VIP 2000 BACK ISSUE – Pro Wrestling Torch #622 (September 30, 2000): Cover Story on how Nitro barely dented Raw’s ratings despite fear in WWF that network switch would cost them big-time viewership, Keller’s editorial stating “It’s time for Christian, Edge, and Hardys to slow down,” WWF Unforgiven coverage, more

September 26, 2020

We are now posting PWTorch Digital Newsletter PDFs for the year 1997 for the first time ever. These issues from 1997 have never been made available in their original format since their original printing press […]

VIP AUDIO 9/24 – RETRO RADIO – Keller’s Pro Wrestling Focus (3/14/1993): Journalists Roundtable with Keller, Schire, Arezzi, Gill discussing current events in wrestling including Dino Bravo’s death, Yokozuna, Sting’s WCW Title win (104 min)

September 24, 2020

SHOW SUMMARY: This is the March 14, 1993 episode of Pro Wrestling Focus featuring PWTorch editor Wade Keller and cohost George Schire along with New York radio show host John Arezzi and PWTorch Newsletter columnist Carlie […]

VIP NEWSLETTER – PRO WRESTLING TORCH #1687 (September 23, 2020): New Japan G1 first weekend coverage from Counihan and Radican, Parks column on tag wrestlers in WWE, Keller’s TV reports and news, more

September 23, 2020

PWTorch Newsletter #1687 Cover-dated September 23, 2020 LINK: 1687 PWTorch Newsletter PDF –LIST OF ALL LATEST NEWSLETTERS –CLICK FOR ALL 2019 NEWSLETTERS –CLICK HERE FOR DIRECTORY OF ALL PAST NEWSLETTERS BY YEAR SUMMARY: This week’s PWTorch Newsletter features […]

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