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It is sometimes overwhelming keeping up on everything going on in the pro wrestling industry, and sometimes you just want a break from screen time. Home delivery of the weekly Pro Wrestling Torch Newsletter paper copy is a great solution for pro wrestling fans who wants a trusted source to curate the top pro wrestling news and put it in proper perspective each week, with a mix of features and voices covering everything from WWE and AEW to Japan and Europe and the Indy scene.

Get a mega-dose of our independent-minded, hard-hitting, experienced team’s coverage led by editor and founder Wade Keller with his weekly cover story on pro wrestling’s biggest story of the week, his End Notes commentary, and TV and PPV coverage with Keller’s match and segment analysis, plus feature-length columns from Greg Parks, Bruce Mitchell, Zack Heydorn, Alan Counihan, and Sean Radican, our signature PPV Roundtable Reviews, Torch Talk interview transcripts with legends and current names, and Keller’s newsletter-exclusive “Page 2 News” update with his perspective on the top stories of the week.


  • $10 per month (4-5 issues *)
  • $20 per two months (7-9 issues *)
  • $99 per year (about 52 issues *)

(*NOTE: When paying online, you are billed automatically each month until you cancel. There are usually 4-5 weekly issues in each month. There might be occasional weeks off without a newsletter and other weeks with two issues in the mix, but typically a full year includes between 50-54 weekly issues.)


Newsletters are delivered via first class postage, mailed usually on Tuesday afternoons and thus arriving to subscribers in the U.S. between Wednesday and Friday in most areas. On occasion,  the newsletter is mailed on a different weekday. There are occasional skipped weeks, usually made up with two issues the next week.

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Or subscribe via check or money order (in U.S. funds) payable to Pro Wrestling Torch:

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(NOTE: We are not accepting print newsletter subscriptions outside of the U.S. because of prohibitive postal rates and packaging requirements, but you can receive a digital subscription outside of the U.S. with instant online access to PDF and All-Text editions of the PWTorch Newsletter along with full VIP podcast and archive access. Details: CLICK HERE)

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Newly revamped and reformatted with new features and writers as of June 2020!

The Pro Wrestling Torch Weekly Newsletter has been published since 1987. Each issue is packed with 12 pages of articles with a mix of news, editorials, analysis, interviews, and TV/PPV reports. Content includes exclusive articles not available on the free Here’s some of the content exclusive to the newsletter that is available only to VIP members (via digital membership) and print copy subscribers (via paper copy postal home delivery subscriptions)…

  • WADE KELLER’S COVER STORY on the biggest story of the week (newsletter-exclusive).
  • PPV ROUNDTABLES featuring the staff’s scores and reviews major PPVs (newsletter-exclusive).
  • EXCLUSIVE: Weekly columns from Wade Keller, Bruce Mitchell, Greg Parks, Zack Heydorn, Sean Radican, Alan Counihan, and more (newsletter-exclusive).
  • TV REPORTS: Keller’s TV summaries with analysis of key segments and matches.
  • TORCH TALK transcripts of interviews conducted by Wade Keller with legends and current stars (newsletter-exclusive).
  • KELLER’S “PAGE 2 NEWS” with the top stories of the week with Keller’s perspective on what they mean (newsletter-exclusive).
  • KELLER’S “END NOTES” commentaries and random thoughts (newsletter-exclusive)
  • PLUS: Live event reports, special features, 20 Years Ago snippets, and more.

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BELOW IS A GRID OF 18 SELECT DIGITAL FULL-COLOR COVERS FROM OUR 2017 NEWSLETTERS. (Mobile visitors, tap, pinch, and zoom to see details.)

IMPORTANT NOTE: A PAPER COPY SUBSCRIPTION DOES NOT INCLUDE ACCESS TO THE PWTORCH VIP WEBSITE OR ANY AUDIO SHOWS, ARCHIVES, OR DIGITAL NEWSLETTERS. This ordering page is for people who prefer to pay to receive a paper copy of the newsletter via postal delivery each week either instead of a VIP online sub or in addition to a VIP online sub. You, however, can access each weekly newsletter in digital (PDF and TEXT) format with a standard VIP online subscription instead of paying for a paper copy subscription.

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