PWTorch Report – TNA behind on paying workers leading into Slammiversary

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


TNA will be returning to Orlando in one month for Slammiversary and TV tapings with an upset and frustrated TV production crew if they do not catch up on payments.

PWTorch has learned from multiple sources that TNA is behind paying some production workers going back to January and March TV tapings.

After struggling to make payments on-time throughout 2015, TNA handed over the system to the Harris Twins through their production company Aroluxe, payable by TNA. Since then, payments have continued to be late. The situation has especially been exacerbated by TNA leaving their long-time office in Nashville and relocating to the merchandise warehouse.

Also, production workers have been met with resistance when inquiring about payments. PWTorch has also learned that some production workers have been told they will or might be replaced at the next tapings in June, likely in favor of independent production workers who do not have a history of late payments.

All of this comes while TNA is seeking an outside investor to pump money into the company. (Full Report from April) In the absence of a monthly live PPV, TNA’s main revenue streams right now are an Impact ad-share with Pop TV, international TV deals, and the “One Night Only” PPVs distributed in the U.S. and internationally.

TNA is also trying to reduce costs, such as moving out their Nashville office, and moving their TV post-production to the local Skyway Studios. The cost-cutting to make the company more attractive to investors is continuing to affect production workers who are vital to creating the content.

The next month will be significant for the company, both in terms of whether they get investment funds and whether they make right on paying production workers with the next PPV and TV tapings on the horizon.

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  1. I have a few questions about the story.

    1 – I read that Aroluxe is in charge of paying the production crew. So, shouldn’t the production crew issues be with Aroluxe and not TNA?

    2 – I read from another place – PW24/7 saying that the reason TNA moved out of their old offices is because of the increased in rent and that several other tenants in that building are leaving as well. Any truth in that?

    3 – I also read that TNA is moving their HQ to the Nashville production studios and that the warehouse is just a temporary thing?

    Not being a jerk. I am just questioning what is accurate and what is not.

    This is a great site and I love reading it!

    • Good questions! (1) TNA has a history of non-payment, so they tried to get Aroluxe to handle it, but it hasn’t solved the problem. Root issue is TNA’s history of non-payment, plus they are still the company who obtained the production workers’s services. Aroluxe has been commissioned to handle the production side aspects, but TNA is still the payor. (2) Not sure of a rate increase, but TNA moving out was not their desire, if you know what I mean. (3) Article cited from April has the quotes from TNA executive on trying to transition to a new location. At this point, it’s just p.r. until they actually find new home.

    • As a business owner myself, I am perplexed as to how tna has managed to continue operations with the way they have treated those they work with. When I began operations thirty-nine years ago, I always made certain that anyone that I worked with was paid first. How this garbage continues is beyond me. Thanks for letting us know.

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