VIP AUDIO 1/1 – Mitchell Audio w/Keller, pt. 2 of 2: Email questions on NXT vs. ROH, Mulkeys, Jumping Bomb Angels, Hebner, Bryan (64 min)

January 1, 2016

SUMMARY: In today’s new Bruce Mitchell Audio Show, pt. 2 of 2, features answers to VIP member email questions including these topics: What was the story with the Jumping Bomb Angels in the WWF in the 1980s? Is NXT more of a workrate promotion or built around top stars style promotion? Why does NXT get more buzz among the same type of fanbase than ROH? Where did the Mulkey Brothers jobber tag team from the 1980s come from? Is there any chance WWE is intentionally holding out Daniel Bryan until Roman Reigns get overs as a babyface? Is Earl Hebner a true Hall of Fame candidate? […]