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WWE Raw Report
CALDWELL'S WWE RAW RESULTS 8/3: Complete "virtual-time" coverage of live Raw - WWE Title match, Brock Lesnar returns, Roddy Piper tribute, six-man tag, Summerslam

Aug 3, 2015 - 10:05:15 PM


WWE Raw TV Results
August 3, 2015 - Episode #1,157
Live in San Jose, Calif.
Report by James Caldwell (@JCTorch), PWTorch assistant editor

- The Card: Brock Lesnar returns, Paul Heyman reveals an Undertaker secret, Roddy Piper tribute at the start of Raw, Reigns & Ambrose & Orton vs. Wyatt & Harper & Sheamus in a six-man tag match, Charlotte & Becky Lynch vs. The Bellas, more on the Road to WrestleMania.

Live Raw on USA Network

Raw opened with a graphic for "In Memory of Roddy Piper." The live audience applauded, then the roster was shown standing on the stage sporting Hot Rod t-shirts. Lilian Garcia led the arena in a 10-bell salute for Piper. Front-and-center were Vince McMahon, Triple H, and Stephanie McMahon. Bagpipes played and the crowd applauded again.

Raw transitioned to a video package on Piper from his early days in wrestling to becoming a big national star. Wrestlers chimed in via soundbytes. They showed clips from "They Live" before going back to wrestling footage to close out the package. Great piece of video. WWE showed fans in the crowd cheering, even panning fans wearing "Bullet Club" t-shirts.

Raw went to the standard intro video before full pyro and fireworks filled the arena. Live in the arena, Michael Cole introduced the show and set the stage for the six-man tag main event.

Seth Rollins's music then played to bring out the WWE World Hvt. champion one week removed from tapping out to U.S. champion John Cena and breaking Cena's nose in the same match. Cole said Cena needed surgery to repair his shattered nose, but did not give an update on Cena's time on the shelf.

In the ring, Rollins smiled as he looked around the arena. Seth said there is only one person in WWE that can slow him down. "And that person is named Seth Rollins," he said. Seriously, though, he knows he has a flaw. He's too sympathetic for his own good. Like last week when he drove his knee right into Cena's nose. (The vocal males popped.) Seth introduced video of his knee smashing Cena's nose.

"Thank you, Rollins" chant from the vocal males. Seth just shook his head. He said it was disgusting feeling John Cena's nose crack on his knee. He said he heard the pop when it shattered. And at first he didn't feel bad because that happens in a WWE ring. But, then, Cena rolled over and he saw this - (pictures of Cena's messed-up nose).

Seth said you would have to feel sympathy for a face like that. He said he knew they had to stop the match and award him the U.S. Title. They had to. But, Cena wanted to finish the fight and the referee was clearly not a humanitarian, so in his sympathetic position, he got caught in a submission. "That's my fault, but I guarantee that will never, ever happen again," Seth said.

Rollins offered a deal to Cena. He said he knows Cena is sitting at home in bed nursing his wounds. But, what do you say we do it one more time. "John Cena versus Seth Rollins one-on-one," he said. "Title for title. Winner take all at Summerslam!" The crowd cheered. Seth said if Cena does not have the grapefruits to show up at Summerslam, then maybe he is not as tough as he thinks he is. And, he can forfeit the U.S. Title to him.

[Q2] As for tonight, Seth said San Jose is the place to be. Not because of the fans, of course, but because he's here. Seth said The Champ is in the house and this is where he won the WWE World Title in the Bay Area at WrestleMania. This is also the site of Cena's first-ever U.S. Title Open Challenge. "So, tonight, we are going to have a WWE World Title Open Challenge," he said. Seth said that's going to start right now. Seth said if you want some, then come get some. Cole and JBL excitedly hyped the challenger next. Well, heck, if Brock Lesnar is in the building, then it should be the alpha-male of the roster.

[Commercial Break at 8:17]

Back live, Seth Rollins's music was still playing. Jo-Jo was in the ring to ask Seth if this open challenge is legit. Of course it is. He said he has 100 percent verification from The Authority to do this. Well, against someone under six-feet-tall and under 200 pounds. Jo-Jo basically said he's reduced the challenger pool to El Torito. Seth laughed and called out the challenger. Instead of El Torito, though, Neville came out. Neville bounced into the ring to go face-to-face with an angry Rollins for the title shot.

Lilian Garcia handled formal ring introductions before the bell sounded. And, yes, the bell did sound before Seth could pull shenanigans to escape the match.

1 -- WWE World Hvt. champion SETH ROLLINS vs. NEVILLE -- WWE World Hvt. Title match

Neville cleared Rollins to the outside with a head scissors, then nailed a back-flip splash on the outside. Back in the ring, Neville body-pressed Seth over the top rope to the floor again. Neville then came off the top with a twisting corkscrew press, wowing the crowd with early offense. Raw cut to break with Neville standing tall.

[Commercial Break at 8:27]

[Q3] Back from break, Seth was in control of the match in the ring. Seth climbed to the top turnbuckle for a high-flying attack, but Neville intercepted with a kick strike into a reverse-rana. But, Seth kicked out of a pin. Neville followed with a release German Suplex into a double-foot kick. He followed with a deadlift German with a bridge for a close two count. European Strength.

Both men caught their breath, then Neville tried to put Seth in position for the Red Arrow, but Seth got to his feet, ducked Neville, and ran him over with a clothesline. Seth then picked up Neville looking for The Pedigree, but Neville countered into a quick pin that looked like a three count. The crowd popped, then booed, playing along with the idea of a bad ref call.

Seth, having nearly lost his title, entered desperation mode looking for another top-rope move, but Neville countered with a huracanrana. Neville then climbed to the top looking for the Red Arrow and he connected. Neville covered, got three ...... and Rollins's foot was on the rope. Neville could not believe it. The crowd went nuts again for another close call. Neville did not follow up, losing his focus after having the title won two times.

After everyone recovered, the crowd chanted for Neville to do it one more time. So, he climbed to the top. This time, Rollins moved out of the way and Neville crashed to the mat. Rollins then immediately picked up Neville and nailed the Pedigree. Seth scored the three for the win.

Post-match, they replayed the first super-close nearfall for Neville, then the second super-close nearfall where Seth got his foot on the rope after taking the Red Arrow. Back live, Neville sold being frustrated by how close he was to winning the title. Meanwhile, Seth recovered on the entrance ramp after surviving his title defense. Now, he waits to see if Cena accepts his title challenge at Summerslam.

WINNER: Rollins at 13:05 to retain the WWE World Title. The crowd did not buy the idea of Neville having a chance of winning early on, but the first super-close nearfall shocked the audience into the match. Nice piece of TV enhancing Neville in defeat while reinforcing Seth as a heelish champion without making him look like a joke. WWE has been on the "joke" side of the line for too long, but this felt like a step in the right direction.

Still to come: Brock Lesnar is live. Plus, an eight-man tag match up next.

[Commercial Break at 8:39]

Announcers: Cole, JBL, and Byron Saxton were joined by WWE tag champs Prime Time Players for commentary on the eight-man tag match up next. Several individuals were already in the ring, then New Day was introduced to "New ... Day Sucks" chants.



Xavier quickly picked a verbal fight with the Players, sarcastically saying they're real fighting champions sitting on commentary again. Titus O'Neil and Darren Young said they're waiting to find their next opponent and they were asked to help JBL on commentary again. JBL brought up Titus helping homeless individuals over the weekend. A real nice, human-sounding exchange between JBL and Titus beyond the "wrestling noise" on commentary. They cut to break after The Ascension shoved un Matador off the top rope to take control for the heel quartet.

[Commercial Break at 8:47]

Back from break, The Ascension worked over un Matador as Xavier kept trying to pick a fight with the Players. Sin Cara finally took a tag and the action broke down. Bodies everywhere in and out of the ring. Cara nearly broke his neck trying a Swanton Bomb to the outside. Xavier then got involved, so Torito tried to get involved. In the chaos, Kofi hit Trouble in Paradise on Kalisto for the pin and the win.

Post-match, New Day taunted Prime Time Players, looking to make their case for a Tag Title shot. Titus said they'll see them at Summerslam if they get a chance.

WINNERS: Team New Day at 8:22. Just a "throw 'em out there match" trying to sort out Tag Title contenders in a chaotic manner for the third straight week.

Backstage: Paige, Charlotte, and Becky Lynch were shown walking down the hallway. They're in the ring next.

[Commercial Break at 8:54]

Back from break, the Bellas's music played to bring out Divas champion Nikki Bella, Brie Bella, and Alicia Fox. In an inset interview, the Bellas credited themselves for the Divas Revolution since Nikki won the Divas Title in 2014. Charlotte's music then brought out Charlotte, Becky Lynch, and Paige to loud Whoos. In an inset video, Charlotte said the Divas Revolution starts and ends here. Paige said it's time to introduce the "Submission Sorority." And the wishy-washy Bellas will be playing heels tonight.


Brie and Becky started things off as the main players, Charlotte and Nikki, watched from the ring apron. WWE then cut backstage to show the other trio in the division, Team B.A.D., watching on a monitor.

[Q5 -- second hour] The main players entered at the top of the hour and Nikki took control on Charlotte until Ric Flair's daughter reversed control. Nikki took control again following interference, then the Bellas isolated Charlotte. Hot tag to Lynch, who put Brie in her armbar submission, but Brie grabbed the bottom rope for a rope break. Brie recovered on the outside, luring in Becky for a clothesline. Team Bella stood tall ringside heading to break.

[Commercial Break at 9:05]

Back from break, Nikki was working on Becky while Charlotte waited for a tag. Meanwhile, B.A.D. was still hanging around a backstage monitor watching the match. Back in the ring, Becky fought back and tagged in Charlotte simultaneous to Nikki tagging in. Chaos quickly broke out, then Charlotte trapped Nikki in the figure-eight. Nikki had to tap out and take the loss.

WINNERS: Team Charlotte via submission at 13:11. More build to Charlotte getting a Divas Title shot. Sasha Banks might have something to say about that, though.

Speaking of which, Jo-Jo showed up backstage to ask Sasha about what just happened. Sasha took exception to Jo-Jo's line of questioning, then Naomi challenged Paige to a match tonight. Naomi also took exception to people talking up Ronda Rousey (the live crowd popped for a Rousey reference after her dominant UFC performance on Saturday). Naomi claimed they are the baddest women on the planet. She also heeled on Team Paige's new team name.

[Q6] Still to come: Miz TV with Kevin Owens and Cesaro. Plus, a six-man tag main event.

[Commercial Break at 9:16]

Coming back from break, WWE actually ran an ad spot for NXT this Wednesday on the Network. WWE advertised Samoa Joe vs. Rhyno. Cole, Saxton, and JBL also talked about NXT at the commentary table.

Miz TV Segment

In-ring: The Miz, sporting a "Hot Rod" t-shirt was standing by for Miz TV. Miz called it the second-most talked-about WWE talk show in WWE history because there would be no talk shows and no Miz TV without Roddy Piper's "Piper's Pit." Miz said Piper will be missed. The crowd wasn't sure how to handle annoying heel Miz tributing Piper.

Miz then welcomed everyone to Miz TV, entering heel mode. Miz described himself as on-fire. He vowed to become new IC champion once Ryback is "done nursing an injury." Actually, he told Ryback to just vacate the IC Title, like Daniel Bryan did.

Miz got down to the business at-hand welcoming out his first guest tonight, Kevin Owens. Owens sauntered out on-stage, then casually strolled to the ring for a conversation with Miz. Owens surprised Miz, saying he's actually a big fan of his. And, he owns all of his movies on Blu-ray. Miz then asked Owens why he has such a big issue with Cesaro. Owens said Cesaro is just jealous of him. See, he's accomplished a lot the last three months.

Suddenly, Cesaro's music interrupted. Cesaro, dressed in his James Bond suit from last week's "Tough Enough" episode, came out on-stage playing to the crowd. Miz talked over Cesaro's music that he's not following the format of the show. WWE made sure to capture plenty of "Cesaro Section" signs in the crowd.

Miz asked Cesaro if he came here to pick a fight. Cesaro said he just wanted to hear up-close what Owens has to say. Owens continued that he thinks Cesaro is jealous of him because he's succeeded where Cesaro has failed. Not just beating John Cena, which Cesaro has never done. No, all those years of sacrifices, which were all for nothing. Because no matter how hard Cesaro works, he will never be as good as him because he will never match his God-given, natural ability for this business.

Miz said that's some interesting words. Cesaro responded that he's not jealous of Owens. He's actually ashamed of him. Because every time he walks away from a match, he disrespects himself, his opponent, every wrestler who has ever set foot in this ring, and every fan. Cesaro called him an embarrassment.

Owens stood up with the chair stuck to him. Cesaro smiled, then Owens got in his face that he's accomplished more in three months than Cesaro has in three years. Cesaro said he's really good at fighting, so if he wants to go, then let's go. Cesaro removed his suit jacket as Miz shouted that this is what Miz TV is all about. "Shut up!" both shouted at Miz. Owens digged Miz, then said he'll fight anyone, anywhere, but for the right price. And tonight is not it.

Owens started to leave the ring, drawing the "Walk Owens Walk" line from Cesaro. Miz shouted that he wants action, so Cesaro needs to do something. Owens suddenly returned to the ring and shoved Miz into Cesaro. Owens wanted the pop-up powerbomb on Cesaro, but Cesaro blocked, teased the Big Swing, Owens escaped, and Owens bailed to the entrance ramp. Cesaro stood tall in the ring challenging Owens to fight, but Owens left the ringside area with a big smirk on his face.

Still to come: Paige vs. Naomi in singles action.

Backstage: Rusev and Summer "Lana" Rae were shown walking down the hallway. Saxton plugged Rusev against Mark Henry next.

Tough Enough plug: WWE tries to get Z.Z. to quit on this week's show. And next week. And the week after. And the week after that.

[Q7] [Commercial Break at 9:31]

Back from break, WWE highlighted Ronda Rousey's UFC victory in tribute to Roddy Piper over the weekend. WWE aired footage of Rousey's post-fight victory speech, courtesy UFC.

In-ring: Rusev's music played to bring out Rusev and Summer Rae for singles action. WWE then went back to last month when Rusev took out Dolph Ziggler and put him on the shelf indefinitely.

Back on Raw, Mark Henry's music played to bring out Henry filling up the entire screen. Henry slowly walked down to ringside, then slowly entered the ring to face Rusev.

4 -- RUSEV (w/Summer "Lana" Rae) vs. MARK HENRY

Rusev started with kicks and strikes into a dropkick that put Henry on the mat. Rusev stomped away on Henry's back. He followed with a standing sidekick before shouting that he wanted to end Henry. Rusev delivered a leaping thrust kick to the jaw, then covered Henry for the win. Complete squash.

Post-match, Rusev was not done. Rusev delivered another thrust kick, sending Henry out of the ring. Rusev ranted and raved as Summer stood proudly behind Rusev, then Rusev's music played again.

WINNER: Rusev at 2:05.

Announcers: Cole and Co. hyped a four-hour Summerslam in three weeks. JBL did a flashcard reading that Summerslam is $54.99 going through cable TV or $9.99 going through WWE Network. WWE's big secondary pitch for the Network was ... a lame clip from Swerved. Cole relayed a third pitch: "WWE Network ... just like Netflix." But, better? But, worse? Exactly the same? Cole left it hanging, so JBL tried to save the pitch.

Somewhere, Bray Wyatt interrupted holding a flower. Bray said if you remove all of the petals, what once was precious has now become just a troublesome weed. He said Roman Reigns has become "their" symbol of beauty and strength. "They" chose you. Luke Harper spoke, then Sheamus entered Bray's lair clutching his MITB briefcase. Bray said it appears Sheamus is their friend tonight. "Run!" Bray spoke into the camera heading to break.

[Q8] [Commercial Break at 9:46]

Back on Raw, Zack Ryder's music was randomly playing. After a look at Ryder in the ring, King Barrett's music played to bring out the 2015 King of the Ring with crown and mic in-hand(s). Barrett spoke as he walked that as the One True King of the Ring, it is his duty to eliminate pretenders, like Ryder. He asked Ryder where his crown is as the King of the Internet? He said Ryder is worth less than the filth on his boots. Barrett told the crowd to Hail King Barrett. The crowd booed instead.


Barrett controlled early on, then Ryder yanked Barrett face-down into the mat. Ryder teased the crowd with a comeback and Broski Boot, but Barrett avoided the Rough Ryder and loaded up the Royal Bullhammer. Barrett covered for the win.

WINNER: Barrett at 1:55. Every main TV Ryder match for the last two-plus years - defense, comeback, Broski Boot, failed Rough Ryder, and taking the other guy's finisher.

Up Next: Brock Lesnar is on Raw for the top-of-the-hour segment.

[Commercial Break at 9:55]

Smackdown plug: New Day and Mark Henry, who just got squashed, against New Day in a six-man tag match.

Brock Lesnar Returns

Paul Heyman was standing by in the ring two minutes before the top of the hour. Heyman introduced himself before offering a reminder of what happened two weeks ago when The Undertaker "picked this fight." WWE cued up footage of Taker interrupting Lesnar's WWE Title challenge against Seth Rollins at Battleground.

[Q9 -- third hour] Heyman said that was not the same Undertaker who has destroyed everyone in his path for the past 25 years. He said that was an angry, vengeful, desperate Undertaker who kicked my client in the groin. Why? Because when confronted with the fact that he has never been able to beat Brock Lesnar, WWE's alpha-dog becomes a b----.

Heyman went to another video - this time the big Taker-Lesnar fight from two weeks ago. Back in the arena, Heyman smiled as he clutched the mic. He said The Undertaker will NEVER rest in peace because he cannot live with himself knowing that he cannot - and will not - ever defeat my client, the One in 22-and-1. Heyman then did the big intro for Brrrrrrrock Lessssssnar.

Lesnar's music played to a lot of noise. Out came Lesnar to a big reception as Cole flashed back to the night after WrestleMania in this same building where Lesnar tore the arena apart, and injured him. Lesnar paced ringside, glared at Cole, who stood up and sold nervousness, and kept on walking around ringside. Before entering the ring, Lesnar picked up ring steps and chucked them into the ring.

Lesnar stood next to the ring steps contemplating some unspeakable action against the poor object. "Suplex City" chant, then Lesnar stood on the ring steps like a gold medal podium. Heyman spoke that the last time WWE sanctioned Lesnar vs. Taker at WM30, Taker left the ring in an ambulance.

Heyman said he had the "inside dirt" on WWE. He said Undertaker called Vince McMahon and begged him for a re-match at this year's WrestleMania. And, Taker begs for nothing. McMahon turned down the match. Because even in his dark heart of hearts, McMahon knows what will happen the next time Brock Lesnar fights The Undertaker. So, at Battleground, Taker forced WWE's hand by picking a fight with Lesnar. So, they had to sanction the fight, otherwise it would have happened in a parking lot, a church, or Hell in a Cell. Heyman said the match is "too big for WrestleMania."

Heyman said it's not the re-match of the week, month, or year. But, the re-match then, now, and forever. Because on August 23, his client, Lesnar, will stamp Taker's trip to Suplex City. Heyman said it comes down to this. Last time they faced each other, Taker needed an ambulance and a year to recover. He said Taker will need Last Rites at Summerslam because you, Taker, have met your match. And you are going to Suplex City at the hands of my beast, my client, your conqueror, Brock Lesnar. Lesnar, fired up, stepped off the ring steps/podium and shook hands with Heyman as his music played. Nice payday for Lesnar bouncing up and down on ring steps being Brock Lesnar.

Announcers: Cole and Co. transitioned to Rollins-Cena match footage from last Monday on Raw. Cena suffered a broken nose and now Rollins had laid out a Title vs. Title challenge at Summerslam. The announcers left it as not knowing if Cena will be healthy in-time for Summerslam.

Still to come: Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper & Sheamus vs. Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns & Randy Orton in a six-man tag.

[Commercial Break at 10:11]

[Q10] In-ring: Paige's music played to bring out the "Submission Sorority" for singles action. Cole plugged Paige appearing on Stone Cold's podcast tonight after Raw. Naomi was out next with NXT Women's champion Sasha Banks and Tamina. Cole brought up Ronda Rousey again, saying B.A.D. believes they're the baddest women on the planet.

6 -- PAIGE (w/Charlotte and Becky Lynch) vs. NAOMI (w/NXT Women's champion Sasha Banks and Tamina Snuka)

A minute in, WWE cut backstage to show Team Bella watching the match on a monitor, expressing displeasure for both teams. Back in the ring, Paige and Naomi exchanged control, then Naomi got a little too cocky and took a knee to the face. Naomi responded with a corner attack to re-take control. Like a good heel, she did not learn her lesson, as she became even more cocky working over Paige, leaving her vulnerable to a comeback. Paige then trapped Naomi in the PTO submission and Naomi had to tap out. Charlotte and Becky quickly entered the ring to celebrate the Submission Squad's second submission victory of the night.

WINNER: Paige via submission at 7:27. Basic reinforcement - WWE introduced a new stable name centered on submissions and the trio gets two submission wins on the same night. Still no individual title contender to Nikki Bella, though.

Earlier Tonight: What feels like a week ago - Neville pushed Seth Rollins to the WWE Title limit, scoring two very close nearfalls. But, Seth ended up winning with The Pedigree.

Announcers: Cole, Saxton, and JBL reacted to Neville coming "this close" to beating Seth, all the while setting aside his issues with Stardust.

Backstage: In a "Facebook exclusive," Eden Stiles caught up with her husband, Cody Rhodes, playing the role of Stardust. Stardust reacted to Neville losing to Seth. He said if Neville is not going to be his hero, then who will? On commentary, Cole called it a "veiled threat" to TV actor Stephen Amell. WWE read a tweet from Amell vowing to see Stardust next week on Raw.

Up Next: Roddy Piper tribute.

[Commercial Break at 10:28. While at break and during Piper's tribute video, WWE had an in-ring "signing" for seven-year-old Elijah, who was named an honorary member of the roster. Live tweets from PWTorch specialist Ben Tucker @BTuckerTorch ]

Video Package: Roddy Piper from the top of the show.

Announcers: Cole talked on-camera about being in WWE because of Roddy Piper. JBL said he was on Piper's Pit, and it was a great honor for him. Saxton talked about Piper exceeding his expectations meeting him in-person.

Somewhere: Dean Ambrose and The Shield were standing by. Ambrose said they're here to deliver a message to Bray Wyatt: "We're here to kick ass and chew bubblegum. And we're all out of bubblegum." Reigns said he's ready to break some heads. Randy Orton then casually walked into their lair. Orton, also wearing a Piper t-shirt, told them to leave Sheamus to him. Ambrose: "Finally, he's got a good attitude." The main event is next.

[Commercial Break at 10:38]

Next Week: Stephen Amell from "Arrow" will be on Raw. Apparently playing his TV character.

In-ring: Randy Orton's music played to bring out one-sixth of the TV main event. Dean Ambrose was out next looking fired-up for the main event. Cole said Ambrose is even more unstable than Randy Orton. Ambrose and Orton paced the ring, then waited for Roman Reigns to come through the crowd to The Shield theme music. As Reigns hit the ring, Cole plugged tickets on-sale right now for the final Raw before Summerslam in two weeks at the Target Center in Minneapolis.

Ambrose, Orton, and Reigns paced the ring, then Sheamus's music played to bring out Mr. MITB. Sheamus hung out ringside, then the lights went out to bring out Bray Wyatt joined by Luke Harper. There are some issues in-play, but it overall feels like an exhibition match with Reigns-Wyatt cooling off, Ambrose without a feud, and Orton-Sheamus in neutral. Apparently this main event will attempt to heat up everything.



Quick start with Ambrose wiping out all of the heels on the outside. Ambrose returned to the ring to stand tall with Orton and Reigns heading to break one minute in.

[Commercial Break at 10:47]

Back from break, Reigns lit up the heels, drawing praise from the announcers. Reigns appeared to bloody his nose in the process. Ambrose tagged in, but lost control. Bray wanted a superplex, but Ambrose blocked. Headbutt felled Wyatt. But, Wyatt kicked Ambrose off the top rope following a distraction from Harper. Ambrose remained face-down on the floor heading to break.

[Commercial Break at 10:54]

Back on Raw, Ambrose was trying to fight back against Wyatt. Harper then tagged in and lost control, allowing Ambrose to bodyslam him. Ambrose flung Harper out of the ring, then cut off Reigns with a big boot to the face to prevent him from getting a tag. But, he did not get rid of Orton, who took a tag from Ambrose.

[Q13 -- over-run] Orton came in hot on Bray Wyatt, delivering a trademark backbreaker. Orton then stalked Bray for the second-rope DDT from the ring apron, which he connected with. Orton then went to That Place, firing up the crowd. But, Harper hit the ring and smashed Orton with a clothesline to prevent the RKO on Wyatt. Dean and Harper then battled on the floor, where Ambrose wanted a rebound lariat, but Harper big-booted him. So, Reigns smashed Harper from out of nowhere.

Back in the ring, Orton made a tag to Reigns, who took down Sheamus with a Samoan Drop. Clotheslines followed. Six of them. Uppercut to Harper. Seventh clothesline took Sheamus over the top rope to the floor. On the floor, Reigns dropkicked Sheamus, then Wyatt. Reigns punched Harper onto the announce table, then returned to the ring to drop Sheamus with a Superman Punch. But, Harper kicked Reigns in the face. Rebound Lariat from Ambrose to Harper. Chaos everywhere.

Things settled down into Orton dropping Wyatt with an RKO back in the ring. Sheamus then tried a Brogue Kick to Orton, but Orton ducked and Reigns smashed Sheamus with a spear. Reigns covered Sheamus for the win. Cole hyped this as an incredible main event as things heat up going into Summerslam.

Post-match, WWE cut to Stone Cold's lair to show Austin and Paige watching the Raw main event ahead of their live podcast interview on WWE Network after Raw is over. Back in the ring, the babyface trio celebrated their victory. WWE replayed the high points of the match, then cut back to Ambrose, Orton, and Reigns standing tall in the ring. Cole signed off five minutes past the top of the hour.

WINNERS: Team Reigns at 16:40. Another Raw going for the feel-good ending. Again, though, it felt like an exhibition match where there was a general sense of victory over villainous individuals, but not a sense of grand accomplishment. Overall, where is all of this leading heading into Summerslam? Right now, there is only one match official for a four-hour PPV with only two weeks of Raw TV remaining.


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