8/22 WWE 205 LIVE REPORT: Detailed results and analysis of the show

By Allan Weir, PWTorch contributor


AUGUST 22, 2017

– The show begins with footage from Monday Night Raw, one week ago, when Tozawa won the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. This then blends in to the Summerslam rematch between Akira Tozawa and, former champion, Neville. Highlights of their match from Summerslam play and show Neville regain his crown. Corey Graves “All hail the king of the cruiserweights, Neville!”

– Vic Joseph and Corey Graves welcome us to the show and preview tonight’s main event. Tozawa gets his WWE Cruiserweight Championship rematch against Neville.

(1) Cedric Alexander & Gran Metalik vs. Tony Nese & Drew Gulak.

A rematch from last weeks show, apparently requested by Tony Nese, according to Vic Joseph. Alexander and Metalik enter first, followed by Gulak who introduces his partner Tony Nese. The Premier Athlete shows off his 8 reasons why he is better than everyone else, his abs. Nese proceeds to rip into the Brooklyn crowd.

Tony Nese and Cedric Alexander start us off. After both men transitioning through different holds, they run the ropes and Alexander takes down Nese with a head scissors and then a drop kick. Alexander then mocks Nese and poses in the ring.  Gulak enters and tries to ground Cedric but takes a hard straight right hand, in comes Metalik. The king of the ropes lights up Brooklyn with his high flying rope offence.

Nese and Gulak try to double team Metalik but they both got sent to the outside and suffer a springboard moonsault from Metalik. Tony’s hatred of Alexander almost leads to a roll up by Gran Metalik but Nese kicks out and then hits the luchador with a hard forearm. Metalik stops Nese in his superplex attempt and flies down on top of him with a high cross body for a near fall. Gulak and Alexander both get tagged in, Cedric comes flying in with clotheslines, back elbows and head kicks. Cedric then lands his springboard clothesline for a close two-count.

Alexander takes too long and eats a boot from Gulak then a huge lariat. Alexander and Metalik work well together and take out Nese and Gulak to the outside. Both Cedric and Metalik both fly to the outside with stereo topé con hilo’s. Gulak is rolled back in by Alexander who executes the lumbar check.

WINNERS: Gran Metalik and Cedric Alexander.

(Analysis: High flying start to the show. A lot of what happened was the exact same as the last two matches. Especially the tie up at the start. Need more variety if we have the same matches repeatedly.)

– Camera cut to backstage where we see Titus O’Neil and Akira Tozawa. Titus wishes Tozawa had waited to ask for his rematch but Tozawa assures him that he is ready. Two claps and a Ric Flair woo.

– Adverisement plays for the Mae Young Classic that premieres this Monday, 28/8.

– Images show on the screen from SummerSlam.

– We now have a “Gentlemans Duel.” The ring has a table with different weapons lay on top of it. This is to settle the rivalry between Jack Gallagher and THE Brian Kendrick. Brian refuses to come down and instead sends out a clown, who strangely has his own entrance and music. The fun ends shortly after he enters the ring when he sprays Jack with his flower water gun and slaps Gallagher with his glove. Gallagher head butts the clown and looks to put him through the table. The Brian Kendrick now appears, beats Jack down with an umbrella and powerbombs Jack through the table.

“The man with the plan, executes his plan tonight” – Vic Joseph

Kendrick proposes next week they face each other in a ‘No DQ’ match.

– Last weeks 205 Live is shown now and highlights Rich Swanns loss to Daivari after the distraction by TJP. Rich Swann confronts TJP on his antics last week. TJP claims he didn’t mean to distract Swann. (Noteably the crowd start their own clap rhythm and chants during this segment)

– Cut to Neville who is making his way to the ring to defend his crown once again.

(2) Neville vs. Akira Tozawa – Cruiserweight Championship match

Former champion Akira Tozawa makes his way to the ring first, accompanied by Titus O’Neil. Neville now makes his way to the ring with the biggest crowd reaction of the night.

One fall sounds around the arena. Bell rings and match begins. Both men tentative to begin with but finally get into a very physical transition game. Neville gains the upper hand by grounding Tozawa with a crovat hold in the centre of the ring. Both men go for kicks but both caught, very familiar to each other’s game now.

Both men go back and forth with offence and neither one can gain dominance until Tozawa lands a huge PK and sent to the outside. Neville gets back into it by dropping Tozawas shoulder on the rope and works away on the injured shoulder now. Neville ground Akira with a hammerlock and crossface combo. Neville showing full dominance over his injured opponent, Tozawa looking visibly concerned for his own well being. Neville sends Tozawa to the outside and lands a moonsault from the corner to Akira on the outside. Referee checks to see if Akira can continue, he screams “YES!”

Tozawa beats the 10 count but looks all but defeated. Neville takes him back outside and drives him into the barricade, shoulder first. Concern builds for Tozawa from Titus and the commentary team. Both men back inside, Neville takes too long on top rope and is dropped, rolls to the outside and is met by a Tozawa suicide dive, head first. He goes for it once again, but Neville is there to stop him, not for long as he knocks him down and Tozawa dives on to him from the apron. Akira now has a second win and lands a huge Saito suplex, he goes to the top for the Senton but is cut off by the Cruiserweight Champ. Neville goes for the superplex, nails it but both men get the pin and nearly a double fall. Neville gets frustrated that he cannot put Akira away, he mocks him and laughs at his tired strikes until he lands a massive forearm smash. Neville returns with his own, then Akira lands a big helluva kick in the corner. Both men roll each other up and gets close near falls and eventually Tozawa lands a huge spinning kick and attempts the Senton from the top whichs he misses.

Neville applies the Rings of Saturn for the win.

WINNER: Cruiserweight Champion Neville.

(Analysis: Fantastic main event tonight. Both men have been fantastic in this rivalry. Sad to see them finish.) 

– Following the main event, a new face made his debut on 205 Live. Enzo Amore made his presence known. Graves was obviously happy to see him “why on earth is Enzo Amore on 205 Live?!”

“Oh Enzo Amore!” Sounded around the arena. Neville looks a mixture of confused and unbothered by the appearance of Smacktalker Skywalker as he leaves the ring. Enzo tells Neville there is only one word to describe him, I’m sure you can guess.

“The Cruiserweight division has been turned upside down by the certified G” Vic Joseph closes the show with this line.

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