6/25 GNW Results – Hannibal vs. Canadian Strongman, Nikolai Volkoff wrestles

Great North Wrestling (HannibalTV.com)

Great North Wrestling Results
June 25, 2016
Pembroke, Ont., Canada

Est. Attendance: 300 fans at the Pembroke Memorial Center.

Hannibal beat Canadian Strongman champion “Maximus Testosterone,” who replaced Kevin Lee Davidson, who was pulled due to a concussion.

– Special guest Nikolai Volkoff beat The Messiah.

– The Bruiser beat Freak Nation.

– Jeremy Prophet defeated Knine to end his undefeated record.

– Lady Yasmine beat Flow Riley.

– Soa Amine won a handicap match.

[ FYI: The event was taped for “TV Cogeco” in the Ottawa Valley and GNW’s official YouTube channel Hannibal TV.

The next event is Saturday, November 5 at the Robert Hartley Arena in Hawkesbury Ont., halfway between Ottawa & Montreal. ]

GNW pembroke

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