11/11 Wed. Night Viewers – both ROH & Impact rise

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


Wednesday night on Destination America, TNA Impact drew its largest combined audience in one month, while Ring of Honor rebounded with a big gain…

Wednesday Night ROH/TNA Programming – November 11 (Week 24)

TNA Impact: The first airing at 9:00 p.m. EST drew 277,000 viewers, up from 262,000 viewers last week.

TNA’s late-night replay/West Coast airing after ROH then drew 97,000 viewers, up from 81,000 viewers last week.

TNA Impact’s total viewership was 374,000 viewers, up from 343,000 combined viewers last week. It was the most in one month dating back to October 7.

Overall, the strength or weakness of the Impact replay continues to follow ROH’s performance…

ROH TV: The only airing at 11:00 p.m. EST drew 172,000 viewers, up from 141,000 viewerslast week.

Since losing prime time on July 29, ROH has averaged 154k viewers in the late night timeslot.

Viewership Flow

– TNA at 9:00 EST: 277,000 viewers
– ROH at 11:00 EST: 172,000 viewers
– TNA at midnight: 97,000 viewers

Demographics: Both shows drew a younger audience compared to previous weeks. Impact nearly slipped into the 18-49 demo window, drawing a median age of 49.8 years-old. It was the first time under 50 since October 7, which coincides with their biggest previous audience.

ROH’s median age was 50.8 years-old, also the youngest since Oct. 7.

In the demographic ratings, ROH split 62 percent males 18-49 and 38 percent females 18-49.

Impact’s demo split was 75/25 percent, which is what ROH drew last week.

Overall, both shows have drawn consistently broad audiences this fall season. The splits were 80/20 early in the Dest. America run through August 26, but now ROH is 66/34 and Impact is 70/30 over the past two months.



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