5/10 WWE on ESPNews – Kevin Owens talks 16/32, WrestleMania debut, Cena initiation, why he’s a high-flyer in a big-man body

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


WWE on ESPNews Recap
Tuesday, May 10, 2016
Guest: Kevin Owens
Hosts: Jonathan Coachman

Owens joined The Coach for a satellite interview first discussing the interesting numerical connection of wrestling for WWE on his 32nd birthday last Saturday, May 7 after having his very first match on his 16th birthday.

Owens, who has now spent half of his life in wrestling, talked about being one of the first big NXT roster call-ups in the past year. Owens said he went from training in a barn to the Performance Center, which prepared him for the main roster, like taking out John Cena on his first night.

Coach wanted to know about the pressure of being immediately thrust into a major program with Cena. “You know, I wish I could say I did (feel pressure),” Owens said, “But, I felt very confident in my abilities. I felt like it was exactly where I belonged. To me, it made perfect sense.”

Owens reflected on his WrestleMania debut in April, adding that he’s looking forward to topping it in the years to come. Owens stopped short of entering heel mode talking about losing the IC Title and vowing to get it back.

Coach then set up Owens’s face turn way down the road by labeling him an “every man” who relates to many fans, but also an “every man who does things in the ring that others cannot do,” making him special. Owens attributed his skills to starting out wrestling training at 150 pounds, then of course he packed on a few pounds, but never stopped worked on his moves inspired by Shawn Michaels. “Now I’m 266 pounds and I’m still able to do that stuff, which others might not be able to do,” Owens said.

Coach closed by asking Owens about shooting back on people on Twitter. Owens said he likes to dish back when he feels people are disrespectful to him as a public figure. Owens said he started doing this before he was even a blip on WWE’s radar, and carried it forward to WWE (essentially to enhance his TV heel persona).

Owens closed with note about wildfires in Alberta, Canada, promoting a GoFundMe campaign that he started with Tyler Breeze to help people who lost their homes and more.

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