A Tribute to Scott Williams – Wrestling author, lawyer, reporter & friend


Editor’s Note: Long-time reporter and wrestling author Scott Williams died at the age of 46 on Wednesday (August 17) at his home in Texas, drawing coverage from the Houston Chronicle and Galveston Daily News. Williams, a graduate of the Univ. of Houston, is remembered by friend and fellow wrestling historian Jason Hess in the following editorial…

Editorial by Jason Hess

Life is both funny, and no laughing matter at the same time.  The “funny” comes from taking note of some of the interests of Scott Williams.  As many know, Scott died on Wednesday, but many may not know about the man whose works they most likely have come across at one time or another.

Having worked as a lawyer, newspaper reporter, editor, and author, Scott had a passion for truth.  He wanted to get the story right.  He wanted to get the tone right.  He would turn down work in his law practice if he did not believe in the case, (or in the integrity the people involved in the case). Scott’s professional world was baptized in seriousness.  His profession(s) afforded no time to laugh, for the story – or the case – was no laughing matter.

So it may take some by surprise that as much as Scott wanted to get to the truth, Scott had a equal passion for fictional stories; most notably seen through his love for comic books…

And professional wrestling.

Scott enjoyed watching, talking about, analyzing, and participating in pro wrestling.  He loved the story behind a good feud, having had much to love as a Mid-South Wrestling fan in the 1980s.  That love for Mid-South is something I will be grateful for; for that love  led to us meeting, and me making a friend whom I’ll cherish until I pass away.

Scott and I would go out to lunch numerous times and talk about history and angles.  We would eventually talk about his numerous writing projects (the co-writer behind the biographies of Bill Watts, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, and Terry Funk, plus a book about the history of ECW), and projects still to be done.

In recent days, Scott was excited to not only return to the newspaper he had worked at when we originally met, but he was chomping at the bit to get some projects rolling with some major stars that fans like me would be overjoyed to read more in-depth about.

Scott was a great lawyer, reporter, editor, and author. He used each of those jobs (and the considerable talent required to do well in them) in his research and writing on wrestling; which resulted in amazingly compelling reading.

As great as Scott was in those areas, Scott was a better friend.

For nearly 15 years, Scott Williams served as one of my “2 a.m. friends.” A 2 a.m. friend is one you could call at 2 a.m. because you had an emergency or were in trouble; and they would respond immediately.

Today the “universe” of the hardcore wrestling fan lost a great asset to their knowledge of the wacky world of wrestling.

Scott’s family and friends lost a great husband, father, son, and friend.

I am so grateful that I got to meet Scott, and share a friendship with him.

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