courage to back down from a fight than to start one. She said her father challenged them to become better leaders, and they assembled a monstrous team for Survivor Series.

Steph then introduced what's left of Team Cena. Out came John Cena selling concern having no one to stand with him. Cena then smiled and stomped down to the ring, not afraid of the deck being stacked against him. Cena stood on one side of the table as Hunter noted he can't see the rest of Cena's team. Cena said Hunter has jokes, but the jokes stop on Sunday.

Cena said everyone will be watching on Sunday when they see Hunter's team lose. And then they will be out of power. Stephanie sarcastically asked what team will beat them when Sheamus has already been taken to the hospital. Steph said Cena is the only one who will throw his career away facing them. Cena shouted back at Steph that she won't be yelling at anyone after Sunday.

[Q13 -- over-run] Cena said Team Authority thinks they have it all figured out. But, they come out here every week putting these people to sleep, then do what's best for themselves, not what's best for business. Cena said he'll even pick four people out of the crowd for Sunday. "Is there anyone here who wants to kick the crap out of The Authority?" Cena asked. Cena then left the ring to get some audience participation to wake up the crowd. Cena high-fived some fans in the crowd, then said all of his team members have passion for WWE, while their team is a bunch of suck-ups and sell-outs.

Cena said he's even going to give people a preview of Sunday. He said the King and Queen will saunter down to the ring with noses up. They will take their ringside seats watching as the man in the yellow shirt is destroyed. But, one by one, they will fall. Kane will be the first to go. Why? He's a butt-kissing, bootleg Jim Carrey. And then Luke Harper will fail. And then Rusev. He said that's when things get serious. Cena said Hunter will get hungry after Steph throws up from nervousness, so he has no problem feeding him Sexual Chocolate (Mark Henry).

And that leaves just one, Seth Rollins. Cena said he's the bleach-blonde brunette with a fetish for latex. And when he gets his attitude adjusted, Hunter and Steph will have to watch the ref count one, two, three. Cena said Hunter's life will flash before his eyes seeing all of the lives and careers ruined before he's relegated to scrubbing toilets. Steph slapped Cena, so Cena cleared the announce table. Cena told her to get out of the ring because it's go time.

Cena and Hunter squared off, then Dolph Ziggler's music played to bring out Ziggler to join Cena. Ziggler was holding his neck to sell pain. After a pause, Big Show's music played. Out came Show shaking off The Accolade to stand with Cena and Ziggler.

Hunter counted how many team members he has, then Erick Rowan's music played. Out came Rowan down to the ring, shooting Luke Harper's eyes out of his head. Rowan stomped down to the ring and pointed at Harper as Hunter sold concern. Steph said that's a big surprise, okay, but it's still only four. Steph told Cena he's still one man short and facing career suicide on Sunday.

Steph gave all of them one more chance to reconsider. Suddenly, Cesaro's music played. Cesaro jogged down to the ring and stood opposite The Authority. Then, he faked out Cena and stood with The Authority. Steph said the look on Cena's face was awesome. Steph cackled and asked if there are any more surprises. Suddenly, Ryback's music played.

Ryback marched down to the ring looking for a seat at the big table. The fight was on and Cena teased an AA on Cena, but Hunter blasted Cena. Hunter wanted a Pedigree on Cena, but Ryback hit the ring to stare down Hunter. Cena then stood up in the background, whipped Hunter around, and sent Hunter through the table with an AA. Steph freaked out as Rowan, Show, Ryback, Cena, and Ziggler stood tall in the ring. Steph then slipped into the ring to check on her husband. JBL called this career suicide for Team Cena. Meanwhile, Hunter talked to Steph under his breath. Cena acted stunned that he finally formed a team, let it sink in, and did another curtain call as Cole did big hype claiming that WWE changes on Sunday. Raw signed off 13 minutes past the top of the hour.

THE NEWS: It's Cena, Ryback, Rowan, Show, and Ziggler against Rollins, Kane, Henry, Rusev, and Harper in the PPV main event.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Throw a dart against the wall and you have the Survivor Series teams for Sunday. Suddenly, Erick Rowan goes from chasing stuffed cats and sniffing hair to being in the main event of the biggest free PPV of all-time in the history of free PPV main events? Just bizarre stuff to close a drawn-out, unnecessarily three-hour Raw, especially when the focus at the end of the show is suddenly Wyatt vs. Wyatt when WWE has given zero background on whether or not the Wyatts split up or were still together but agreed to go their separate ways or given separate bus routes to work or what in the world Bray was talking about in the vignettes weeks ago. This is a mess that started when VKM randomly returned to TV to "raise the stakes" for the PPV main event when the writing was not set up to handle the weight of the revised PPV main event. It feels like they need another week of TV to flesh out the motivations, issues, and allegiances after finalizing the teams.

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