8/8 WWE Raw News & Notes – Brock Lesnar returning next week, Rollins to call out “Demon King,” U.S. Title match result, P Diddy’s role, Scooby Doo

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


WWE Raw News & Notes 8/8

– WWE announced two items for next week’s Raw leading into Summerslam. (1) Brock Lesnar is scheduled for Raw to hype his return match against Randy Orton. (2) Seth Rollins is calling out Finn Balor’s alter-ego, now called “Demon King,” prior to their Universal Title match at Summerslam.

– Smackdown GM Daniel Bryan returned to Raw to have a chat with Raw GM Mick Foley regarding Orton and Lesnar crossing shows last week on Raw and Smackdown. This led to U.S. champion Rusev interrupting, Cesaro interrupting to get a U.S. Title shot, and a title match main event.

Rusev ended up retaining the U.S. Title against Cesaro after Sheamus interfered three times. Cesaro had a visual fall on Sheamus while the referee was down.

– Raw was heavy on promos, including Seth Rollins addressing Finn Balor. This led to a video feature on Balor’s character’s mythology taking Balor out of the ring to verbally enhance his persona a few weeks into his main roster run.

– Raw guest star Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs made one backstage appearance interacting with New Day members Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods. Big E. was off TV selling last week’s ringpost shot to the groin from The Club, who played the role of doctors bragging about their injury work.

– WWE hyped this week’s DVD release of a new WWE/Scooby Doo movie by having R-Truth and Goldust interact with a Scooby Doo mascot. “Scooby Doo: Curse of the Speed Demon” is out Tuesday.

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