Triple H – WWE to hold future editions of Cruiserweight tournament, why did one wrestler miss inaugural tourney?

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

WWE cruiserweight tournament (c)


WWE is planning to make the Cruiserweight tournament a recurring event, according to Triple H in a new interview.

Hunter was quoted by international media on holding “future editions” of the Cruiserweight tournament when asked about the absence of Brazilian wrestler Zumbi.

Zumbi was the only wrestler of the 32 announced participants who did not make the first taping Thursday night in Florida. (SPOILER RESULTS)

Hunter noted that Zumbi had visa issues and WWE could not get Zumbi cleared in time for the tournament.

“We understand that the process in each country is different,” Hunter was quoted. “We work all the time on that, but we came to time running out and we could not get the visa.”

Zumbi was replaced by Mustafa Ali in the tournament. Hunter said he hopes Zumbi will be able to make future editions of the tournament.

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