TLC PPV Reax #1 – Is “Bad Roman” Good Roman?

Roman Reigns (artist Travis Beaven © PWTorch)


Did you watch the TLC PPV? We’re looking for your Reax, Best/Worst Match, and 0-10 score sent to The following is the first batch of reader feedback on the PPV.


– Derrick in Utah (5.5): Thumbs in the middle show, maybe leaning up after a successful show closing angle. Nothing was outright bad, but most of the event lacked emotion and excitement. Right now, the product is stale, and this event felt like a talented group of performers trying to make a stale environment more digestable. There were some notable high points, such as the tag team ladder match and Dean Ambrose’s IC Title victory, but most of the show was forgettable.

The effort in all the matches was high. This was especially evident during the main event. Sheamus and Reigns beat the living hell out of each other for the majority of the match and the crowd did not care. You could argue the lack of a reaction was the product of diminishing returns on high spots and weapon shots during the show, but I think the lion’s share of the blame lies on a heel lacking credibility and a babyface void of crowd fueled momentum. Much to my surprise, the crowd came alive after the Superman Punch table bump and the closing few minutes did stir up the crowd and build some drama. The League of Nations interference was predicable, but the lack of Ambrose and the Usos making the save was bizarre. Without Ambrose and the Usos, the finish did not seem ripe for the picking.

With all that said, the show closing angle worked.  I am puzzled as to why, but the crowd came alive during Reigns’s freak-out. This was especially notable when he turned his attention to Triple H and pulverized the COO.  Reigns felt like a larger star with a more positive reaction by the end of the show. I guess it is reverse psychology – have him display vice to generate a positive crowd reaction. Bravery over benevolence. Vengeance over compassion. Pro wrestling in 2015.

– Chris, 31, from Southhampton, U.K. (7.0): Best Match: Tag Team Ladder match. Worst Match: Rusev vs. Ryback. I watched TLC in a local bar where I hold monthly WWE PPV events with around 50 other people in attendance last night. I was pleasantly surprised by this PPV, as the build to it didn’t have me hooked at all. Royal Rumble has the potential to be amazing with some possible returns/promotions.

As for the main event and post-match angle, both Roman Reigns and Sheamus hit hard and put so much effort to get people invested. It certainly worked in the small bar I was in, even if Boston started chanting for John Cena (too early, and was unfair to the guys fighting). Lots of carnage is what the match needed and was good to see League of Nations come down, though where was King Barrett and why didn’t Dean Ambrose at least TRY to help Reigns? The end was perfect, although Triple H is now taking chair shots like The Rock takes a stunner. It seems like Roman is finally over and I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes, hopefully all the way to Mania with a run-in and face turn from Seth Rollins to give Roman the win.

Did you watch the TLC PPV? We’re looking for your Reax, Best/Worst Match, and 0-10 score sent to

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