RADICAN’S Progress Ch. 30 “SSS16 Finals” Review – Hero vs. End blows everyone away, Overall Reax

By Sean Radican, PWTorch columnist


“CHAPTER 30” SSS 16 – DAY 2
MAY 30, 2016

The show started with a video package highlighting the happenings from Day one of the SSS 16 Tournament.

Jim Smallman kicked off the show saying he had slept well and had a dream the fans were chanting keep it down. Smallman said today would be a long day, but it was his job to keep the crowd lively. Smallman announced that Mark Haskins collapsed after the show yesterday and was suffering from severe exhaustion and wouldn’t be able to compete today. He asked the fans to give him a round of applause, so they did and sang a song for Haskins as well.

Smallman announced that Smash Wrestling vs. Progress Wrestling would take place in September. Smallman pointed out a fan that had bought two front row tickets and asked if he realized the show was in Canada, which was funny. He then called out people in the crowd to explain why that had missed the show yesterday. One man said he was planning a wedding and the fans chanted you don’t know what you’re doing.

Smallman said they have to do something about Haskins’s spot in the tournament. He said they were going to bring out all eight men that lost yesterday and have a one fall scramble match. The person that wins gets Haskins’s spot in the quarterfinals.

The eight men that lost their first round matches on the previous day made their entrances and were introduced by Smallman. The match was about to start when The Origin’s music played. Nathan Cruz and El Ligero made their way down to the ring. Mastiff smiled and gave them a thumbs up as they made their way down to the ring. Cruz made Smallman hold the mic for him as the fans booed. Cruz said they deserved redemption after being robbed the previous day by Damon Moser, who laughed at them inside the ring. Cruz said he didn’t care if the people liked it or not, they were in the match. Williams and Andrews then wiped them out with stereo dives through the ropes and the match was on.

(1) T.K. Cooper vs. Dave Mastiff vs. Pete Dunne vs. Damon Moser vs. Kenny Williams vs. Matt Cross vs. Rampage Brown vs. El Ligero vs. Nathan Cruz vs. Mark Andrews in a 10-Man Redemption Scramble match. Everyone brawled to the floor leaving Brown and Mastiff inside the ring. Glen Joseph and Callum Leslie are in on commentary. They built up to Cross and Andrews ending up alone in the ring and the fans fired up big for their confrontation. Both men managed to counter hurricanrana attempts by doing cartwheels. The fans chanted Vader hates this and Cross hit Ospreay’s poise in the middle of the ring and the fans really popped huge. Cross and Andrews continued to go back and forth at an incredible pace. They came to another stalemate and the fans fired up huge again, but Dunne wiped them both out. Moser and Dunne went at it and Moser nailed him with a coast-to-coast dropkick, but Cruz wiped him out from behind. The announcers mentioned they were former stablemates.

Moser was isolated by The Origin inside the ring as Mastiff, Ligero, and Cruz took turns working him over. Cruz hit a spiked tombstone on Moser and then kicked him to the floor. Williams and Cross worked together to take out Cruz and Ligero. Moser was shown being helped to the back. Cross hit a space flying tiger driver to the floor and wiped out everyone. The fans lost their minds Ligero teased a dive, but the ref stopped him. The ref ended up backdropping him to the floor and he wiped out everyone. Brown was alone in the ring and he went up top and wiped out everyone with a big dive off the turnbuckles. The fans lost their minds and chanted this is Progress! Wow! Andrews hit a double reverse hurricanrana on Ligero and Dunne. Andrews then pinned Dunne after a SSP off the top. Wow!

WINNER: Mark Andrews at 10:22 to be reinstated into the SSS 16 Tournament.

Star rating: (***1/2) – The match had great action from start to finish. They built up to some nice spots that pleased the crowd. The interaction between Cross and Andrews was a lot of fun. They also used the match to advance some ongoing storylines. Most notably, Moser was knocked out of the match by The Origin and carried to the back. Andrews getting the win to be reinstated into the tournament definitely pleased the crowd.

Andrews’s quarterfinal opponent, Mikey Whiplash, attacked Andrews at the tip of the entrance ramp after the match. Whiplash called for a ref to start their quarterfinal round match.

(2) Mikey Whiplash vs. Mark Andrews in a SSS 16 Quarterfinal Round match. The announcers explained that Whiplash vs. Haskins was supposed to go on first. Whiplash went to work on Andrews inside the ring. Andrews suddenly slipped out of Whiplash’s grasp and rolled him up for the pin.

WINNER: Mark Andrews at 1:40 to advance to the SSS 16 Semi-Final Round – not much to this match to report other than the result.

Whiplash attacked Haskins immediately after being pinned. He tossed several chairs into the ring. Security stepped in Whiplash’s way to prevent him from doing more damage to Andrews. The fans sang the goodbye song to Whiplash. Smallman announced Andrews as the first man to enter the semi-final round, which drew applause from the fans.

Gibson interrupted the ring introductions from Smallman. He said he was soon to be recognized as #1 in Progress and the U.K. He referenced Gallagher being in the CWC, which drew some cheers from the crowd. Gallagher said this tournament though was all about him. He said he was going to drop Gallagher and tap him out with Shankly gates.

(3) Jack Gallagher vs. Zack Gibson in a SSS 16 Quarterfinal Round match. The announcers said these two men know each other well. They went at it on the mat and came to a stalemate. Gallagher kept using clever counters to escape Gibson’s submission attempts, which began to frustrate Gibson. Gallagher tied up Gibson and went to work on him with a bridging double arm submission. Gallagher was in the ropes when he got the bridge, so he had to let it go.

They had a great back and forth exchange that ended with Gallagher tying up Gibson in a ball. Wow! Gallagher sat on top of Gibson and the fans chanted for him to tap. Gallagher teased a big running kick that caused Gibson to release himself. They went back and forth trading blows. They then traded pinning combinations before they began rolling around back and forth. They ended up going too fast for the ref to even get a 1 count.

Gallagher finally managed to stay on top and he got 2 count and the fans applauded. Gibson ended up getting the upper hand a short time later when he shoved Gallagher into the ringpost on the floor. He then sent him shoulder-first into the ringpost before starting to work him over in the ring. Gibson went after Gallagher’s arm and the fans booed. Gallagher mounted a comeback and hit a cross-body off the ropes for a 2 count. Gibson quickly cut him off and slammed him shoulder-first into the canvas.

Gallagher countered Gibson and hit a dead-lift vertical suplex and both men were down on the mat. They went back and forth and Gibson hit a big code breaker off the turnbuckles, but Gallagher managed to kick out at the last second! Gallagher fired back and caught Gibson with a huge running dropkick in the corner for a 2 count. He then applied an ankle lock, but Gibson fought out of it. Gibson then used the ref as a distraction and applied the Shankly Gates for the win.

It will be Andrews vs. Gibson in the first semi-final match. The announcers noted Gibson had made good on his promise to win a tournament match via Shankly Gates for the second time this weekend.

WINNER: Zack Gibson at 13:18 to advance to the Semi-Final Round of the SSS 16.

Star rating: (***1/2) – This was a good match. Gallagher looked good during the early going frustrating Gibson with his technical wrestling and counters. Gibson was dominant late as he was able to cut off most of Gallagher’s comeback attempts after he had worked over his arm before applying Shankly Gates for the win.

(4) Big Daddy Walter vs. Chris Hero in a SSS 16 Quarterfinal Round match. Hero was wearing Chicago Bulls gear and he got a big pop from the fans making his entrance. Both men shook hands before going at it. Things got heated quickly and both men exchanged slaps to the face. Hero caught Walter by surprise with a running boot that sent him to the floor. Hero managed to flip over the ropes when Walter got out of the way.

Both men then began trading shots on the floor. Walter wanted to go back into the ring, but Hero goaded him to the floor and told him to chop him. Walter nailed him with a huge chop. Hero told him to do it again. Walter hit him with a pair of huge chops, but Hero decked him with an elbow and the fans chanted for Hero. The fans chanted big lads wrestling as Hero went on the attack. Walter fired back and caught Hero with a running boot and a huge sit down splash that caused Hero to scream in pain. The fans sang a song about Walter as he went on the attack.

Hero fired back on Walter and hit a pair of huge kicks, but Walter wouldn’t go down. Hero then nailed him with a rolling elbow and he finally went down for a 2 count. Walter tried to fire back a short time later and Hero decked him with a short right! Wow! Walter fired back and caught Hero by surprise with a dropkick as he came off the ropes for a 2 count. Walter then hit a huge powerbomb on Hero for a near fall and the fans applauded. Hero hit a pair of huge elbows, but Walter hit a big boot and a lariat. Hero kicked out at one and hit a big elbow, but Walter cut him off.

Walter hit a big German and another huge lariat for the pin, but Hero kicked out at the last second! Holy s—! The fans began chanting for Hero as he was down on the mat. Hero hit a rip cord elbow on Walter and he didn’t go down. Hero hit the death blow and Walter dropped to his knees. Hero then hit a huge death blow, but Walter kicked out! Holy s—! The fans began singing for Walter as Hero signaled for a piledriver. Hero went for the piledriver and then transitioned to the Gotch piledriver. Hero landed it as the fans gasped and it was good for the pin! What a match.

WINNER: Chris Hero at 11:52 to advance to the Semi-Final Round of the SSS 16

Star rating: (****) – It’s hard to believe this match only went a shade under 12 minutes, as they went hard from bell-to-bell. The fighting spirit spots late in the match were brilliant and these two put on a fantastic match. Hero is the man in 2016.

End went face-to-face with Callihan as he made his entrance and got up on the apron. Callihan shoved him away and posed on the turnbuckles.

(5) Sami Callihan vs. Tommy End in a SSS 16 Quarterfinal Round match. The fans booed Callihan as he made his entrance and then fired up with a chant for End as both men glared at each other from opposite corners of the ring. Callihan finally charged at End and ran right into a huge kick to the head for a near fall. Callihan ducked a knee off the apron and hit a bicycle kick. Callihan then ran all the way around the ring and nailed End with a big rolling senton. Holy s—! He set End up in the chair once again and slowly ran around the ring, but End caught him with a running knee to the head and the fans applauded.

They ended up back inside the ring as both men continued to go back and forth. They battled up top and Callihan hit a huge palm strike to the head. He went for a sunset flip, but End blocked it, landed on his feet, hit a roundhouse kick, and then a German with a bridge for a near fall. Wow! Callihan fired back and flipped off End. He hit a big running face wash in the corner. He hit a second one and set up for a third. Callihan mocked the fans clapping and End popped up and nailed him with a kick. End tried to climb the ropes, but Callihan caught I and hit the stuffed tombstone for a near fall. Wow! That was a nice cover for that slip up.

They went back and forth and Callihan tried to hit a low blow after grabbing the ref. End blocked the low blow, but Callihan managed to hit a low blow and a double underhook piledriver a short time later as the ref regrouped, but End managed to kick out at the last second. End has now kicked out of two piledrivers in this match! Callihan sold shock as the fans chanted for End. Both men traded kicks and then forearms.

They traded forearms at a rapid pace. They continued to exchange. Callihan kissed End and bounced off the ropes right into a roundhouse kick to the head for the win! Wow! The announcers noted that the roundhouse kick had made him a #1 contender and should have made him Progress Champion. Now it gives him a date with his mentor Chris Hero.

The second semi-final match will be Hero vs. End.

Callihan was left alone in the ring after the match and the fans chanted please come back. The fans then chanted please wake up, which was funny. Callihan finally sat up and left the ring. The fans chanted please comeback at Callihan once again as he sold the kick to the head.

WINNER: Tommy End at 6:31 to advance to the SSS 16 Semi-Final Round

Star rating: (***1/2) – This was an all-out back and forth war. It only went a shade under 7 minutes, but the action was crazy while it lasted. End survived two piledrivers and ended up winning when he caught Callihan with his signature roundhouse kick.

A graphic was shown updating the semi-final round match in SSS 16.

Smallman introduced his business partners Jon and Glenn. He then introduced the other people running the cameras and doing other duties. The fans gave them a round of applause. Smallman introduced a man that was very well dressed and had him strut around the ring. Smallman said this was the second section of the show. He then brought out a guest commentator. Progress Champion Marty Scurll came out to boos before joining in on commentary.

Gibson got on the mic before facing Andrews. He cut the same promo he had cut before the other matches in the tournament. The fans chanted for him to shut the f— up! He said Mark Andrews will come out and do a kick flip and everyone will lose their mind. The fans cheered. He then told Andrews how the match would go. He once against promised to tap out his opponent with Shankly Gates. The fans booed.

(6) Mark Andrews vs. Zack Gibson in a SSS 16 Semi-final Round match. Gibson turned around and Andrews rolled him up for a near fall. Gibson fired back and hit a huge clothesline and a powerbomb for a near fall. Gibson put a beating on Andrews as Scurll said he should have been in SSS 16 so he could officially own Progress. Andrews tried to make a comeback, but Gibson cut him off. Scurll said he wasn’t worried if Gibson went on to win the tournament because he’s already beaten him.

Gibson taunted Andrews and shoved him into the corner. Andrews fired back and went for a tornado DDT. Gibson went for a suplex, but Andrews countered it into a stunner. Andrews then hit a huge flip dive to the floor. Andrews then hit a springboard standing moonsault and a running SSP for a 2 count. Gibson fired back and hit a big lung blower. He then hit a big cross-legged moonsault on Andrews for a 2 count and the fans applauded. Gibson set up for Shankly Gates, but Andrews managed to get to the ropes. He went for another code breaker off the turnbuckles, but Andrews countered it into a powerbomb. Gibson got his knees up on a top rope SSP for a near fall.

They went back and forth and Gibson dragged the ref in Andrews’s way before shoving him shoulder-first into the ringpost. Gibson locked in Shankly Gates, but Andrews went for the ropes. Andrews escaped, but Gibson applied Shankly Gates again. Andrews then got a bridging pin for the win.

Gibson sold shock after the match as the fans applauded Andrews, who sold his arm as he made his way to the back. The fans taunted Gibson about his loss after the match. Gibson waved his finger at them and headed to the back.

WINNER: Mark Andrews at 7:50 to advance to the Finals of the SSS 16

Star rating: (**1/2) – This was good while it lasted. The match was almost all Gibson working over Andrews and cutting off hit comeback attempts before Andrews countered Shankly Gates for the win.

End glared at Scrull before making his way down to the ring for his match against Hero. Hero was out next.

(7) Chris Hero vs. Tommy End in a SSS 16 Quarterfinal Round match. Hero had his mid-section taped up after his match with Walter earlier in the night. The fans were going crazy chanting for both men. The announcers mentioned that Heroes Eventually Die music played before both men came out, which was a nice touch. End hit Hero with a big kick and Hero returned fire with some chops. Hero then surprised End with a front kick that decked him. Scurll called Hero a basketball loser.

Hero called End to the outside and End nailed him with a big kick to the shoulder. They went head-to-head and Hero nailed him with an elbow and End fired back with one of his own! Wow! They continued to trade blows on the floor as Scurll laughed. Hero decked End with a huge chop. End then fired back with a big kick. Hero staggered, but didn’t go down. Hero then took a huge jumping knee, but used the entrance stage to keep himself on his feet. The brawled up to the stage and went back and forth.

End nailed Hero with a huge kick, but Hero fired back with a cyclone kick to deck End and the fans chanted for Hero. Hero dragged End back down to ringside and nailed him with several chops. End ended up seated in a chair and Hero nailed him with a back senton to wipe him out! Wow! Hero tossed End back into the ring and decked him with a short right. End fired back and caught Hero with a double stomp as he came off the ropes! End nailed Hero with a flurry of strikes capped by a jumping knee to the head for a 2 count and the fans applauded. The fans fired up with a “This is Progress” chant.

Hero finally blocked a kick from End and hit him with a jumping knee. They went back and forth and End no-sold a stomp to the back of the head. Hero hit a straight right hand, but End fired right back with a brainbuster for a 2 count! End missed a double stomp off the top and Hero eventually slipped around him for a short piledriver for a 2 count! Wow! Hero set up End and hit the death blow, but End kicked out at the last second!

End dragged himself to his feet by the ropes and Hero nailed him with a big forearm. They went back and forth trading knees in the middle of the ring. Neither man would go down. The fans gasped as both men hit huge shots. Hero took him down with a big kick, but End got up and fired back with a flurry of strikes. They went back and forth trading blows against the ropes. End finally ended the sequence with a huge jumping knee. He hit a double stomp and Hero got right up. End then hit a roundhouse kick for a 2 count are you kidding me? Scurll couldn’t believe Hero kicked out of the move, as it put him away.

The fans lost their minds as Scurll called for the match to be stopped. End went up top, but Hero cut him off with a straight right. Hero then hit a big bicycle kick on End, who was up top. Hero went for a piledriver off the ropes, but End blocked it! Hero then set up for a Gotch piledriver and connected! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Hero crawled over to End, but he kicked out at the last second. My God! Hero went for a rip cord roaring elbow, but End countered it into a pinning combination for the win. That was ridiculous! OH MY GOD what a match!!

Hero and End both knelt near each other in the middle of the ring. Hero got up and pointed to End, who bowed to him. Scurll mocked them for being friends. Both men then bumped elbows and hugged. Scurll continued to mock them on commentary. Scurll taunted Hero when he got to the top of the entrance ramp and held up his title. Hero pointed at Scurll and the title before going to the back.

WINNER: Tommy End at 12:36 to advance to the Finals of SSS 16.

Star rating: (****3/4) – This was an amazing back and forth hard-hitting encounter. It just doesn’t get much better than this with two guys going all out. The sequence with End hitting a double stomp and Hero getting right back up only to take a roundhouse kick to the head for a near fall. Hero hitting a Gotch piledriver off the top for a near fall was purely mental. Just an amazing match.

(8) The Dazzler Team (Earl Black Jr. & Darrell Allen) vs. Sweet Jesus (William Eaver & Chuck Mambo) in a Number One Contender Tag Team Street Fight. Sweet Jesus charged the ring and sent Allen and Black to the floor. Sweet Jesus then hit stereo flip dives over the top to the floor to wipe out The Dazzler Team. Beach Balls from Sweet Jesus’s entrance continued to be punched around by the fans. Eaver nailed Black with a wicked chair shot in the corner that appeared to accidentally hit his head. Allen then took several chairshots to the back from Sweet Jesus.

They hit a double hip toss on Black through two chairs, but he ended up just landed on his rear end and the chairs didn’t break his fall. The Dazzler team bailed and teased leaving the ring and the fans booed. Sweet Jesus followed them to the top of the stage and they brawled near the entrance. Allen sold a shot from a beach ball from Mambo. Mambo ended up breaking a watermelon over Allen’s head. Mambo slid Black in a shopping cart right into a clothesline from Eaver in a spot that looked very dangerous. Allen fired back and wiped out Sweet Jesus with several crutch shots.

Both teams went back and forth on the outside. Allen ended up tossing Mambo off the top through a table for a near fall. Eaver got into the ring a short time later and wore out Allen with the crutch. Eaver hit a huge clothesline on Allen, but Black broke it up with a diving headbutt. Eaver hit the pastor’s edge on Black a short time later. Mambo recovered on the outside after Eaver “called for him.”

Mambo grabbed a deflated beach ball that was filled with tacks. The Dazzler Team set up for a double styles clash into the tacks, but Mambo and Eaver hit a double backdrop into the tacks for a near fall. Black and Allen sold the pain of the tacks. Black ended up nailing Eaver with a low blow. The Dazzler Team then hit the Dazzler death drop into the tack on Eaver for the win.

Eaver and Mambo eventually recovered and the fans chanted we believe.

WINNERS: Earl Black Jr. & Darrell Allen at 12:45 to become the new #1 Contenders to the Progress Tag Team Championship. This wasn’t very good, as the action was sloppy time and some of the big spots during the early going looked dangerous. It was mostly a garbage brawl down the stretch that saw The Dazzler Team become the new #1 contenders to the tag titles.

The brackets were shown for the SSS 16 and they updated with the final round match of Andrews vs. End.

Smallman thanked the fans and said they couldn’t do it without them. He said it had been a stressful weekend, but none of that matters when the fans make the noise that they do. He said they make it all worth it. The fans chanted this is Progress. Smallman said they had only hoped to do one shot and now they’ve done it four and a half years and he hopes they do it the rest of their lift. The fans chanted please don’t die, which was funny.

Smallman said up next was Roy Johnson’s Wasteman Challenge. Johnson said he was here with a mic and why not have a special SSS 16 edition of the Wasteman Challenge. He said he knew someone was in the back to answer it. Eddie Dennis then came out to a big pop to answer the Wasteman Challenge. Dennis said he was accepting the Wasteman Challenge. However, the truth is that he’s not very good at rapping. He said he doesn’t have bars for days, but he likes going to bars. He said he was going to do his own take of the hip hop music industry. He asked Smallman to use his hat. He put it on sideways and the fans gasped. He called for Jon Briley to drop the beat. Dennis then rapped on Johnson, who was laughing in the corner. Dennis finished and dropped the mic. The fans chanted that was crazy. Johnson said he wasn’t expect that dragon to be spitting fire in reference to Dennis. Johnson then did his own rap on Dennis. He apparently did a good job of “serving” Dennis. Both men drank beers together after the contest. Johnson patted Dennis a little too hard and he spilled some beer. The fans chanted you f’d up at Johnson. Dennis then grabbed him from behind and dropped him with a big modified scorpion death drop.

Smallman told someone in the crowd to tell Meltzer he had just seen a six star classic. He then told him to tag Vader as well.

(9) Tommy End vs. Mark Andrews in the SSS 16 Finals. Both men got big ovations when they were introduced. End tried to surprise Andrews with a running kick, but Andrews avoided it. Andrews sent End to the floor and wiped him out with a flip dive. End fired back with a knee strike to the back of Andrews’s head a short time later for a 2 count. End slammed Andrews into the turnbuckles and he landed right on his shoulder. Both men began trading blows. Andrews countered End and hit a stunner for a 2 count. He hit a leaping hurricanrana for a 2 count.

End got up and hit a roundhouse kick for a near fall. End went up top and the lights went out. When they came back on someone was in the ring. It was Whiplash. End was shown standing behind him and he wiped him out with a roundhouse kick. Andrews hit a reverse hurricanrana and went up top. He hit a huge SSP, but End kicked out at the very last second! Andrews went up top again as the fans chanted for End. Andrews missed a second SSP attempt. They went back and forth and End spiked Andrews with a deadlift German for a near fall. End hit the crescent double stomp for a near fall. Andrews told End to bring it. End then nailed him a knockout kick for the win.

End leaned over Andrews as the announcers said Andrews had wrestled four matches today and End had wrestled three. End went back down to talk to Andrews. He ended up helping Andrews to his knees as the fans chanted for both men.

WINNER: Tommy End at 6:20 to win the 2016 SSS 2016.

Star rating: (***) – They packed a ton of action into this match. Even though this was a short final, it felt right because of what both men had been through in the tournament.

End said the win was for Kris in reference to Kris Travis, who passed away due to cancer. End said he had no idea what to say because if the fans think it’s special, they have no idea what it means to him. End said from the bottom of his black, dark heart he loves the fans. End then bowed in the middle of the ring and left to the back.

Overall Thoughts: (9.0) – I’m not quite sure where to begin describing how much I enjoyed watching this tournament. Hero was incredible in his three matches in the tournament. They made the best of Haskins being unable to wrestle and told a nice story with Andrews surviving three matches before getting to the finals of the tournament. Tommy End, one of the top wrestlers on the UK scene, made it to the finals and won the whole darn thing much to the delight of the crowd.

This was a really good tournament. I liked how several of the wrestlers stood out in their own way. Gibson beat his first two opponents just how he told them he would in the tournament only to lose to Andrews, who was on his way to the finals. Callihan had a little mini heel turn and had two short, but brutal matches against Cross and End over the course of two nights. His match against End in the quarterfinal round was amazing even though it was short.

Chris Hero is the man. There I said it. Nobody delivers in big match after big match like Hero. He had three incredible matches during the tournament against three different opponents. His match against End in the semi-final round here was one of the best matches I’ve seen all year.

The story of End vs. Andrews colliding after each man had a grueling path during the second night of the tournament was well-done. It seemed like Andrews got to the finals by the skin of his teeth while End was engaged in warfare in nearly every match. The End vs. Andrews match was short, but fitting given what each man had been through during the tournament.

Overall, this was a fantastic tournament. Progress did a great job producing the entire tournament. I really enjoyed the small touches like the updated brackets throughout the night. The commentary was strong and overall Progress Wrestling is just a fun and engaging product to watch. Thumbs up!


Chapter 30: SSS 16 Day 1 & Day 2 are only available as a VOD with a subscription to Demand-Progress.com or as an MP4 purchase as well. Progress Wrestling is still taking orders for a limited amount of copies of the entire SSS 16 Tournament on DVD at ProgressWrestling.com, but they don’t make many, so if you want an official copy of the tournament from the U.K., hurry up and make your oder shortly. Highspots has also recently begun stocking Progress Wrestling releases, so I would anticipate that a Highspots version of this tournament will be released in the near future as well at Highspots.com.

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