NXT TV REPORT 8/23: Asuka talks about win over Moon, Royce vs. Logan, Bate & Seven vs. Dunn & Wolfgang

By Justin James, PWTorch contributorn


AUGUST 23, 2017

[Q1] Tonight’s NXT were taped before Takeover: Brooklyn. The opening of the episode is a full recap of Takeover: Brooklyn. Advertised are Wolfgang & UK Champion Pete Dunne facing Tyler Bate & Trent Seven in a tag team match, and Sarah Logan wrestling Peyton Royce.

No Way Jose is out for a match. As Jose is dancing, Lars Sullivan cuts off the festivities. Sullivan completely destroys Jose and storms off.

Clips from the Johnny Gargano – Andrade Almas match.

“Earlier today” with Kayla Braxton talking to Johnny Gargano. He refuses to make excuses for his loss. He promises that this isn’t the end of Johnny Wrestling.

Recap of the NXT Women’s Championship match.

Interview with Asuka from Takeover. Asuka says Ember Moon is strong, but she is better. Asuka reminds us that she is still champion. She takes a question in Japanese and replies in the same. Asuka doesn’t know what is next, but she will keep the championship.

Apparently, Asuka has an injured collarbone and will be out 6-8 weeks. No talk of stripping her of the title.

Backstage with Wolfgang and Pete Dunne. Dunne says that his capture of the UK Championship is the beginning of the UK brand. Wolfgang says he should get a title shot after tonight. Dunne tells him to not be thinking too far into the future.

[Q2] Sarah Logan gets a full entrances and comes off as a bit of a rural version of Bayley. Peyton Royce and Billie Kay just kind of roll their eyes.

(1) PEYTON ROYCE (w/Billie Kay) vs. SARAH LOGAN

Extended wrestling until a shoulder block takes Logan down. Spinning heel kick gives Royce a significant edge. Royce continues to work Logan over. Logan dicks a kick, and lands a German Suplex. Logan gets to her feet first and has chops and a forearm, then shoulder blocks and a dropkick for two. Royce to the ropes and grabs Kay’s hands. Logan rolls up Royce, then Royce rolls through and covers of her own. Fisherman’s suplex with a bridge wins it for Royce.

WINNER: Peyton Royce in 4:17. Fine match. Looks like they are giving Logan a few more opportunities.

Replay of the Authors of Pain – Sanity tag team match, and the post-match beating from Kype O’Rielly and Bobby Fish.

[Q3] Replay of parts of the NXT Championship Match, followed by Fish, O’Rielly, and the debut of Adam Cole as they attack McIntyre and Roode.

McIntyre is advertised for next week in FSU.

Backstage interview with Bobby Roode. He refuses to do the interview, yells at everyone. Then Roderick Strong is shown in a suit, blows him a kiss, and says “see you soon”. Then Roode is shown debuting on Smackdown last night. “Earlier tonight” with Roode. He says he never leaves behind unfinished business, and he has some with Roderick Strong. He promises one last match with Strong, then a re-capture of the NXT Championship, and then he will go to Smackdown and make it glorious.

Clips are shown from the hard-hitting match between Aleister Black and Hideo Itami.

Attempted interview with Black after Takeover. Not a word from Black.

All four participants in the tag team match get a good reception, but Dunne’s just blows the roof off.


Bate and Dunne start with some mat work. Dunne slips into a cover for one. Another one count for Dunne. Then a two count, they both kip up.

[ Break ]

Bate delivers a dropkick to Dunne right out of the break and tags in Seven. Bate and Seven work well together. They are wearing matching trunks. Dunne hides in the ropes then gets a cheap shot in on Seven for a two count. Dunne yanks on seven’s nose, and tags in Wolfgang.

[Q4] Chops make Wolfgang duck, so Seven lands a DDT. Seven gets distracted by Dunne, letting Wolfgang recover and nail a uranage out of the corner. Dunne pulls on Seven’s fingers to take him to the mat, then stomps the hand. Seven rolls to the ropes for a break. Dunne goes back to the hands and fingers. Cover for two. Dunne drags Seven to the corner and brings in Wolfgang. Double tags, and Bate picks Dunne up, then throws Dunne over his head. Bate with a German Suplex, Dunne lands on his feet, Bate hits the ropes and lands a clothesline, then the airplane spin. Cover, and Wolfgang breaks it up. Seven in to separate Wolfgang from the action, Dunne knocks Seven out of the ring. Bop and bang from Bate, Bate hits the Tyler Driver ’97 on Dunne but doesn’t realize that Wolfgang tagged in, Wolfgang hits The Howling (high angle senton bomb) for the win.

WINNERS: Pete Dunne and Wolfgang in 8:18. Fun match showing what each of these men can do in the ring.

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