9/3 CHICKARA “KING OF TRIOS 2017: Night Three” in Wolverhampton, England: King of Trios finals with House Sendai vs. House Strong Styles



(1) House Sendai (Meiko Satomura & Dash Chisako & Cassandra Miyagi) defeated Casa Dorada (Chikara Grand Champion Juan Francisco de Coronado & Cornelius Crummels & Sonny DeFarge). The first semi final match saw Casa Dorada gain an immediate advantage, with one member of the team distracting referee Bryce Remsburg while the other two did damage to each of the Sendai Girls. After an extended beat down on Chisako, the tag was made to Miyagi and the momentum completely shifted. A humorous moment happened when Coronado sent Crummels & DeFarge to attack the trio, but his hatted were sent to the floor, leaving him alone for a triple team from Sendai. Eventually Miyagi slammed Crummels down with a sit down DVD for the pinfall to advance the Sendai Girls to their second finals in a row, on course to defend their title.

Next up, everyone was expecting the second semi final as House Strong Style made their entrance. However, host Vlad Radinov announced that Frightmare was not medically cleared to compete after last night’s attack from Fire Ant, meaning House Rot were out and House Strong Style were winners by forfeit and would go on to the finals against House Sendai, the dream final that many were hoping for.

(2) Officer Warren Barksdale defeated Chief Deputy Dunne. This battle of legit police officers started with Dunne trying to convince Barksdale to join the Anti Fun Police, stating the pay was good and he got free healthcare. A chant of “NHS” broke out. Barksdale accused Dunne of trying to bribe an officer. Dunne’s accomplice Los Federales Santos Jr was at ringside and caused a distraction allowing for the Brothers of Obstruction to interfere. Barksdale was saved by his Bike Cop teammates Dez Peloton, who placed the Brothers on their bike and rode them away. Barksdale nailed his finish on Dunne for the win, before cuffing him and taking him to the back. Santos Jr sped away in chase of his capitan. (Dunne was still in handcuffs when he was at merch during the interval!)

(3) Fire Ant defeated Kobald. With Frightmare on the shelf, it was up to Kobald to attempt retribution on the Ant. Fire entered the ring with no fanfare and levelled Kobald with high kicks. Fire hit the Beachbreak, and in shades of the previous night, hit it again. This time however, he made the winning pinfall in a demolition job before heading straight to the back.

(4) The annual Tag Team Gauntlet match. Match rules as ever were simply winning team stays on and a new team arrives whenever a win is tolled.

First team out were the Fight Club Pro tandem of Omari and Millie McKenzie. Their opposition were Hermit Crab and Cajun Crawdad. After some nifty moves from the homegrown tandem, Omari was rolled up all too quickly by Crawdad for the first elimination.

Next out were the Rumblebees, Travis Huckabee and Solo Darling. They won this round with Huckabee’s spinning Stretch Muffler Slam, followed by Solo’s Long Bow which submitted Crawdad

Out came Dez Peloton, Jasper Tippins & Donald Kluger. There were some fun exchanges here, with Peloton surprisingly getting the win over the former tag champs with Tippins stalling falling splash from the top onto Huckabee.

Next came the Bodyslam tandem of Vasyl and Emeritus. They continued the trend of the fresh teams winning quickly with a cheating rope assisted pin.

Next week the Throwbacks, Dasher Hatfield and Mr Touchdown. This was quite fun exchange which incorporated Vasyl’s teddy bear. Emeritus held it in front of each Throwback like a matador dangling a red cape, making Vasyl charge the corner. He missed one, which allowed Touchdown to claim the teddy and punt it into the crowd (though as far as he wanted). With Vasyl preoccupied, Touchdown hit a very impressive stalling vertical suplex from the top on Emeritus to advance.

Next in the match were CCK, Chris Brookes & Kid Lykos. Another good exchange from the Throwbacks here which made me want to see a full match between these pairings. Brookes & Lykos eliminated the Throwbacks after their Codebreaker/Senton combo.

Next out were Adam Chase & Zayas from Whitewolf Wrestling. CCK managed to break the new team streak by scoring the win here, despite Whitewolf impressing once again.

Then out came Jim and Lee, the Hunter Brothers, who do look remarkably like the Brothers of Obstruction that we saw earlier. These teams are very familiar with each other and they had a great run of offence together, before CCK kept their momentum going with yet another win. This one gave them three points for title contention, however…

Last team out were the Campeones de Parejas Los Ice Creams, whose sole objective for joining the Gauntlet was to stop any team gaining points for contention. This pairing was hilarious as expected. The first tag move CCK hit made El Hijo del Ice Cream cry, which slowed the momentum for a second before Brookes announced he wasn’t sorry. Eventually Ice Cream Jr blocked Lykos’ codebreaker and put him back on Brookes’ shoulders, allowing El Hijo to hit a top rope Assessino to Lykos off of the shoulders like a Doomsday Device, which was enough for Los Ice Cream to win the Tag Team Gauntlet and take the points away from CCK.

The Gauntlet was good fun as usual, with the second half being better with slightly more time being given to each pairing.

(5) Merlok defeated Sylverhawk. A fairly basic affair, with Merlok dominating with his power throughout. Sylverhawk managed to take the big man down with a top rope cross body for a two count, but Merlok scored with his Emerald Flosion for the win.

(6) “Ophidian” (a/k/a The Whisper) defeated Jody Fleisch to win the Rey de Voladores tournament. The crowd were 100% behind the British legend, while Whisper continued his mimicking of Ophidian’s mannerisms and moves. Sadly this match proved to be the disappointment of the weekend, as Whisper’s attempts at overly complicated sequences slowed the match down and looked amateurish. The real Ophidian has a unique move set, so whenever Whisper attempted these moves he looked poor in comparison. An attempt at a unique 450 splash looked like it missed but was sold like it hit perfectly. Fleisch tried his best, but he wasn’t helped by his opponent or the referee, who seemed to be in the way quite a lot. Fleisch took a relatively normal looking ringpost shot on the outside, but the referee bellowed out like Fleisch had been shot, very over the top reaction. Jody was rolled back in totally unconscious and Whisper scored the easy pinfall. Fleisch was carried backstage. This ending did not sit well with me, as the knock out move did not seem especially damaging. The ref’s reaction didn’t help and made the match look hokey. I don’t like to put matches down, but this one just didn’t work.

(7) King of Trios finals: House Strong Style (Pete Dunne & Trent Seven & Tyler Bate) defeated House Sendai (Meiko Satomura & Dash Chisako & Cassandra Miyagi) . A big fight atmosphere was in the air, as Dunne and Satomura squared up to each other immediately and started the match to the thrill of the crowd who wanted to see these two go at it. After they exchanged holds, Miyagi and Seven tagged in. They were both enthralled by each other’s hair. Bate and Chisako had a fun exchange, but Dunne smashed Chisako with a forearm and BSS followed with triple Pedigrees. What proceeded from here was an awesome matchup, maybe one of the best trios finals of all time. The teams brawled into the aisle way, where Chisako climbed on top of the castle entrance way to dive onto all of her opponents in the big spot of the match. Back in the ring, Trent & Tyler hit Miyagi with a piledriver into the Tyler Driver but she kicked out. Same result for Dunne when he hit Satomura with the Bitter End. A Dunne tombstone saw Satomura kick out at 1! She channeled her fighting spirit and came back with the Death Valley Driver but the pin was broken up. Another Bitter End hit and Dunne pinned Satomura for the win.

House Strong Style received their medals in front of the Sendai team who were tending to Meiko, but the British trio respectfully shook their hands, took their medals off and bowed to their fallen foes. Although House Strong Style were the victors, they allowed Sendai Girls to take the final curtain call to a rapturous reception.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Another great night of wrestling. Comparing the three days, tonight was probably the weakest, which unfortunately couldn’t helped with one Trios match cancelled due to the Frightmare injury. But everything had its upside (aside from that one match) and it was still an enjoyable experience. It also seemed that the attendance was higher tonight than it had been for the previous two nights. Although I do not expect King of Trios to be back in the U.K., it would be great to have the Chikara experience back here soon. The show should be on Chikaratopia to purchase very soon, with the monthly streaming service picking it up next month. Thanks for reading.

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