5/4 Lucha Underground Results – Dehnel’s Report on “no mas” main event, all matches for Aztec medallion


Lucha Underground Report
May 4, 2016
Taped in Los Angeles, Calif.
Season 2 Episode #15 aired on El Rey Network
Report by Joel Dehnel, PWTorch contributor

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The show opened with a video package featuring the Aztec medallion winners, Sexy Star, and Mariposa.

Backstage: Dario was peaking through a ceiling when he was interrupted by Catrina. Catrina and Dario disputed the fight between Mil Muertes and Matanza, and Catrina requested a re-match. Dario said he was not afraid and Mil would get a re-match next week in a Grave Consequences match. Dario said they should raise the stakes by having four coffins instead of one. Catrina said after next week there would be no question as to who destroyed whom.

Title sequence rolled.

Announcers: Vampiro welcomed the crowd to the show. Matt Striker said tonight would be about the gift of the gods, because every match is for a medallion.

In-ring: Santos introduced Marty Martinez, who was already in the ring. His opponent tonight is The Mack.

1 – MARTY ‘THE MOTH’ MARTINEZ vs. THE MACK – match for an Aztec medallion

Mack leaped onto Marty to start the match, then nailed three consecutive suplexes. Marty hit a dropkick, then pounded on Mack. Marty threw his shirt at Melissa Santos then stomped on Mack. Mack broke free to land a clothesline, kick, body slam, and leg drop. Mack hit a Stone Cold Stunner followed by a spinning stunner for the win.

WINNER: The Mack at 3:45 to win an Aztec medallion.


Backstage: Catrina told King Cuerno that Muertes would get a re-match for the title. But, the one to make sure this happens will be her disciple. Cuerno said his match tonight is against the disciple for a medallion and he will win.

Sexy Star entered Dario’s office. Dario said he respects Sexy and he knows that something has happened to her because she has changed. Dario said he wants Star to inflict the same pain on Mariposa. He said when Mariposa screams “No mas,” he doesn’t want her to stop.


2 – SINESTRO DE LA MUERTE (w/Catrina) vs. KING CUERNO – match for an Aztec medallion

Cuerno dropkicked and stomped Sinestro. Cuerno continued the attack with a neckbreaker, then a few chops on the ropes and a huracanrana. Cuerno went for a dive, but Catrina stopped him and Sinestro hit a springboard leg drop for the win.

Post-match: Catrina went for the lick of death, but threw Cuerno’s head to the mat instead.

WINNER: Sinestro at 1:44 to win an Aztec medallion.

Backstage: Famous B told Mascarita Sagrada that he has match up next for an Aztec medallion.


Backstage: Chavo walked into Dario’s office and voiced how he was upset about not having a match for a medallion. Dario said he didn’t deserve a match because all he does is lose. Chavo said he would seize the opportunity.

In-ring: Santos said the next match would be an Aztec medallion. Famous B interrupted her and said he’s making people famous and did his whole schtick. He then introduced Mascarita Sagrada accompanied by Brenda. His opponent is Cage.

3 – CAGE vs. MASCARITA SAGRADA (w/Brenda & Famous B) – match for an Aztec medallion

Cage kicked over Mascarita, then flipped him. Cage caught Mascarita off the top for a slam and quick pin.

Post-match: Chavo ran in the ring and stole Cage’s medallion. Cage chased after him.

WINNER:  Cage at 0:50.

In-ring: Santos introduced the next contest as a no mas match for an Aztec medallion. First out was Mariposa.


4 – MARIPOSA vs. SEXY STAR – “No Mas” match for an Aztec medallion

Marisposa slammed Star, then dropped an elbow. Mariposa dominated Star with a series of strikes. Star came back and landed some strikes and a suplex. Star locked in a half Boston crab until Mariposa broke free. Mariposa applied a leg lock, then let go.

On the floor, Star threw Mariposa into the barricade then lodged a chair in between Mariposa’s leg and Star whacked another chair against it. Mariposa dragged Star up the stairs by her hair, then ripped at her mask. Star pushed Mariposa off a platform, then Star climbed up the platform towards the lighting rig. They both brawled on the scaffold. They both made their way down the scaffold and Marty Martinez crawled towards Star. He rubbed her head against the barricade.

Mack came out and took out Marty. Mariposa picked up Star and slammed her against the announce table. Star grabbed a garbage can and threw it against Mariposa. They continued the action in the ring and Mariposa locked in another submission. The ref asked Star and star said “F— you” multiple times. I had no idea she could say that, wow. Star tried to come back but Marty stopped her the Mack came in again to stop Marty. Star then locked in an armbar for the win.

WINNER: Sexy Star at 15:23 to win an Aztec medallion.

Post-match: Star locked in the arm bar again then threw Mariposa to the outside. Mack then handed her a medallion then celebrated with her.

FINAL THOUGHTS:  If you’re a big fan of the backstage segments from LU, this was the show for you as it was filled with lots of them. My girlfriend who has seen wrestling just a couple times before watched a small portion of the show, was quite disturbed by LU implying that Star was molested by Marty and Mariposa. She thought a storyline like that just does not work on a wrestling show because of how serious and difficult a topic that is. I personally despise the storyline, but the main event was good and the story was executed well. This still all could have been done just the same if you took out the implied molestation and made it something like Marty and Mariposa kept costing Star matches or they took her out with an injury. With all that aside, the main event was the best from Mariposa, who is still very green but came through tonight. They did a relatively safe “I quit match” that had no big spots that would really put the two in danger. They made the little things mean a lot.

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