7/17 EVOLVE 65 iPPV Results – RADICAN’S In-Person Report on Galloway vs. Gargano main event, EVOLVE Title match, Sabre, Jr. vs. Nese, more

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RadicanSean_profileEVOLVE 65 iPPV Report
July 17, 2016
Melrose, Mass.
Report by Sean Radican, PWTorch columnist

(1) Cedric Alexander beat Tommaso Ciampa. One hell of an opener. Alexander got the win with the lumbar check after both guys tagged each other with strikes. The entire building stood up and applauded after the finish.

(2) Ethan Page beat Travis Gordon. Page won a quick squash with a package piledriver.

After the match, Page put over EVOLVE. He said EVOLVE will return to New England, then said he was going to watch Johnny Gargano destroy Drew Galloway. Galloway ran down and wiped out Page with the Futureshock. Galloway said he’s the only one that’s sane in this place. He says they do not care what the fans think. He said it’s about the preservation of EVOLVE. He said whoever wins this match will dictate the company.

(3) Matthew Riddle beat Marty Scurll. This was a really good match. Riddle won with the modified Rings of Saturn.

(4) Catch Point Open Tryout: Drew Gulak & Tracy Williams & Fred Yehi (w/TJP) beat Darby Allin & Chris Dickinson & Jonathan Gresham in a six-man tag match. The stipulation was that if Allin. Dickinson, or Gresham get the win, they are in Catch Point. Drew Gulak submitted Gresham for the win.

Post-match: EVOLVE champion Timothy Thatcher came down to the ring to confront Catch Point. Stokely Hathaway came down to the ring and complained about his broken thumb. He said he wanted to erase Thatcher from EVOLVE forever. TJP and Thatcher went at it, but got separated. A ref cams down and said ring the bell.

(5) EVOLVE champion Timothy Thatcher beat T.J. Perkins (w/Catch Point) to retain the EVOLVE Title. Perkins did a lot of damage on Thatcher’s arm, but Thatcher got the win wth a leverage pin.

(6) Zack Sabre, Jr. beat Anthony Nese. Awesome match. Sabre won with a bridging pinning combination.

(7) EVOLVE Tag Team champion Drew Galloway beat Johnny Gargano – There must be a winner. Really good hard-hitting match. Galloway hit two tombstones and Gargano kicked out. He then hit a third tombstone for the win a short time later.

Galloway got on the mic after and said he did what he said he would do. He said today was independent wrestling day. Galloway said he needs to finish this right now. Ethan Page ran down and hit a slingshot ace crusher to get rid of Galloway.

Galloway knocked over the entrance setup on his way up. Page was alone in the ring with Gargano. He said this isn’t the Gargano that brought him into EVOLVE. He told Gargano to be the Johnny Gargano that he’s a fan of. Gargano grabbed the mic. He thanked the fans for coming and said he’s sorry for letting anything be down. The fans chanted for Gargano as he left to the back dejected. A huge “Johnny Wrestling” chant broke out. Page said Gargano didn’t let anyone down. Page then thanked the fans to close the show. Page said EVOLVE will be back on December 11.

Overall, really strong show in a nice venue. Good, strong crowd of around 300-400.

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