Nick Khan reveals key to recent WWE ratings success, credits Vince McMahon


Nick Khan talks Vince McMahon returning to WWE
Nick Khan (photo CAA)


Nick Khan says that there are a multitude of different factors that are impacting the recent ratings success of WWE. In a new interview with the Sports Business Journal, Khan discussed the key factors of ratings success, Peacock’s impact on WWE, and what potential buyers of the company all know.

“To me, the success we’ve seen in the ratings is a combination of factors,” Khan said. “Certainly Triple H, but that would also include the entire writing team, the producers, the superstars/in-ring performers and the system that Vince set up. Like any organization that thinks it’s great, the system moves no matter who comes and who goes.”

Khan credited the WWE fans for sticking with Peacock after watching WWE content, making them valuable to Peacock and the company. “Our audience turns out for our events, but there’s also stickiness in terms of our audience sampling other Peacock products,” Khan said. “Once our folks go to Peacock, they tend to stay there and become invested in the platform, which we certainly think is great for Peacock and great for us.”

In the interview, Khan also discussed the potential of a WWE sale and said that all potential buyers know that their television partners would need to be taken care of. “That’s probably the trickiest of all the parts, but one thing that all potential buyers know is that the rights that Fox and NBCU negotiated for separately will obviously have to be adhered to and respected with all sorts of good faith attached to that,” Khan said.

WWE presents WrestleMania 39 on April 1 and April 2 on Peacock, live from SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles. Announced matches for the event include Roman Reigns vs. Cody Rhodes for the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship, Charlotte Flair vs. Rhea Ripley for the Smackdown Women’s Championship, Seth Rollins vs. Logan Paul, and more.

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