Will NXT be part of the main WWE roster for the brand split?, Karl Anderson talks Finn Balor’s inevitable debut, attacking Cena on Raw, injured star he wants to face

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows (Photo credit Scott Lunn - @ScottLunn)


Karl Anderson provided insight on what the tentative plan is for the NXT roster when WWE’s brand split kicks in this summer in a new interview this weekend.

“One of my best friends Finn Balor is in NXT and when he gets up to either Raw or Smackdown we’ll get to see him,” Anderson told Amarillo.com promoting this weekend’s Texas house show tour.

“He’ll be amazing and there are other superstars from NXT that will get to come up that the world needs to see. There is a ton of depth on the roster and we’re all excited for the opportunity. It’s going to give everyone a chance to grow.”

Balor’s role on the main WWE roster has been subject to speculation throughout 2016. Would he debut the night after WrestleMania? Would he help/hurt A.J. Styles when he was in the WWE World Title feud against Roman Reigns? The answer to those questions was no. Now, the NXT brand potentially being involved on the main roster creates a whole new set of questions surrounding Balor.

Since the brand split was announced, the message from veteran main roster WWE stars has been “more opportunities for everyone to get TV time.” However, Anderson made it sound like the main roster(s) will become even more crowded with the addition of NXT stars. Anderson argued that it’s good, though, because there are NXT stars ready for TV, creating new match-ups.

Anderson, who bypassed NXT to the main roster like A.J. Styles, said his personal choice is working with Randy Orton.

“Being in the WWE is a dream in itself. Being in the ring with John Cena on Monday night was something crazy. I’d love to get in the ring with Randy Orton. Roman was cool to be in the ring with, Dolph Ziggler would be really sweet,” Anderson said.

“But, I think Randy Orton right now would be pretty cool for me. He’s somebody I look up to. We’re about the same age but he’s been on TV for a long time so it’d be pretty cool to get in there with him.”

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