4/6 John Cena on TBS – Cena talks WM32 surprise return, leads the crowd in “John Cena Suuucks,” hypes American Grit

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


“Conan” TV Report
Guest: John Cena
Host: Conan O’Brien
Airdate: April 6, 2016 on TBS

WWE star John Cena returned to “Conan” on Wednesday night to wrap up WrestleMania Week and promote “American Grit” premiering next Thursday on Fox.

Cena talked about his surprise return at WrestleMania with the scenario of The Rock in trouble and Cena coming to the rescue. Cena said he was pleasantly surprised by the positive reaction when he first came out. “People usually don’t like me,” Cena deadpanned.

Conan followed up by noting that he seems to like it people boo him. Cena said he just wants to make sure the crowd is making noise, whether booing or cheering. “Some people think it’s a negative,” he said of crowds booing him for years, but to Cena it’s endearing.

Cena then made fun of himself by leading the studio audience in the “liberating” singing of “John Cena Suuuucks.” Cena, comfortable in his own skin, said he would welcome a gospel choir singing the tune, per Conan’s suggestion. (Video Clip from Team Coco)

Cena also talked about finishing injury rehab for his injured shoulder in three months when he was diagnosed with nine months. (It was actually 6-9 months.) Cena said he did not take kindly to doctors telling him nine months, so he did 120 visits and 400 hours of physical therapy to be able to do physical activity at WrestleMania. He did not say when he will actually return to active competition on WWE TV.

At the top of the interview, Cena was asked about his comedy movie role in “Trainwreck” with Amy Schumer. Cena recalled getting the role, having a sex scene, and not telling his girlfriend (Nikki Bella/Nicole) about what was going on. Cena said he did the old routine of asking for forgiveness and not permission. “Guys, let me tell you, that was a mistake,” he deadpanned. Regarding his scene with Schumer, Cena added that the producers wanted awkward, “so I gave them awkward.” (Video Clip from Team Coco available 5:30 a.m. EST)

At the end of the interview, Cena talked up American Grit. Cena said he is very proud of the show showcasing elite military personnel in their element putting their skills to use, while pushing civilians trying to win the show’s monetary prize. Cena said he was “severely out of his element” interacting with the high-ranking military members, but was proud of the message created through the show.

Conan signed off noting “American Grit” premieres next Thursday, April 14 on Fox.

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