1/24 Progress in London Results – new PROGRESS champion


Progress Wrestling delivered another big show Sunday in London, England, including a new PROGRESS Wrestling champion in the main event…

Progress Ch. 25 Results
January 24, 2016
London, England at Electric Ballroom
Report by Dave Green, PWTorch correspondent

(1) The Origin (Nathan Cruz & El Ligero) beat FSU (Mark Andrews & Eddie Dennis) by pinfall to retain the Progress tag team titles. A great fun opener, with the ever popular FSU receiving a massive reaction from the Progress faithful. Really great action throughout, with Cruz finally getting a pin over Andrews with a Tombstone on one of the tag shields (yes, the titles are shields here at Progress).

(2) Damian Dunne beat Tyler Bate by pinfall to advance in the Natural Progression Series. This was a second chance match for both men after previous semi-finalist Sebastian had to pull out of the tournament. Bate was very popular with the crowd and this was a very crisp wrestling match. Dunne pulled off somewhat of an upset, pinning Bate with a springboard lungblower to advance to the semi finals.

(3) Rob Lynch beat Michael Dante via pinfall. This match was to determine a stipulation for the upcoming London Riots vs. Sumerian Death Squad match in March. These two huge men threw each other around like cruiserweights at various point, with neither man wanting to show the other weakness. After some heavy hitting action, Lynch took the win with a spear. After the match, Lynch stated that the Riots stipulation would be that the match would Tables, Ladders and Chairs. Now their partners (James Davis and Tommy End) will meet at the February show to determine the next stipulation.

(4) Mark Haskins beat Zack Gibson via submission to become #1 contender to the Progress Title. Really superb match as expected between these two. Haskins came in with his left arm strapped up, which Gibson focused on, trying to lock in his Shankley Gates submission. After a back and forth contest, Haskins locked in a Stretch Muffler for the tap out and to get the next Progress title shot.

(5) Flash Morgan Webster beat Paul Robinson via disqualification. A battle of two men who desperately needed a win. Robinson was his usual spiteful self, while Webster kept taking Robinson down with his high flying offence. After Robinson failed to put Webster away several times, he attacked referee Marc “Paz” Parry, who called for the bell. A post match attack was thwarted by Morgan and Robinson was escorted to the back.

(6) Jinny (w/her p.a. Elizabeth) beat Pollyanna, Toni Storm, and Dahlia Black (w/T.K. Cooper). Really fun four-way match from these ladies, with a lot of history between all four. Pollyanna took TK out of the match quite early with a ball shot, with herself and Toni teaming up several times to put their opponents down. Polly pulled off the move of the night, locking in a Crab, Camel Clutch, AND a Gory special on her three opponents at the same time! Elizabeth interfered hugely on Jinny’s behalf, but refused to cut Pollyanna’s hair. Jinny pushed her down and cut pieces of Polly’s hair herself. After a number of big moves, T.K. Cooper punched Pollyanna right in the face (something he has been doing too regularly just lately), but before his main squeeze Dahlia could take advantage, Jinny knocked both of them out of the ring and pinned her arch rival for the win.

(7) Marty Scurll beat Will Ospreay by referee stoppage to win the Progress Wrestling Championship. An excellent main event which was fought under no disqualification rules. Unlike the slow burner that was their encounter at Rev Pro last weekend, they hit the big moves fight from the get-go. About 15 minutes in, Scurll took referee Chris Roberts out of commission. Ospreay locked in an umbrella-assisted cross face for a tap out, but no referee. Paz eventually took over. When pulling out weapons, Scurll revealed six or seven of his trademark umbrellas. Ospreay answered by pulling out a table, which he successfully powerbombed Scurll through for a two count. Later, Scurll powerbombed Ospreay through the ring announcers table on the stage, but couldn’t keep Ospreay down. Several minutes of back and forth ended when Scurll hit Ospreay with a pair of handcuffs. After failing to pin him, Scurll locked Ospreay in the cuffs and proceeded to give him head shot after head shot. Still Ospreay refused to lose. Sadly for Will, he was locked in the chicken wing and faded, giving Paz no choice but to call the match to end and crown Marty Scurll the new Progress Champion. Ospreay received a prolonged ovation as he recovered and bowed to the crowd on his way out.

Great stuff from Progress as usual, and this was a particularly strong show. The next show will be “Chapter 26: Unknown Pleasures,” and this show will be available via Demand-Progress in ten days time.

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