4/9 GCW R SPRING BREAK REPORT: Radican’s results & analysis of Dickinson vs. Janela, RSP vs. Gage

By Sean Radican, PWTorch Columnist (Twitter: @SR_Torch)


APRIL 9, 2021

Announcers: Kevin Gill and Emil Jay


Tony Deppen stepped in on commentary alongside Gill and Jay. Starkz used her momentum out of the hammerlock position to send Charlie to the outside. Starkz hit a Japanese Ocean Cyclone Suplex out of the corner for a 2 count. Deppen said Starkz has been talking s–t about him on Twitter and he’s afraid of her. Starkz teased a suplex from the apron to the floor, but Charlie fought her off. He eventually caught her with a dropkick off the top. Charlie followed up with a Cancun Tornado suplex off the second turnbuckle for a 2 count. Charlie went for a 450, but Billie got her knees up. She went for a Swanton, but Charlie got out of the way. Charlie caught her off the ropes with a falcon arrow for the win.

WINNER: Starboy Charlie in 11:00. (***)

(Radican’s Analysis: This was a good match. It was a bit slow in spots as they went to transitions, but overall these two have very bright futures.)

(Radican’s Analysis: This was a good match. It was a bit slow in spots as they went to transitions, but overall these two have very bright futures.)

44OH of Erick Ryan and Bobby Beverly came out and jumped Charlie and Starkz. They eventually left the ring. Shane Mercer and KTB then made their way to the ring.


Ironbeast ran wild early. They hit a double Doomsday Device that was just crazy. 44OH fired back and Ryan hit a Tiger Driver on KTB. KTB fired abc and sent Ryan through a door propped up in the corner. KTB wiped out Beverly with a dive through the ropes a short time later. Ryan got absolutely destroyed down the stretch. KTB threw him to Mercer for a German with a bridge for the win.

WINNERS: KTB & Shane Mercer in 8:00. (**½)

(Radican’s Analysis: This was basically a long squash, as Ironbeast went through 44OH like a wrecking ball.)

David Penzer announced that Emil Jay would ring announce the rest of the show.


The action got crazy early. Aramis, Kid, and Bane all hit 450’s at the same time for a triple nearfall at one point. Arez hit a series of back breakers to turn the tide for his team. Aramiz, Kid, and Bane hit triple moonsaults to the floor a short time later and the fans fired up. Kid hit a rope walking poison rana at one point. The action really picked up and Aramis dropped Arez into a knee strike to the face off his shoulders.

Bane hit a flurry of high flying moves right into a jumping crucifix bomb on Taurus and KG lost his mind. Laredo Kid hit a moonsault frog splash to the floor to wipe out a pile of men. Bane then hit an insane dive to the floor. Aramiz spun Arez around for about a minute and a half before dropping him down to that mat with a sit out powerbomb for the win. WOW!

WINNERS: Aramis & Laredo Kind & Dragon Bane in 12:00. (****¼)

(Radican’s Analysis: My jaw is on the floor. What more can I say about a 12 minute match filled with so much craziness. The finishing sequence was purely mental!)

The fans threw tons of dollar bills into the ring and chanted lucha libre as Kid, Aramis, and Bane soaked in the applause.

Jordan Oliver watched a tape from Joey Janela. He was told not to watch it. After he watched, he got a note that said Blackheart with April 9, 2021 on it. Oliver came out first and then Lio Rush was out next with a contortionist coming out first. They cameras went to a black and white look for his entrance, which was really cool. Rush then made his way to the ring with a black stocking over his head wearing a suit.

Rush took the hood off and he was wearing contacts to make his eyes look crazy.


Oliver caught Rush with a diving Clout Cutter to the floor. WOW! Rush fired back and got a running start around the ring. He hit a cannonball through a seated Oliver on the outside. They ended up back inside the ring and Olvier eventually caught Rush with a belly-to-belly suplex through a door stacked up in the corner. Rush eventually hit a release belly-to-belly on Oliver that put him through another door in a different corner. Rush made the cover, but only got a two count. They went back and forth and Rush his Rush Hour for a nearfall. I have to note GCW having replay ability is really cool.

They ended up going at it up top. Both men ended up falling to the floor. Rush appeared to take a nasty spill. Kevin Gill mentioned Oliver had already been through several matches in the Acid Cup. They exchanged strikes and Oliver hit a Tiger Driver for a two count. He went right into a running knee to Rush’s head for a nearfall. Oliver kept hitting Rush with big rights with Rush on the apron. Rush ducked a running kick and hit Oliver with a kick. He then lifted Oliver over the ropes into a falcon arrow through a door that was set up below them.

Rush went up top, but Oliver turned a Frog Splash attempt into a Clout Cutter. Oliver connected with a springboard Clout Cutter right after that for a nearfall and the fans popped big. Oliver hit a springboard Clout Cutter on the apron a short time later. He eventually tossed Rush back into the ring, but he only got a two count. Rush fired back and hit a Frog splash off the top. Rush then tapped him out with a crossface variation.

Winner: Lio Rush in 23:00. (***¾)

(Radican’s Analysis: This was a really good match where they kept raising the stakes while trading big moves. The finish was a bit down given that there wasn’t much technical wrestling at all during the match. If you’re going to tell a story of big moves the climax of the match should fit the tone. That’s just a minor complaint on my part, as I really enjoyed this match.)

A video package aired for Atticus Cougar vs. Masada.


Cougar worked over Masada with a kendo stick on the floor. Masada fired back and kicked a board with toothpicks right into Cougar’s back. Masada then raked Cougar’s head with another toothpick board. Masada went after Cougar with his own neon green skewers. Cougar stole the skewer bit from Masada to set up this match. Cougar eventually drove a bunch off neon green skewers into Masada’s head.

Masada got some short skewers a short time later and drove them into Cougar’s head. He then nailed him with a Last Ride through a door set up on two chairs. The skewers did not fall out of Cougar’s head. Masada put the skewers in Cougar’s mouth and stepped down on his head. The skewers were stuck inside Cougar’s mouth as he rolled to the floor.

Cougar hit a headlock driver off the top for a nearfall. He hit another headlock driver, but Masada kicked out again. Cougar put another bundle of skewers into Masada’s head. He hit another headlock driver and it was good for the win.

WINNER: Atticus Cougar in 18:00. (n/a)

(Radican’s Analysis: I’m just not a fan of this style of match. It was fine for what it was, but the crowd didn’t exactly go crazy for most of the action.)


They got off to a fast start. Both men went for dropkicks and came to a stalemate. Moriarty was selling his ribs from wrestling in the Acid Cup. Moriarty went to work on Swann’s arm. Swann finally mounted a comeback and hit a rolling clothesline. Moriarty fired back and continued the work on Swann’s arm. Swann fired back and hit a handspring cutter with one arm for a two count. Swann went up top and hit a frog splash for a two count. They exchanged strikes and both men kicked each other at the same time with a pair of pump kicks and they went down to the mat.

They traded pinning combinations and Moriarty got a Fujirwara armbar, but Swann got the bottom rope. Moriarty held onto Swann’s wrist and hit a big clothesline for a two count. They went up top and Swann bit on Moriarty’s ribs and pushed him to the mat. Swann then hit a 450 for the win.

WINNER: Rich Swann in 10:00. (***)

(Radian’s Analysis: They slowed the pace a bit and told a good story. The match was good, but the crowd didn’t provide much of an atmosphere for the style of match they were going for.)

Chris Dickinson cut a promo on Joey Janela in a pre-taped segment.


Janela came out wearing Bam Bam Bigalow style ring gear with flames up the sides. They went right at it and Dickinson hit a HUGE powerbomb. He lifted Janela a short time later and hit another big powerbomb. The announcers talked about Dickinson costing Janela his Spring Break show and the GCW Championship against RSP. A short time later, Dickinson used a piece of broken door to cut open Janela’s head. Dickinson picked up a section of door and nailed Janela with it. Janela fired back a short time later and hit a top rope superplex.

Dickinson got the upper hand and hit a German with a bridge for a two count. The announcers said Dickinson was upset that Janela wasn’t taking wrestling seriously. Dickinson began tossing chairs into the ring. The fans then began tossing chairs into the ring. The fans finally stopped throwing chairs into the ring. Dickinson hit Janela over the head with a chair. They traded counters and Janela hit a DDT. Dickinson then popped up and caught Janela with a clothesline as he came off the ropes. They battled up top and Janela hit a jumping DDT off the top onto a pile of chairs. Dickinson rolled to the floor to avoid getting pinned.

Janela was about to hit Dickinson with a chair, but he hit a low blow. Dickinson made the cover, but Janela kicked out at one. They traded blows and Dickinson set up top and launched Janela with the Razor’s Edge for a nearfall. The ring was filled with doors, ladders, and chairs. Dickinson and Janela were both bleeding. Janela went up the ladder, but Dickinson tossed a chair at him. Dickinson eventually hit Janela with a DVD off the ladder through a door. He made the cover, but Janela kicked out at the last second. They showed a replay of the big bump off the ladder. Dickinson sold his knee after hitting the DVD. Janela went after Dickinson’s leg, but Janela fired back with two dragon screws. Janela got a small package and eventually went for a figure 4. Dickinson tried to turn the hold over, but couldn’t. He then tapped out.

WINNER: Joey Janela in 22:00. (****)

(Radican’s Analysis: This was a tremendous back and forth match between former friends. They went crazy in this match and I cringed at the risks both men took, especially the DVD off the ladder through the door.)

Janela went for a handshake after the match. Dickinson spit in his hand. Janela got on the mic and said this summer he’d be back in GCW.

Greg Iron came to the ring with Virgil. KG said Effy was putting his WM weekend show on the line against Iron. Iron got on the mic and introduced Virgil. He said Virgil is the newest member of 44OH. He said he would not be Effy’s bitch.

Virgil pie-faced Effy. Virgil was holding a bottle of Vodka. Iron then came from behind and hit Effy with a chair.

(8) EFFY vs. GREG IRON (W/VIRGIL) 10:42

Iron had the upper hand, but Effy fired back and they did some comedy after Effy pulled Iron’s trunks down. Iron hit a low blow and held Effy for Virgil. He went to hit Effy, but Virgil ended up hitting Iron with the Unbreakable Barrel of vodka. Effy got a pair of scissors and cut off Virgil’s 44OH shirt. Virgil was wearing a Wrestling is Gay shirt. The fans chanted for Virgil. Iron’s pants were still off. Effy won the match with a big folding powerbomb. He left Iron facing rear end side up.

WINNER: Effy in 7:00. (n/a)

(Radican’s Analysis: This was some nice comedic relief after a long series of intense matches on the card.)

They set the ring up for the main event between GCW Champion RSP and Nick Gage.

Gage was shown sitting backstage. His music began playing and he took a sip of water. Gage then made his way to the ring and the fans went crazy. RSP came out wearing white from the top of the venue. Kevin Gill said 18 months of lies and manipulation would end tonight if things go Gage’s way.

The ring is surrounded by light tubes and scaffold. There’s also panes of glass set up inside the ring.


Gage got the upper hand early and went to town on Page with some tubes. He set some tubes on top of Page in the corner and hit a face wash. Gage drove Page through a barbed wire board and they spilled to the floor. Gage gave the fans chairs and slammed Page into several of them. Page fired back and hit Gage with a pair of light tubes. They ended up back inside the ring. Gage got a running start, but Pge backdropped him through a pane of glass set up at ringside. It looked like Gage’s head hit the support holding the glass. This is tough to watch at this point.

Page took Gage to the edge of the ring and tossed him through a bunch of light tubes set up on a platform. Gage tried to mount a comeback, but Page threw glass in his eyes. A blinded Gage swung and hit the ref. He then took Page down with a big spinebuster. Gage began carving MDK in Page’s back. Page began climbing the scaffold. Greg Iron came down to the ring and attacked Gage. Gage nailed him with a piledriver. Effy came down to the ring to take Iron to the back. Eric Ryan and Bobby Beverly came down and attacked Gage. The announcers said Page was letting his buddies do the dirty work. The crowd didn’t react at all.

Matthew Justice and Joey Janela ran down to take care of 44OH along with Mance Warner. With the ring cleared, Gage went up the scaffold to go at it with Page. Gage tossed RSP off the scaffold through the light tubes set up on the table. Gage made his way back down to the ring. Another ref came down and Gage resumed carving his gang initials in Page’s back. Page suddenly fired up and hit a choke breaker for a nearfall. RSP gave the second ref a choke breaker. RSP waived for someone to come down to the ring. Atticus Cougar came down to the ring.

The announcers mentioned that Cougar was the only member of 44OH to win a match on the show. They set up a plane of glass on top of some chairs in the ring. Cougar put his neon green skewers into Gage’s head. The fans chanted bulls–t over and over. RSP made a mini tower of panes of glass using chairs. He then went up top and Cougar gave him Gage. Brett Lauderdale, the GCW owner, got into the ring and hit Cougar with some light tubes. Gage then hit a piledriver through the glass structure. Lauderdale made the count, but RSP kicked out. Gage hit a choke breaker and it was good for the win.

WINNER: Nick Gage in 33:00 to become the new GCW World Champion. (**1/2)

(Radican’s Analysis: This was difficult to watch at times. The fans just weren’t into the match at times, which made it drag. It was just a lot of blood and dangerous spots, but they eventually got to where they were going and gave the fans the conclusion the fans wanted.)

Gage got some spray paint and painted MDK on RSP’s version of the GCW World Championship. Gage was then given the new GCW World Championship.

Jon Moxley suddenly came down to ringside and looked at Gage. Gage glared at Moxley. Moxley got into the ring and they went face-to-face. HOLY S–T. Moxley went to leave and Gage flipped him off. Moxley had Gage’s blood on his head. Moxley turned his back to Gage. He then turned around and they traded blows. Moxley got a bundle of tubes and hit the Paradigm Shift through them on Gage. The fans reaction was mixed to Moxley standing told to end the show. Kevin Gill asked what Moxley was doing in GCW. He said nobody saw this coming.

Moxley left the ring and the fans fired up with MDK chants. Gage got on the mic and asked where his gang is at. The fans applauded. Gage said he hadn’t seen Moxley in 10 years. He said Moxley confronted the god of ultraviolet wrestling. He said Moxley is a pussy. Gage thanked the fans. He said the fans never forgot him while he was hurt.

Gage said he promised the fans that he would go one on one and do a real death match. He said in GCW, this s–t is real. Gage said he would dance one on one with Moxley and they would see who the baddest motherf—-er is. Gage asked the fans if they were ready to end the show the right way. He then led them in MDK All Day chants.

Overall score: (8.5) – This show gets a high recommendation from me. Almost everything was good to great on the card with a few exceptions. The Moxley vs. Cage’s confrontation to end the show was a tremendous way to end the show on a really high note.

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