5/4 WWE NXT Results – James’s Report on Samoa Joe, Austin Aries, Eric Young debut, more

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WWE NXT Results
May 4, 2016
Taped 4/28 at Full Sail University
Report by Justin James, PWTorch NXT contributor

[Q1] NXT has finally returned to FSU, and hopefully episode quality will improve. The new NXT champion Samoa Joe is out to a mixed reaction, becoming mostly positive.

Joe says that they are seeing a man who keeps his word. Unlike Finn Balor, he is inevitable, like death and taxes. He proclaims a new era, it is his time, and he runs things. He will beat down and choke out anyone with a problem with that.

Music hits and it is… Eric Young. The crowd goes nuts, and of course Tom Phillips calls him “the hottest free agent in sports entertainment.” The crowd is berserk of course and Joe is incensed. “You know me and I know you, you’re Samoa Joe, a wrecking machine, the baddest man in the land.” Young says that the only guarantee in life is change.

Young says he collects championships. Things change for Joe, and they will change for him. They go toe-to-toe. Joe nods in Young’s face, then leaves the ring. Joe says that Young doesn’t even belong in the same ring with him and he will beat Young next time they share a ring. Graves with his usual “I’m shocked and NXT is the place to be no matter where you were before” routine.

Another new music hits to bring out Tessa Blanchard for a return match. Graves is still gushing about Eric Young. It looks like Blanchard is getting fed to Nia Jax to send Jax into the title picture with Asuka.


Lock-up, then Jax hoists Blanchard into the air and throws her into the corner. Blanchard dodges in the corner, but Jax shrugs off her offense. Jax blocks a cross-body and continues her assault. Leg drop ends it.

WINNER: Nia Jax in 1:08. No shocks there.

No Way Jose is billed for later tonight.

Tye Dillinger has a revised entrance and Tron graphics. He is facing Austin Aries.


Phillips says that Aries “was one of the hottest free agents in sports entertainment” before he came to NXT. This is starting to wear thin. Phillips notes the crowd’s support for Dillinger.

[Q2] Shoulder block takes aries down, so Dillinger flashes the 10, and Aries lands a headlock takedown. Arm drags then an armbar ground Dillinger. Aries fights out of the corner but a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker get a one count for Dillinger. Graves and Phillips talk up Dillenger and say that a win against Aries would propel him to main events. Aries chops away at Dillinger.

Slingshot senton sends Dillinger out of the ring, then a slingshot corkscrew plancha follows up. Neckbreaker through the ropes, but Aries leaps into a boot. Fireman’s carry into a neckbreaker/backbreaker gets a nearfall. Dillinger drops a knee pad but runs into a rolling elbow. 450 splash ends it.

WINNER: Austin Aries in about 4:00. Decent match. Aries hasn’t been blowing me away yet, with these short matches that don’t give him much offense and this arrogant yet babyface character pitted against the tweener Tye Dillinger.

Oh wow, Cricket Wireless just got an in-show mention. NXT is now officially getting outside advertising, that is huge.


Ryder and Wilder lock-up to start, and Ryder immediately lands in the corner to get take offense from Dawson and Wilder. Rawley finally tags in, takes out Wilder and Clears Dawson from the apron. Blind tag sends Rawley into the Shatter Machine.

WINNERS: The Revival in 4:15. Good match to reinforce The Revival as strong contenders to the NXT Tag Team Championships.

Backstage, Andrea asks Alex Riley about his match next with against Shinsuke Nakamura. Riley acts cocky and calls out Nakamura for his small stature and lack of size, and while Nakamura may have been sucessful around the world, this is NXT.

[Q3] The crowd seems excited for No Way Jose. His opponent is not identified (Noah Kekoa).


The crowd goes nuts as Jose dances for almost 40 seconds at the beginning of the match. Wristlock and Jose shimmies as he shoves his opponent to the mat. Jose calls for the end, and lands his baseball pitch punch, then the full nelson slam to win.

WINNER: No Way Jose in 2:17. Basic match to get Jose over.

Backstage interview with Austin Aries and new interviewer Cathy Kelley. He has a banana. Austin Aries says he is a perfect 20. His start is good, but people don’t know what to think of him, and his profile is a bit low. He is going to raise his profile. He is going to run off to eat his banana to replenish his potassium levels.

Samoa Joe is booked to face Eric Young later tonight.

Video package on former NXT champion Finn Balor, looking back over the last year, focused on his battles with Samoa Joe. Balor returns next week.

5 – NXT champion SAMOA JOE vs. ERIC YOUNG – non-title match

Young and Joe jockey for control on the mat. They trade blows. Dropkick puts Joe on the mat, then a spinning neckbreaker gets one. Young gets Joe into the corner. Joe recovers, then tosses Young over the ropes. Suicide dive takes Young down hard on the ramp.

[ Break ]

Joe is in control out of the break, chopping Young around the ring. Young can’t rally as he runs into a back elbow to take a two count.

[Q4] Corner offense nets Joe another two count. Young off the ropes, into an atomic drop, big boot, then a senton for two. Young suplexes Joe, then heads to the top. Elbow drop for a nearfall on the champ.

Joe telegraphs a body drop, Young looks for a powerbomb or a piledriver, but he runs into the one-armed slam. Joe slaps Young across the ring into the Musclebuster, then Coquina Clutch. Young taps.

Post-match, Joe refuses to release the hold for some time to make his point.

WINNER: Samoa Joe in 11:33. Good match to introduce Young and put Joe over.

Final Reax: NXT is resetting itself from the last five months of extended pre-tapes and then WrestleMania Week. They have also have a big injection of talent. For better or for worse, the episode tonight felt like TNA circa 2014 or so in terms of who was in the ring. Austin Aries needs something meaty and soon, before the shine wears off on him. NXT is returning to its winning formula of four short matches and one longish main event.

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