RADICAN’S Chikara Top Banana (Season Finale) Review – big ending to Season 15

Report by Sean Radican, PWTorch columnist


DECEMBER 5, 2015


A cool video package aired with CHIKARA wrestlers and officials talking about who would win the main event of CHIKARA Grand Champion Hallowicked defending against Eddie Kingston and Icarus in a Triple Threat match. Included in the video package were CHIKARA Gen-1 Originals Gran Akuma and Jigsaw discussing who would win the match, which was very cool. Mike Quackenbush said Kingston was the hardest hitter in professional wrestling. All three men were chosen to win the match.

A video package then aired running down the rest of the matches on the card.

Gavin Loudspeaker came out first to introduce the show to a big pop. The fans chanted welcome back, as CHIKARA was making their return to the ECW Arena for their season finale.

(1) Battleborn (Snowflake & Lucas Calhoun & Missile Assault Man w/The Snow Troll) vs. The Snake Pit (Ophidian & Argus & Shynron). Ophidian tried to put a trance on Calhoun, but it didn’t work. Ophidian nailed Calhoun with a heart punch and followed up with a twisting kick to the head a short time later. Ophidian hit another heart punch and Calhoun did the Flair flop. Snow Flake got into the ring and ordered Calhoun out of the ring.

The pace picked up Assault Man prevented Shynron and Ophidian from going for a dive. Shynron set up for a springboard and the Troll grabbed his leg, which allowed Snowflake and Assault Man to put a beating on him on the apron. Argus got cut off and Battleborn began to tag in and out to work him over. Snowflake yelled at Assault Man, who wouldn’t tag into the match. Assault Man dropped down from the apron and grabbed his head after Snowflake screamed Missile Assault Man at him. Argus took several slaps from Snowflake and sent Snowflake to the floor before nailing him with a dive.

Ophidian hit a big dive to the floor and then Shynron wiped out a pile of men with another big dive off the turnbuckles. Argus tossed Snowflake into the ring and Snowflake tried to beg off. Snowflake went for a hug, but Argus hugged him and hit the world’s strongest slam for the win.

WINNERS: Ophidian & Argus & Shynron.

Star rating: (**1/2) – Odd match. It felt like they were going somewhere with Snowflake’s character development and his conflict with MAM, but the match was a bit disjointed at times. They had a nice heat segment on Argus, who mounted a comeback and they did a flurry of dives. Argus then pinned Snowflake out of nowhere. I felt like this match needed more time to bring out the details of the storyline and it didn’t get there, but there was some good action during the second half of the match.

A video aired with Silver Ant narrating it. He said his world was in chaos when the Nightmare Warriors drafted him. He said they had taken advantage of him. He said that when this season closes, it only makes sense that he will face Frightmare. He said they had started together, but tonight he would take advantage of him and show him what Silver Ant is all about. Great promo.

Silver Ant cut a promo backstage reiterating the points he had made in the video package. Silver Ant’s mask is back to being silver and yellow. He said The Nightmare Warriors had tried to make him a weapon and now that weapon was going to turn on them tonight. He said it was the end of the Nightmare Warriors.

The fans booed Frightmare, but gave Silver Ant big cheers when he made his entrance.

(2) Silver Ant vs. Frightmare. Both men charged at each other right after the opening bell. Frightmare went for a dive through the ropes, but Silver Ant turned it into an ace crusher on the apron. He then followed up with a dive through the ropes that wiped out Frightmare. They went back and forth on the floor. Frightmare ended up whipping Silver Ant into the ring barrier before he nailed him with a big running kick. The announcers said how when they wanted to unmask Fire Ant, it was too much for Silver Ant to handle. Frightmare took control inside the ring and began working over Silver Ant. Both men began trading slaps to the face, but Frightmare maintained control and got a 2 count after hitting a slam and a senton. Silver Ant fired back and wiped out Frightmare with a huge clothesline. Frightmare ducked a kick and hit a crucifix bomb for a 2 count. Silver Ant fired back and caught Frightmare with a blue thunder powerbomb a short time later for a 2 count.

They went back and forth and exchanged slaps with Silver Ant on the apron and Frightmare on the turnbuckles. They battled up top and Silver Ant sent Frightmare to the mat and hit a frog splash for a 2 count. Frightmare hit the here it is driver after escaping an ankle lock for a 2 count and both men were down. The fans fired up and Frightmare yelled at Silver Ant. They began slapping each other in the face. They then began exchanging strikes and the fans tried to rally behind Silver Ant. Frightmare hit go 2 sleepy hallow and went for kneecolepsy, but Silver Ant got out of the way. Silver Ant got the ankle lock again, but Frightmare turned it into a prawn hold, which was good for the win.

WINNER: Frightmare.

Star rating: (***) – The action was solid here as they went back and forth with some physical exchanges that were fitting of the nature of this feud. The finish seemed designed to build to another match between Silver Ant and Frightmare, which I’m perfectly fine with.

Vladimir Radinov came out and Loudspeaker said he knows how to party. Loudspeaker said Radinov could do the ring announcing. He welcomed Gen-1 Original Bryce Remsburg to ref the next match. Bryce got a big pop from the fans.

The Batiri got a big pop coming out to face the Gentleman’s Club alongside UltraMantis Black.

(3) The Gentleman’s Club (Drew Gulak & Chuck Taylor & Orange Cassidy w/The Swamp Monster) vs. The Batiri (Obariyon & Kodama & Kobald w/UltraMantis Black). The Gentleman’s Club ended up jumping The Batiri. The announcers mentioned that Kobald had recently made his return to CHIKARA. Cassidy tried to go at it alone against The Batiri, but it didn’t work out to well as he only managed to hit them with some week chops. Gulak then entered the ring and wiped out the Kodama and Obariyon and the action continued at a rapid pace. Cassidy walked the ropes and continued to walk around the turnbuckles before hitting a chop. Cassidy went up top, but ended up losing consciousness and he just fell off the top onto Kodama.

The action broke down and Taylor managed to fend off a double team attempt from Obariyon and Kodama. He ended up slamming Obariyon into Kodama in the corner. Cassidy got the big squeeze on Kobald, but Kodama grabbed his nipples. Gulak then grabbed a submission on Kodama. They continued the big chain with Obariyon giving Gulak a wedgie. Taylor grabbed Obariyon by the hair and reached out towards the Swamp Monster for leverage, but he ended up twisting his arm as their feud continued. Black then grabbed Swamp Monster’s wrist. Remsburg then grabbed Black’s mask and the chain was broken. Bryce then moved Black in his wheelchair to the other side of the ring.

Taylor was about to throw the grenade a short time later, Kodama tried to stop him, but Taylor dropped the grenade down his pants and gave him an atomic drop. Everyone bumped to the floor except for Taylor and the ref. Taylor set up and hit a huge flip dive that wiped out everyone. The action continued at a rapid face. Cassidy spit orange mist into Kodama and Obariyon’s face before nailing them with a double choke slam. Kobald then ran into the ring and nailed him with a huge spear as he posed with his sunglasses and it was good for the win.

WINNERS: Obariyon & Kobald & Kodama.

Star rating: (***1/4) – This match was a lot of fun. Taylor’s grenade spot with the special on-screen effect was great. I could have watched this match go another five minutes and I wouldn’t have complained. This was fun.

Loudspeaker brought out CHIKARA Director of Fun Mike Quackenbush. He got a good ovation and he came to the ring using a cane. Quackenbush said he had the first edition of the 2015 CHIKARA yearbook. The lights went out and Archibald Peck was in the ring. Quackenbush looked stunned and dropped the mic. Peck grabbed the yearbook and shoved Quackenbush down to the mat. He looked very upset as he read the yearbook. He yelled no and ran out of the building. Holy poop! Quackenbush sold confusion in the ring to end the segment.

Mr. Touchdown cut a promo backstage. He said for the majority of his life he has cheated and tarnished everything from Quackenbush to his teammates The Dugout to the fans. He said the outcome of COTI had been skewered by him. He apologized to Hatfield. He said he had been living a lie. He said he knows Hatfield is a great person. Touchdown said he can’t be that person. He said he doesn’t want anything he’s done to ruin Hatfield’s entrance. HE said tonight it was Cibernetico and it was game time.

The Team Dasher vs. Team Coronado Cibernetico match is next. Derek Sabato is the referee. It’s an 8 vs. 8 elimination match. Radinov was in the ring with him. There can only be one winner, so if it came down to an 8 on 1 situation and that team won 8-0, the members of the team would then face each other. Radinov introduced Team Dasher.

(4) Team Coronado (Juan Francisco de Coronado & Prakash Sabar & Mr. Azerbaijan & Proletariat Boar of Moldova & Pinkie Sanchez & Jakob Hammermeier & Wani & Mr. Touchdown) vs. Team Dasher (Campeonatos de Parejas Race Jaxon & Hype Rockwell & Amasis & Worker Ant & Oleg the Usurper & Farmerfrog & Young Lions Cup Champion Heidi Lovelace & Dasher Hatfield).

The announcers noted that the team captains determined the order and Hatfield and Coronado had both chosen to start the match. Coronado tagged out and Azerbaijan tagged in and was rolled up for the first elimination. The Boar and Jaxon went at it next. When wrestlers tag out they go to the back of the line and the next wrestler in line gets up on the apron. This is Wani’s CHIKARA debut. He went at it with Amasis and they came to a stalemate before Sabar and Oleg tagged into the match. Worker Ant and Pinkie Sanchez tagged in next. The announcers mentioned that Sanchez was a former Cibernetico winner as Carpenter Ant back in 2009. The announcers teased that something might be going on between former BDK stablemates Jakob and the referee Derek Sabato. Lovelace and Touchdown went at it next. The announcers mentioned that they were going at it and Touchdown cost Lovelace a spot in the finals of COTI because he cheated and Dasher’s Dugout captain Dasher Hatfield forfeited their points.

Lovelace took down Touchdown with an enzuguri and Coronado yelled at Lovelace before tagging himself in. Lovelace came up to them and Coronado caught her by surprise with a big elbow. Lovelace took a sustained beating as Coronado’s squad tagged in and out to work her over. It was finally Touchdown’s chance to tag back in and he acted like he didn’t want to get back into the ring. Touchdown caught a kick from Lovelace and held on to her leg. Francisco yelled at Touchdown and he tripped Lovelace to the mat. He went for a dive off the top, but Lovelace got out of the way and tagged in Hatfield. Touchdown begged off and offered a handshake, but before they could shake hands, Coronado tagged himself into the match. Sabra got into the ring and attacked Hatfield from behind and the action broke down. The order was now mixed up and everyone began brawling except for Touchdown, who went to the floor and Coronado, who hid in the corner. They did a big mult0man suplex spot and the babyfaces ended up suplexing most of Coronado’s team.

Coronado and Touchdown began arguing. The referee continued to allow several men to stay in the ring. Everyone took turns suplexing Touchdown. Oleg held Coronado in a long vertical suplex before dumping him down onto Touchdown. Dasher’s team stood tall in the ring and they did a huge dive spot with Dasher’s team nailing everyone with dives on opposite sides of the ring except for Oleg. Everyone brawled on the floor and Farmerfrog went up top. Sabar cut him off, but Farmerfrog got him onto his shoulders and hit a body slam off the top to the floor on everyone and the fans fired up. Jaxon went for a dive off the top, but dove right into a big knee to the head from the Boar. He then took a big spinning side slam, but only got a 2 count on Jaxon.

With order restored, Coronado’s team began tagging in and out to work over Jaxon. Jaxon fired back on Sabar and tagged in Rockwell, who nailed Sabar with the hyper wheel for the elimination. Sanchez immediately jumped Rockwell and hit a big DDT for the elimination. Dasher’s squad has a 7-6 advantage at this point. Sanchez blocked a 450 from Amasis with his knees and nailed him with a double stomp for the elimination and it’s now 6 vs. 6. Sanchez hit Worker Ant’s injured knee with a double stomp off the top. Jakob wanted to tag in so he could take out Worker Ant. Jakob nailed Worker Ant with a big baseball punch and it was good for the elimination. It’s not 6 vs. 5 with Coronado’s team holding the advantage. Farmerfrog tossed Jakob across the ring with a huge powerbomb, but he kicked out at 2. Sanchez distracted Farmerfrog from the apron and Hammermeier choke slammed him down to the mat for the elimination. It’s now 6 on 4 in favor of Coronado’s team. Hammermeier pinned Lovelace with his feet on the ropes and the ref wouldn’t count it. Hammermeier argued with Sabato and Lovelace rolled him up for the elimination. It’s not 5 on 4 in Favor of Coronado’s team. Lovelace and Touchdown went at it. Touchdown countered a DDT, but Lovelace ended up hitting a dragoncanrana for a 2 count.

Coronado and Hatfield went at it, but Coronado quickly bailed to the floor. The Boar came in and hit a huge slam on Hatfield. He set up for a gore, but Hatfield jumped over it and got a rollup for a 2 count. Dasher countered The Boar and hit a jackhammer to eliminate him and it’s now 4 vs. 4. Wani hit a huge twisting neck breaker on Jaxon to eliminate him. It’s now 4 vs. 3. Hatfield was down on the floor selling his throat. Wani went up top, but missed a moonsault on Oleg. Oleg then nailed him with off with his head for the elimination. It’s now 3 vs. 3. Touchdown hit a big spinebuster on Oleg a short time later for a near fall. They battled up top and Touchdown eventually hit a superplex. Oleg fired up and got to his feet before Touchdown and the fans fired up. Touchdown then ducked a clothesline and nailed Oleg with a spear for the elimination. Coronado’s team now has the advantage 3 to 2. Lovelace went for a hurricanrana on Coronado, but he countered it. Coronado then hit a double underhook powerbomb on Lovelace. Hatfield try to break up the pin, but he was too late and Lovelace was eliminated. It was down to Hatfield against Sanchez, Coronado, and Touchdown.

Sanchez went up top and nailed Hatfield with a moonsault double stomp, but Hatfield kicked out. Holy poop! The fans fired up and chanted for Hatfield. Hatfield fired back and hit a jackhammer out of the corner to eliminate Sanchez as he used a deep cover. Touchdown was on the apron and didn’t want to get into the ring. Hatfield told Touchdown he had punked all of his teammates. He was about to give Touchdown a big elbow, but Coronado got into the ring and tossed Touchdown to the floor to make himself the legal man. Coronado hit a double underhook powerbomb on Hatfield, but he managed to kick out. Coronado hit a German with a bridge, but Hatfield kicked out once again. Hatfield blocked a chaos theory and hit a jack hammer on Coronado, but he kicked out at the last second. Wow! Hatfield sent Coronado off the apron and into the guardrail. Touchdown was going to shake his hand, but Coronado shoved Hatfield into him. The ref was about to count Hatfield out and Touchdown reached out to help him back into the ring. Coronado dragged Touchdown back into the ring. The ref counted out Hatfield. Coronado then hit a German with a bridge on Touchdown to win the match.

The announcers called Coronado a snake. The fans booed the hell out of Coronado as he celebrated in the aisle before heading to the back. The ref checked on Touchdown on the floor. Touchdown stared at Hatfield and the announcers said Touchdown tried to make things right, but they had only become more complicated. Hatfield got a big ovation once he recovered and headed to the back.

WINNER: Juan Francisco de Coronado.

Star rating: (***3/4) – Once again CHIKARA shined with the storytelling here, as the match was framed around the conflict between Hatfield and Touchdown after Hatfield found out that Touchdown had been helping Dasher’s Dugout cheat to win matches during the COTI. As a result Dasher’s Dugout forfeited all their wins after they would have been in the finals. This match built up to a really good finish as Coronado used the situation to his advantage to get the win.

A video package aired showing Soldier Ant being indestructible since his return to CHIKARA. They showed Worker Ant saluting Soldier Ant, who grabbed his head. The package framed Jakob as the mastermind behind Solder Ant’s new personality. The package mixed in highlights of the old Colony trio of Worker Ant & Fire Ant & Green Ant working together. This was a really good video package to set up Soldier Ant vs. Fire Ant.

Jakob Hammermeier cut a promo backstage with Fire Ant complaining about losing Cibernetico. He said his consolation prize was destroying Fire Ant. He told Soldier Ant to destroy Fire Ant once and for all. Soldier Ant made a fist and walked out of the picture with Fire Ant.

Soldier Ant came out first with Hammermeier by his side. They were greeted with boos. Fire Ant was out next with Silver Ant. They got a good reaction from the crowd. Fire Ant got into the ring and went face-to-face with Soldier Ant.

(5) Soldier Ant (Jakob Hammermeier) vs. Fire Ant (w/Silver Ant). The fans chanted “Colony” over and over before the opening bell and Soldier Ant grabbed his head. Fire Ant tried to salute Soldier Ant, but he went after him. They mentioned that Fire Ant had tweeted, “We leave together or not at all” before the match. Quackenbush said Soldier Ant has been unstoppable since returning from the unknown last year. The announcers mentioned Worker Ant had pinned him with a flash pin, but other than that, he had been unstoppable. Worker Ant also was the winner of the Cibernetico match last year. Silver Ant went for a couple of pinning combination, but Solider Ant kicked out. Soldier Ant wiped out Silver Ant with a dive to the floor. Fire Ant then came through the ropes with a dive of his own. Fire Ant and Soldier Ant went at it on the floor. They brawled into the crowd and Hammermeier followed.

Hammermeier yelled at Soldier Ant to continue beating on Fire Ant. Soldier Ant hit a big slam on the cement floor and the fans booed. Fire Ant fired back and tossed Soldier Ant into the concrete wall. The announcers talked about how these two had 10 seasons of history and it was strange to see them doing battle tonight. They continued to go back and forth on the floor as the referee, Derek Sabato, gave them some leeway. Fire Ant climbed a pole on the outside and nailed a pile of security along with Fire Ant and Hammermeier with a huge flip dive. The fans fired up and cheered the big spot. Holy poop! They battled up to the apron and exchanged blows a short time later. Fire Ant finally dumped Soldier Ant back into the ring with a suplex.

Fire Ant went up top and hit a big splash on Soldier Ant. Soldier Ant got right back up and took a series of big forearms from Fire Ant. Soldier Ant wouldn’t go down, but Fire Ant finally took him down with a big brainbuster. Soldier Ant sat up a short time later and the fans chanted for Fire Ant. Fire Ant nailed him with a big running kick and did it again, but Soldier Ant just sat up both times. Soldier Ant blocked a third kick and eventually hit a big power slam. Soldier Ant followed up with a northern lights bomb and the fans booed. He went for the cover and then pulled up when the ref began to count. Soldier Ant hit the trench slam, but Soldier Ant wouldn’t pin him. Hammermeier told Soldier Ant to punish Fire Ant.

Soldier Ant ripped off Fire Ant’s antenna and the fans booed. The announcers mentioned that Soldier Ant had also lost an antenna and now so had Fire Ant. The fans chanted “Please remember” and Soldier Ant grabbed his head. Fire Ant countered another trench slam into a rollup for a 2 count. They went back and forth exchanging blows and slaps. Fire ant hit a couple of big strikes and hit the beach break, but Soldier Ant kicked out at 1. Fire Ant hit another beach break, but Soldier Ant kicked out at 1 again. The fans started a big chant for The Colony. What a scene! Fire Ant hit a big knee strike and went for a beach break, but Soldier Ant countered it and hit a series of powerbombs. He then hit a TKO, but Fire Ant fired up and ran up behind Soldier Ant and hit a burning hammer and both men were down on the mat. The fans chanted for Fire Ant as he tried to regroup. Fire Ant crawled over to make the cover, but Jakob put Soldier Ant’s foot on the ropes at the last second to break up the pin. Sabato questioned Hammermeier, who yelled at him and said he had done nothing.

Fire Ant got up and glared at Jakob. Soldier Ant stalked him and grabbed a sleeper from behind. Fire Ant tried to fight it, but eventually began to fade. Fire Ant continued to try to fight it and he got the ropes. Jakob got up on the apron and yelled at the ref. Jakob grabbed the ref and then got into the ring and shoved him. Sabato shoved Hammermeier back. Jakob went to punch Sabato, but he ducked and hit Solider Ant with his knockout punch. The fans then fired up with a huge please remember chant. Soldier Ant turned around and glared at Fire Ant, who was on wobbly legs. The fans chanted “Friends, friends” and Soldier Ant grabbed his head. He then saluted Fire Ant and the fans popped huge as Hammermeier sold disbelief. He charged at the ref and Sabato tossed him out of the ring. The fans chanted welcome back at Soldier Ant.

Silver Ant ran into the ring and Solider Ant saluted him. Silver Ant then hugged Soldier Ant and the fans fired up huge. The fans fired up and chanted Colony at the tops of their lungs. Silver Ant saluted back at Soldier Ant. Worker Ant then limped down to the ring and the announcers said he was assigned to The Colony when Solider Ant was removed from it. Soldier Ant looked at him and saluted him. Worker Ant took out the King of Trios medal he had been retroactively awarded and handed it to Soldier Ant and the fans applauded. The fans chanted for Fire Ant and Solider Ant to hug it out. Both men touched each other where their antennas had been ripped off and then hugged. Sabato then raised both their hands. The Colony then posed together and the fans chanted for The Colony.

The fans then clapped for the reunited Colony. Soldier Ant was left alone in the ring and the fans chanted his name over and over. Solider Ant then returned the favor and saluted the crowd. Soldier Ant then marched towards the back before turning around and saluting the crowd.

WINNER: No Contest as ruled by official Derek Sabato

Star rating: (****3/4) – I absolutely loved this match. I haven’t been emotionally touched by an independent match in a long time and even though there was no winner, the story of Soldier Ant finally remembering who his friends were after being under the control of Jakob Hammermeier for so long was amazing to watch unfold. To see the original Colony reunite after the match alongside Worker Ant was incredible. This was an amazing presentation of storytelling.

A video aired highlighting the important happenings leading into the finals of the COTI.

Princess Kimberlee cut a promo backstage. She said at the beginning of the season, everyone laughed at her and Crown & Court. She said everyone told them to go home. Kimberlee said she never gave up on her team and believed in them since day one. They had come from the bottom to winning every single match the last few months. She said in the finals Crown & Court would show that they are immortal.

(6) Crown & Court (Princess Kimberlee & Jervis Cottonbelly & Ice Cream Jr. & El Hijo Del Ice Cream) (11 points) vs. Wrecking Crew (Jaka & Blaster McMassive & Max Smashmaster & Flex Rumblecrunch) (12 points) in the COTI Finals. Quackenbush mentioned that Hatfield had had all of the points his team had earned wiped out when he found out they had cheated to win. He also mentioned that this was the 91st match in the tournament. The fans were jacked for Crown & Court’s entrance. Quackenbush mentioned that Crown & Court hadn’t had any luck against Devastation Corporation throughout the tournament.

Hijo was isolated in Wrestling Crew’s corner during the early stages of the match. He fired back and poked Rumblecrunch in the rear end, but he fired right back with a huge clothesline. McMassive then wiped out Los Ice Creams and Cottonbelly with a huge flip dive. Kimberlee was left alone to go at it with Smashmaster. Los Ice Creams jumped Smashmaster from behind and lifted Kimberlee into a hurricanrana attempt, but he caught her and powerbombed her onto the top turnbuckle. He then went up top and hit a moonsault. He then made the cover, but Los Ice Creams broke it up at the very last second. Wow! Hijo got worked over and the announcers mentioned that Kimberlee was down and out on the outside for a long period of time. McMassive cleared the apron, but turned around into a Stone Cold stunner from Hijo. Unfortunately Hijo had nobody to tag out to. Hijo mounted another comeback and Kimberlee hopped onto the apron for the hot tag!

Kimberlee ran wild with German suplexes on the Wrecking Crew and the fans went nuts. Crown and Court then all got into the ring and hit punches in the corner on Wrecking Crew. Jaka ended up alone in the ring, but he fired back against everyone momentarily. The action continued at a rapid pace. Cottonbelly walked right into a black hole slam for a near fall and the fans roared. Hijo nearly pinned Smashmaster with a rollup. He went for an arm capture rope walk while holding onto Smashmaster’s arm, but instead he climbed to the top rope and wiped out everyone with a flip dive. He then got back into the ring and took a tombstone from Smashmaster for a near fall. Kimberlee ducked an attack from behind and eventually cleared the ring. She went up top and Rumblecrunch tried to cut her off, but Kimberlee folded him up with the alligator clutch for the win. The fans roared at the outcome of the match.

The fans chanted you’re immortal at Crown & Court after the match. They were all presented with gold medallions after the match and they celebrated in the ring with them. It looked like each member of the team got three medallions that were good to cash in for a title shot of their choosing.

WINNERS: Princess Kimberlee & El Hijo Del Ice Cream & Ice Cream Jr. & Jervis Cottonbelly to become the COTI Champions

Star rating: (***3/4) – This was a really good match with Crown & Court constantly coming from behind. They told the ultimate underdog story here and the fans really got into the match late with Hijo’s hot tag to Kimberlee after she had recovered on the outside after nearly taking the pin early in the match. This was a lot of fun.

A video package aired for the Kingston vs. Hallowicked vs. Icarus match for the CHIKARA Grand Championship.

Gavin Loudspeaker introduced the main event as only he can. Icarus and Kingston came out first with what appeared to be new entrance gear. Hallowicked was shown blowing off a handshake from Quackenbush backstage. He wore an elaborate ram mask and black entrance armor that looked fantastic for his new dark character.

(7) CHIKARA Grand Champion Hallowicked vs. Icarus vs. Eddie Kingston in a Triple Threat match. All four men in the ring, including the referee, Bryce Remsburg, are gen 1 CHIKARA talents. Kingston hit a German on both of his oppoenents during the early going and the fans applauded. Kingston went for a backfist on Hallowicked, but he managed to block it. Kingston got the upper hand and hit a falcon arrow on Icarus, but Hallowicked broke up the pin. Icarus hit a dropkick on Hallowicked right into a senton on Kingston for a 2 count. Icarus got the upper hand and lit up Kingston with a series of kicks to the chest capped by a big kick to the face for a 2 count. The last kick to the face looked stiff. Kingston fired back and hit a suplex on Icarus, but Hallowicked slid into the ring and broke up the pin. The announcers mentioned that Hallowicked and Icarus were tag partners during the first season of CHIKARA as they hit a double suplex on Kingston. Kingston fired back on Icarus and hit a Liger bomb, but Icarus made the save and went to work on Kingston. They went to a big sequence with everyone hitting moves and all three men were down as the fans fired up.

All three men got up and began exchanging blows in the middle of the ring. Kingston grounded Hallowicked with a headbutt. He then knocked Icarus down as well. Hallowicked came off the ropes, but Kingston evaded him and hit an enzuguri. Kingston backdropped Icarus to the floor. He then hit a dive over the top to the floor that wiped out both men! The fans fired back and chanted for both men. Kingston hit a uranagi suplex on Hallowicked for a 2 count and then held on for a shotgun clothesline for another 2 count. The fans fired up and Icarus was shown trying to get back into the ring. Kingston blocked the never wake up cradle DDT from Hallowicked and drove him into the corner.

They battled up top and Hallowicked hit a super sit-out powerbomb, but Icarus made the save. Hallowicked ended up hung upside down in the corner and Icarus hit a pedigree on Kingston, but he kicked out at the last second. Hallowicked tried to free himself and eventually did so. Hallowicked ran wild hit a running kick to Kingston’s head and then one on Icarus, but he managed to kick out at 2. The fans fired up for Icarus kicking out. Icarus fired back and hit the Blu-ray, but Kingston dragged the ref to the floor to break up the pin. Icarus caught Kingston with the Blu-ray when he got back into the ring, but Kingston managed to kick out at the last second. Hallowicked hit never wake up on Icarus, but Kingston made the save at the very last second. The announcers mentioned that nobody had kicked out of never wake up. Hallowicked and Kingston both traded shots in the middle of the ring. Kingston hit a backdrop driver on Hallowicked and hit the sliding d for a near fall. Hallowicked fired back and hit never wake up for the win.

WINNER: Hallowicked to retain the CHIKARA Grand Championship

Star rating: (***1/4) – This was a fun match in spots, but it featured a lot of spots with pinfalls being broken up. The crowd got into it late with some fun multi-man spots before Hallowicked pulled out the win in the end.

Hallowicked didn’t move much after pinning Kingston. Kingston didn’t move much at all as he was attended to. The announcers signed off and plugged the season premiere in 2016. Kingston finally came to and rolled to the floor under his own power. He collapsed on the outside and the fans applauded. The fans chanted for an encore. Hallowicked recovered and the fans applauded.

The credits rolled. They went back to the venue with Hallowicked celebrating his victory. Princess Kimberlee then ran down to the ring and cashed in her coins for a title shot. The ref took the coins from her and rang the bell.

(8) CHIKARA Grand Champion Hallowicked vs. Princess Kimberlee. The announcers said Kimberlee was cashing in her golden opportunity. She went right after Hallowicked. Frightmare ran down to the ring, but Jervis Cottonbelly cut him off. Hallowicked and Kimberlee went back and forth and Kimberlee connected with a German with a bridge. Blind Rage of the Night ran down to the ring, but Los Ice Creams cut him off. Hallowicked hit Go 2 Sleepy Hallow for a near fall. The fans fired up and chanted for Kimberlee. Hallowicked hit a big sit out powerbomb for a 2 count. The fans fired up and chanted for Kimberlee once again! Hallowicked hit the graveyard smash on Kimberlee, but she kicked out at the last second. Kimberlee floated around Hallowicked and got the CHIAKRA special on Hallowicked and he tapped out! Wow!

The ref sold shock and handed Kimberlee the belt as the fans applauded. Kimberlee held up the Grand Championship as the show ended.

WINNER: Princess Kimberlee to become the new CHIKARA Grand Champion – What an ending to a fantastic show. Amazing!

Overall Thoughts: (9.0) – This was a tremendous show from start to finish. The reunion of The Colony and the match between Soldier Ant and Fire Ant is one of my favorite independent match/storyline pay-offs in a long time. The conclusion to the COTI was fantastic as well and really played nicely into the end of the show. CHIKARA did a lot of looking back tonight at their past while also building to the future and it really was a show that was nicely put together for fans that have followed the product for a long period of time.

The end of the show with Princess Kimberlee becoming the first female professional wrestling to win a top title on the indie scene was amazing to see. I’m not a fan of intergender wrestling normally, but CHIKARA manages to pull it off consistently in an entertaining way without it feeling creepy. I give this show a high recommendation on replay.

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