8/10 WWE NXT Results – James’s Report on Joe vs. Mojo main event, Ciampa & Gargano, big hype for NXT: Takeover; Reax

Asuka - NXT show (Photo Credit Scott Lunn @ScottLunn © PWTorch)


WWE NXT TV Results
August 10, 2016
Taped at Full Sail University
Report by Justin James, PWTorch NXT reviewer

[Q1] Pre-credits, Bobby Roode comes out of William Regal’s office thanking him and looking smug.

Regal starts the show mid-ring for the NXT Women’s Championship contract signing. He brings out Bayley first. I think Asuka just got a bigger pop than Bayley. Bayley has something to say before she signs. She talks up her history in NXT, always seen as the underdog until she became the champion. She says she is ready, and credits Asuka as being her biggest challenge. The Asuka mystique is gone, and she will be the first to beat Asuka and become the first repeat NXT Women’s Champion. She signs. Strong promo gets a strong reaction.

Asuka: you don’t have what it takes. Ooohs from the crowd. But, Asuka respects Bayley. Bayley respects Asuka, too, but the last time Asuka was at a contract signing she ended up on her back, so Asuka needs to sign it right now. Asuka fires up and signs, then Regal does, too. Asuka looks for a handshake, but Bayley kind of slaps her hand, then leaves. Asuka gets mad and kind of trips over herself. Bayley comes back to the ring and they do the UFC head-to-head. Asuka raises the title, then leaves.

[ J.J.’s Reax: NXT always nails these perfectly. So hot to see this match, and Asuka is cast as the heel. ]

Backstage Paul Ellering gives the Authors of Pain some instructions.

The Authors of Pain come out. I think this may only be the second time they came out for an actual match?

1 – THE AUTHORS OF PAIN (w/Paul Ellering) vs. RYZEN & NAILZ

Isn’t this a repeat of their official debut match? The Authors of Pain quickly take Nailz apart, then kick him to his corner so he can tag Ryzen. Ryzen doesn’t want any and reluctantly comes in for punishment. The AOP want a stereo powerbomb, but smash them together from the powerbomb position, then hit the bombs. Double team finisher. Quick squash.

Winners: The Authors of Pain in 1:22.

Post-match, the Authors of Pain want a continued attack, but TM61 make the save. Miller eats a powerbomb, then Thorn takes the Authors of Pain double-team finisher. That just devalued TM61 greatly.

[Q2] Post-match, Shinsuke Nakamura is asked if Samoa Joe worries him. He says he isn’t hard to find, but he will find Joe when he wants to. Then he acts like he sees something in the distance and investigates.

[ J.J.’s Reax: Nakamura has so much natural charisma it offsets his language challenges quite easily. ]

Last week I mentioned that I missed Andrade Almas, and here he is, to face Angelo Dawkins. This is a great chance for Dawkins to highlight himself.


Dawkins’s size lets him control Almas, who then flips away. Beautiful acrobatics from Almas, then a head scissors. Huge right clobbers Almas, though. Dawkins with a corner splash and a two count. Dawkins telegraphs a back drop. Almas slides down, cover, two count. Almas with more slick moves. Elbows in the corner put Dawkins on the ground. Running double knees to follow, then a hammerlock DDT for the win.

WINNER: Andrade “Cien” Almas in 2:20. Good match to show off Almas’s technique. Two weeks with matches ended by DDTs – what’s going on?

Post-match, Bobby Roode comes out wearing a suit to clap up Almas. I smell a great Takeover match on its way. Roode congratulates Almas, not on the win, but for getting a match with Roode at Brooklyn. The night needed more star power; it needs to be glorious. Regal booked Almas to face Roode. Roode says he knows Almas struggles to understand English so he will say it slow, those people aren’t paying to see Almas, they are paying to see Roode. Almas looks super game.

[ J.J.’s Reax: Are they going to go to a full three hours for Takeover: Brooklyn? Because there’s three championship matches, the Ember Moon debut, and likely Austin Aries against No Way Jose, and now Almas – Roode. ]

Samoa Joe vs. Mojo Rawley is billed as the main event.

Backstage, Austin Aries is giving Regal a headache about organic fruit. Aries is upset that he doesn’t have a match for Takeover: Brooklyn. Regal agrees, and books him to face No Way Jose. Aries wants to object to it being said that he’s been avoiding Jose, then Regal tells him to see himself out.

Billie Kay is out for a match. The women’s division desperately needs some depth with Bliss and Jax sent to the main roster, and Bayley needing to either capture the title or leave. Liv Morgan is the opponent. Big pop for the bubbly Morgan.


Lock-up, then a break, lock-up again. Morgan shoves Kay off, then takes a shoulder block. Morgan with a shoulder block of her own, then acrobatics. Spinning head scissors. Morgan tries to mount in the corner, but Kay blocks and dumps her into the turnbuckle. Kay delivers boots on the mat.

[Q3] Suplex for two. Morgan struggles to break free of a hold. Running bulldog from Morgan. She mounts in the corner for a monkey flip. Morgan with a big kick, Kay ducks, and a big boot gets the win.

WINNER: Billie Kay in 3:11. Both looked a touch nervous and worked a bit soft, so the match felt more like a Raw match from 2012 not a 2016 NXT match.

Brief recap of Ciampa vs. Gargano on CWC last week.

Backstage, Regal congatulates Ciampa and Gargano on their match. He wants to make sure that their team is fine, because they are facing The Revival in Brooklyn. Gargano thanks Regal for his confidence in them. Ciampa says that families fight, but he continues to choose Ciampa as his partner. They are going to beat The Revival again and win. Regal seems pleased.

Another Ember Moon vignette. It’s a woman. Something… fires… prophesies…


Clark and Gargano lock up. Clark cinches in a side headlock. Hammmerlock from Gargano into an armbar. Wristlock takes Clark to the corner to get double-teamed. Ciampa gets sent into Knight, who accidentally takes a shot from Clark, then Knight tags in to dominate Ciampa.

Ciampa gets to Gargano. Shoulder tackle and a dropkick, then Gargano’s roll-up kick. Spear takes Tucker down. Double team to Tucker. Superkick/knee double move to Tucker’s face gets the win.

WINNERS: Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano in 3:13. Fine match to keep Ciampa and Gargano strong going into Brooklyn.

Recap of Hideo Itami’s return last week. Itami is advertised for next week.

Backstage, Mojo Rawley gets asked about facing Samoa Joe. He says he hates that guy – who does Joe think he is sticking his nose in his business. Rawley is super mad. Tonight isn’t about getting hyped, its about getting even.

[ J.J.’s Reax: Super tight promo from Rawley here. I like this side of him. ]


5 – NXT champion SAMOA JOE vs. MOJO RAWLEY – non-title match

Rawley shakes the ropes in rage, then charges Joe and backs him into the corner. Joe comes out of the corner with rights and lefts, but Rawley with a shoulder block that sends Joe out of the ring. The crowd explodes. Rawley meets Joe outside, but Joe headbutts Rawley and Rawley just shouts at him and fires back. Joe sends Rawley into the steps to slow it down.

Joe ducks to the ring to break the count, then sends Rawley into the ring. Rawley fights off the mat, but Joe backs him into the corner. Rawley with fists and elbows. Running back elbow and an enziguri knock Rawley down. Joe is now working on picking Rawley apart. Elbow drop earns a two count for Joe. The crowd is chanting for Rawley.

Rawley tries to rally but he eats an elbow. Joe plants Rawley on the top, and wants the Musclebuster, but Rawley fights him off. Leaping clothesline, then a running clothesline. Joe with a Coquina Clutch, but Rawley escapes. Rawley slams Joe down for a neafall.

Rawley runs into the spike slam in the corner, Joe then yells “Nakamura” as he applies the Coquina Clutch. Rawley tries but he has to tap.

WINNER: Samoa Joe in 4:36. Whatever happened to Rawley, it worked. This match was really good for what it was. Rawley showed a ton of fire to play into their story and looked hot.

Post-match, Joe puts the clutch back on. Refs pour out to no avail. Nakamura’s music is enough to make Joe break. The ring fills with security to prevent trouble, surrounding Joe before Nakamura even gets to the ring. Nakamura eggs on Joe as eight security guards hold Joe back. Nakamura reaches over them to touch Joe’s face, infuriating him. Nakamura continues to stir the pot, then slaps Joe. Joe is enraged.

[ J.J’s Reax: Total heel moves that work as face moves for Nakamura. Love it. ]

Final Reax: Another really hot episode to prep us for Takeover Brooklyn II. That event must go to two-and-a-half to three hours or risk sacrificing match quality with six matches being advertised.

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