PWTorch VIP Podcasts on Apple Podcasts (3 day free trial)


If you use an iPhone and use the native Apple Podcasts App (which is compatible with Apple Car Play), you can subscribe to the PWTorch VIP Podcasts feed using your Apple account within our PWTorch VIP Podcast app. This means you’ll be billed $9.99 by Apple each month as part of your normal Apple accounts bill and won’t need to share with us any financial info or sign up separately.

STEP 1: Open the Apple Podcasts app and search “pwtorch”…

STEP 2: Select the “PWTORCH VIP PODCASTS” logo (charcoal black and grey, not the colorful Dailycast logo) and subscribe for FREE. You will see some unlocked free samples of VIP podcasts if you scroll past the locked shows. To unlock all VIP podcast, move to Step 3…

STEP 3: Unlock the upgrade option to start your 3-day free trial. It will roll over into a regular subscription if you don’t cancel first.


-This includes all the latest PWTorch VIP podcasts in the menu and new VIP podcasts posted daily. This includes the VIP-exclusive AD-FREE versions of the FREE podcast shows such as the Wade Keller Podcasts & Post-shows and the PWTorch Dailycasts

-This option does NOT include access to the PWTorch podcast library dating back nearly two decades.

-This option does NOT include access to the ad-free PWTorch VIP website

-This option does NOT include access to the PWTorch Newsletter each week (PDF & All-Text versions) with exclusive articles

-This option does NOT include creating custom feeds for individual VIP podcast series.

Those options ARE available when you sign up on our main form through our in-house VIP website by using our secure credit card form or Pay Pal rather than your Apple account.

Using that option DOES include access to VIP shows on Apple Podcasts with an RSS feed that will be auto-generated for you when you sign up. You will not need to use a password or advanced settings to access VIP shows within the Apple Podcasts app. That VIP RSS podcast feed can also be used in other podcast apps for iOS and Android or you can stream or download podcast episodes from our desktop and mobile PWTorch VIP website in the VIP Podcasts section. CLICK HERE TO CHOOSE THAT OPTION INSTEAD


We also offer VIP Podcasts through Patreon. Learn about that option, which includes compatibility with Spotify, by CLICKING HERE.