3/14 Raw News – McMahons-Taker, Reigns’s big return, Hunter-Ziggler, Foley returns, Neville, Tag Title match


WWE Raw TV News & Notes 3/14

– The show-closing segment featured Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon, and The Undertaker sharing the same ring promoting Shane-Taker at WrestleMania. Shane was able to dodge Taker’s offense after calling him Vince’s “b,” but Vince shoved Shane into Taker, who delivered a chokeslam. Vince then ran away from the ring to avoid Taker. Raw closed with Vince pleased with himself for sending his son in harm’s way and demonstrating his control over Taker.

– Roman Reigns returned to Raw after a three-week absence to dismantle WWE champion Triple H ahead of their WM32 match.

Hunter beat Dolph Ziggler in a singles match where Dolph would have been able to pick a match for WM32 if he won. After Hunter beat Dolph, Reigns made a dramatic return to attack Hunter in the ring, at ringside, and backstage. The Usos, Mark Henry, and Jack Swagger eventually held off Reigns from further damage.

– Mick Foley returned to Raw TV giving Dean Ambrose advice before facing Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania. Foley gifted Dean a barbed wire baseball bat to “pass the torch” to Ambrose.

– Neville appeared to injure his leg in the default main event against Chris Jericho. They went to an abrupt finish where Jericho got himself DQ’ed so he could cut a promo on A.J. Styles. Styles then came out to take out Jericho with a springboard forearm smash, continuing to tease a WM32 match.

– New Day retained the WWE Tag Titles against League of Nations members Alberto Del Rio & Rusev. The League, including Sheamus & King Barrett, then delivered a vicious beat down on New Day.

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