7/13 Lucha Underground Results – Dehnel’s Report on “Ultima Lucha Dos” Week 2


Lucha Underground Report
July 13, 2016
Taped in Los Angeles, Calif.
Season 2 Episode #25 aired on El Rey Network
Report by Joel Dehnel, PWTorch contributor

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“Ultima Lucha Dos” Part 2

The show opened with a video package featuring the medallion holders, Mil Muertes and King Cuerno.

Title sequence rolled.

In ring: Santos welcomed the crowd to Ultima Lucha Dos.

Announcers: Vampiro and Matt Striker ran down the card for tonight.

In-ring: Santos introduced all of the gift of the gods competitors, all of which were in the ring already except Night Claw.

1 – DAGA vs. SINESTRO DE LA MUERTE vs. MARIPOSA vs. MARTY “THE MOTH” MARTINEZ vs. SEXY STAR vs. KILLSHOT vs. NIGHT CLAW – Gift of the Gods Elimination match

Killshot dove onto Marty to start. The others all brawled in the ring while Kobra Moon watched the match from the crowd.

Night Claw, Sinestro and Daga fought back and forth in the ring. Night Claw flipped over Sinestro for the elimination at 2:51.


Daga jumped onto Night Claw on the outside. Star and Mariposa briefly fought in the ring until Star leaped onto Mariposa, Daga and Night claw on the outside. Killshot then Marty also dove to the outside. Dawg got Marty in an arm bar but Marty picked him up and slammed him in the corner. Daga and Marty rolled around the ring the Night Claw broke the, up and fought Daga. Night Claw hit a hurricarana off the top rope the then hit a flip to eliminate Daga at 6:29.

Night Claw climbed to the top of the temple and hit a moonsault onto everyone below. Marty and Killshot fought in the ring. Killshot took out Mariposa on the apron then hit a Diamond Cutter on Marty in the ring. Night Claw hit a hurricarana off the rope then a standing moonsault to Killshot. Killshot moved out of the way of a flip then picked up Night Claw for a pile driver and elimination at 10:09.

Killshot and Star worked together take out Marty and Mariposa. Mariposa hit a sunset flip powerbomb for a nearfall on Killshot. Mariposa then hit the butterfly effect on Killshot for the elimination at 12:15.


Star tried to fend off Mariposa and Marty. Star fought off Marty and Mariposa and locked Marty in an arm around until Mariposa broke it up. Marty accidentally hit Mariposa which allowed Star to pin Mariposa for the elimination at 15:05.

Marty tried to touch Star but Star slapped him then Locked him in a submission hold. Marty escaped and struck Star and attempted a pin. Star got a burst of energy and locked in an armbar for the submission victory at 17:55

WINNER: Sexy Star at 17:55. By far the best match at Ultima Lucha. I’m not a fan of multi-person matches where there are a lot of stories and feuds at play, but this worked out well because of the real focus was on Sexy Star. The story was well executed here in which Star finally took or Marty and Mariposa to earn her spot in a number one contenders match with the LU champion. Good wrestling in the ring and well-timed high spots. (***3/4)


Undisclosed location: Joey Ryan and Cortez put a wire on Mr. Cisco. Cisco was very nervous to wear it but Cortez and Ryan reassured him.

Announcers: Vampiro and Striker said next week’s Ultima Lucha Part 3/3 would be two hours in length. (This is rivaling WrestleMania with 4 hours.) They ran down next week’s card:

  • Ivelisse vs. Taya
  • Drago, Fenix & AeroStar vs. Mundo & Evans & Black – Trios Championship
  • Black Lotus vs. El Dragon Azteca Jr.
  • Pentagon vs. Matanza Cueto – Lucha Underground Championship
  • Prince Puma vs. Rey Mysterio, Jr

In-ring: Santos introduced King Cuerno to the ring. He was followed by Mil Muertes and Catrina.

2 – KING CUERNO vs. MIL MUERTES (w/Catrina) – Death Match

Both men traded blows to start. Mil threw Cuerno around the ring. Cuerno dodged an attack which led to Mil falling to the outside then Cuerno hit a dive. Cuerno tried another but Mil stopped him and hit a diamond cutter on the outside. Mil threw Cuerno into the crowd and beat him with a chair.

Cuerno knocked Mil over a barricade then hit a cross-body onto Mil. Mil and Cuerno climbed up to the band stage and fought in front of the band. Cuerno fell off the stage then Mil grabbed a table from under the ring. Mil set up a Ladder leaning towards the barricade. Cuerno countered and hit Mil with a trash can. Cuerno caught Mil on the top rope and hit a hurricarana then hit a clothesline to the outside.

Mil knocked over Cuerno and dragged him up the stairs of the temple. Cuerno drove Mil’s head through some glass then Mil did the same to Cuerno. Mil set up the table outside the ring then grabbed Cuerno. Cuerno countered a powerbomb, then hit a DDT and grabbed another table.

Mil climbed back in the ring where they traded punches again. Cuerno ducked an attack then flipped Muertes onto the ladder. Cuerno threatened Catrina, then Muertes speared Cuerno through a table then powerbombed Cuerno through multiple tables. Cuerno struck Cuerno from the top then hit a tombstone pile driver for the win.

WINNER: Mil Muertes at 13:48. Lots of weapons and high spots. Not a lot of wrestling. (**3/4)

Post-match: Catrina gave Cuerno the lick of death, then medics attended to Cuerno.

Announcers: Striker talked about the match between Vampiro and Pentagon from last year. Striker asked Vampiro about Pentagon’s chances. Vampiro dumped his pills into the trash then walked off. Striker signed off the show.

Dario’s Office: Mr. Cisco walked into Dario’s office. Cisco said he came to check in on Dario and Dario asked him to leave. Cisco told Dario he could count on him for whatever. Dario told Cisco he looks nervous then asked if he was wearing a wire. Dario grabbed the wire and told Ryan and Cortez if they want to take him out to come and get him. Dario asked what they wanted him for. He asked if this was for murder. He then stabbed Cisco and grabbed his phone and said it’s time.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Another death in Lucha Underground. Can’t say I’m a fan, but this episode was a bit more eventful and noteworthy than last week. Things do feel like they are amping up, but three weeks of Ultima Lucha is far too much. This week felt more special than last week, but to be honest these kinds of matches and events are nothing different from what you would see on a regular episode. Yeah, these were bigger feuds, but I feel like they are not big deal match you’re only going to see on a big event. Next week is a loaded line-up, which should be filled with good matches. In the future I would hope that Ultima Lucha would just be one two-hour show, but that won’t happen next season because they already filmed it.

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