3/30 Lucha Underground Results – Dehnel’s Report on Matanza vs. Pentagon for LU Title, Johnny Mundo, Mysterio, Trios Title match, more

Rey Mysterio
Rey Mysterio (photo credit Lucha Underground)


Lucha Underground Report
March 30, 2016
Taped in Los Angeles, Calif.
Season 2 Episode #10 aired on El Rey Network
Report by Joel Dehnel, PWTorch contributor

The show opened with a video package featuring Sexy Star, Marty Martinez, The Trios Champions, Mil Muertes, Dario, and Matanza Cueto.

In-ring: Dario Cueto stood in the ring and talked about how spectacle Aztec Warfare was last week. He said beginning next week a new trios tournament will begin. He said he has a brilliant idea for a number one contendership for his brother’s title. Pentagon, Jr. interrupted him and said Dario’s brother only won because he was not involved. Dario said Pentagon was not in Aztec Warfare because he’s not championship material. Pentagon grabbed Dario and said he wants to fight his brother tonight. Dario said no and Pentagon threw him to the ground and went to break his arm. Dario then granted Pentagon his match tonight.

Title sequence rolled.

Announcers: Matt Striker welcomed the crowd to the show and recapped what just happened with Dario and Pentagon.

In-ring: Santos introduced Johnny Mundo and Taya who were already in the ring. Next out were Cortez Castro and Mr. Cisco.


Castro started with Taya. Cisco hit a boot strike, then Taya came back with a clothesline. Cisco tagged in and hit a bulldog. Taya landed a huracanrana, then Mundo tagged Taya from behind. Mundo landed multiple strikes and slammed Cisco. Mundo went for End of the World, but Cisco went for a roll-up.

Cisco hit a neckbreaker, then got the tag to Castro. Mundo tagged Taya to avoid action. Castro then hit a DDT, but Mundo broke up the pin. Cisco launched Mundo to the outside, then Cage’s music played and he strolled down the steps towards the ring. Taya fought with Cortez in the ring, then Cisco came from behind to combine with Castro for the Psycho Realm for the win.

WINNERS: The Crew at 4:39.

[JD’s Reax: Really weird dynamic here as The Crew are supposedly faces because they walked out on Chavo, but they got no reaction. Mundo and Taya are heels but they teased dissension between the two. Maybe I missed something along the way.]


Vignette: Marty Martinez sat in his lair filled with moths and talked about the history of moths and the Aztecs. He flaunted his wealth showing how rich he is. He then said the wealth has been protected by Mariposa, who was seen beating up bad guys. Marty said the Mariposa mask has been passed down from generations and now the most dangerous one of them all wears it. Marty said to beware of his sister, then he licked his book.

[JD’s Reax: What can I say, Marty is a pretty eclectic guy. He likes moths, nice sweaters, wealth, and has a great admiration for his sister. He is the real lunatic fringe.]

Backstage: Black Lotus stood outside Dario’s office. Catrina interrupted Dario, who compared Catrina to a ghost. Catrina said Dario’s brother is not the rightful owner of the championship and death will come for him. Dario said his brother does not fear death. He also said they share common enemies and should work together. Catrina said again when the time is right death will come for him.

[JD’s Reax: I’m telling you she’s dead.]

In-ring: Santos introduced the next contest as a trios tag elimination match for the tag championship. The champions were present in the ring. Next out were The Disciples of Death.

2 – Trios Tag champions IVELISSE & SON OF HAVOC & ANGÉLICO vs. THE DISCIPLES OF DEATH (w/Catrina) – Elimination Tag Match for the Trios Tag Championship

Angélico started with one of the disciples. Angélico gained the advantage and Havoc tagged in and landed a few moves until Ivelisse tagged in. Catrina grabbed Ivelisse and she got kicked in the head, then eliminated at the 2:37 mark.

Havoc got beat down by the disciples, then tagged Angélico, who took out all the disciples with drop kicks and flying knees. Angélico hit the Fall of the Angels on a disciple for an elimination at 4:46 to make it two-on-two.

Angélico and Havoc dove to the outside onto The disciples. Angélico hit a knee in the ring then went for a second Fall of the Angels. The disciple then drove Angelico’s face into the mat for an elimination at 6:37.

Havoc fought off the disciples and stomped one of them for an elimination at 7:54. The remaining disciple missed a moonsault and Havoc climbed to the top, only to be tripped by Catrina. Ivelisse came down and attacked Catrina, though. Havoc hit two dives and on the disciple followed by a Shooting Star Press to retain the titles.

WINNERS: Havoc & Ivelisse & Angélico at 9:26 to retain the trios tag championship.

[JD’s Reax: I understand The Disciples have names now. I will learn them eventually. The Usos are easier to tell apart than these guys.]


Backstage: Rey Mysterio met with Dario in his office. Mysterio said he was here for El Dragon Azteca, his master, the man who came to the temple and died. Mysterio said he believes Dario’s brother is responsible. Dario said that he would love to keep Rey and El Dragon Azteca, Jr. if they can put the past behind them. Rey and Dario had a toast to El Dragon Azteca.

In-ring: Santos introduced Sexy Star already in the ring. Her opponent is Mariposa.

3 – SEXY STAR (w/The Mack) vs. MARIPOSA (w/Marty “The Moth”)

Star fled the ring and was met by Marty, who threw her back into the ring. Mariposa punched her in the gut then missed a moonsault. Star tried to lock in a submission, but Mariposa dropped her. Mariposa spun Star on her back, then dropped her on her head for the win.

Post-match: Mariposa and The Moth beat down The Mack.

WINNER: Mariposa at 1:24.

[JD’s Reax: There’s a downfall to having really cool vignettes of luchadors beating down five guys at a gas station with Bruce Lee moves. They can’t do any of that in the ring, thus making the luchador look like a farce. Mariposa did absolutely nothing impressive like was suggested in her vignette. Sexy Star just continues to get buried by wrestlers who are presented as green in this world.]


Backstage: Dario complimented his brother on his accomplishments. He requested his brother to break Pentagon’s back so he is to never be seen in the temple again.

In-ring: Santos introduced Pentagon to the ring. Next out was Matanza.

4 – Lucha Underground champion “THE MONSTER” MATANZA CUETO (w/Dario Cueto) vs. PENTAGON, JR. – Lucha Underground Championship match

Matanza no-sold a kick from Pentagon. Pentagon hit a superkick, then a backbreaker, which Matanza again no-sold. Matanza threw Pentagon to the outside and beat him down throwing him into the chairs and the barricade. Matanza ripped Pentagon’s mask, then threw him into the ring. Matanza hit a German suplex followed by a slam for the pin.

WINNER: Matanza at 3:59 to retain the LU Title.

Post-match: Vampiro walked into the ring to Pentagon’s aid. Matanza kicked Vampiro in the head, then tossed Pentagon to the outside for a powerbomb through the table.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Man, they buried their most popular talent with their most green wrestler. Matanza is just not good enough in the ring to be the top champion in a Lucha Libre promotion. Obviously we still need to wait and see what happens, but we might be in for some hideous main events. Matanza needed a good dominating win, but you don’t sacrifice your most popular guy for that. Just a boneheaded move on LU’s part.

Mariposa was not impressive in her debut, either. LU has so many good wrestlers, but they are pushing these people with little experience. It’s too early to tell if it will hurt the brand in the long-term, but the audience is used to tuning in and getting high-quality matches on a pretty regular basis. I’m also not a fan of two really good talents in Pentagon and Sexy Star being sacrificed this week. You have your stars win in convincing fashion or you stack the odds against them, but in a fair, straight-up fight they should always win.

It’s good to see Dario back in the office with his lifetime supply of boos. I look forward to seeing his segments on a regular basis (even though in general I’m opposed to heel authority figures). I’m also tired of Catrina’s gimmick about death. It’s just like the Wyatts where it’s cool on paper and for a couple months then it gets really stale.

Not a lot of positives this week. A sharp downturn from last week’s Aztec Warfare. It will be interesting to see if LU keeps the audience that spiked last week. With weeks like this one, though, the audience will scatter fast.

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  1. Dehnel liberally throwing around the word “buried” in this article. If you actually watch the show then some of this would make some sense to you. Sexy Star is afraid of Mariposa because she and Marty the Moth kidnapped her and tormented her tirelessly. Matanza is agile especially for a man of his size and it was only logical Pentagon Jr. force his way into a title slot and failed the title picture can move forward. Both Pentagon and Sexy Star have failed, all this does story line-wise is create adversity for them to overcome this season. Patience young grasshopper.

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