VIP AUDIO 1/2 – 10 YRS AGO Bruce Mitchell Audio (12-2-05): Flair’s road rage incident, Eddie storyline on Smackdown (68 min)

January 2, 2016

SUMMARY: PWTorch columnist Bruce Mitchell, with host Wade Keller, discuss in-depth the publicity in North Carolina this week regarding Ric Flair’s alleged road rage incident and the details of his divorce papers. Also, analysis of the Smackdown Special and the angle featuring Eddie Guerrero references and his car being blown up with references to Undertaker “rising from the grave.” Further analysis of what the mindset is within WWE that is leading to such questionable decisions (such as using the term “nigga” on the air this week), and how the focus on quarterly stock performance is partially to blame. Plus, a preliminary review of Vince Russo’s new book, and the departure of Frank Dickerson from TNA management and another rant about Jeff Jarrett’s undercutting of the chance of TNA making it as a viable full-time alternative to WWE. […]

VIP AUDIO 1/1 – 10 YRS AGO James Caldwell Audio Update (12-1-05): Michaels, Cena, TNA departure, WWE Financials (42 min)

January 1, 2016

SUMMARY: This week, PWTorch columnist James Caldwell’s view from the front row includes a look at WWE’s financial report, where WWE is making up for lost TV advertising revenue, the reality of WWE generating enough web advertising to replace TV ads, how WWE inflated ratings figures, the millions of dollars being invested in WWE’s website, how Wall Street reacted to WWE’s earnings report, the potential for WWE to continue a positive trend the rest of the year, the use of Eddie on Smackdown, where the big picture problem overrides the small picture, the Smackdown title picture, why Shawn Michaels should be protected, Triple H and WWE paying attention to detail, John Cena’s marketing, brand ambiguity related to Big Show on Raw and Smackdown, TNA’s CEO leaving the company and what means for the company, why Jeff Jarrett’s face will be all over TNA programming now, why Dickerson’s departure could be devastating to TNA, the marketing of Jeff Jarrett, and more. […]

VIP AUDIO 12/31 – 10 YRS AGO Sean Waltman Audio Talk, pt. 1 of 2 (11-21-05): Eddie Guerrero and WWE’s new drug testing (43 min)

December 31, 2015

SUMMARY: In this audio talk with Sean “X-Pac” Waltman, he talks about his personal experiences with Eddie Guerrero, what he saw of the roller coaster ride of Guerrero’s battles with chemical addiction over the years, his frank discussions with Guerrero about the problem, what his family should know about him, and more. Also, this first of two parts gets into a frank, open discussion about WWE’s previous drug testing era. This and the second installment will go into details on how the tests worked, how the wrestlers learned to beat the system, whether the tests are a good idea, whether mandatory extended systematic off-time for wrestlers would help the problem, where Vince McMahon’s heart lies, Waltman’s personal experiences with drugs, what the mindset is of a drug addict, and what can drag a clean recovering addict back into using again. […]

VIP AUDIO 12/10 – 10 YRS AGO Bruce Mitchell Audio Show, pt. 1 of 2 (11-18-05): Evaluating fallout and lessons from Eddie Guerrero’s death (40 min)

December 10, 2015

SUMMARY: PWTorch columnist Bruce Mitchell, with host Wade Keller, discusses the Eddie Guerrero situation for well over an hour from a wide variety of perspectives including friends of his who stepped up to try to help Eddie, what lessons the industry needs to learn from his death and what led to it, evaluating the paternalistic tone WWE management takes with the wrestlers on display during the tribute show, and more.

VIP AUDIO 12/04 – 10 YRS AGO Wade Keller Hotline (11-17-05): Christian’s decision to leave WWE, Guerrero tribute (33 min)

December 4, 2015

SUMMARY: In today’s Keller Audio Update, the inside story on whether Christian spoke the truth when he detailed why he left WWE, the type of offer he was given to stay, and why he left. Plus analysis of whether he can be a top tier player for TNA, where Jeff Jarrett fits in, and whether it was smart to have Team Canada with Scott D’Amore get involved right away. Comparisons between Christian and Matt Hardy or Chris Benoit in terms of who’d be most valuable to TNA today… A lot more on Eddie Guerrero including notes on the WWE p.r. machine and in which instances they were on base and off base in their approach. Thoughts on the WWE lifestyle, the way Guerrero’s tribute show was handled, how Hunter and Stephanie handled it, exclusive details on why Stephanie wasn’t at the Supershow on Sunday, and more… […]

VIP AUDIO 12/04 – 10 YRS AGO Real Deal with Pat McNeill (11-15-05): Eddie Guerrero’s death, Dusty, Daniels (34 min)

December 4, 2015

SUMMARY: In this “Real Deal with Pat McNeill” VIP Audio Update, he talks about the death of Eddie Guerrero and what WWE should do from a public relations standpoint and to help prevent similar deaths from happening in the future. Plus the latest from TNA’s television tapings including the first match announced for Turning Point, a title changes hands on the first day of WWE’s European tour, the Indy Show Lineup of the Week featuring Samoa Joe, A.J. Styles & Frankie Kazarian in California, plus other significant independent events this weekend, Ring of Honor’s tribute show for Eddie Guerrero this weekend, and Listener Mail regarding Dusty Rhodes and Christopher Daniels. […]

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