2/3 Lucha Underground Results – Puma & Pentagon, Justin Gabriel debuts, Mysterio introduced, more


Lucha Underground Report
February 3, 2016
Taped in Los Angeles, Calif.
Season 2, Episode #2 on El Rey Network
Report by Joel Dehnel, PWTorch contributor

The show opened with a video recap of last week’s episode and highlights from last season’s Ultima Lucha.

Backstage: Prince Puma was lifting weights. He had flashbacks to last season losing to Mil Muertes. Pentagon, Jr. came in to thank Puma for helping him please his master. Pentagon said tonight he and Puma would be parters and continue to please his master. He said after they finish the Disciples of Death, he will finish Puma. Puma and Pentagon then brawled with each other until Puma pushed Pentagon into a locker and walked away.

Announcers: Matt Striker welcomed the audience to the show and recapped last week’s show. Striker mentioned Pentagon, Jr., and his co-host Vampiro became defensive on the matter. Striker then threw to Melissa Santos.

In-ring: Santos introduced Johnny Mundo to the ring for the first match of the evening. His opponent is Killshot.


Killshot hit a snapmare, then Mundo knocked him over. Killshot landed a few kicks, which resulted in Mundo falling to the floor, then Killshot hit a moonsault to the outside. Mundo got up and speared Killshot. Mundo threw Killshot back in the ring for a two count.

Killshot hit a neckbreaker, then he uppercut Mundo. Mundo fought back and hit a C4. Mundo tried to go to the top, but Killshot rolled out of the way. Killshot caught Mundo on the ropes, then hit a 450 splash for a nearfall.

Mundo and Killshot traded knees, then Mundo knocked over the referee and hit a low blow and set up End of the World. Mundo hit the move for the win.

WINNER: Mundo at 4:25.

In-ring: Mundo grabbed the mic and introduced himself. Mundo called out Mil Muertes and told him how end of the world would feel. Cage emerged from the crowd and said he is 100 percent, unlike the champion. He said once Muertes is healed he wants to face him. Mundo said Cage is not even in the same league as him. Cage said they can throw down right now to see who is more man. Mundo backed out of the ring and refused the challenged. Cage taunted Muertes, then Mundo attacked him from behind. They fought briefly until Mundo scurried away.


Undisclosed location: A camera panned across a room where Sexy Star was tied up and Marty Martinez was laughing and showing her a moth. He taunted her and spoke tongues Hannibal Lecter-style while talking about butterflies as he was laughing and looking crazy.

Vingette: A man on a motorcycle talked about his addiction to danger and compared himself to wolf. He fought off two other bikers outside a motel. He said he is searching for the next thrill and Lucha Underground is the place to get it. He revealed himself as the “Darewolf” P.J. Black (Justin Gabriel from WWE). And his debut is tonight.


In-ring: Santos introduced The Mack to the ring. Next out making his debut was P.J. Black.

2 – THE MACK vs. ‘THE DAREWOLF’ P.J. BLACK (Justin Gabriel)

P.J. locked Mack in a headlock, then tripped him. P.J. kicked Mack, then got in another headlock and hit an armdrag. Mack knocked down P.J., then they chopped each other back and forth. Mack landed a big kick, then threw P.J. into the corner and hit a Samoan Drop followed by a standing moonsault.

P.J. and Mack slapped each other. Mack then went for a German Suplex. P.J. countered and hit “Black to the Future.” Black hit a springboard moonsault, then headed to the top, but Mack rolled out of the way. Mack hit a neckbreaker for the surprising win.

WINNER: The Mack at 4:43.


Vingette: A woman described the different names she has been called as she took out multiple thugs. Her name was revealed as Kobra Moon and she debuts next week.

In-ring: Santos introduced the The Disciples of Death to the ring. Next out was Prince Puma followed by Pentagon, Jr.


3 — Trios Tag champions THE DISCIPLES OF DEATH (w/Catrina) vs. PENTAGON JR. & PRINCE PUMA – three-on-two handicap match

The Disciples attacked Puma and Pentagon to begin. Pentagon escaped the ring and watched Puma, who cleaned house, then Pentagon dove onto the disciples outside the ring. Puma then hit a Shooting Star Press to the disciples. The disciples then beat down Puma while Pentagon hung out on the outside.

Both teams got set on the apron and the disciples continued their dominance of Puma. Pentagon broke up a pin, then got taken out by the disciples. Puma finally fought back and took out two disciples and crawled towards Pentagon. Pentagon took out the disciples and chopped them around the ring.

Puma and Pentagon came face-to-face in the ring. So, the disciples got back up and attacked Puma and Pentagon. Pentagon fought back, then got knocked out of the ring. The disciples collided into each other outside the ring as Pentagon moved out of the way. Puma set up for the 630 splash, which he hit for the win.

WINNERS: Prince Puma & Pentagon, Jr. at 7:34.

Post-match: Pentagon hit a codebreaker on Puma, then went to break Puma’s arm. But, Puma escaped and Pentagon fled the ring.

The voice of Rey Mysterio talked to a man under a mask and told him about the legacy that is carried with his mask. He told him he must now be El Dragon Azteca. He then revealed himself as Rey Mysterio.

FINAL THOUGHTS: It feels good to get back into the groove of things. With Lucha back on all cylinders it is like a breath of fresh air. Solid model of three matches with several vingettes to hype new wrestlers and mix them with the ones we’ve seen before.

I also like that every week there is a hook to tune in next week. It’s not just someone getting beat down then you get to see the fallout next week in the form of a 20-minute promo instead they promote a new wrestler or give you a little nugget of a forwarding storyline. This week they introduced Rey Mysterio, which if LU retained a lot of last week’s audience, they can continue to build with the introduction and anticipation of Mysterio’s caliber.

SUMMARY RESULTS: (1) Mundo beat Killshot… (2) The Mack pinned P.J. Black… (3) Pentagon, Jr. & Prince Puma defeated The Disciples of Death.

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