6/13 WWE Raw TV Results – CALDWELL’S Complete Live Report


It’s Raw leading into Money in the Bank with A.J. Styles and John Cena signing a match contract, Shane & Stephanie running Raw, and more from New Orleans. …

CaldwellStaff_thumbWWE Raw TV Report
June 13, 2016 – Episode #1,203
Live in New Orleans, La.
Report by James Caldwell (@JCTorch), PWTorch assistant editor

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The Line-up

  • Week 7 of Shane & Stephanie McMahon running Raw
  • A.J. Styles-John Cena contract signing
  • Ambrose Asylum – Dean Ambrose, WWE World Hvt. champion Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins
  • Sami Zayn vs. Cesaro
  • WWE tag champions New Day & Big Cass & Enzo Amore vs. The Club & Vaudevillians in an eight-man tag match


Raw opened with the standard Raw intro video, then WWE showed the locker room standing on the stage for a moment of remembrance for the mass shooting in Orlando on Sunday. Lilian Garcia asked for a moment of silence. WWE showed Vince McMahon, Seth Rollins, John Cena, Shane McMahon, and Stephanie McMahon standing together front-and-center on the stage.

WWE faded to Michael Cole’s voice and a graphic for the Ambrose Asylum featuring Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns tonight. Plus, the contract signing for A.J. Styles vs. John Cena at Money in the Bank.

Back in the arena, New Day’s music played to bring out the WWE tag champions. Big E., Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods talked about their Tag Title defense against three teams this Sunday at Money in the Bank. They paused for a conversation about Kofi’s shoes.

Enzo Amore’s music interrupted to bring out Enzo and Big Cass to re-energize the crowd after New Day talked to themselves for a while. Enzo introduced himself and Big Cass before they hit the ring to join New Day. “How you doin’?” from the crowd.

Big Cass addressed New Day, saying they have their first Tag Title shot this Sunday at Money in the Bank. He said they’re going to Las Vegas, going all in, and leaving with the titles. Big Cass said they’re all cool, including the female pleasure device on their heads. But, Kofi, what about the shoes? Kofi said they need to start respecting the veteran in the ring.

Big Cass switched gears to Xavier’s trombone. Your girl, right? Cass asked where the trombone was last night. Well, last night she was with Enzo. Xavier sold shock. Cass said Enzo had his lips all over Francesca. Enzo said they might have been in New Orleans last night, but she’s no saint. Enzo said he took her to Bourbon Street. And, he played with Franny all night long. Xavier took exception, replying that he’s the only one who blows his girl. Big stare down.

Kofi spoke from the background that it’s time for a verbal joust of wits. Didn’t that just happen? Suddenly, The Vaudevillians’s music played. Simon Gotch asked for the children’s section to stop talking. Aiden English sang that on Sunday, the new tag champions will be … “the greatest team there is in W-W-EEEEEEEEEEEEEE.”

Suddenly, The Club’s music played to interrupt the singing. Karl Anderson told everyone to shut up. He said play time is over. Luke Gallows said they hate to be the Fun Police, but there will only be one tag team standing tall on Sunday. And, from the looks of it, it’s going to be easier than scoring a TD on the New Orleans Saints.

Big Cass said since they’re in the Big Easy, there’s only way to describe the four of them – S-A-W-F-T. Enzo’s music played to set up the eight-man tag match up next.

[Q2] [Commercial Break at 8:15]


The match was joined in progress with Simon Gotch taking a beating from the babyface four-man unit while Xavier worked his trombone. Enzo lost control of the match, setting up The Club and Vaudes to isolate Enzo with sustained offense. Enzo broke free against Aiden and hot-tagged Cass. Chaos broke out with bodies flying out of the ring. Included was Kofi nailing a flip dive on the Vaudes to send Raw to break.

[Commercial Break at 8:24. During the break, WWE ran a local spot for NXT in Houston on July 30. “NXT Live: Anything Can Happen.”]

Back from break, Big E. was working on Gotch, including spanking him as he worked an abdominal stretch. Big followed with a back-elbow smash, but the heels cut him off using their numbers advantage. Gallows and Co. took turns wearing down Big E. in the heel corner. Meanwhile, the announcers talked about The Club’s New Japan run & personality, which doesn’t match with the watered-down persona and material from the opening promo.

[Q3] Hot tag to Kofi, who cleaned house. Boom Drop to Anderson, then he called for Trouble in Paradise, but Anderson ducked. Kofi hit a flying cross-body splash, then chaos broke out with bodies flying in and out of the ring. Back in the ring, Gallows kicked an unsuspecting Kofi in the gut, then Club hit the Magic Killer on Kingston. Gallows covered Kofi for the pin and the win.

Post-match, the announcers played up the Tag Titles in jeopardy on Sunday with The Club looking good in victory tonight. WWE showed the four teams standing their ground, with Karl & Doc owning the ring after getting the win.

WINNERS: The Club & Vaudes at 13:30.

Still to come: Ambrose Asylum with The Shield together for a talking segment.

[Commercial Break at 8:34]

Life Lessons with Bob Backlund: On a split screen, Bob Backlund wanted to know how Darren Young is going to celebrate when he wins. D-Young wanted to do the Millions of Dollars dance. But, Bob said that doesn’t work. D-Young said that’s true – it was a tag team thing. Young asked how he saves so much money. Backlund paused and said this is the only clothes he owns. But, Bob. “You gotta want it!” Backlund declared. Young vowed to cut down on his spending. Backlund suggested a bow-tie for D-Young to wrap the “Make Darren Young great again” segment.

Authority Office: Stephanie McMahon was on the phone laughing with someone. Shane McMahon walked in for a conversation. They argued about last week, where Shane was on vacation. Shane wanted to settle things – she takes Smackdown and he takes Raw. No. How about he takes Smackdown and you take Raw? No, she wants both. Shane said this is S.O.S. – Same ol’ Steph.

Suddenly, Corporate Kane walked in trying to settle things. Kane said he’s here to offer his services running Smackdown. “But, you’re psychotic,” Stephanie noted. Kane pulled out a briefcase with his resume. He also produced a Letter of Recommendation from his brother, The Undertaker. Steph said she’s all too familiar with Kane. “Authority,” Shane shouted in disgust. Steph left Shane to take care of this one. Kane tried to pitch making Smackdown red-hot if he were to take over as Shane tried to talk him down.

Announcers: Cole, Lawler, and JBL forced conversation about who’s running Smackdown when it goes live in July.

Backstage: Zack Ryder talked to three random guys in dress clothes about Sheamus in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Sheamus barged in to turn happy fun time into mad time. Sheamus vowed to make Zack Ryder the punchline tonight. He said he’ll do the same to Apollo Crews at Money in the Bank. “Hey Apollo!” Ryder shouted over Sheamus’s shoulder. Sheamus freaked out and tried to find him, then Ryder took off. Sheamus did not appreciate Ryder’s funny business. He said he’ll kick his head off tonight.

Still to come: Ambrose Asylum Shield reunion.

[Q4] [Commercial Break at 8:44]

Vignette: Shining Stars talked in front of a green screen about Puerto Rico. Primo & Epico talked about their beautiful beaches, unlike the filthy beaches in America.

In-ring: Titus O’Neil’s music played to bring out O’Neil for a match after about 20 minutes of dead time live in the building. Suddenly, Rusev attacked Titus from behind on the entrance ramp. Rusev roughed up Titus as Lana emerged on-stage holding Rusev’s U.S. Title belt. Rusev bashed Titus into the stage, breaking off a piece of the LED lights.

Rusev put O’Neil in The Accolade on the stage, drawing out referees. Rusev snapped as he locked Titus in the hold. Refs tried to get Rusev to release, but he locked it in even tighter. Rusev finally released and grabbed the belt from Lana. Rusev held up the title over a fallen O’Neil to stand tall on the stage.

Up Next: Ambrose Asylum at the top of the hour. More talking, no wrestling.

[Commercial Break at 8:52]

Moments Ago: Rusev attacked Titus O’Neil prior to Titus’s scheduled match tonight.

Announcers: Cole, JBL, and Saxton talked about the Rusev-O’Neil feud heading into Money in the Bank.

Ambrose Asylum

In-ring: Dean Ambrose’s show was magically un-canceled, bringing out Dean Ambrose for a Shield reunion talking segment. Ambrose admired the return of his poster on an easel, then welcomed everyone back to his show. Ambrose hyped Money in the Bank on Sunday feeling like another WrestleMania.

[Q5 — second hour] Specifically, Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins. First out tonight, the “scum of the earth,” Seth Rollins. Rollins marched down to the ring and brushed off Ambrose, who mockingly applauded him. Roman Reigns was introduced next to loud boos and shrieks. Out came Reigns holding the WWE World Title belt.

All three men stood in the ring looking at each other. Reigns mean-mugged toward Rollins, who glared back at him while Ambrose laughed at this situation. Ambrose asked Seth how his knee is doing. Seth asked Dean if he hasn’t watched his special on WWE Network. Oops. Seth said his knee is “100 percent ready to go.” How about your face? Ambrose said his face is killing him.

So, Reigns, how are things? Reigns spoke to boos. He said it was pretty good on Bourbon Street last night. How about the 99 cent margaritas, Seth? Dean told mad-face Seth to lighten up and have some fun. Dean reminisced about having so much fun when they were in the ring together. Seth forced a smile, then tried to milk a “party-pooper” chant. Seth said they had some good times, all right.

Rollins flashed back to WrestleMania in New Orleans a few years ago at the Superdome. He said they did pretty good there, flew into London on a helicopter, and found a sushi train in Japan. And, they found Ambrose unconscious by a dumpster. What city was what? Maybe Albuquerque. Seth got sentimental about the best times of his life in this ring together. He said they event sent Big Dave Bautista packing. He said he actually owes them a favor because they turned him into a big Hollywood star. “Boo-tista” chant from the crowd.

Seth said for real, the best time he ever had in the ring with you guys was when I took a chair … and put it in your back, Reigns. Rollins then bragged about cashing in MITB on Reigns at WrestleMania 31 to applause. Rollins said those were some good moments. Rollins cackled and Ambrose matched him with a maniacal laugh. Dean told Reigns to calm down.

Dean wanted to talk about Money in the Bank on Sunday. Reigns said the big dog is walking in champ and walking out champ. Short and sweet to avoid the boos. Ambrose said Seth believes he is the rightful champion since he never actually lost the title. Seth said Reigns never did beat him for the title. Reigns mumbled about if Rollins is the rightful champion, then why he is holding the title?

Ambrose asked Seth why Reigns is holding the title. Seth seethed, saying Reigns is holding that title because his knee caved out carrying this company for the better part of this year. The crowd applauded. But, Rollins said, Reigns earned that title belt while he was away. Rollins noted Reigns beat Ambrose at Survivor Series. And then survived Sheamus and Triple H at WrestleMania. So, yeah, you’ve earned it, but you haven’t beat me. “You can’t beat me! I am better than you!” Seth told Reigns.

Seth said they are a lot alike, but there is one big difference that Reigns could not be champion without him. Rollins said he made Reigns, while he did everything on his own. He said at Money in the Bank, he’s taking back the title that he never lost. On. My. Own! Ambrose wasn’t so sure. So, no J&J Security, no Authority, no Corporate Kane?

Reigns spoke that Rollins broke up The Shield on his own and cashed in MITB on him on his own. Reigns said they were the only ones in this company who had Rollins’s back. And, he ended that brotherhood. For what? To be famous and have the spotlight? Reigns told Seth he’s going to be on his own on Sunday and he’s going to be The Guy after Sunday because he’s going to beat him.

Reigns and Rollins came face-to-face as Ambrose smiled at his promotional skills coming to fruition. Ambrose posed the question of who will walk out Sunday as WWE champion. Will it be Seth Rollins? (Cheers and boos) Or, will it be Roman Reigns? (Boos and shrieks) Ambrose posed another question. Or, will it be me after I win the Money in the Bank contract? Ambrose teased cashing in MITB and he’ll walk out as WWE World champion.

Ambrose’s music played, then Seth suddenly shoved Ambrose from behind into Reigns. The fight was on. All three men scrapped until Seth teased The Pedigree, but Reigns blocked and nailed Seth with a Superman Punch. Rollins crumbled to the ground holding his knee, then Ambrose caught Reigns with Dirty Deeds to cheers. Ambrose’s music played again as he looked up at the ceiling where the MITB contract was suspended in the air. Ambrose pointed to the briefcase to wrap the segment.

[Q6] Backstage: WWE showed John Cena talking to Shane McMahon. Cena signs the contract to face A.J. Styles at MITB later tonight.

Up Next: The first match in an hour. It’s Charlotte vs. Paige.

Next Monday: A.J. Styles on “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s live podcast on WWE Network.

[Commercial Break at 9:17]

Backstage: Dean Ambrose walked down the hallway. Stephanie approached Dean, filling in the gap that Shane reinstated Ambrose’s talk show. She said Dean might be proud and happy right now, but he’s got a match tonight. Steph booked Dean against Chris Jericho in the main event. (Repeat of the Smackdown main event since Smackdown drew all-time low viewership last week?) Dean smiled, then asked Steph about the hatred that runs through her body. Is that contagious? Steph said you just have to know when to use the hatred.

2 — Women’s champion CHARLOTTE (w/Dana Brooke) vs. PAIGE — non-title match

Paige’s music was playing in the background as Cole noted Becky Lynch and Natalya were down at ringside for commentary on this match. WWE showed Charlotte standing in the ring, then plugged Charlotte & Dana Brooke against Becky & Natalya at Money in the Bank on Sunday.

Charlotte spilled to the floor early on, where Becky and Natalya glared down at her. Charlotte got distracted by their presence, then Dana screwed up trying to help Charlotte. Charlotte stumbled back into the ring, where Paige suddenly pinned her, shocking Dana. Natalya and Becky smirked down at ringside as Charlotte and Dana sold dissension heading into Sunday’s tag match.

WINNER: Paige at 2:30.

Backstage: Renee Young brought in Cesaro to discuss facing Sami Zayn tonight. Before Cesaro answered, Sami walked into the camera shot to offer his opinion in case he’s needed. Cesaro asked if he’s getting Swerved. Zayn said he realizes this is unprofessional, but he wanted to make himself available. Cesaro this is typical Sami walking into someone else’s house without asking. He said Zayn is acting like a child. Zayn said he won’t be talked down to; they’re equals. Cesaro said he’s been here a lot longer than Zayn, who needs to take some advice. He said Zayn has a lot to prove, and he can start tonight.

[Commercial Break at 9:26]

[Q7] Backstage: Charlotte yelled at Dana for screwing up. She berated Dana for failing her tonight. Dana tried to explain herself, then Charlotte said there is no room for failure at the top. She said their arrangement is Dana gets to be part of her legacy in exchange for her friendship. But, if the same thing happens on Sunday, there will be no room for her in her history book.

In-ring: Sheamus was standing by in the ring posing in the corner while Zack Ryder prepared to face him.


Cole said Sheamus’s match against Apollo Crews on Sunday will be on the MITB pre-show. Sheamus blasted Ryder early on. Ryder made a comeback, then delivered the Broski Boot and a top-rope elbow drop for a two count. Ryder tried the Rough Ryder, but Sheamus avoided and nailed the Brogue Kick. Sheamus pinned Ryder for the win.

WINNER: Sheamus at 1:55.

Post-match, Sheamus blasted Ryder, not done with his opponent. Apollo Crews’s music played, giving away Crews’s arrival to fight Sheamus. Crews tackled Sheamus in the ring, then smashed him out of the ring to the floor. Crews delivered a flying splash to Sheamus, who hopped over the guardrail into the crowd to run away from the fight. Crews’s music played as they stared each other down from a distance. Crews then checked on Ryder and helped him recover.

MITB Flashback – 2010 edition. WWE highlighted Kane winning the briefcase. Then, 50 minutes later, cashing in MITB on Rey Mysterio to win the World Hvt. Title.

Announcers: Cole said six men are in the MITB ladder match on Sunday. So, trying to misdirect for the surprise seventh entrant, or they’ve dropped it all together?

Up next: Sami Zayn vs. Cesaro.

[Commercial Break at 9:36]

Authority’s Office: More Shane McMahon and Kane. Kevin Owens interrupted. Owens wanted to talk to Stephanie McMahon. Shane said he can help him out. Owens said Alberto Del Rio just showed up 20 minutes ago. He thinks it’s unprofessional behavior and he should be removed from the MITB ladder match. Suddenly, Del Rio barged in. He said he knew that Owens was the one who called airport security on him. They argued in Spanish, prompting Shane to try to calm them down. “Tranquillo,” he said.

Kane shouted that they need to exercise teamwork. Kane said they will team against Lucha Dragons tonight. And, if the Luchas win, they’ll replace Owens and Del Rio in the MITB ladder match. Owens said that’s ridiculous and not happening. Actually, Shane said, it will happen. He sent them away, then congratulated Kane on his idea.

In-ring: Sami Zayn was introduced to the ring for the next match. Cesaro was out next doing his James Bond intro to face Zayn.


After the bell sounded, Saxton highlighted their classic matches on NXT a few years ago. He said they bring the best out of each other. The match cut to an early break after an even exchange.

[Q8] [Commercial Break at 9:46]

Back from break, Cesaro was working on Zayn after landing a big uppercut during the break. Zayn responded with a flying cross-body splash from the corner turnbuckle. But, Cesaro came back with uppercuts into a double stomp to the chest for a close two count. Moments later, Zayn popped to his feet to nail a big lariat, then a Michinoku Driver for a close two count.

Zayn tried to nail a high-flying move, but Cesaro cut him off with a deadlift vertical suplex for a close two count. Cesaro called for the Neutralizer, but Zayn blocked. Counters and reversals left and right, then Zayn suddenly flipped over Cesaro into a huge sunset flip powerbomb. The crowd exploded, then Zayn scored a … yes, a three count. No kick-out from Cesaro. That felt like the set-up for a super-close nearfall, not the finish.

Post-match, Zayn pumped his fist as Cesaro sold being stunned in the corner. WWE replayed the finish, then Zayn and Cesaro stood up standing across from each other. WWE cut away before respect was shown.

WINNER: Zayn at 8:10. A glimpse of their greatness together in the ring. The crowd was thirsty and starving for quality in-ring action after nearly two hours of nothingness in the ring, amping up the energy for the match.

Up Next: Styles-Cena contract signing at the top of the hour.

[Commercial Break at 9:55]

Coming back from break, WWE highlighted the new fleet of WWE production trucks. This was Kevin Dunn’s moment of glory filling WWE TV time with a spot about his production set-up.

Styles-Cena Contract Signing

One minute before the top of the hour, Michael Cole was standing in the ring to hype another WrestleMania-quality match this Sunday at Money in the Bank. He said this match is 15 years in the making. First, Cole introduced the 15-time WWE champion, John Cena.

[Q9 — third hour] Cena bounced out on-stage, then stormed the ring firing up the crowd. On commentary, Saxton went to a replay from two weeks ago of A.J. Styles acting like he was friendly with Cena, until turning on him to set up this new feud.

In the ring, Cena took his mic and twirled it around. Cena removed his cap to play with his hair while listening to the crowd. Cena said it’s a rowdy audience in N’awlings tonight. Have to keep mentioning N.O. to keep them engaged with this week’s show. Cena hyped the MITB card on Sunday. He said everyone has been wondering for 15 years what it would be like to see Cena vs. Styles.

Cena said year after year after year, the decision-makers in WWE would tell Styles that he does not belong here in WWE. He said this is where he has great respect for Styles, because it did not stop him. Cena mentioned PWG, Ring of Honor, and New Japan, where Styles was always the top dog. (TNA excluded from the list.) He said Styles has been regarded as the single greatest Superstar never given a chance from WWE.

Then, a New Era was introduced by Shane McMahon, who said yes, we want that guy. Now, at long last, the two Superstars who don’t need a title to be called champions will meet at Money in the Bank. Cena asked for Cole to step aside because things are about to get interesting. He said they’re going to do things a little different tonight.

Out came A.J. Styles by himself flashing a smile toward Cena. JBL said this is like the ABA and NBA and AFL and NFL meeting up to see how guys from different leagues would match up. Styles hit the ring and waited out an “A-J-Styles” chant.

Styles said the whole world is talking about what he did to Cena two weeks ago. He said he’s going to run circles around Cena on Sunday, and Cena won’t see him. And, I will beat you. Now, where do I sign?

Cena said let’s hold up for a second. Cena said he has two contracts here on the table. One is John Cena vs. A.J. Styles. The other is John Cena vs. A.J. Styles (w/The Club). Cena said Styles can sign the latter and he gets to beat Cena and be president of the B—- Club. Or, they can re-capture the electricity from two weeks ago with the divided universe.

Styles said he gets this. Cena thinks he’s going to beat him one-on-one on Sunday. Why? Because he’s a 15-time champion, won the Royal Rumble twice, and he’s the face that runs this place? Styles said Cena is underestimating him and he would have all the accolades, crappy movie roles, and Royal Rumble wins if he got the same opportunity 15 years ago.

Cena cut him off, shouting “enough!” Cena said Styles sounds like every other “indy dude” who feels entitled to the spot he got. He told Styles to man-up and take the challenge now. “So, you sign that contract and prove me wrong!” Cena shouted. Styles stared back at home. Or, you sign the other contract and you prove that your club isn’t full of bullets, but full of bull. He told Styles to get back on a bullet train to Japan, where he left his balls.

Styles, incensed, thought it over, then signed the contract for Styles vs. Cena one-on-one on Sunday. Cena signed the contract, too, as the crowd popped. Styles held up the contract and said Cena is going to find out real quick that he’s not like every other independent wrestler who comes through here. He said Cena is going to find out that Cena’s time is up and his time is now. Styles’s music played and he glared back at Cena, who locked eyes with a serious look.

[ Reax: That’s a quality hard sell. Cena got cutesy with the “we can’t mention Bullet Club on WWE TV” stuff, but they navigated the choppy waters of WWE Creative to get to the big point about Styles looking to earn respect against the franchise on Sunday. ]

Backstage: Sami Zayn talked to Shane McMahon.

Up Next: Lucha Dragons vs. Owens & Del Rio.

[Q10] [Commercial Break at 10:14]

2013 MITB Flashback: Randy Orton won, then cashed in on Daniel Bryan one month later as part of Triple H’s heel turn at Summerslam 2013.

In-ring: Alberto Del Rio’s music played to bring out Del Rio. Cole plugged Raw tickets next week in Phoenix before Kevin Owens was introduced. WWE replayed events on Smackdown when Owens and Del Rio teamed up, and now have to team up again tonight to keep their MITB spots. Lucha Dragons were introduced next as their opponents.


Del Rio nearly got their team DQ’ed, so Owens yelled at him to be smarter than that. So, Del Rio slap-tagged Owens into the match. Owens decided he wanted to leave, but scrambled back into the ring when Del Rio was nearly rolled up from behind. Lucha Dragons double-dropkicked Owens and Del Rio out of the ring heading to break.

[Commercial Break at 10:24]

Back from break, Owens and Del Rio continued to argue and angrily tag each other in and out of the ring. Suddenly, Kalisto dropkicked Del Rio into Owens’s face. Kalisto then caught Del Rio with Salida Del Sol. But, Kalisto was unable to make a cover. And, Del Rio rolled out of the ring to the floor. Owens yelled at Del Rio to get up and get back in the ring. No life from Del Rio, so Owens chucked him into the ring.

Hot tag to Sin Cara, who came off the top with a Swanton Bomb to Del Rio, but Owens saved the match by kicking Sin Cara in the head. Owens then dragged Del Rio to their corner to tag himself into the match. But, Sin Cara nailed high-flying offense on Owens. Kalisto then tried a suicide dive on Del Rio on the floor, but Del Rio pushed him into the barricade.

[Q11] Back in the ring, Sin Cara nearly pinned Owens. But, then Sin Cara bounced the ropes and ran right into a pop-up powerbomb from Owens. Owens pinned Sin Cara to retain their MITB spots.

Post-match, Del Rio superkicked Owens, then pointed up at the MITB briefcase. Del Rio shouted down at Owens that he’s winning MITB on Sunday.

WINNERS: Owens & Del Rio at 8:25. Fine match putting something on the line for an otherwise filler MITB lead-in tag match.

Announcers: Cole introduced a message from The Miz, who is currently filming The Marine 5 and will not be part of MITB.

Facebook Video: The Miz sent a message to the WWE roster to keep working hard while he is gone. Miz asked for his coffee from a stagehand. It’s too cold. Get me a new one. Hey, who’s awesome? Uh, you are.

Up Next: Dean Ambrose vs. Chris Jericho in the main event. Which was also the main event of Smackdown.

[Commercial Break at 10:33]

Backstage: Kevin Owens found Stephanie McMahon backstage to complain about tonight being crap. Fortunately, he’s still in the MITB ladder match, but his spot should not have been on the line tonight. Steph agreed. Owens said he heard Zayn put himself on commentary for the main event. Wait, who approved that? Owens said he heard Shane approved it. So, he thinks he should be on commentary. Steph approved that.

Suddenly, Alberto Del Rio showed up yelling at Owens for kissing up to the Boss Lady. Owens said he’s tired of seeing his face, and Del Rio said he wants to be on commentary, too. Steph said Del Rio can be guest timekeeper, okay? She left, then Del Rio and Owens went back to arguing.

Earlier Tonight: Roman Reigns vowed to beat Seth Rollins on Sunday. But, Dean Ambrose got the last word over both of them by vowing to win the MITB contract and then cashing in later in the night.

Authority’s Office: Steph and Shane argued about who’s on a power trip. No, they’re just having fun. Shane said perhaps they should one-up each other, so Shane booked Cesaro as guest ring announcer for the main event. Steph said she’s tired of this, but they both agreed that Kane should not run Smackdown, especially because Corporate Kane comes with baggage of Demon Kane.

Kane slid into the office after hearing the conversation. Is this about the time he hooked up a battery to his testicles? Because he thought they put that in the past. Shane said it’s not, but that didn’t help his case. Kane sighed and walked off to sadness. Shane said Steph is right that Kane is definitely not fit to run Smackdown. But, she is not fit to run Smackdown, either. Shane said they will continue co-running Raw. And, he will run Smackdown. Steph laughed at that proclamation. The announcers sold nothing being for sure around here.

In-ring: Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn were on commentary for the main event. And, Alberto Del Rio was over at the timekeeper’s area to ring the bell. Meanwhile, Cesaro was in the ring to introduce Chris Jericho. Cesaro announced that Jericho is from Winnipeg, but he presently resides in Idiot-ville. Jericho cocked his head in annoyance listening to Cesaro’s ring introduction. Raw cut to break with Jericho (and his scarf) walking into the ring.

[Q12] [Commercial Break at 10:45]

Smackdown plug: Another round of the MITB deal with Cesaro & Zayn & Ambrose vs. Jericho & Del Rio & Owens in a six-man tag match.

In-ring: Cesaro introduced Dean Ambrose, from Cincinnati, Ohio, and fresh out of bed. Jericho sold annoyance with Cesaro’s ring introductions as Ambrose made his way into the ring. Cue the bell from Del Rio.

SportsCenter plug: Chris Jericho will be on ESPNews during the 9:00 p.m. EST hour.


Jericho talked trash in Ambrose’s face, so Ambrose slapped him across the face to start the match. Ambrose then elbowed Jericho off the ring apron as the announcers talked about Jericho inventing MITB, but never winning it. Ambrose followed with a suicide dive to Jericho. Owens sarcastically clapped up Ambrose, so Ambrose yanked the headset off Owens’s head. Jericho used the distraction to smash Ambrose from behind, then toss Dean into the guardrail near Cesaro.

Jericho rolled Ambrose back into the ring, then nailed a double axe handle. Cole wanted to hear Zayn’s thoughts on being in MITB, but Owens talked over him. Jericho then smashed Ambrose to the floor with a dropkick. Owens stood up over Dean, then Zayn stood up and confronted Owens. Owens found himself in a tough spot between Cesaro and Zayn, then Del Rio suddenly stood up with a chair. “You don’t need a chair to ring the bell!” Owens shouted at Del Rio. Raw cut to break.

[Commercial Break at 10:54]

Back from break, Jericho was slapping Dean around in the ring. Meanwhile, Del Rio looked lonely at the timekeeper’s area, Cesaro watched from ringside, and Owens and Zayn continued bickering on commentary. Meanwhile, Ambrose and Jericho battled to the top turnbuckle. Ambrose flung Jericho to the mat, then tried a double axe handle, but Jericho blocked and slapped on the Walls of Jericho. But, Ambrose dragged himself toward the bottom rope and got the break.

[Q13 — over-run] Ambrose suddenly teased Dirty Deeds, but Jericho blocked, then hit the Lionsault for a two count. Jericho got up talking trash, losing focus, allowing Dean to lariat Jericho. Dean then nailed a splash for a super-close two count. The crowd thought it was over.

Jericho and Dean traded control, then Dean teased Jericho’s own Walls of Jericho, but Jericho blocked. So, Dean launched Jericho over the top rope. But, Jericho landed on his feet. Dean and Jericho went to Counter City blocking and reversing each other, then Dean finally hit Dirty Deeds. Ambrose scored the pin for the win. Del Rio rang the bell and Cesaro announced Ambrose as the winner.

WINNER: Ambrose at 11:55. Fine main event playing up the combustible elements in the third of the Big Three matches on Sunday.

Post-match, everyone stormed the ring to start brawling. Cesaro nailed his spinning elbow off the ropes in his James Bond suit to Del Rio, then brawled to the outside. Sign Guy lost his hat on the front row, then Zayn came flying off the top rope with a splash to everyone down at ringside. Cole said this is the chaos coming Sunday.

Jericho was the last man standing in the ring. He grabbed a ladder and set it up in the middle of the ring. Jericho climbed the ladder, touched the MITB briefcase, then grabbed it, unhooked it, and smiled. Jericho’s music played as he sat on top of the ladder crossing his legs. Drink it in, man. Jericho proudly held up the briefcase as Cole hyped the MITB card on Sunday. No Bray Wyatt. No word on the seventh MITB participant. Raw signed off five minutes past the top of the hour.

FINAL REAX: The first-half of the show was absolutely awful, then things flipped in the second-half of the show to hit the right notes leading into MITB. This was a major tale of two shows tonight.


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