6/19 WWE MITB PPV Results – CALDWELL’S Complete Live Report

WWE Money in the Bank 2023 preview
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WWE returns to live PPV action with Money in the Bank from Las Vegas featuring A.J. Styles vs. John Cena and Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins for the WWE World Title…

CaldwellStaff_thumbWWE Money in the Bank PPV Report
June 19, 2016
Live in Las Vegas, Nev.
Report by James Caldwell (@JCTorch), PWTorch assistant editor

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MITB Pre-Show

The pre-show panel is Renee Young with Corey Graves, Booker T, and Lita, who is replacing the suspended Jerry Lawler.

Down at ringside were Mauro Ranallo and Byron Saxton to call the pre-show.


The gag was Truth and Goldust ruined Breeze and Fandango’s tanning session last week, turning them into tomatoes. Ranallo noted they need some aloe vera to address this situation. Fandango winced as he tried to lock up with Truth, selling too much pain. So, Truth slapped him across his fried chest, then Breeze tagged in to similar treatment.

The match built to Goldust and Fandango battling. Goldust then nailed Fandango with the Final Cut as Truth neutralized Breeze on the outside. It was good for the win, setting off a celebration for Golden Truth finally getting a win.

WINNERS: Goldust & Truth at 5:06.

Social Media Lounge: Tom Phillips sat down with Natalya and Becky Lynch to talk about Women’s champion Charlotte, their 1990s wrestling influences, Father’s Day, and more topics.


The Dudleys looked down on the smaller Kalisto, who whipped Devon to the ground, then tagged in Cara. The Dragons knocked the Dudleys to the outside, then hit stereo flip dives. Back in the ring, the Dragons wanted to fly again, but the Dudleys crotched them. The PPV cut to a Network break with Bubba heelishly doing Hulk Hogan’s ear-cup pose toward the ringside fans.


The Dudleys continued to punish the Dragons back from break. Bubba taunted Sin Cara, saying he should just rip off his mask. He also mocked their “Lucha, Lucha” chant, so Sin Cara dropkicked Bubba in the chest. Tags to Kalisto and Devon, who walked into a dropkick. Kalisto kicked Devon repeatedly, then hit a springboard seated senton for a two count.

The Dudleys came back with a Doomsday Device on Kalisto, but Sin Cara broke up a pin. They wanted a 3D, but Kalisto ducked and the Dudleys accidentally knocked each other out. Kalisto then knocked Devon to the outside before hitting Bubba with Salida Del Sol as he tagged Sin Cara, who immediately followed with a top-rope splash on Bubba for the pin and the win.

WINNERS: Lucha Dragons at 8:48. Fine tag match. The Dudleys seem to be paying a penalty of one month for each year they were in TNA.

The pre-show wrapped with video packages hyping the main PPV top matches.

WWE MITB PPV Live Report

The announcers are Michael Cole, JBL, and Byron Saxton. The PPV opened with a video package on gambling in Las Vegas. “Vegas is Vicious” was the slogan highlighting the risk and reward of coming to Vegas.

In the arena, Enzo Amore & Big Cass kicked off the show. Enzo was wearing a PPV-worthy wild outfit that JBL immediately noted he disliked. Enzo cut a promo about spending the night with Lady Luck last night. So, he’s a little tired. Cass said it’s time to ante up because they don’t care if it’s New Day, The Club, or The Vaudevillians, they’re all going broke tonight.

The Vaudes were out next to change the tone of the intro segment. Aiden English and Simon Gotch emerged on-stage in old-timey gear and made their way down to the ring. The Club’s Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson were out next as the third team in the Tag Title match. New Day was out last, which naturally meant more talking. Xavier Woods closed the walk-and-talk vowing to show why they are the “elite” … pause for the subtle Bullet Club shout-out to sink in … team in the industry. After a 14-minute Raw-like opening segment, the bell sounded.


The match quickly broke down into an eight-man brawl, popping the crowd. The match built to Cass launching Enzo off the top rope onto Anderson. The crowd was ready to explode for a three count, and a three count was rendered by the ref, but he wasn’t supposed to, as Gallows was a second late pulling Cass off the cover. The crowd was taken down with the match continuing after the false finish.

After a reset, The Vaudevillians hit the Whirling Dervish on Anderson, but Kofi broke up a pin. The Club then isolated English in the ring, nailing the Magic Killer. Anderson covered English, but Big E. broke up the pin. After Gallows and Cass wiped themselves out, Big E. and Kofi took out Anderson with their double-team finisher. Kofi then pinned English for the win.

WINNERS: New Day at 11:43 to retain the WWE Tag Titles. That was a bit of a mess to begin the show. Some exciting sequences, but disorganized at times. (**1/2)

Backstage: Tom Phillips brought in Kevin Owens for an interview on his first MITB ladder match. Chris Jericho interrupted sporting a shiner under his left eye. Jericho said he doesn’t steal the spotlight, he is the spotlight. Owens didn’t want to hear about it, noting that Jericho has never won the match he claims he invented. They argued, then Alberto Del Rio walked in. Del Rio said he’s the only person in the match who’s won. Owens cut him off, saying you two just say the same things over and over. Like Del Rio saying “perro” – dog in Spanish. They had a funny, but lengthy conversation about repeating themselves, then Jericho told them to drink in the gift of Jericho. Owens walked off, Del Rio walked off, and Jericho looked around to find only Phillips looking at him. “Stupid idiots,” Jericho declared to laughs.

In-ring: Baron Corbin was introduced to the ring for the next match. Dolph Ziggler made his entrance before Cole gave the international announcers some camera time.


After a back-and-forth start, Corbin just smacked Ziggler in the face with a right hand punch. Corbin then played up his anti-refs persona yelling at the referee for not counting a pin quickly enough for his liking. The crowd expressed their disinterest with Corbin, chanting “boring” as he continued to wear down Ziggler. Corbin slowed the pace even more in response, then picked up Dolph for a right hand blow, but Ziggler blocked and made his comeback.

Ziggler wanted the Fameasser, but Corbin threw him into the air and nailed a hard lariat for a close two count. Some of the crowd taunted Corbin with a Bayley chant, distracting Corbin. Ziggler nailed the Fameasser, but Corbin kicked out of a pin. Ziggler tried to warm up for a superkick, but Corbin rolled to the outside. Ziggler then ran to the floor and ate Deep Six on the ringside padding. As Dolph sold being knocked out on the floor, Corbin returned to the ring at seven, Ziggler reached the apron at nine, and he barely got back in before ten.

The match continued with Corbin delivering another right hand blow to the head. Which, if you ask former WCW wrestler Bob Cook, Ziggler should be bleeding after taking a punch to the face. Instead, Ziggler quickly recovered and blocked End of Days before hitting a superkick for a two count.

The match moved to the top turnbuckle, where Corbin teased a superplex, but Ziggler blocked. Ziggler pushed Corbin down to the mat, but Corbin crotched him, sending Dolph falling to the mat. Corbin quickly capitalized with End of Days in the middle of the ring. Corbin scored the pin for the win.

WINNER: Corbin at 12:23. Lengthy match for Corbin at this stage of his development on the main roster. Ziggler made him look good, though, and tried to keep the crowd engaged. (**1/4)

Backstage: Seth Rollins was shown preparing for the WWE Title main event. The crowd cheered for Rollins’s first appearance on-screen.

WWE ran a spot for Gold Bond in-between matches.

In-ring: Charlotte’s music played to bring out the Women’s champion and Dana Brooke for an undercard women’s division tag match. Becky Lynch was out first for the face duo, then Natalya joined her. Oops, Cole referred to them as Divas before the bell sounded. It was ingrained in Cole’s brain for so long to call the female wrestlers “Divas” that it will probably take a few … years to correct that.


The face duo got the early shine before knocking Dana to the outside. Charlotte checked on her friend, then Nattie and Becky wiped out both heels on the outside. But, Charlotte caught Natalya in the ropes as she tried to return to the ring, giving the heels the advantage. Charlotte and Dana then took turns wearing down Natalya.

Becky took a tag and flew onto both heels with a missile dropkick for a close two count on Charlotte. But, Dana came back into the picture by smashing Becky into Natalya. Charlotte took advantage with a facebuster to Natalya for the pin and the win.

WINNERS: Charlotte & Dana at 7:00. Seemed like a good time to give the face duo a credibility-boosting victory since they always lose to Charlotte, but apparently WWE decided that Charlotte needed more of a boost after her non-title TV losses. (**)

Post-match, Becky helped Natalya to her feet in a familiar scene of the faces selling frustration over a loss. Suddenly, Natalya attacked Becky from behind. Natalya threw Becky down to the mat and pounded away on her to boos. Natalya got up and sold shock with herself, then walked out of the ring. Becky recovered as WWE went to a replay from the match of Dana shoving Becky into Natalya, perhaps influencing Natalya’s frustration boiling over. Becky pulled herself up in the ring to cheers.

Backstage: Tom Phillips brought in Dean Ambrose for a MITB interview. Ambrose vowed to win MITB tonight. Asked about the WWE Title match tonight, he said Roman Reigns is going to have a good time beating up Seth Rollins tonight. “Trust me, I know,” Dean said before walking off.

In-ring: Sheamus was introduced to the ring for the next match bumped from the pre-show to the main PPV (like Corbin vs. Ziggler). Apollo Crews was out next for the New Era vs. Old Guard grudge match.


Sheamus attacked Apollo as soon as Crews entered the ring, trying to jumpstart the match. The ref got separation, then called for the bell. Sheamus immediately tackled Crews to the mat trying to heat up a cold feud. Sheamus continued to wear down Crews in the early going, before Crews responded with a step-up enziguiri for a two count. Crews followed with a belly-to-belly suplex sending Sheamus clear over the top rope to the floor. Crews then nailed a majestic moonsault from the ring apron, wowing the crowd.

Back in the ring, Crews suplexed Sheamus for a two count. The fight moved to the top turnbuckle, where Sheamus caught Crews with super-White Noise. Sheamus covered, but Crews kicked out. Sheamus argued with the ref over the count, allowing Crews to pin him from behind for a quick three count. Sheamus flipped out and went back to arguing with the ref as Crews celebrated on the outside.

WINNER: Crews at 8:36. Crews had some good moves mid-way through the match to stand out, but otherwise this was basic action with an unconvincing victory for Crews, who really needs a signature win. (**1/4)

Backstage: Roman Reigns was shown warming up for the main event. The live crowd booed his appearance on the screen.

Battleground PPV plug: Everyone has a logo flag to signal where they stand in the battle, which takes place next month in Washington, D.C.

Announcers: Cole and Co. hyped John Cena vs. A.J. Styles up next. A video package followed on the build-up to the “dream match.” WWE needs this match to deliver in a big way to give the PPV a boost.

In-ring: A.J. Styles was out first to a loud mix of boos and cheers for the first big match of the show. John Cena’s music then produced another loud mix. He was sporting the original PBR design for his return merchandise. Cena stormed the ring as Cole hyped him as “the greatest of all-time.” The ref was prepared to call for the bell, but Cena told him to stop and listen as the crowd went nuts with dueling chants. Styles and Cena paced the ring before a dueling chant broke out louder for “A-J Styles” than “Let’s Go Cena.”


Lock-up to start. Styles put him in a side headlock and pushed Cena off, saying this is his house and he’s going to wrestle circles around him. Another loud dueling chant broke out as they paced the ring. The announcers played up the talking points of Styles needing to prove he belongs and Cena wanting to prove that he’s healthy returning from injury. Cena came up bleeding from the nose after a mid-ring exchange, then a loud “A-J, A-J” chant broke out.

Styles continued to “wrestle circles around Cena,” but he got too cocky and allowed Cena to grab him from behind for a suplex. Styles rolled to the floor to recover, drawing out Cena. Cena tried to whip Styles into the ring steps, but Styles hopped over, slid into the ring, and taunted Cena, who sold concern that perhaps he under-estimated Styles.

Cena stormed back into the ring, where Styles met him with a kick to the gut and forearm strike. Styles delivered a leaping scissors kick for a two count, then got up with a cocky smile. Styles delivered a textbook suplex, then asked the crowd if this is all Cena’s got. Cena heard enough and got up with a right hand punch, then tried a corner attack, but Styles moved and Cena crashed into the corner buckle. Styles tried to follow up, but Cena surprised him with a high back body drop.

Cena fired back with his flying shoulder tackle to set up the signature offense, but Styles intercepted the second one with a big dropkick. Styles followed with a reverse chinlock wearing down Cena before taunting him to show some fight. Cena slowly fought back to his feet, pushed Styles down, and hit a flying shoulder tackle. Then a second, but Styles escaped the sit-out slam to a pop and hit an enzuigiri kick.

A moment later, Cena caught Styles with the sit-out slam to boos. Cena got a vicious look in his eyes before circling Styles. He wanted You Can’t See Me, but Styles again countered each of Cena’s progressive signature steps with a head scissors sending Cena to the outside. Styles followed with a flying forearm smash to Cena. Styles returned to the ring to pose and gloat, but then he airballed a follow-up splash, crashing down to the floor.

Back in the ring, Cena wanted the next progressive step – the AA – but Styles elbowed out and landed his signature strikes. Styles followed with a corner splash, but Cena ducked a clothesline and put Styles in the STF. But, Styles crawled on his belly and got the bottom rope to keep the match alive.

Reset at 14:00 with a loud dueling chant. Styles knocked down Cena, then tried a top-rope move, but Cena cut him off. Styles suddenly ducked underneath Cena, landed on his feet, and yanked down Styles into the top turnbuckle. Both men came to their feet staring each other down, then Styles charged Cena, who slingshot him into the ropes. Meanwhile, Cena was so audible calling spots that it became really distracting.

They went to a sequence where Cena teased the AA, but Styles rolled down his back into the Calf-crusher in the middle of the ring. Cena sold determination and grit, then made it to the bottom rope for a break. Cena got up selling the effects hobbling on one good leg. Styles rocked Cena with kicks, but Cena suddenly exploded on him with a clothesline. Cena delivered a half Five Knuckle Shuffle, selling the injury.

As Styles recovered, Cena scooped him up for the AA, and he connected. But, Styles kicked out just before three, popping the crowd. Both men sold on the mat as the crowd roared. Cena was the first man up and he climbed to the top turnbuckle looking for a splash,b ut Styles seemed to counter with a half-powerbomb. Both men sold on the mat, then Styles hopped onto Cena for a two count.

At 20:00, Styles lifted up Cena to battle him mid-ring. And, Styles surprised Cena with a Pele Kick to the head. Styles followed right up with the Clash in the middle of the ring. He rolled over Cena, who kicked out just before three, exchanging finisher kick-outs. Both men sold exhaustion on the mat.

At 22:00, Styles came to his feet and went to the ring apron looking for a spectacular springboard 450 splash, but Cena got his knees up to block at the last second. Styles sold intense mid-section pain as both men slowly came to their feet. They went to a counter/reversal sequence avoiding each other’s finishers, then the ref got kicked in the face.

With the ref down on the floor, Cena nailed Styles with the AA and scored a visual three count. But, there was no ref. Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows then stormed the ring and dropped Cena with the Magic Killer. The Club put Styles on top of Cena, the ref woke up, and returned to the ring to register the three count.

Post-match, the announcers debated whether Styles knew what happened since he was knocked out by the AA. JBL took the position of being mad about The Club robbing the audience of a finish, trying to own fans’s anticipated complaints about the Creative for the finish, rather than getting heat on Styles. It was more about getting heat on Anderson & Gallows in a roundabout way. Cole said he wants to know if Styles “swerved” Cena by signing a contract for a one-on-one match.

WINNER: Styles at 24:10. It was three-fourths of the way to an epic match that was hyped going into the PPV. Cena looked rusty at times and took viewers out of the moment several times by constantly calling spots near the ring mic. Overall, Styles got a credibility boost in the eyes of WWE fans by backing up his pre-match claim with the story of wrestling circles around Cena, while Cena has his “out” to set up a re-match. It just needed to be more than this after the weak undercard and with WWE promoting this PPV as “the greatest MITB PPV of all-time.” (***3/4)

Video Package: Money in the Bank feud centered on the main six of Del Rio, Owens, Jericho, Cesaro, Sami Zayn, and Ambrose. Will WWE finally fill the mysterious seventh slot or pretend like it never existed?

In-ring: Chris Jericho was out first for the MITB ladder match. Cesaro was out second, followed by Sami Zayn. Alberto Del Rio came out fourth, followed by Kevin Owens to a loud reaction. The only American advertised for the match, Dean Ambrose, was out last to a very loud reaction. Ambrose’s music stopped – will there actually be a seventh entrant as advertised at the beginning of the match build-up? Nope, cue the bell.

6 — DEAN AMBROSE vs. KEVIN OWENS vs. SAMI ZAYN vs. CESARO vs. ALBERTO DEL RIO vs. CHRIS JERICHO — six-man MITB ladder match for WWE Title contract

The match built to an early flip dive from Zayn onto a pile of wrestlers on the floor. Owens got the least of the attack, though, and superkicked Zayn. But, Jericho smacked Owens in the face with a ladder to cut him off. The match moved back to the ring, where everyone got some time to shine until Owens went on a Cannonball Run with splashes to Jericho, Del Rio, and Cesaro. But, Zayn popped back into the ring to kick Owens in the face. Zayn grabbed a ladder and started climbing, but Del Rio pulled him down and kicked him in the face.

Del Rio took the spotlight for a while trying to eliminate every threat before climbing a ladder, including a double foot stomp to Cesaro while he was on a ladder. Del Rio took a while to climb for the case, then stopped to kick Jericho, who returned to the ring. Del Rio resumed his climb, but Cesaro scaled the ladder to punch him down. Del Rio blocked, though, and put Cesaro in a cross arm-breaker on top of the ladder. Del Rio hung upside down with the hold, but Owens kicked him in the head.

Suddenly, Ambrose dropped Cesaro with Dirty Deeds. Jericho tried to run up the ladder, but Ambrose blocked him. Jericho tried again, but Zayn got to him at the last second. Owens eventually pushed both men off the ladder. But, Del Rio caught Owens with a Backstabber. Cesaro then put Del Rio in the Big Swing for about 15 revolutions. Jericho wanted a piece of Cesaro, but Cesaro put him in the Big Swing, too, finishing by swinging Chris into a ladder to a big reaction. But, Ambrose took out Cesaro with a flying elbow off a ladder.

At 13:00, everyone was down on the mat or floor selling the effects of the match. Ambrose got up first, but Owens smashed him into a ladder. Owens then put Dean on the ladder, climbed to the top, and nailed a frog splash, crunching Ambrose and himself into the ladder. Zayn took advantage by sending Owens into the edge of a ladder with a Michinoku Driver. Owens sold with a visual of his body bent over backwards across the ladder, popping the crowd.

Zayn started climbing the ladder looking to win the match, but he couldn’t grip the briefcase to win. Del Rio eventually crunched him repeatedly with another ladder to the rhythm of “Si!” And, well, craziness ensued with more ladders propped across the central ladder to create a virtual walkway/bridge from one end of the ring to another. All six men battled on the ladder walkway and all six men reached for the briefcase, clawing at each other. Del Rio and Cesaro ended up falling to the ground during the battle. Zayn then crotched Owens inside one of the horizontal ladders. Zayn was the last man standing. Zayn got a hand on the case, but Jericho cut him off. Jericho reached up for the case, but Ambrose pulled him down into Dirty Deeds.

Ambrose was the last man standing with Zayn. Suddenly, Owens came back into the picture to powerbomb Zayn across one of the bridge ladders. Owens then climbed the bridge to the central ladder, but Ambrose met him atop the main ladder. The two favorites to win battled for control of the ladder, then Owens took a flat-back bump onto a bridge ladder, knocking him out.

It was just Ambrose, who climbed, touched the case, grabbed it, and unhooked it to win, popping the crowd. Ambrose had a euphoric look on his face as he stood completely still atop the ladder. Ambrose held the pose for a while as fans exploded in the background. (Meanwhile, as WWE pulled the camera back, there was a glimpse of Del Rio being helped to the back by refs.)

Ambrose got emotional resting his head on the case while standing on top of the ladder. He collected himself, then stood strong on the ladder holding the case while JBL flipped out on commentary about the possibility of Ambrose being WWE champion.

WINNER: Ambrose at 21:38 to win the MITB briefcase. Very good ladder match. You knew Ambrose was going to win since everyone got their shine while Ambrose was mainly in the background during the match. Now the question hanging over the main event is whether Ambrose decides to cash in. (***3/4)

Pre-Show Panel: For “intermission,” WWE went to the pre-show panel for reaction to the first two hours of the show.

In-ring: Lana was standing by to introduce U.S. champion Rusev for the semi-main event. Titus O’Neil was out next to quickly enter this match with limited time left in the show.

7 — U.S. champion RUSEV (w/Lana) vs. TITUS O’NEIL — U.S. Title match

The match started quickly with a giant brawl that spilled to the outside. Rusev kicked Titus hard in front of his children on the front row, then both men collided hard with a double knock down clothesline. Rusev got the best of Titus on the floor before rolling him back into the ring. Rusev continued to wear down Titus, who made a comeback with clotheslines. Rusev cut him off, though, and put Rusev in The Accolade. It’s Father’s Day, Titus, break free! He couldn’t, though, and had to tap out.

Post-match, Rusev took a mic and walked over to Titus’s children. Rusev told his children to look at a loser over there. One of Titus’s sons slapped him across the chest, but Rusev brushed him off and shouted, “Happy Father’s Day!” Rusev got a crazy look in his eyes and posed with Lana as his music played and Titus sold in the background.

WINNER: Rusev via submission at 8:30. Another false hero falls to Rusev in the 2014 reset. Who is the ultimate foe for Rusev this time around? (**1/2)

Video Package: The Shield feud centered on Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. There isn’t a lot of time left in the PPV, just 15 minutes until the top of the hour.

In-ring: Seth Rollins was introduced to the ring to a strong reaction, making his TV in-ring return from the November 2015 injury. After a pause, the boos started. Roman Reigns’s music played to boos and he marched down to the ring, pausing to listen to the boos. Reigns posed in the ring with the WWE Title belt as the announcers talked up big fights in this city, from boxing to UFC. Reigns continued to pose as they reached eight minutes until the top of the hour. Lilian Garcia handled formal ring introductions as Rollins pointed to the WWE Title belt held by Reigns. Loud boos for Reigns, who sneered toward the crowd. Cole noted Rollins’s previous title run backed by The Authority before the bell sounded six minutes before the top of the hour.

8 — WWE World Hvt. champion SETH ROLLINS vs. ROMAN REIGNS — WWE World Hvt. Title match

Reigns and Rollins circled around the ring before locking up. Reigns powered Rollins to the corner to establish himself as the powerhouse of the match. Reigns cockily walked around the ring as Rollins checked his jaw. The crowd chanted for Ambrose two minutes in. “Roman Sucks” chants followed as he dominated Rollins with a methodical pace.

The PPV crossed the top of the hour to a PPV “over-run.” Apparently WWE is taking ownership of their PPV time tonight. Reigns continued to act heelish dominating Rollins and acting cocky about it. Reigns pushed Rollins to the top rope and pushed him down to the floor. On the outside, Reigns threw Rollins into the Spanish announce table. Reigns then dragged Rollins back into the ring.

In the ring, Reigns caught Rollins for a Razor’s Edge/sit-out powerbomb for a close two count. Rollins continued to take a beating until finally knocking down Reigns with Tanahashi’s Slingblade for a two count. Rollins teased The Pedigree, but Reigns blocked and nailed a Superman Punch for a two count. Rollins came back with a knee smash to the face, then an Eddie Guerrero top-rope frog splash. Seth’s babyface move led to him bouncing off Reigns, unable to make the cover, then he covered, only getting a two count.

Reset at 15:00 with the battle moving to the top turnbuckle. Rollins wanted a sunset flip powerbomb, redeeming the move that injured his knee, and this time he landed properly, then ran across the ring to Buckle Bomb Reigns. It was only good for a two count, though. Rollins followed with a superplex, he rolled through, and flowed into a Falcon Arrow for a super-close two count.

Rollins reset looking for a Pedigree, but Reigns blocked. Reigns then rolled up Rollins, powered through, and nailed a one-hand powerbomb for a two count. Moments later, Reigns absorbed a Buckle Bomb and sprung into a Superman Punch for a two count. Both men sold on the mat as the crowd chanted for Ambrose.

Rollins eventually rolled out of the ring to the floor area. Reigns wasn’t sure what to make of it, then left the ring and stalked Rollins for a giant spear, but Rollins moved and Reigns crashed into the timekeeper barricade. Another ref came down to check on Reigns along with the ringside medic. Rollins eventually dragged Reigns back into the ring. Ref Chioda had his back to the action talking to the ringside medic, prompting him to be squashed in the corner. Reigns then speared Rollins, the ref slowly woke up, and he counted a nearfall.

Reigns prepared for a second spear, but Rollins intercepted with a leaping mid-air Pedigree. Rollins immediately covered, but Reigns kicked out just before three. Rollins, incensed, scooped up Reigns looking for a full Pedigree, and he connected. Rollins covered, and it was good for a … three count. Rollins is new WWE champion, ending Reigns’s reign.

WINNER: Rollins at 26:00 even to regain the WWE World Title. Very strong second-half after a sluggish first-half with Reigns playing a heel throughout. (***1/2)

Post-match, Rollins celebrated in the ring and pounded his knee to indicate he’s 100 percent. Rollins celebrated, then Dean Ambrose’s music suddenly played. The crowd freaked out as Rollins turned to the stage trying to gain confidence anticipating Ambrose’s arrival.

Suddenly, Ambrose was in the ring behind Rollins. Ambrose waited for Rollins to turn around and he blasted him in the face with the briefcase. Ambrose then jumped down to ringside, told Chioda he’s cashing in, and the match was made official.

9 — WWE World Hvt. champion SETH ROLLINS vs. DEAN AMBROSE — WWE World Title MITB cash-in

Chioda called for the bell after checking on Rollins, then Ambrose grabbed Rollins, and nailed Dirty Deeds. Ambrose covered Rollins for the three count to win the WWE Title for the first time in his career.

WINNER: Ambrose at 0:09 to win the WWE World Title. They had to do something after the 2.03 TV rating on Monday. This was definitely something with WWE switching the belt the one clear, 100 percent, Daniel Bryan-like babyface they have at the top of the card. It also sets up the inevitable three-way Shield title match, either at Battleground or Summerslam, with both Rollins and Reigns now owed title re-matches from tonight’s events.

Post-match, Ambrose took the title belt and lost himself in the moment. Big celebration for Ambrose, who went nuts in the ring while the crowd exploded in the background. Meanwhile, Reigns collected himself on the floor selling disbelief over what happened. Rollins then recovered and sold frustration being thwarted by that dastardly Ambrose, who he said in his pre-PPV interview with Michael Cole that he did not think would be a factor.

Ambrose left the ring and celebrated on the announce table as WWE showed fans jumping up and down in the building. Cole and Co. said Ambrose rolled the dice tonight and he scored the jackpot in Vegas. Ambrose then returned to the ring for one final celebration with the title belt to close the PPV 25 minutes past the top of the hour.


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