4/28 WWE NXT TV Taping – Full SPOILER Results from Full Sail

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WWE NXT TV Taping Report
April 28, 2016
Full Sail University in Florida
Report by Josh Parry, PWTorch NXT correspondent

Dark Match: Manny Andrade beat Angelo Dawkins. If WWE is still looking for that premier Hispanic babyface, I think they’ve found him. Manny is really, really good.

Episode 1 Taping

Samoa Joe entered for a opening promo. Joe said, “It’s my time, and I run things.” Suddenly, new music interrupted to bring out ERIC YOUNG. Young said the only inevitable thing is change, and he is the change. Joe dipped from the ring and promised that if the two of them ever cross paths officially, he’ll kick EY’s ass. Hot start!

(1) Nia Jax squashed Tessa Blanchard. Slightly tweaked presentation for Nia, who dominated handily. She still carries a bit of the Eva Marie stench with a lot of Full Sail fans, though.

(2) Austin Aries beat Tye Dillinger. Star reaction for Tye, and surprisingly subdued reaction for Aries. This ended up being a real treat. Tye was the perfect opponent for Aries to showcase his full moveset against a wrestler closer to his size. Check this one out.

– Dasha Fuentes announced that William Regal has made Samoa Joe vs. Eric Young (non-title) official for later tonight.

(3) The Revival (Dash & Dawson) beat The Hype Bros. (Zack Ryder & Mojo Rawley). Glorified Squash. WrestleMania title victory to NXT squash match loss in a matter of weeks… poor Zack!

(4) No Way Jose squashed Noah Kekoa.

(5) NXT champion Samoa Joe beat Eric Young. Young tapped to the Clutch. Lots of TNA jokes and loud “Dixie’s pissed” chants from the crowd.

Episode 2 Taping

– Finn Bálor enters sans NXT championship. He begins to thank the fans before Elias Samson interrupts. Monster boos as Samson sings his way to the ring. Finn drops Elias, clears him from the ring, and lobs the guitar all the way up to the stage

(1) NXT tag champions American Alpha (Jason Jordan & Chad Gable) beat Corey Hollis & John Skylar. The Revival watched the finishing sequence from the stage, but declined an invitation to the ring post-match.

(2) Shinsuke Nakamura beat Alex Riley. It’s time for Nakamura to be a mega-star. Nothing else to say!

(3) Alexa Bliss squashed an unidentified wrestler, who was Rachael Ellering, the daughter of Paul Ellering. Rachael is a student of Lance Storm’s and has been wrestling with the I Believe in Wrestling school in Orlando.

(4) Finn Balor beat Elias Samson. Finn’s donning kinesio tape on his left shoulder. Not sure if that image might hold back any sort of big debut coming up. I can imagine they might want a more perfect look. We’ll see.

Post-match, Bálor challenged Joe to a re-match. Joe entered the arena ready for a fight. Before it could break down, William Regal ran from the back and stood on the apron, between Finn in the ring, and Joe on the ramp. Regal got heated and demanded decorum. He then announced that the rematch will take place on June 8 at Takeover. Finn jumped over Regal and onto Joe at ringside. Regal seethed as Finn left the building.

Episode 3 Taping

(1) NXT Women’s champion Asuka beat Adrienne Reese. Reese got in a lot of offense and looked really good.

– Dasha Fuentes announced that Blake and Murphy will face Austin Aries and a partner of his choosing, next…

(2) Austin Aries & Shinsuke Nakamura beat Blake & Murphy. Need I sing any more of Shinsuke’s praises? Yes. The answer is yes. Post-match, Bliss & Murphy walked out on Blake, who took the pinfall.

(3) Carmella beat Peyton Royce.

(4) Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa beat Danny Burch & Ryzin.

(5) Nia Jax beat Bayley. This was REALLY good. I thought it topped their London match. Bayley went for the same sleeper-hold finish as London, but Nia slipped out and delivered a big leg-drop for the win. Bayley was tended to by medics after the match. I’m predicting a Bayley call-up, with NXT moving on to a Jax-Asuka program for Takeover.

End of the third episode. There is another taping on May 19 before Takeover on June 8.

Dark Match: NXT tag champions American Alpha beat The Revival.

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