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WWE Smackdown Report
TAIT'S WWE SMACKDOWN TV REPORT 4/29: Alt. perspective review of final PPV hype, Overall Show Breakdown List

Apr 30, 2011 - 11:41:46 AM

WWE Smackdown Alt. Perspective report
April 29, 2011
Taped in Greensboro, N.C.
Report by James Tait, Torch int'l Smackdown correspondent

- Smackdown opened with a highlight video from Monday's Draft episode of Raw.

- Pyro to officially start the show in Greensboro tonight. The World Heavyweight Championship was hanging above the ring. Josh Matthews hyped Big Show and Kane defending their Tag Team Championships against Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater. Michael Cole hyped Rey Mysterio's farewell match against Mark Henry tonight.

- Randy Orton's music hit and the Viper came out in a Smackdown shirt. Booker T said he's never liked looking in Randy Orton's eyes and right now he means business as Orton stepped in the ring. Orton went to talk but 'Randy' chants stopped him and he smiled.

- Orton introduced himself to a pop from the crowd. He said for the first time in almost five years because of the draft he is back on the Smackdown roster once again. He said while he's looking forward to the challenges ahead, this Sunday at Extreme Rules he has unfinished business to attend to involving C.M. Punk. Crowd booed loudly. Orton went to continue but was interrupted by Drew McIntyre, who came out in a Raw t-shirt.

- Drew apologized for not buying a ticket. He insincerely willed the crowd to get behind Orton being on Smackdown. He said with the good news comes the bad and the bad is that Drew has been drafted to Raw. Drew said it's a real shame because the WWE Universe will have to wait a little longer for Drew McIntyre vs. Randy Orton. Drew got in the ring with Orton and said he could tell from the look in his eyes exactly what Orton wanted to do. Drew said he was just down here to say hello... and goodbye!

- McIntyre kicked Orton in the gut and locked in a double underhook ready to hit the Future Shock but Orton countered into an RKO. Orton got back on the mic and was about to continue when he was interrupted again by some generic rock music and it's... Alex Riley?

- A-Ri came out also wearing a Smackdown shirt. Riley had a mic in hand and went to get in Orton's face in the ring but Orton hit him with an RKO instead. A crying shame too, Alex Riley promos are gold. More 'Randy' chants. Orton picked up the mic once more and went to speak but was interrupted this time by Alberto Del Rio and his entourage.

- Del Rio introduced himself walking up the ramp. Del Rio said he can see that he is making a great first impression like the one he himself made his first night on Smackdown. Del Rio said he feels bad for everyone for losing him from the Smackdown. No, that wasn't a typo; Del Rio refers to it as 'the' Smackdown. Del Rio said after this Sunday they're also going to lose the World Heavyweight Championship because he's bringing it with him to Raw.

- Del Rio stood on the apron and said that Orton knows how to make a great first impression. Del Rio, Brodus Clay and Ricardo Rodriguez stepped in the ring. Del Rio said that he, however, knows how to make a lasting impression. Orton squared off against all three men before Christian hit the ring.

- Christian stood beside Orton ready to fight when they were all interrupted by Theodore Long, who told them playas to hold on. He said it might be a new era on Smackdown but they're still playing by his rules. He said if they want to go at it they're going to do it right. Tonight's main event will be a tag team match: Alberto Del Rio and Brodus Clay vs. Christian and Randy Orton. Holla.

- The two teams stared each other down. Del Rio smirked and winked at Orton. Randall ran at Del Rio, who jumped out of the ring. Brodus stood on the apron and was dropkicked off by Christian. Del Rio and co made their way to the back as the faces stood tall in the ring.

TAIT REAX: A decent opening segment firmly establishing Orton's place as the star of Smackdown. Great to hear McIntyre being given some time on the mic, but disappointing that Riley got squashed without a word, he's one of the most natural talkers in the WWE and is vastly underutilized. Hopefully he'll be pushed to the moon on the blue brand. Teddy Long solves all his problems with unscheduled tag matches. We've already seen enough of Del Rio vs. Christian, seeing them in a tag match isn't going to sell anybody on Extreme Rules. This would have been the perfect opportunity to give Smackdown's second tier heels a chance to play with the big boys instead of Del Rio who's going to Raw anyway.

[Commercial Break]

- Kofi Kingston made his entrance to bring Smackdown back from commercial. After his pyro went off, he was ambushed by Sheamus. Sheamus ran Kingston into the barricade a few times before dropping a dozen knees into Kingston. Sheamus ran Kofi into the steel steps before rolling him into the ring. Sheamus stalked Kofi and beat his chest before hitting the Brogue Kick. Sheamus stood tall in the ring as the crowd booed. Booker said he liked this new attitude from Sheamus as a replay was shown.

TAIT REAX: Exactly what Sheamus needed to establish himself on Smackdown. Not liking the blue Smackdown shirt in collaboration with Sheamus's red hair but hopefully the brand switch breathes new life into the Celtic Warrior.

- Referees attended to Kingston as Sheamus made his way to the back. Mathews hyped Mysterio vs. Henry later tonight.

[Commercial Break]

- Michael Cole was in the ring sporting a black eye and a swollen lip when Smackdown returned. He asked for the attention of the crowd. He said Mr. WrestleMania is talking to loud boos. He introduced his trainer, his friend, and his tag team partner at Extreme Rules, the man who is going to sit back and watch him single handedly pick apart that royal imposter Jerry Lawler. The man who's going to sit back and watch him single handedly dissect that fat, barbecue eating, bulbous, pork-pulling sow who responds to the call of "Sooooooo-eeeeee": the All-American American Jack Swagger.

- J-Swagg came out in a Raw t-shirt and did pushups on his way to the ring. Swagger hugged Cole in the ring and the pair did a few laps. Booker spat that the way Cole tries to mimic Jack Swagger is ridiculous. Sin Cara's music hit and the artist formerly known as Mistico came out in a Smackdown t-shirt. Cara trampolined into the ring and a replay of Cara besting Swagger three weeks ago was shown. Half-an-hour in and the first match is finally here. What is this, TNA?

1 -- JACK SWAGGER (w/Michael Cole) vs. SIN CARA

Swagger took control early and backed Cara into the corner. Booker said that Sin Cara has a lot of flashy moves but he wants to see him in a fight. He said he wants to see what happens when Sin Cara gets punched in the mouth. Swagger put Cara over his shoulder but Cara struggled free and kicked Swagger in the midsection a few times.

Swagger powered Cara back into the turnbuckle but Cara dodged Swagger when he came running in and kicked him again. Cara took hold of Swagger's arm and ran up the turnbuckle, springboarding off the top rope and corkscrew flipping in mid air, culminating in an arm drag. Swagger was straight back up and hit a powerful running clothesline on Cara.

Swagger sold frustration and dropped a few elbows. Swagger rolled Cara onto his front and did pushups off his back for some heat from the crowd. Swagger ran Cara hard into the turnbuckle before hitting a bodyslam. Swagger attempted a Swagger Bomb but Cara got his knees up to counter. Cara went back on the offense with a flurry of kicks.

Cara hit a handspring elbow off the ropes before a running huracanrana to send Swagger into the turnbuckle. Cara ran at Swagger but was tossed over the top rope. Landing feet first on the apron, Cara hit a jump kick over the ropes to the head of Swagger. Something happened with the lights and everything went blue as it does when Cara makes his entrance, not sure why.

Cara went for a springboard move into the ring but Swagger ducked and hit a big boot. Cole handed Swagger a belt while the ref had his back turned. Swagger wrapped it around his fist but Cara jumped onto his shoulders from behind. Cara hit a Sunset Flip to surprise Swagger and get the three count.

WINNER: Sin Cara via submission in 4:00.

- After the match, Cole berated Swagger, who ran at a celebrating Sin Cara. Cara pulled the top rope down to send Swagger crashing to the outside and followed it up with an absolutely giant springboard cross body. Cole got in Swagger's ear after a replay was shown and told him to get his head in the game for Sunday.

TAIT REAX: The pre-taped environment definitely suits Cara much better. He looked great here although who knows what botches are on the cutting room floor. This match probably could have gone on longer to avoid Swagger looking weak but he'll be on Raw next week and nobody will remember this anyway, so I guess it doesn't matter.

- Kane and Big Show in blue and red respectively were shown walking backstage in anticipation of their Tag Team Championship match against The Corre.

[Commercial Break]

- The same Kharma vignette from Monday's Raw was shown.

- Tony Chimel was in the ring and announced the following WWE Tag Team Championship match. Gabriel and Slater were out first and were arguing on their way to the ring. A replay of them losing the titles and their backstage dissension on last Friday's Smackdown was shown. Cole said the relationships were strained within the group.

- Big Show and Kane were out next. Cole explained that although Show and Kane are on different brands they are still eligible to compete as a tag team as the titles are defended on both brands.

2 -- WWE Tag Team Champions THE BIG SHOW & KANE vs. JUSTIN GABRIEL & HEATH SLATER -- WWE Tag Team Title match

Big Show and Slater locked up first. The two went back and forth with Show's power and Slater's quickness on display. Slater hit a chop block to the back of Show's knee before tagging in Gabriel, who hit a Missile dropkick off the top rope to take Show off his feet. Gabriel hit a trifecta of boots to the head of Show, who was on his knees, before covering Show. Big Show kicked out with such force that it sent Gabriel out of the ring.

[Commercial Break]

Slater hit a DDT on a kneeling Big Show as Smackdown returned. Show threw Slater off at two. Slater tagged in Gabriel, who went for a double axe handle off the top rope but was caught in a Big Show goozle. Show went for a chokeslam but Gabriel countered, incredibly sloppily, into a woeful looking DDT. Gabriel got another two count.

Gabriel locked a sleeper hold on Big Show, who got to his feet despite Gabriel on his back. Show hit a Sidewalk Slam to break the hold and made the hot tag to Kane as Gabriel tagged in Slater. Kane was quick on the offense, bowling Slater over and then hitting a big boot for two.

Kane hit a running clothesline on Slater in the turnbuckle followed by a Sidewalk Slam for another near fall. Kane hit his diving clothesline off the top rope before signaling for a chokeslam. Kane hit a goozle on Slater and one on Gabriel as well, who jumped in off the top rope. The two got out with kicks to Kane's gut, before missing a double clothesline.

Big Show was back in the ring and he and Kane hit tandem chokeslams on Gabriel and Slater respectively. Kane covered Slater to get the win and retain the titles.

WINNERS: The Big Show and Kane via pinfall in 8:00.

- After the match, the champs celebrated with their titles in the ring. Booker and Mathews wondered aloud whether any team could beat Big Show and Kane.

TAIT REAX: Average tag match as usual. Kane and Big Show are in need of some credible opponents right now but the sad reality is that there really are none. If Corre splits up soon then who are they going to squash, the Usos? Good grief.

- The Great Khali was shown backstage talking in Hindi with Ranjin Singh. Rey Mysterio interrupted and shook Khali's hand. Khali said something to Mysterio and Singh interpreted it as Khali wishing Rey luck on Raw. Mysterio thanked Khali before departing. Khali and Singh were met by someone named Jinder Mahal, who I researched to find out he is part of the FCW roster after previously being known as Tiger Raj Singh for Stampede Wrestling in Canada. Interesting... Singh spoke in Hindi to Mahal, who replied in kind. Khali spoke in Hindi as well before Mahal left. What an odd debut.

[Commercial Break]

- Mysterio was out as Smackdown returned and made his entrance to the ring, stopping to give a kid at ringside a mask. A replay of Cody Rhodes putting the paper bag over Rey's head last week was shown.

- Mysterio got on the mic and said it's going to be hard leaving. He said ever since he's been a part of Smackdown he has been allowed into everyone's homes every Friday night to entertain them and he has enjoyed every minute of it. Big cheer from the crowd. Rey said the ride has been good, just last year we won the World Heavyweight Championship together. He said just because he's been drafted to Raw the journey isn't over, it's continuing. He said it continues at Extreme Rules when he beats Cody Rhodes and we celebrate together.

- Rey said it really doesn't matter if he's on Raw or Smackdown, everybody will always be part of the 619. Mark Henry's music hit and out came the World's Strongest Man. A replay of Mark Henry's heel turn on Raw was shown. Henry was all smiles in the ring. He said it's unfortunate for Rey that his farewell is his debut before the bell rung. A man of few words.


Henry started proceedings by running at Rey in the corner. Rey ducked and hit a few kicks before Henry overpowered him, and dug his fingers into Mysterio's collarbone. Henry pushed Mysterio out of the ring. Booker compared Henry to a Grizzly bear as Rey caught his breath outside.

Rey got back in the ring and was confronted by an inrushing Henry, Rey countered with a boot to the face. Rey ran at Henry and slid under his legs but Henry turned around and walloped Mysterio with a pair of arms. Henry held onto the ropes and stood on Mysterio.

Mysterio was on the apron and Henry lifted him over the ropes. Mysterio sprung into action and caught Henry with a few punches and kicks before Henry clotheslined him from behind. Henry slid Mysterio headfirst out of the ring and followed him out. Rey kicked at Henry's legs but the World's Strongest Man pushed him into the steel steps. Henry ran at Mysterio on the steps but Rey dodged him and Henry went barreling over the steps. Mysterio rolled back in the ring and Smackdown went on break.

[Commercial Break]

Mysterio was in control of his final match on Smackdown, hitting a running dropkick on Henry in the corner. Mysterio went to the top rope but Henry swept his legs out and Mysterio became entangled in the ropes. Henry charged in from the opposite corner and crushed Mysterio in the corner. Cole said he hadn't seen Henry this good in a long time as he got a two count.

Henry toyed with Mysterio for a while, playing to the crowd before missing a seated splash on Mysterio and landing rear end first on the mat. Mysterio hit a dropkick to Henry's face before hitting a seated senton from the top rope for a two count that Henry powered out of. Mysterio dropkicked Henry's knee to send him into the ropes. Mysterio hit a 619 and went to the top rope to drop the dime but was pulled off face first into the apron by Cody Rhodes to end the match.

WINNER: Rey Mysterio via disqualification in 8:00.

- After the match, Rhodes continued to assault Mysterio on the outside. Cole blamed Mysterio for Rhodes's mental anguish as Cody sent Mysterio into the crowd. Cody dragged Rey through the crowd and Cole said that this could happen in their falls count anywhere match at Extreme Rules. Cody threw Rey back over the barricade to ringside and rolled him back in the ring.

Mark Henry was lying in wait and hit a World's Strongest Slam on Mysterio. Henry wore a big grin on his way to the back past Rhodes, who picked up a paper bag and put it on Mysterio in the ring. Rhodes stood over Mysterio as the crowd booed. Rhodes made his way to the back.

TAIT REAX: A decent match that told the usual David and Goliath story when Mysterio faces much bigger opponents. Henry looked pretty good on his feet and showed that he can easily transition between face and heel when WWE needs him to and Smackdown, short on heels, will definitely need him. Rhodes's interference was inevitable and it was good to see the paper bag from last week get some use again. I'm fully expecting Rhodes to come away with a win on Sunday and end this program on top so Mysterio does the job at Extreme Rules to help propel Cody into a top-tier role on Smackdown.

- The announcers plugged tonight's main event tag match between Christian and Orton and Del Rio and Brodus.

[Commercial Break]

- Michelle McCool was out when Smackdown returned. Cole talked about how heartwrenching it has been watching Lay-Cool split. Cole said Michelle has been carrying the team and Layla was just jealous. Michelle's opponent tonight was Layla.


The two rolled around in the ring trading blows before rolling out of the ring and to the floor. Michelle ran Layla back first into the barricade twice. Layla grabbed Michelle's head and rammed it into the barricade. Michelle hit a kick to Layla's head before continuing to beat down on her on the outside. The referee called for the bell.

WINNER: No Contest in 1:00.

- The two continued to brawl on the floor as Cole called it tragic. Referees tried to separate the pair. Booker said Michelle had been wicked lately. The crowd chanted 'Let them fight' as referees held them back. Layla got on the mic and said she was sick of this and sick of Michelle. She said they should have a real match at Smackdown, no count outs and no disqualifications. Layla said maybe that would shut her up before walking away.

- Michelle got on the mic and accepted her challenge to a nice little pop from the crowd. Layla went to walk away but Michelle stopped her. She said she accepts on one condition: the loser leaves WWE. Layla said she's on, staring down Michelle on her way to the back.

TAIT REAX: For the first time this feud had some weight, unbelievable. The crowd was right into the two fighting and even popped when the match and stipulation were announced. Hopefully these two will be given some decent airtime at Extreme Rules as I feel they're capable of putting on a great match that the fans will be invested in. If only the rest of the feud had been this hot. Bank on Michelle taking the loss this Sunday.

- More hype for tonight's tag team main event.

[Commercial Break]

- A video package from the WWE's European tour was shown.

- Christian was shown backstage with Matt Striker. Striker said that this Sunday Christian will compete for the World Heavyweight Championship in a ladder match against Alberto Del Rio. Striker asked for his thoughts. Christian replied that before he talks about that he'd like to take Striker back a little bit. He said he hears Del Rio use the word destiny a lot. He said six months ago his own destiny was on the line when Del Rio tore his pectoral muscle.

- He said it gave him a lot of time to reflect. He said every morning he woke up, looked in the mirror and wondered if it was all over and he never got a chance to fulfill his potential. Christian said fast forward to today and his best friend of 27 years Edge, one minute defending his title at WrestleMania and the next he has to retire in an instant. Christian said he wonders if he's in the right place at the right time. Does he really have what it takes and is it time for him to really fulfill his potential.

- Christian said up until last week he'd never so much as put his hands on the World Heavyweight Championship because he didn't feel he'd earned the right to touch it. He said that changes this Sunday, his destiny is to climb that ladder and not only touch that World Heavyweight Championship, but earn the right to keep it. Wow, what a powerful promo.

- The announcers ran through the card at Extreme Rules.

- Tony Chimel introduced Ricardo Rodriguez, who introduced Alberto Del Rio. Brodus Clay was already in the ring. Del Rio came out in a slick black 2011 Ferrari California worth $250 000. Del Rio stepped in the ring as Smackdown went to commercial.

[Commercial Break]

- Del Rio and Brodus were discussing strategy in the ring when Smackdown returned. Christian was out next to a huge pop. Mathews pondered the pressure on Christian to win on Sunday. Cole said Christian was putting all the pressure on himself and questioned whether that was smart or not. Mathews said he had to win or Del Rio and the championship were going to Raw.

- Randy Orton was out last, staring down Del Rio as he posed in the ring.


Christian and Del Rio kicked things off. Del Rio teased locking up with Christian but instead tagged Brodus in. Brodus was quick to overpower Christian, walking on his abdomen. Brodus showed some amateur wrestling skills with a takedown on Christian before shoving him into the ropes. Christian responded with a slap to Brodus' face.

Brodus grabbed Christian around the throat and shoved him into the turnbuckle but Christian kicked him off and leapt off the middle rope, attempting to roll Brodus up for a pin. Brodus telegraphed it though and instead hauled Christian up by the neck. Christian fought out and bounced off the ropes, where Brodus was waiting with a shoulderblock. The announcers discussed Clay's future without Del Rio.

Brodus tagged in Del Rio, who hit a running boot to Christian's head. Del Rio hit a running enziguiri for a two count on Christian in the corner. Booker said Del Rio was an ultimate pro in the ring and that's why he's disappointed to be losing him to Raw. Del Rio held Christian in an armlock but Captain Charisma fought out and kicked Del Rio in the head before tagging in Orton.

Orton quickly took control, hitting a pair of jumping knee drops on Del Rio. Del Rio hit an armbreaker across his knees on Orton and tagged in Brodus Clay, who knocked Orton over with a running shoulderblock as Smackdown went to commercial.

[Commercial Break]

Brodus was still in control as Smackdown returned, tagging in Del Rio who hit a dropkick on a sitting Orton and pounding away on him after a near fall. Del Rio locked in a sleeper hold on Orton, who struggled to try and make the tag. Orton got to within a few inches of Christian before hitting a side slam on Del Rio to break the hold.

Christian clapped the crowd into the match as Orton crawled to make the tag. Orton and Del Rio both made tags and Christian ran into Brodus trying to knock the big man off his feet. Brodus sent Christian into the corner and copped a pair of boots to the face following him in. Christian hit a Missile dropkick from the middle rope for a one-count.

Christian vaulted over the ropes and slapped Brodus in the face. Christian went to the top rope looking to hit a cross body but was caught by Brodus, who hit a fallaway slam for two. Brodus stood on Christian and used the ropes to add pressure. Del Rio kicked Christian in the head while the ref was pulling Clay away.

Brodus hit an elbow drop for two and tagged in Del Rio once more. Del Rio worked the arm of Christian, who struggled back to his feet and fought out with punches. Del Rio headbutted Christian and ran at him in the corner but Christian sent him over the top rope and out to the floor. Christian crawled towards Orton to make the tag. Del Rio got back in and tagged Brodus, who grabbed Christian by the tights and dragged him away from Orton.

Brodus hit a big headbutt to the back of Christian's head before hitting a backbreaker across his knee. Brodus stretched Christian over his knee before hitting a pair of bodyslams. Brodus tagged in Del Rio, who hit a Senton splash on Christian off the top rope for a one-count. Del Rio became frustrated and began stomping Christian, pointing to the belt hanging above the ring.

Del Rio went for another cover and got two before stalking Christian. Del Rio hit a running kick to Christian's injured arm. Del Rio went to the middle rope but was distracted by Orton. Christian seized the moment and hit a huracanrana to send Del Rio off the turnbuckle and to the mat. Orton urged for the tag and Christian obliged.

Orton hit a pair of running clotheslines on Del Rio before a scoop slam. Orton hit an Angle Slam that sent Del Rio to the apron. Orton hit his DDT through the ropes before knocking Brodus off the apron. Orton set up for an RKO but Del Rio pushed him off into the ropes where Brodus tripped him over. Del Rio tagged in Clay, who ran straight into an RKO from Orton. Randy got the pin and the win.

WINNERS: Christian & Randy Orton via pinfall in 16:00.

- After the match, Ricardo assisted Del Rio at ringside as Orton and Christian celebrated in the ring. Del Rio looked furious as Christian stared up at the World Heavyweight Championship. Christian held up his Smackdown t-shirt and pointed to the belt, signifying that the title will stay on Smackdown.

FINAL THOUGHTS: A better episode of Smackdown than last week, although that's not really a feat to write home about. This show was definitely for the purpose of establishing Orton as the top dog on Smackdown and it did this to great effect. I would warn against turning Orton superhuman a la John Cena, though. Yes, he's the number one star on the show but he's there primarily to elevate the brand and the wrestlers, not to squash everybody and turn it into the Orton show. I felt this was painfully obvious in the way that both Drew McIntyre and Alex Riley were fed to Orton as I feel that both these wrestlers have the opportunity to become main event players on Smackdown if they're not simply utilized as Randy food.

Apart from Orton, I felt that the majority of Smackdown's draft acquisitions performed well. Sin Cara looked a lot slicker than on Raw due in part to editing, Sheamus looked dominating assaulting Kofi Kingston to establish his role as a top heel, even Mark Henry put on a good match with Mysterio. The landscape of Smackdown has certainly been shifted following the Draft and all these new faces are making it fresh, so let's see if WWE can maintain that and make some new stars.

I was thoroughly disappointed that Daniel Bryan wasn't even on the show. Bryan was white-hot when he came back from being fired and won the United States Championship but the last few months have seen WWE pretty much drop the ball with him. Bryan is a great in-ring storyteller and one of the best performers from a wrestling standpoint on the entire roster. He knows how to suck a crowd into a match and could have some great ones on Smackdown. Why WWE can't seem to get behind him I don't know, and being too small is a paltry excuse.

I've finally been impressed by something from the Divas division this week and that's the Lay-Cool feud. I'm actually looking forward to their match at Extreme Rules so much that I may not even take my bathroom break during it. No-DQ matches are a rarity in the Divas division so hopefully this one is given the importance it deserves.

Christian's promo did more for the World Heavyweight Championship than anything in the last few months. It was honest and felt like it came from the heart, especially when he admitted he hadn't touched the belt because he didn't feel he'd earned the right to. Superb stuff.

I'm so split on the outcome of the World Heavyweight Championship match this Sunday. With Alberto Del Rio headed for Raw, it certainly looks like the title might be in Captain Charisma's hands after Extreme Rules. Then, this feels a little obvious and I'm inclined to think that WWE might pull a swerve at the last minute and have Del Rio walk away with the title or even someone else; crazier things have happened. Christian vs. Orton is a match up that excites me, though, and I would like to see a heel World Heavyweight Champion Christian feuding with Orton.

All I know is an unpredictable PPV is a good PPV and hopefully Extreme Rules won't disappoint. Until next week.


Match Of The Night: Alberto Del Rio & Brodus Clay vs. Christian & Randy Orton

Match To Forget: Michelle McCool vs. Layla

Star Of The Show: Randy Orton

Please Go Away: Ranjin Singh

Quote Of The Night: Christian - "Up until last week I'd never so much as laid a hand on the World Heavyweight Championship because I didn't feel I'd earned the right to touch it. That all changes this Sunday, my destiny is to climb that ladder and not only touch the World Heavyweight Championship, but earn the right to keep it."

Quote Of 1000 Facepalms: Michael Cole - "That fat, barbecue eating, bulbous, pork-pulling sow who responds to the call of "soooo-eeeee, soooooo-eeee!"'

Most Entertaining Move: Sin Cara's springboard cross body onto Jack Swagger at ringside.

On The Next Episode Of Botchamania: Justin Gabriel's DDT counter on The Big Show.

Best Moment: Randy Orton returns to Smackdown, RKOs ensue.

Worst Moment: One of those RKOs prevents Alex Riley from cutting what would have been a great and memorable promo.

Overall Grade: B+

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