5/28 Chikara in Manchester, U.K. – Quackenbush vs. Kidd main event, Kimber Lee, Gulak & Chuck Taylor, more

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CHIKARA & Fight Club: PRO U.K. Tour Results
“The Chamber of Secrets”
May 28, 2016
Manchester, U.K.
Report at PWPonderings.com

(1) NRG beat Drew Gulak & Chuck Taylor (wrestling as Hard Wood Rich Mahogany).

(2) Ophidian beat Hermit Crab.

(3) Icarus beat Lucas Calhoun.

(4) Eddie Kingston beat Chuck Taylor.

(5) The Batiri & Frightmare & Hallowicked beat Chikara Grand champion Princess Kimber Lee & Fire Ant & Soldier Ant & Heidi Lovelace in an eight-person tag match.

(6) Mike Quackenbush vs. Johnny Kidd went to a 1-1 tie in a series of eight three-minute rounds.

Set-up for Quackenbush vs. Kidd

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