“Good job with the new shows. ‘Everything with Rich & Wade’ and ‘Nick & Tom’s Intercontinental Adventure’ already seem like two of the better shows.”


“Thank you for all the new content – in my opinion the PWTorch VIP content feels fresher at the moment than it has felt in a while. I really enjoy it. Also, Rich Fann seems to be such a nice and smart guy!”

-Christoph from Germany

“Todd and Wade put out a terrific show every single time that covers all major Pro Wrestling and MMA, so it’s a one-stop-shop for everything I care about every week.

Their breakdown of the psychology and business presentation of pro wrestling and MMA is delivered with a humor and smart insight that I love start to finish. They are a legitimate comedy team and that’s just a compliment to the great analysis they bring. They have terrific chemistry and Wade’s dry humor is laugh-out-loud funny and really shines with Todd. You can tell how much they enjoy doing the show and it’s contagious to the listener.

Todd Martin is, without question, the best critical mind covering both wresting and MMA today and he just gets better every week. The Fix alone is worth my VIP membership. Get fixed!!!!”

-Ryan Liske

“I’ve been a VIP member for almost a year with it quite possibly the best decision I’ve made. I look forward to The Fix every week out of all the great shows available. Thank you both for all the amazing work and fantastic content. GO V I P!”


“Thanks for all the content. The Fix is my favorite piece of media that I consume each week.”

-Nate Z

“I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for the effort in getting the VIP podcast RSS feeds working for the native Apple Podcasts app. It may be a small thing to some, but this is an absolute game-changer for me. Being somewhat minimalist, I never really wanted to download or purchase a second podcast app on my iPhone or iPad and instead I would use the web to listen to each podcast. This was super clunky. Now that everything is working in the native Apple Podcasts app, I can’t tell how valuable that is to me as a Torch subscriber. As always, thanks for all you do!”

-Brian W.



“I truly appreciate your thoughtful analysis and witty banter and The Fix is the clear highlight of my weekly podcast life.”

-Stephen Boulware of Bloomington, Minn.

“I think the new “Everything with Rich Fann” show is best described as “the casual Friday wrestling podcast,” even though it does not drop on Friday. Two guys with entirely different perspectives on wrestling shooting the breeze and talking about things they want to talk about with no eye-rolling or feeling of obligation to the subject matter. Also, the ad-free podcasts are so addictive, trying to listen to normal wrestling podcasts after being a PWTorch VIP member is like watching a movie in 4K and going back to standard definition.”

-Paul Purvis

“Everyone Go VIP! Loving some of the new podcasts.”

-John from Tennessee

“The Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Post-show is my Wednesday night staple. Wade and a guest cohost cover every aspect of Wednesday Night Dynamite. It’s not your typical match by match TV report. They go in depth on all the matches, angles, and booking direction. It’s always a great evaluation of the promotion as a whole.

My other go-to is ‘The Fix Mailbag.’ Wade and Todd have a great chemistry and always makes me laugh. They cover a wide variety of topics that always keeps the show fresh and distinguishes it from any other wrestling podcast. Every episode of The Fix is archived and the variety of topics discussed make it relevant, no matter when you listen.

Appreciate all the work you guys do, a Torch VIP subscription is such a value and a big part of my daily routine.”

-Jonathan of Hoover, Ala.

“Thanks for all you do. I know it’s corny, but your VIP Podcasts and Post-shows have legitimately improved the quality of my life over the years.”

-Nicholas Yoffe

“I’ve been a VIP Torch subscriber for several years now. Some of the benefits I enjoy as a VIP subscriber to the Torch include the ad-free podcasts, Post-show PPV Roundtables, and the ‘Wade Keller Hotline’ updates. In my opinion, the subscription pays for itself with the weekly ‘Fix with Todd Martin,’ an absolute blast of a show that mixes in current events, interesting discussions on past shows, and behind the scenes information on what was occurring at the time of famous or infamous booking. The rapport between Wade and Todd keeps the show moving well and the Fix Mailbag questions are fun. The podcasts and articles from Travis Bryant, Rich Fann, Greg Parks, and Cameron Hawkins are tremendous and real standouts in the Torch’s weekly content as well.”

-Joey in Pittsburgh, Pa.

“Thanks as always for everything you do, and keeping me (somewhat) sane during this year with not being out and about in the city, working from home, and not seeing people.”


“The Fix alone is worth the PWTorch VIP subscription price. Todd Martin and ‘Heel’ Wade Keller’s mix of humor, their chemistry, and their wealth of information on the business are second to none. Their first session is a recap of the week and TV reviews and then second session of the Mailbag is a highlight of the week, and my favorite podcast.

With most people being more home-bound this past year and not seeing friends and family, their banter are like hanging out with old friends for a couple hours each week even though I’ve never met them. I literally (and yes, I do mean literally, not figuratively) laugh out loud at least a couple times per week.

With WrestleMania season approaching, plus the Raw, Smackdown, AEW weekly Post-shows, the VIP Roundtables after PPVs, and the rest of the team’s podcasts and VIP website access, it’s the best value in entertainment for me. This includes streaming services dollar-for-dollar!”

-Sean from N.Y.

“There isn’t a podcast I look forward to more than ‘The Fix with Todd and Wade.’ Thanks to both of you for your time and all you do for the wrestling fans around the globe.”

-D.J. from Detroit now living in Phoenix

“I have been VIP since 2010 and it’s been a treat since day one. You are a masterful journalist and your advances with technology are always ahead of the curve. Your analysis is incredible, and methodical discussions are very entertaining. You and Todd Martin on ‘The Fix’ are the gold standard, never allowing me to miss a week of The Fix for fear I’d miss your expert evaluations, discussions, not to mention hysterical humor and always solid TV show recommendations. Most important, you have allowed me to stay close to a passion I love. #I’dPayMore”

-Joe from New York

“Thank you for all the new content. In my opinion, the PWTorch content feels fresher at the moment than it has felt in a while. I really enjoy it. Also, Rich seems to be such a nice and smart guy!”

-Christoph from Germany

“I was non-VIP for about a year, but I made the switch for two main reasons. First, the analysis from the contributors is excellent. Second, most importantly, is I developed what I believe to be a friendship with many said contributors. Not a day goes by where I don’t interact with a contributor (usually contributors) from the Torch through Twitter of DMs, and it has led to invitations to be on several Torch Dailycasts multiple times. On a less personal note, the VIP-exclusive shows alone are worth the yearly price.”

-Bruce Lee, PhD from Seattle

“I enjoy listening to The Fix every week because it’s a show that has intelligent discussion about what happened in pro wrestling and MMA that week, but it also doesn’t take itself too seriously. Sometimes it just feels like two friends talking about wrestling and with a weekly mailbag you get to join in too.

These days I mostly only watch AEW Dynamite and PPVs, but it’s still nice to hear about WWE, New Japan, and UFC in case something is worth watching in the future. On Friday and Saturday doing something mundane like driving to work or walking my dog is much more enjoyable because of The Fix. As a subscriber, if you only listen to The Fix you’re getting ten hours of good content a month, I recommend it to anyone looking for a wrestling podcast.

-Mike from Calgary, Alberta, Canada

“As I constantly say, a subscription to PWTorch is well worth the money. When Wade and Todd Martin call out the nonsensical happenings in wrestling on The Fix, it’s entertainment, pal! The Post-shows are a great way to have our opinions voiced. I would let my WWE Network subscription go before I would let the PWTorch VIP subscription expire, hands down!

-Kevin from Elkin, N.C.

“I’ve been a subscriber around 7 years now. The Fix is my favorite show you produce. I like the format, tone, and duration of the show. I enjoy Todd’s perspective and I think you compliment each other incredibly well. I’ve listened to other podcasts where the host likes the sound of his own voice a bit too much, but you get the balance perfect where you present the subject for Todd to elaborate on.

I always enjoy the PPV Roundtable, so much so that I now tend to listen to your audio first then pick and choose which match I watch based on your opinions.

I’ve recently started listening to the ‘NXT 8 Years Back’ pod and I’m an instant fan. I listen to the Wade Keller Hotline most days but Raw and Smackdown reviews are a must listen every week.”

-Alun Thomas of Anglesey, North Wales, UK



“I was an avid listener to Steve Austin’s podcast and your first appearance lead me to the Dailycast. From the Dailycast to VIP. I look forward to the Wade Keller Post-shows as much (AEW) if not more than (Raw/Smackdown) the wrestling shows.

Since I joined PWTorch VIP, ‘The Fix with Todd Martin’ has been my favorite show. The chemistry between Wade and Todd is fantastic. The back and forth banter is hilarious, witty, entertaining, and informative. ‘Mark for edit’ cracks me up every time. For the longest time I thought Todd deserved my $9.99 a month until ‘Everything’ happened.

Rich Fann has been on the top of my list for co-host on WKPWP. His insight and perspective is greatly appreciated. I feel like Wade and Rich are long-time friends and we get to hear a conversation hanging out. I’m very interested in how the show progresses and grows.

Wade, thank you for all the great content you put out each and every day.

-Jeff from Syracuse, N.Y.

“I first came to know of you and your brand thanks to your periodic appearances on Stone Cold’s podcast – he spoke very well of you and you sounded like you had a strong rapport with him. As the age-old adage goes, if you’re good enough for SCSA, you’re good enough for me 🙂 That said, after years of consuming the Dailycast and your Raw and Smackdown post-shows on the free side, I finally decided to listen to the late, great Stuart Scott and jump head first into the ‘if some is good, then more is better’ way of thinking.

Since becoming VIP over a year ago, I have loved everything about the Torch: the respect for varying viewpoints, the variety of guest and regular hosts, the cornerstone shows, and your fearlessness in generating new shows/content even in a saturated marketplace. I continue to talk proudly of the strong culture and welcoming community you have worked so hard to cultivate across your brand, whether on my own social media or as a sometimes-guest host on the PWT Talks NXT podcast. As a college professor of sport marketing and management, I often use the Torch as a case-study in my discussions of branding – brand equity, brand associations, brand community… you really do check all the boxes.

I have loved the new ‘Everything with Rich and Wade’ show, Kelly Wells and Tom Stoup always give me something to ponder on ‘NXT 8 Years Back,’ and as a former New Yorker, hearing Frank Peteani’s voice always makes me long for home. Thanks for allllll of your hard work – I (and the rest of your fans) really appreciate it!”

-K-C/The Professor from Dubuque, Iowa

“I want to thank you for all of the amazing content. I became a VIP about a year and a half ago because once a month was not enough for hearing The Fix. I needed to hear it every week. Since then I’ve fully dived into the VIP experience. I don’t know how I would have made it this past shitty year without you and your amazing crew. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

-Peter DiGangi

“I’ve been a happy VIP member for over 8 years. VIP is the best 10 bucks I spend every month. The content is unbeatable. The nightly Wade Keller Hotlines are great, especially Ask the Editor. Getting the Wade Keller Post-shows and Wade Keller Podcasts ad-free is a major perk. Post-PPV Roundtables are a great listen.

The Fix with Todd and Wade are my favorite podcasts to listen to every week (and I listen to A LOT of podcasts). Overall, the selection is unbeatable, and there’s plenty of content for everyone no matter what your wrestling interests are.”


“I thoroughly enjoyed the Pro Wrestling Torch Newsletter this week; the content is top-shelf. Thank you.”

-Lance M.

“I am a brand new VIP member. I finally decided to kick the tires on it and I am really liking it. Plus it is good to support a small local business right now. Thanks for watching WWE for me so I don’t have to!”

-Chris from Minneapolis, Minn.

“Wade, I just wanted to praise your show and your website. I have to say that I tried to take a break after about 12 years only watching and listening to your audio shows. But I went to another website and it was one of the most unorganized experiences ever. I have no clue what I was getting when I subscribed as opposed to the free visitors. Keep doing what you are doing. Sometimes exploring other options allows one to realize how good they really had it. PWTorch VIP is very organized and clearly delineates what I get as a member vs. not a member.”

-Luis M.

“Your podcasts take me away from everything that is going on in the world and, if truth be told, it’s helped my mood on so many levels. Thank you for making podcasts. It really does help people just forget about stuff and give us a chance to unwind in something that brings us soo much joy.”

-Graham from Newcastle, England

“I’ve been a listener since 2012. I was always what you might call an ‘insider fan’ but it wasn’t until me and my friends splashed out and got tickets to WrestleMania 28 in Miami that I decided to take the plunge and immerse myself in all the content I could. After searching ‘wrestling’ in the old iTunes I found PWTorch. I still remember the treadmill I was on when I listened to the episode (you and Jason Powell).

In the the last 8 years the voices of you and your team have been in my ears in 8 different countries – on planes, ships and cars, on good days, bad days, and even the morning of my wedding day.

I was a 22 year old single guy when I first listened and now I’m a 30 year old married man living in a different country (UK-USA). Speaking of which, most recently you and your team kept me calm during my immigration proceedings (18 stressful months) and this is the reason I wanted to reach out and say thank you to you and the entire PWT Team.”

-Rivers W.

“I went VIP earlier this year and am enjoying it a lot. I cancelled the WWE Network in protest of Blood Money 2 and I didn’t even watch WrestleMania this year, but I still feel well connected to pro wrestling thanks in part to your podcasts.”

-Eric in Charlotte, N.C.

“Wade, your voice apparently has a soothing effect on my six-week-old newborn son, as I’ve discovered listening to your podcasts out loud while trying to rock him to sleep or carry around on my shoulder for what seems to be hours, works wonders. Thank you and you may have a future making money on YouTube instead of people using 10 hour white noise and nursery music. Good luck! (I won’t even charge 10 percent for the suggestion).”

-Frank Romeo of Newtown, Pa.

“I have been VIP for several months and cannot fault the quality, richness, and diversity of your wrestling content.”

-Howard (not Sydney) from Sydney, Australia

“I must tell you that you are extremely professional in every area of your work. I have nothing but fabulous things to say about you and your website. Keep up that awesome work. I’ll be a VIP member for life!”

-Mark Musolino

“VIP is not only a game changer, but a life changer. Go VIP!”

-Sean C.

“I have been a VIP member for a few months now and The Fix has easily become the audio highlight of my week. I am constantly impressed by your deep analysis, and have come to the conclusion that the two of you are by far the most qualified people to help me find an answer to something that has been bugging me for a very long time.”


“I love the show and everyone should subscribe to PWTorch VIP. It’s truly the best in wrestling podcasting out there.”

-Al from Olympia

“The Fix is the best podcast in wrestling and I don’t think anyone can call themselves a true fan of pro wrestling fan if they don’t have a PWTorch VIP membership! Thanks, and keep up the fantastic work.”

-Alister of Melbourne, Australia


Luke Harris: “Thanks for all the content. It is virtually impossible to keep up with all the quality analysis you guys produce.”

Dan from Melbourne, Australia: “Love the coverage, I initially went VIP for a month four months ago but can’t do without VIP audio that gets me through my hours on the road for work.”

Adam M. from Illinois: “I went VIP at PWTorch before WrestleMania with every intention of cancelling after the show. But I’ve been so happily lost in the audio archives – specifically the old WrestleMania Flashbacks (when is WM20 going to go up?!) – and the daily live programming, I’m still here. You guys do great work and I’m happy to say I’ll be VIP for life.”

Kev in Calgary: “Thanks to Torch audio for doing what I would have thought was impossible, making doing the mundane tasks in life highlights of the day.”

Rocky in Knoxville: “I’ve been a VIP member for over two years now and I cannot stress enough how good the Torch’s audio content is. I do a lot of driving for my job and all of the quality audio helps eat up the miles and the hours.”

Collin W.: “Thanks again Wade. Keep fighting the good fight. You’re half the reason I still watch.”

Justin M. from Australia: “I’ve recently become a VIP member and it really is awesome!”

Chris J.: “I am a relatively new VIP subscriber and I love it. Being able to get the bonus shows and the VIP reports are worth the price, let alone being able to go back and read reports from the Attitude Era after big events. I respect what you do and the business you’ve built.”

Brad Jones: “Kudos for providing a timely, thoughtful, and thorough analysis to lifelong super fans.”

Josh in Maryland: “I have $10 bucks a month I spend on wrestling and VIP wins out every time over the Network.”

Jonny from London, U.K.: “Thanks as ever for the great effort you and the team put in each and every single week. I still couldn’t be happier with my VIP membership.”

Frederick from Salisbury, England: “Thanks for all you do. I’m a new VIP member and I can’t believe it took me so long to become a member.”

Jeff from Colorado: “VIP content is great. Thanks for all you and your team do everyday.”

Sarah from Richmond, Va.: “Thanks for all that you and the Torch staff do it’s much appreciated and keep up the amazing work.”

Collin B. from Atlanta: “I’ve been a VIP member for a few years now and the content is fantastic. I listen to Torch content on the train to work. PWTorch is the reason I follow wrestling these days. I’m a Torch fan, then a wrestling fan. Thank you to you and everyone on the site.”

Andrew P. from Wrexham, Wales: “Thanks for all of the great content you and the rest of the PWTorch guys put out. As a VIP member who works from home, the constant content is usually the soundtrack to my working day. Keep up the great work, and thanks for the fantastic insight, debates and opinions over the decades… You really do an exemplary job in all that you all do.

Jordan B.: “I’ve been a VIP member since the Royal Rumble this year and have been a regular listener to PWTorch since I started back watching wrestling in late 2015. I’m 27 and stopped watching in 2003 if that says anything. I’ve clearly missed a lot of stuff but am fascinated with all the ups and downs I’ve missed. All I can say is I’m into pro wresling again pretty hardcore and the PWTorch VIP membership is but one of the many things I now can enjoy to help fill in the blanks. Again thanks.”

Christopher Gaspare: “I’m a recent VIP member and I want to start by expressing my amazement over and admiration for how much detailed and worthwhile content you and your staff are able to produce on a daily basis. A friend recently asked me to start writing articles for a pop culture website that he’s starting to get off the ground, and I can now, in a very minor way, appreciate the hard work and dedication. Thank you for all the wonderful content.”

Pri B.: “Also I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work. I’ve recently moved countries and had to decide between the network and VIP, I don’t think I lasted a week before I realized my PWTorch VIP membership is worth so much more. By the way, I’m a female subscriber in case you are counting how many you have.”

John from Rhode Island: “I signed up for VIP last month during the sale and I just let it overlap into the next month. I am very happy with it and I’m definitely enjoying all the great audio in the VIP section… Thank you again for all your work.”

Al S.: “I’m a long time listener and last month I took the VIP special and I love it.  Keep up the great work.”

Wayne C.: “Just another Australian dropping an email to PWTorch. I took up the 99 cent deal during Rumble and I have not been disappointed. I will be a rolling member from now on. So everyone, please go VIP, you wont regret it.

Sean M.: “Finally, I’d just like to say thank you. My VIP membership is around 9 months old now and it has been worth every penny. It has enhanced my enjoyment of Pro Wrestling so much.All the hard work you and your team do is very much valued and appreciate on this end.”

Mario G.: “I been a VIP since 2012 it’s the best ten dollars I spend every month. You and the staff, keep up the great work.”

Mike from East Longmeadow, Mass.: “I’ve been VIP since June of 2016 after taking advantage of a sale advertised on The Steve Austin Show. Your audio content is second to none and I’ll be VIP for life.  The Fix with Todd Martin is my favorite show.”

Joe W.: “Hey Wade, big fan of the torch and I’m so glad I went VIP.”

David from Glasgow, Scotland: “I’ve been a VIP member for nearly two years now and I couldn’t get through my day without the post-show podcasts and daily hotlines and I literally race to my phone to listen to the PPV Roundtables for the team’s thoughts on everything. I constantly tell everyone I know that has an interest in pro wrestling, exactly what they are missing out on. Thank you to all at the Torch.”

Gerrad G.: “Love my membership and wouldn’t get rid of it for anything. I listen to your Hotlines and The Fix on my commute to and from work every day.”

Travis from Edmonton Alberta.: “VIP member since shortly after your interview with Paul Bearer in 2013. VIP membership was worth the bonus time on that interview alone and I’m a big fan of all the audio content that you provide. VIP for life!”

Harrison C.: “The PPV Roundtable shows with you and the other contributors are super-captivating. That is one of the main reasons I am coming back. I listen to a bunch of podcasts (Ring Rust Radio, Sam Roberts, AfterBuzzTV) but yours gives the best insight.”

Chris Smith: “Thank you for all the great work you and your staff do day in and day out to provide such great news and analysis.  I had been hesitant to subscribe to a wrestling site in the past but, once I got a chance to sample all that goes along with the VIP membership, I couldn’t imagine life without it.  I’ve been a VIP for two-and-a-half years and look forward to continuing in the years to come.”

Patrick Hogan: “I have being listening to you for months signed up to VIP. Wow! I am hooked its great.”VIPTestimonialTwitter

Greg Holder of Ohio: “I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how extremely happy I am with my new PWTorch subscription. I’ve been hearing your guests spots on the Steve Austin Show over the past year and your excellent analysis and professional tone finally inspired me to subscribe to your publication. I am so glad that I did! As someone who writes for a living (I’m a copywriter for a major retail company), I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the way you write and talk about professional wrestling. It’s such a breath of fresh air compared to most of what’s out there, which is ‘fan-made’ level at best. Hearing and reading wrestling analysis from a professional journalist is like a dream come true for me. And the fact that your decades of print and audio archives are available to subscribers is icing on the cake. Such an incredible value for the price. Anyway, thanks for all that you and your team do at PW Torch. I look forward to being a subscriber for many years to come.”

Marty H.: “Thanks for the excellent work you and the staff provide. I enjoy the community feel that the Torch has.

Scott Passner: “Loving the new site. It looks amazing and my Torch VIP Subscription is the best money I spend each month. Keep up the great work!”

Jason Kautzman: “This week’s Todd Martin podcasts were absolutely fantastic, Wade.  Compelling, well thought out commentary throughout. Many of your audio shows fit right in with the most popular and well respected sports, comedy and occasional political podcasts that I listen to daily.  Nice work!”TwitterTestimonial2015_550c

JC from Ontario: “Along with the daily Wade Keller Hotlines and Tuesday Livecast, Retro Audio, and PPV Roundtables, there’s a ton of great content every week and I thank the entire staff! It’s well worth the $10 and makes the commute to work enjoyable.

Andrew Deleon: “I want to thank you for the amazing work you and your staff do year in and year out. I have been a subscriber since 1997. What you provide for the money is amazing and I can’t fathom not having a membership with the Torch.”

Joe Jewett: “I honestly feel somewhat guilty that my subscription is at such a low price.  The value I receive is tremendous.  Thanks for the exceptional work.  I don’t actually watch any current pro wrestling on TV except for the PPV’s on WWE Network, but I could never see myself not having a subscription to the Torch.

Geoff from London, UK: “I wanted to say thanks for the great work you and your team do on the newsletter and audio shows. One of the best things I did since resubscribing last year is to download the Downcast app and start listening to your VIP shows on my iPhone. They are great for the commute to work or to have on when relaxing in the evenings or weekends. It is fascinating hearing the industry documented and critiqued in such an intelligent fashion. And not forgetting the newsletter too, which I enjoy reading each week.”TwitterTestimonial2015_550e

Larry L.: “I’ve been listening to your podcast and going to your website for years, but decided to join VIP today and I’m glad I did! Holy cow is there a ton of info for VIP members! I am really excited about this! Feels like Christmas morning when I was a little kid! Thanks for everything! My wife is happy because it keeps me so busy that I don’t annoy her anymore!”

Lewis Hoarty from England: “Having just become a VIP member two weeks ago due listening to you on Steve Austin’s podcast, I just wanted to say how much its saving my life!! Best £10 I can remember spending. It’s a better value than the WWE Network. So thanks for you efforts.”

Sinth K. of Toronto, Ont: “I’ve been VIP for about a year and, simply put, you and your staff cover the genre I love in the most objective and journalistic manner I have seen anywhere. The way I see it, if anyone wants to consider themselves a serious pro wrestling fan or a “student of the game,” then they are also a PWTorch VIP member, because in my mind you’re not serious if you’re not VIP.  Thanks for your time and keep up the amazing work.”

Jonathan Lang of New Jersey: “I heard you on Jim Ross’s podcast and I signed up for the VIP membership.  I am really glad I did. The coverage and content is above and beyond terrific.  Thank you so much.  I really enjoy your audio features every day and I really like your perspective on the business. I am constantly amazed and always thinking about how much you guys do, it’s truly incredible, updates EVERY DAY!  I can’t even fathom what it takes to make this happen, the sacrifices and all that goes into it, so thank you.  I am a huge fan, and I value the printed newsletters greatly as well, I always look forward to it in the mail; it’s printed so conveniently.  I love to fold it up and put it in my back pocket and then read it over lunch.  Something I look forward to every week.  As long as I am following Wrestling I will be VIP. Your service greatly enhances the overall experience of being a fan of this industry and a lot of times following your coverage, Wade, is half the fun.


Anthony Mamo: “I’ve been a VIP member since December and it’s fantastic so thank you!”


Chris Holland: “I’m a new VIP member.  I signed up when the UK got the Network date pushed back with mindset of ‘I’ll do Torch until we get the Network and then cancel’ but the quality of the content on VIP has made that impossible for me to do.  Keep up the good work.”

Matt: “I would like to thank you for all of the hard work you and your team puts in on a daily basis to provide us with the latest wrestling news and analysis. You are clearly the gold standard of the business, and inspire me to do what I do. I became a VIP member last month and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. The value certainly exceeds the price of the membership and would recommend any wrestling fan give it a try.

Brian Blogan: “Thankfully, I enjoyed your free audio shows so much I became a VIP subscriber. Your professional critique on all aspects of this business has given me hope.”

Paul Menard: “I’ve been a fan for a while and heard you on the Steve Austin podcast. There are so many things that make me embarrassed to be a wrestling fan now days. You always conduct yourself intelligently and present your case in a logical yet open-minded way. I can’t tell you how refreshing that is. I like supporting the people who make me proud to be a wrestling fan.”


Jeff Wilhelm of Houston, Tex.: “I’m a new VIP member and glad I finally made the jump.   Your material is beyond what I was expecting.  Thanks again for this wealth of information.”

Neil MacDonald: “You guys are on fire lately.”

Lerixx Gascott: “I have been subscribing on and off since ’87 or ’88. I first saw an advertisement in Pro Wrestling Illustrated for four PWTorch Newsletters for $5 (or something like that) and have been hooked ever since. You should be damn proud of what you and your entire staff put together for your subscribers. Hard-hitting journalism with a little humor?  Can’t be beat.  And Wade, I listen to all audio as a VIP member on the 4, 5, and 7 train going to and from work. I’d rather listen and learn from the Great Bruce Mitchell then read whatever drivel the NY Post or NY Daily News will spew out in the morning.  Well worth my money.”

Dru Jones of Liverpool, England: “Just would also like to say I am a huge fan of the Torch. The quality of work you and your team do to provide such brilliant content is fantastic and I am hooked daily. Thank you. I hardly even listen to music in my car these days, mostly Torch audio, ha ha.”

Jason Biringer: “I must commend you on the sheer volume of content, the quality of the content, and the unbelievable attention you pay to your subscribers.  It’s impressive.  I grow exhausted just imagining how much time you put into your business.”

John Agostini: “I would like to say The Torch is the best! I haven’t regretted it since I signed up.”

Taylor Gaddy: “I can’t imagine life without the Torch!  It’s the best money I spend!”